Dexter Exclusive: Colin Hanks Joins Cast... as Dex's New Archenemy?

Colin Hanks has landed a role most actors would kill for.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Good Guys star Mad Men alum is joining the cast of Dexter for a major Season 6 arc playing Travis, a highly intelligent expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami.

If this Travis turns out to be an adversary of Dex’s, it’s unlikely he’ll fit the mold of past baddies such as Trinity and the Ice Truck Killer, given what Showtime president David Nevins recently told TVLine about the show’s coming season. “It is not [about] one big bad,” he told us. “There’s one interesting story that will move through the season, and it will be cast very interestingly, but it’s not exactly that one person.”

Hanks is on board for all 12 Season 6 episodes.