Private Practice: Who Will Be Hit Hardest By the [Spoiler]? Plus Scoop on the 'Riveting' Finale

Private Practice this week uncorked a few whoppers that a lesser show would let suffice as a season finale.

You had a wedding that was, and then wasn’t… but ultimately was, plus an emotional break-up for two lovebirds -– Addison (Kate Walsh) and Sam (Taye Diggs) — whom many had hoped were in it for the long haul, baby talk drama be damned.

But lest you think the ABC series didn’t leave itself any juicy cards to play for the season finale airing May 19, fret not. Your jaw will be dropped, to hear cast members tell it.

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But before we get into the how and what of the season-ender, let’s circle back to Charlotte and Cooper’s Las Vegas elopement, which though rational and romantic, will have its critics back home at Oceanside Wellness.

“We’re given a hard time by our friends, that’s for sure,” Paul Adelstein told TVLine at Thursday’s TV Academy Honors event in L.A.

Yes, cutting out on your well-planned and well-attended nuptials is a bit of a social faux pas. But beyond the dissed RSVP list, watch for a member of the wedding party to feel especially scorned by the elopement.

“It’s tough for Amelia, because she was really touched [to be asked to maid of honor],” shares Caterina Scorsone. “She tried really hard to make it perfect because she’s not a very perfect girl, and then they went and eloped. So she takes it pretty hard.”

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Amelia and any other Oceansiders feeling shunned likely will shake it off soon enough, as Private Practice‘s season finale promises to “shock and surprise you left and right,” says KaDee Strickland.

“Oh man…” Adelstein marvels when asked to tease what’s coming up. “In keeping with [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes], it features an amazing twist.” He goes on to sum up the hour as “totally riveting and terrifying, and unexpected. “

No one is spilling on the precise nature of what portends to leave viewer mouths agape, but Strickland says that after giving a first read to the very last scene, “I could not believe it. I don’t know where we’re going to be next season. “

Adds Scorsone, almost redundantly in light of the above: “It is not to be missed!” (With reporting by Megan Masters)

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