Fairly Legal's Sarah Shahi on Rumored Season 2 Fixes: There Are Things We Could Do Better

Sarah Shahi was positively radiating good vibes when TVLine spoke with her mere moments after the news was officially handed down that USA Network had renewed Fairly Legal for a second season. Yet she, like some of the show’s fans, found herself at a loss to process a report that with the pick-up came a dictate for “creative changes” moving forward.

“I read about that just like everyone else, and I’m very curious to see what that means,” Shahi told me during the USA upfront presentation’s after-party. “I’m trying to pick my moments with [network co-president] Jeff Wachtel to bring that one up.”

I invited Shahi to reassure anxious the Fairly Legal fans who, in the comments on our renewal story, expressed concern over the rumored tinkering. “What I can say is that I am coming back — though I don’t know if your readers are going to be happy about that or not!” she joked.

Turning serious, she acknowledged that “there were some things in the first season we could have done better,” and with that in mind she anticipates a sophomore run that is “even more dynamic.”

“My hope is that all the good stuff will be heightened –- that the comedic stuff is even funnier, the dramatic stuff is deeper, and the storylines are stronger,” she offered. “That’s if I have anything to do with it -– and I hope I do a little bit, at least!”

One thing the actress doesn’t want to see change, though, is Kate’s delightfully quirky self.

“She is kind of a perfect mess, and I would love to see her get messier,” Shahi offered with a megawatt smile. “Season 1 ended with her getting fired, so I would love to see her swim in her own s— for a bit, then dig herself out.”

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