How Do You Think Good Wife Alicia Handled It?

[The following story contains numerous spoilers from this week’s episode of CBS’ The Good Wife.]

At long last, after weeks of waiting, Good Wife fans got to witness Alicia’s reaction to learning that Peter once bedded Kalinda (back when she was Leela and well before she and Alicia ever became besties). To say that Alicia’s response was measured is almost putting it mildly. Heck, I imagine many a divorced man who was wholly in the wrong wishes that he had been handed the keys to a new apartment, his boxes already packed and moved.

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But just as surprising as Alicia’s rational recourse (which was done largely as a favor to the kids) was Peter’s irrational attempt to play the blame game at episode’s end.

“[My answer is] a no,” Alicia said to a briefly plaintive Peter as he surfaced at their home, “to everything. Counseling, an explanation, anything you ask, anything you say.”

Faced with that stone wall, Peter accused his wife of being as adulterous as him. “That’s what this is about — you and Will,” he guessed, swinging-and-missing. Before making that failed bid to shirk some of his responsibility in this mess, he should have zipped it (literally and figuratively). But dude just kept talking. And then he started walking.

With Peter’s two feet in the elevator, Alicia invited him (rather rhetorically, I thought) to “say something that will make me fall in love with you again.” All he came back with was a defeatist “Goodbye,” to which Alicia stabbed back, “You got that right.” Damn.

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With that new rush of troubled water having passed under the Florricks’ bridge, we are still waiting for the Alicia/Kalinda showdown, and based on promos, it’s next on the playlist. Dare I say, Alicia looks far more incensed in that face-to-face — perhaps because with Peter she knew she had a snake on her hands, while Kalinda is new to her as the keeper of such a secret.

Speaking of secrets, Alicia wasn’t broadcasting to the world her latest (and final?) marital woe, but instead left most everyone — including the kids and Will — in various degrees of the dark about what went down.

Elsewhere during this week’s Good Wife: It was a guest star-palooza as Martha Plimpton followed up her 9 o’clock appearance on Fox’s outrageous Raising Hope with another turn as the double/triple-crossing Patti Nyholm, John Glover trimmed his Smallville mane to play a tough attorney, and V‘s Christopher Shyer fell to Earth as a judgmental doctor. Former Guiding Light cutie Aubrey Dollar was the nurse who, like most every man/woman, was digging Kalinda, and Mad Men‘s Aaron Stanton lawyered up as well.

Plotwise, Cary sniffed around Lockhart Gardner to see if he is still wanted back, and he is, though not at ideal terms. Instead, the tag for the episode had freshly elected Peter realizing that Cary — as a former coworker/adversary of Alicia’s — may be worth keeping around at the State’s Attorney’s office.

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Hit the comments with your thoughts on this week’s Good Wife. Did it satisfy, surprise, or come off as stalling on the Alicia/Kalinda front?

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