Vampire Diaries: Will Klaus' Ritual Work? Will [Spoiler] Survive? How Will the Season End?

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes…now!]

Holy wow! Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder) went so far over the line in this Thursday’s installment of The CW’s Vampire Diaries, I doubt he can still see the line.

Of course, immediately following his drastic measure to preserve Elena’s life — forcing her to drink his blood — Damon attempted to do the right thing and rescue the transitioning Tyler. (Unfortunately, he was “rewarded” for that with a fatal werewolf bite.) So, what’s next for Mystic Falls’ badboy with a heart of rusty-colored gold? Has he finally done the unforgivable?

The Vampire Diaries Death Toll “Will Be Extreme”

“This thing Damon did to Elena (Nina Dobrev) is the biggest lesson he’ll ever have to learn,” TVD executive producer Julie Plec affirms. “You can love someone with all the power in your soul, but you still have remember who they are and what they want. That’s the difference right now between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon — Stefan sees those things and Damon… doesn’t.”

The synopsis for the season finale (airing May 12) says that Damon will inevitably seek Elena’s forgiveness for (potentially) forcing the vampire lifestyle upon her. “He desperately wants it, and he has an extra reason now, with his werewolf bite,” says Plec. “He can’t die with Elena hating him, but how does that play out? That is what the finale is all about — the end of the road of Damon’s journey for the year.”

Which means that Klaus’ much-hyped ritual, which began at the end of this week’s episode, won’t actually be the focus of the season’s big finish. “We could have ended with the sacrifice, with the really big, powerful episode — which is next week’s and it’s enormous, very emotional,” Plec says. “But when we started the season, Stefan said to Damon, ‘For the first time, I see you starting to feel something. Do not let this ruin you. Do not let any of this come between us.’ And here we are, full-circle.”

“Damon’s at the end of his life, so he believes, and he needs to come to terms with the decisions he made,” Plec says. “He’s reliving the mistakes he made, trying to get Elena’s forgiveness, while Stefan [is] determined to do anything possible to save his brother. He can’t let him die now.”

But before we get to any of that, the group has to save Elena and — gasp! — transitioning vampire Jenna (Sara Canning) from the relentless Klaus. Next week’s episode takes place over the rest of this night,” Plec previews. “Everyone is [trying] to keep Jenna from being the vampire that Klaus sacrifices.”

And one last bonus tease about the May 5 episode, just for fun? Says Plec, “Miss Kat Graham’s at her most badass-fierce!”

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  1. Sarah L says:

    OMG. OH EM GEE. I really feel like hyperventilating now… ARGGHHHHH! They can NOT kill Damon off. They just can’t.

    They had better not.

    • Nicole Mercer says:

      Relax they wont kill Damon off at least I don’t think they will he is one of the main characters and if they are following the books Damon is not going anywhere so take a breath and relax , smile a little

      • jodie curtis says:

        they havent followed the books at all they completely deviated making it possible for him to die which if so i wont whatch it anymore i mean we all have to admit what good is the show without the gorgeous damon salvatore

      • Bethany says:

        Actually, damon DOES die in the books. He dies in the newest book, the return: midnight. But julie plec said that three peeps will die. So far, only one person has died: bonnie. (she came back 2 life.) (unless u count isobel, which i dont) but i think jenna will die and elena will most likely become a vampire. If not, matt or jeremy will die. :(
        Love this show!!!

    • laura says:

      if u read it closely they say damon thinks it the end of his life to me that sounds like there not killing him off 2many people love him and they only kill a charector of then they not got many fans i think ian got the most fan in the show and stefan needs to grow a pair

    • Emily says:

      They can’t kill Damon! They just can’t. The entire fandom would go insane.

  2. Trina says:

    They seriously can’t kill Damon!!!!! I’m serious. They would be no show without damon. I love him tooooooo much!!!!!!!

    • Sandra says:

      Yeah, killing Damon off just wouldn’t be good for ratings. Many of us tune in mostly in hopes of seeing him and his witty remarks and sassy ways. He’s eye candy. Me Like…Me like. Besides the chemistry just oozes on screen with nina dobrev for some reason Stefan and Elena seem dull; I don’t feel the same chemistry and I think I should…..
      So yeah I’m sure they will find a cure or maybe he will turn into a hybrid weirvamp or whatever you call them breeds.

