NCIS Scoop: Gibbs Reveals Another Two Rules

As any NCIS viewer worth his or her salt knows, veteran agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) lives by a set of rules — some 51 or so in total. And this Tuesday at 8/7c, TVLine has learned, the boss man on TV’s most watched scripted series will share not one but two more of ’em.

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Rules previously disclosed by the hit CBS drama have included “Never go anywhere without a knife” (No. 9), the particularly vexing “Never date a coworker” (No. 12), and, one of my favorites, “Never mess with a Marine’s coffee if you want to live” (No. 23).

Well, the next ones to be revealed in the Tony-centric flashback-filled episode “Baltimore” — and promptly added to the notebooks of the most fervent of fans — are Rules Nos. 5 and 35. And I’ve got a tiny hint as to which each of them says.

One of the words in Rule No. 5 is “good,” I have been told. Rule No. 35, meanwhile, features the word “watch.”

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My guesses, right off the top of my head: “In a crisis, sometimes good is good enough,” and “Always wear a watch.”

Hit the comments to share your own bold guesses as to what new rules Gibbs is about to drop on us, and/or pass along your favorite of the Great White’s personal commandments!

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