AMC Scoop: Erica's Kidnapper Is Her Evil Twin?!

You can’t say that All My Children isn’t going out with a bang.

With the long-running sudser set to sign off for good in September, it was announced by ABC on Monday that for the first time in her 41-year run on the show, Susan Lucci will tackle a dual role.

Starting May 12, Lucci will be playing Erica Kane and Jane Campbell, a doppelganger who will wreak havoc in Erica’s life “in every possible way,” says ABC’s press release.

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As AMC fans will now surmise, given that Erica was kidnapped weeks ago on her wedding day and has never seen her captor, it will be revealed that Jane is the mystery person behind the abduction.

A source tells TVLine that Jane will be revealed to be a crazy fan of Erica’s who means her no harm. Nah, she merely wishes to take over Erica’s life after gleaning every pertinent detail from her prisoner, who has been held in a replica of her swank Pine Valley pad.

Will Erica be able to escape from captivity and derail Jane’s plan in time for AMC‘s grande fall finale? That apparently will be the big question as the soap enters its final months of broadcast.