Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS, Fringe, Cougar Town's Love for Community, and More

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

NCIS | Coming off of last week’s enjoyable “origins” episode featuring Tony DiNozzo, NCIS fans wonder whose colorful past might get explored the next time around. Abby’s? Ducky’s? Exec producer Gary Glasberg tells me that no plans have been locked in for the next flashback subject, but acknowledges, “We still have a couple people that we could in theory look at” — Abby included — “and it’s something we will definitely talk about for next season.” Glasberg credits JAG/NCIS creator Don Bellisario for crafting a series where “just now, at this point in the show’s life, we have this extraordinary opportunity to dig into the characters’ pasts.” So whether we ultimately learn that Abby used to be a WASPy blonde named Bitsy or that Ducky used to be invisible, “The sky’s the limit!”

Fringe Finale Exclusive: Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions

Fringe | I know that series bosses Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman gave fans plenty to chew on — first with Friday’s season finale, and immediately afterward with their TVLine “debriefing.” But one vittle I saved has to do with the nature of the “bridge” that Peter created to connect the two universes (as opposed to destroying them). Wyman told me that moving forward, that room inside the Statue of Liberty will serve as “sort of an airlock” via which VIPs can cross to and fro. “You go out one door and you’re in our universe; you go out the other door and you’re in theirs,” he explained. But despite its location within a landmark, this “bridge” won’t be getting added to any NYC tourist maps. “No,” Wyman confirms with a laugh. “It will be a well-kept secret.”

Season-Ending Cougar Town Scoop: Hawaiian Heartbreak, Baby Blues and Crazy In-Laws!

Cougar Town | Over the weekend I watched the hour-long Cougar Town season finale (airing May 25), and as I texted to coworker Meg Masters right afterward, it was epically good, on several fronts. The Hawaiian location shoot was put to good use, Busy Phillips has perhaps never been better (or given as dense of material, as Laurie broaches a delicate topic with Travis), and there’s also an emotionally rich storyline for Courtney Cox and Josh Hopkins. But what elevates the episode to a new level of awesome is the presence of Scrubs sad sack Ted Buckland (played by Sam Lloyd), who winningly steals every scene he’s in. As an extra cherry on top of it all: Cougar Town returns Community‘s abundant love — which is punctuated this Thursday in the NBC comedy’s own finale — in a way that is as hysterical as it is wonderful to watch.

White Collar | Fans of this USA Network series who felt they got a bit underserved last season on the FBI Agent Diana Barrigan front have this to look forward to when Season 3 premieres June 7: “I have a lot more to do,” Marsha Thomason effused to me at USA’s upfront event. “Both with regards to [Diana’s] personal life and her working with the FBI.” As previously scooped, White Collar viewers will be meeting Diana’s lady love, played by Crash knockout Moran Atias, whom Thomason concurs is “sick, just so stunning, and such a lovely girl.” And how.

Exclusive First Look: We Spy Sexy New Covert Affairs Promo Art

Covert Affairs | Speaking of USA Network faves: I also circled back with Chris Gorham, who months ago at the Golden Globes had just gotten word that some meaty pieces of Auggie’s backstory would be dropped during Season 2. He now confirms, “We get a big revelation about his past, and it’s something fans will really like.” Gorham was also thrilled to report that the spy drama has been shooting on location more, taking the Toronto-based production to destinations such as Puerto Rico and Paris. Still to come, he teased, “They’re sending me to an as-yet-undisclosed international location off the continent – way, way, way out of the office.”

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