    • Jo says:

      If they kill off Damon I will not be watching anymore- the reason i read all the books was bc of Damon and even the publishers of the book knew that there was no story without Damon so they stopped publishing another series that was based only on elena and stefan bc it was BORING! And they certainly wont have a show without damon so they’ll definitely kill off jenna (by turning her into a vampire), they’ll kill off altaric and possibly turn damon ‘kill him off’ by turning him into a weird hybrid like klaus (if that’s possible)or by getting someone to save his life: stefan/bonnie/jeremy or elena.

  3. Regina says:

    Tonight’s episode was amazing. But I know Damon won’t be killed off the show. He might die and miracuously come back but there’s no way he is off the show permanently. :)

  4. Moxley says:

    Since Tyler wasn’t fully a werewolf when he bit Damon, I bet the bite will be serious, but not lethal.

    • Becca says:

      I think that is a definite possibility. Or…maybe he has to bite Tyler to cure it (Jules did say to “bite me” when asked about a cure for Rose) I think it’s a great storyline having Damon deal with his own mortality & choices.
      I also loved Elena in this episode. Pretty mature to realize she hasn’t lived enough to want to turn vamp. I really hope to see a Matt/Caroline/Tyler love triangle & Klaus is BAMF. Cannot wait to see the last two episodes as I know the TVD writers are sure to horrify/amaze/traumatize me.

  5. mishkata says:

    Damon probably will die but come back.. maybe as a human like the book…or like mosley said the bite might not be lethal. Who knows anything is possible

    if Damon doesn’t return in the show I’ll definitly stop watching it

    • laura says:

      i no what u mean if we only left with stefan then it will be really boring damon spicey it up

    • Paige x says:

      i no sames and im deffinatly going 2 stop watching the show if they kill off damon which i dont think they will because he’s a huge character and everyone loves him xxxx

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I want to like Damon, because he is such a sarcastic jerk sometimes (which is fun) but I hate the decisions he makes and his relationship with Elena. I kinda hate Elena for it too. I don’t have any respect for the characters when they have scenes together, because it feels like they are both completely betraying Stefan (which, lets face it, they kinda are). I know Damon can’t die permanently (and I wouldn’t want him to), but I would love for him to get over the stupid triangle, I’m in love with my brother’s girlfriend, thing.

    • Olivita says:

      I have no problem with the love triangle ending–so long as Damon gets Elena.

      I’ve read the books and watched the show and I am die-hard team Damon.

      Tonight he did a selfish act–but really what was he saying???
      That he cannot lose her, that he would do ANYTHING to keep Elena.

      Stephen——he didn’t do that. I think that Damon actually made more of a personal sacrifice because he knew how awful taking that choice away from someone could be–and yet he saw it as his only solution for making sure she was safe. I was totally impressed by Damon. About time Elena turns into a vamp anyway.

      • sandra says:

        I agree. I was totally impressed by Damon and the extremes he will go to for Elena always risking his life for her. That should count for something. I wish Elena would just love him back. As for Stefan, I just dont care about him. He’s too soft! He just seems to do a whole lot of nothing. I feel Damon is under appreciated for his good deeds these days.

        • Mikaylah says:

          Yeah, he took away her choice because it was what HE wanted. HE doesn’t want to lose her, so why not just turn her into a vampire even though that isn’t what she wants. Stefan loves Elena so much he is willing to let her make her own choices, even though it would kill him to lose her. And I don’t think that makes him weak, I think that makes him strong. I guess that is just difference of opinion though. It also just kills me that two brothers can do so much damage to each other. Yes, I know, Stefan turning Damon was selfish too, but Damon’s obsession with Elena is borderline psychotic and he is hurting Stefan without remorse.

          • anne says:

            THIS! Thank you! You’ve expressed everything I’ve been thinking over the past few episodes.

            Anyway, I really like Damon, but he’s turning into a creepy, obsessive boyfriend… except that they’re not even together! I know he’s going through this emotional journey (of balancing humanity and his vampirism), and I get it. I just hope he learns and changes at the end. We’ve been seeing glimpses of this here and there, and he gets really close, then it’s gone again. I’d really like to see him finally come to terms with it.

    • Nickyluv says:


      I totally agree somebody who is a total Damon maniac. I am so sick of him going after his brothers girlfriends first Katherine which he can have now Elena. I am so sick of Elena forgiving him enough is enough move on.

