Season-Ending Cougar Town Scoop: Hawaiian Heartbreak, Baby Blues and Crazy In-Laws!

Slap out of it! The second season of ABC’s Cougar Town is coming to a close, but there’s still much fun to be had with the Cul-de-sac Crew during these final four installments. So, come cleanse your palette with some C-Town scoop before tuning in tonight at 9:30/8:30c.

Kiddo Kerfuffle | Grayson wants a baby. Jules does not. And this is officially an issue. “The biggest problem these two are going to have at the end of the season and throughout the next is that Jules is done having kids,” Josh Hopkins told TVLine at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Cougar Town event. But for Grayson, “Kids are a high priority, so they’re going to work through that.” Courteney Cox isn’t sure how the maybe-baby drama will play out, but did say that Jules will come to “realize just how much she loves Grayson.” So… maybe we’ll see a baby bump next season?

Kissing Cousins In-Laws | Ian Gomez‘ real-life wife, Nia Vardalos, appears in Cougar Town‘s May 11 installment as Andy’s touchy-feely sister-in-law, and she definitely delivers the funny. “Nia plays my brother’s wife and we have an unresolved history — on her end, at least,” Gomez spilled. “The writers came up with these bizarre yoga poses for couples, so we tried a few of those.” The yoga business between the in-laws apparently bends Ellie out of shape to the point that she turns to Laurie (Busy Philipps) for help. “Laurie and Ellie have a nice moment because Laurie thinks Nia’s character is insane, too” Christa Miller shares with a laugh. “But make no mistake: It’s not going to last.”

Travis’ Hawaiian Hideaway | SPOILER ALERT! If you’re wondering why Travis runs so far, far away — from Florida to Hawaii — after his split with Kirsten (played by Colette Wolfe), blame Laurie. No, really. “She gives him terrible advice,” Philipps told us. “She tells Travis that she wishes she had just dropped everything and gone on some adventure.” Dan Byrd calls Travis’ trip to paradise “part of his healing process” after he “makes a big life decision that blows up in his face. He just spirals from there.” But don’t worry too much about young Trav, because, Philipps assured us, “It all works out for the best.” Imaginary hat-tip to that!