Did Chuck Get Off the Best Shot at Bin Laden?

Sure, all of the late-night TV hosts declared it open season on the late Osama bin Laden during their first monologues since the terrorist’s take-down. But it may have been NBC’s mild-mannered Chuck that executed the most stealth commentary on world news’ hottest topic.

As Monday’s episode of the spy dramedy got underway, Morgan and the Buy More boys were discussing Chuck’s imminent bachelor party in (or so they assumed) Las Vegas. While Lester and Jeff were game for Sin City gaming, Casey countered, “The best thing about Vegas are the gun ranges.” And to that end, he had packed “some of my fancy targets” — namely, head shots of Osama bin Laden. Watch that clip here:

Obviously the scene was shot a while ago (in early April), and maybe someone out there would argue that it could have been excised from the final cut. But something about it was terribly fitting, especially since we would like to think that John Casey — perhaps in collaboration with Jack Bauer — played a role in Operation Geronimo.

(For those curious on what the late-night TV hosts had to say, here are links to Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Letterman‘s Top 10 list of bin Laden’s Last Words.)

Alas, several chunks of this week’s Chuck missed the target. I had been spoiled on the “Las Vecas” joke, so I saw all the misunderstandings coming down Broadway. But even for those viewers “surprised” by the mix-up, it was a rather tough sell. Also, the reveal of Agent X elicited an audible groan from me, because while Timothy Dalton has been enjoyable in measured doses, I for one have had my fill of Alexi Volkoff, let alone his daughter.

And why did I have to keep reminding myself that Ray Wise’s henchwoman wasn’t Jennifer Esposito?

The good? Chuck coming clean to Ellie about him still being a spy, and her logical and complete understanding. (Hooray for the absence of faux “betrayal” drama!) Then, El’s awe as Chuck demonstrated for her the Intersect’s many cool tricks?! Very fun, and long overdue (even if it meant Morgan’s shirt being dishonored). Also: Casey feeding ammo to Hartley’s machine gun-manning mum.

What did you think of this week’s Chuck, bin Laden shout-out included?

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