Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: The Scoop on This Week's Shocking Bloodbath!

The grim reaper’s axe fell heavily on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. As Klaus’ sacrifice finally went down — Spoiler Alertfour characters bit the dust: Elena and Jeremy’s only remaining “parents,” Jenna and John, feisty werewolf Jules, and the witch we hardly knew, Greta.

Last month, executive producer Julie Plec promised that there would be “some severe and tragic consequences” as a result of the sacrifice, which called for a vampire, a werewolf, the doppelganger, and a witch to perform the act. “The loss of life will be extreme over the last couple of episodes,” she added.

After Damon freed Caroline and Tyler, Jenna and Jules became Klaus’ sacrificial vampire and werewolf lambs, respectively, despite Stefan’s attempt to trade his life for Jenna’s. Greta, meanwhile, got her necked snapped by Damon during Bonnie’s stealth attack on Klaus. But perhaps the most surprising death was that of John in the way that he selflessly gave up his life so that Elena could have one of her own as a human.

For the TVD cast, these deaths are just part of the job of being on a show where vampires and other creatures run rampant. “A series regular is going kaput, so that’s the reality of it,” said Kat Graham. “Our show has never been a safe show to be on. If you’re cast on The Vampire Diaries, the likelihood of you dying is very good.”

Graham has faith that the deaths are not without meaning and purpose, adding, “I’m a huge fan of [executive producers] Kevin Williamson and Julie as people and of their writing and what they are able to do, so if they’re going to explore new avenues, it’s for a good reason.”

What did you think of tonight’s causalities? Will you miss them? Do you have faith that this is all leading to an even more awesome season 3?

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