Exclusive Nikita First Look Video: She's Alive!

Where is Nikita? And how did she get there alive? And what exactly happened after Alex shot her?! These are questions you’ll be dying to know the answers to after watching our exclusive sneak peek from the season finale of The CW’s Nikita (airing Thursday at 9/8c).

Undercover Division agent Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) took a turn for the dangerous at the close of last week’s episode, shooting her longtime mentor (and friend!) after discovering that she may have been serving the rogue operation under some seriously false pretenses. Who can blame poor Alex? After all, Nikita was (allegedly) the person who killed her father!

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But during the scene below, one-half of “Mikita” is definitely alive and kickin’ — and paying homage to the titular 1990 French film that started it all, with that epic “trash chute-diving” scene.

It’s Maggie Q at her most badass-best, and you get the pleasure of seeing this explosive scene three days early! Hit comments to tell us what you think.

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