Gillian Zinser Previews 90210's Prom 'Disaster,' Surprise Wedding and 'Beautiful' Finale

Teen marriage can be taboo, but not the way The CW’s 90210 is readying to showcase it. It’s no secret that Gillian Zinser‘s surfer gal Ivy will be tying the knot come season’s end, but since some of you prefer to stay spoiler free, I’ll advise you to avert your pretty little peepers…now. Why? Because I’ve got the full story from the actress herself, featuring all sorts of scoopy must-know details. Like the fact that the groom-to-be is Raj (Manish Dayal), duh!

During tonight’s 90210 prom episode (airing 8/7c), Ivy and her cancer-stricken boyfriend make the life-altering decision to get married — but not before overcoming a few obstacles.

“Prom is a bit of a disaster for Ivy, because Raj drinks a little bit too much,” Zinser tells TVLine. “He’s trying new forms of escapism after learning that his prognosis doesn’t look good. In his head, he’s protecting Ivy from eventually losing him to the cancer.”

“We end up spending prom in a parking lot outside having it out,” she continues, “which leads us to the next step in our relationship: an engagement.”

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While Zinser acknowledges that “it’s out of character for Ivy to jump the gun and decide to get married,” the circumstances surrounding the shot-gun ceremony (airing May 16) make it all-the-more fitting. “This is Ivy’s way of dedicating to herself to this love, even though she knows she’s going to lose it. The relationship has an expiration date, so to speak, and the wedding itself becomes a symbolic celebration of the life Raj and Ivy live, as they live it.”

Though the rushed wedding is sadly the result of Raj’s dire prognosis, out of the 90210 tragedy comes something profoundly “beautiful.”

“The most important part of this finale, and this wedding, is that everyone gets their Carpe Diem moment,” expresses a passionate Zinser. “There are a bunch of different vignettes — Max and Naomi; Liam and Annie; and obviously Raj and I — circling around this idea of living in the moment and appreciating everything you have.”

Next Monday’s season ender, while emotional, sends off the West Bev besties in the perfect way. “The episode ends with the gang circling around a bon fire at a post-wedding celebration,” Zinser offers. “We all talk about where we’ve been and how far we’ve come, because we don’t know exactly where everyone is going [next year].”

“It ends [the season] on a pretty beautiful note,” she adds, “considering the uncertainties.”

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