Exclusive Video: House Is In Need of a Fix!

House‘s titular pill-popper will find himself in need of a new kind of fix next Monday at 8/7c, when the outcome of a boxing match puts him and Wilson at odds with each other.

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Watch this first-look video clip where the BFFs (verbally) spar with each other, and then read on for more:

Fox’s official synopsis of the episode reads as follows: “When House and Wilson … disagree over the outcome [of a fight], Wilson gives him exactly one day to pay up or prove him wrong. House presses the boxer (guest star Kevin Phillips) for more information to help prove his case and ends up attempting to breathe new life into the losing fighter’s career.”

Oh, and then there is this: “The team begins to suspect House may have another type of drug problem.” What the what?

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So, House is hoping to prove the fix was in with the boxer he befriends, while Thirteen, Chase et al come to wonder if the boss has a new monkey on his back, in addition to his frequent need for a Vicodin fix.

Do you think the team’s suspicion will pan out? Could House’s drug problem have expanded?