Dexter Spoiler Alert: Killer Season 6 Intel

Dexter Morgan’s little underground vigilante operation is about to reopen for business.

Production on Dexter‘s sixth season gets underway at month’s end — ahead of a likely September premiere — and TVLine has an early look at the new blood being brought in to fill the void left by Julia Stiles, Peter Weller and Co.

Among the three recurring roles being cast are…

| Jamie: Described as an outgoing and fun Latina in her mid-20s, this Florida native relocates to Miami for grad school.

| Chicago Mike: New thirtysomething African-American homicide detective who possesses a finely turned BS detector. The Windy City native does not play well with Dexter others.

| Louis: A buddy of Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) who joins MMP as a new lab intern. Role calls for a Caucasian actor in his 30s who is “attractive in his own way.”

Got casting tips? Theories as to how the new trio figures into the season’s A-story? Hit the comments!