  7. Sandra says:

    Yeah, killing Damon off just wouldn’t be good for ratings. Many of us tune in mostly in hopes of seeing him and his witty remarks and sassy ways. He’s eye candy. Me Like…Me like. Besides the chemistry just oozes on screen with nina dobrev for some reason Stefan and Elena seem dull; I don’t feel the same chemistry and I think I should…..
    So yeah I’m sure they will find a cure or maybe he will turn into a hybrid weirvamp or whatever you call them breeds.
    I love this show. I look forward to every episode. I love reading fan comments and admit that I’m a bit biased cause I love Ian mostly cause his passion fro Elena drives me insane. I’m inlove with how much he loves her. They just don’t make men like this anymore.
    I love you Ian keep up the good work.

  8. ashley says:

    i am a huge fan of the books and the show and i know they wont kill damon off i was shocked to find out about jenna….im actually dieing to know if elena is going to become one like in the book it seems everybody else is…but eaither way they have done amazing with the show and i have never missed an episode can not wait to see what happens next i hope bonnie shows up and kicks butt..

  9. Rika T. says:

    As much as Iam totally team stefan, The Vampire Diaries without Damon leaves me speachless. OMG! It just cant happen! I know anything is possible, but I believe (hoping and praying) Bonnie comes up with something, or by some kind of magic if and when they kill Klaus all the wolves turn back to normal… even a vampire thats been bitten.

  10. Chatty says:

    This episode demonstrates once again that The Vampire Diaries is one of the best written shows in the history of television. Each week we get continuity, plot and character development. Then, to top it all off, there is always a fantastic turn at the end that leaves you longing for the week to go by in a flash so you can find out what in the world is going to happen next. I love this show and I like the cast, but I can say without hesitation that I will not watch it again if Damon is killed off for good. He is my favorite character.

    • Sarah L says:

      Absolutely. If Damon is killed off, I will definitely stop watching The Vampire Diaries.

      But I’m somehow certain that he won’t die. He can’t. I’m quite sure that Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson know that without Damon, a whole chunk of the ratings will be gone. Damon and Elena practically own this show.

      On a side note, Tyler and Caroline were amazing tonight… I wish he had confessed that he loves her or something of that equivalent!

  11. chantel says:

    This episode was wildly entertaining. Every week it gets better. I’m so hooked on this show.
    .1) Matt is finally coming around and I think he actually cares about Caroline. I love that Tyler is BACK!!! I really want Tyler to focus in on Caroline and just be together: GO to work Julie Plec: Make those two shine cause they have chemistry. It works. As for Matt he is boring do something or kill him off the show.
    2)Elijah: I like him especially if he wants to get rid of Klaus: I hope he can help Damon out with his were bite. He’s an original he would know if theres a cure for this.
    3)I’m tired of Kat and Elena both wanting Stefan. What’s wrong with Damon? Is it a turn off that he loves them too much?
    4)Klaus: sexy little bugger: Wish he didn’t have to sacrifice Elena
    5)Bring Bonnie back let her do her magic and put herself to some use already.
    6) Season finale bring it on: I want a final with Damon confessing his love to Elena and a kiss btw them. She has to realize she has feelings for him too. The chemistry is to strong it doesnt make sense,

  12. Mikaylah says:

    Damon has chemistry with EVERYONE. I think that is just part of his appeal. How realistic is it though that Elena and Damon get together. Sure, he has the whole bad boy sexy vampire thing going for him, but that isn’t going to be enough to sustain a relationship.

    • anne says:

      Ha! I find myself agreeing with you yet again. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Damon and Elena together, I think it’s a long way off. He still has a lot to learn (as Julie Plec herself has mentioned). In a way, he hasn’t really made himself “worthy” of her, if that makes sense. I think he makes the same point when he told her that he loved her, then compelled her to forget.

  13. Griff says:

    If Damons out im out

  14. Jen Reside says:

    Please don’t kill Damon you should have to find cure for werewolf bite,,,,,Vampire Diaries will be incomplete if Damon will Die;-(

  15. Andrew says:

    Spoiler alert! Damon IS dying
    so is House on House, and Castle on Castle, and Julianna Margulies will be murdered in the finale of Good Wife

  16. Charlotte says:

    Wait, does anyone really believe they will kill Damon? I mean seriously? He won’t die (at least not for good). He’ll be fine. Plus, Tyler wasn’t full on werewolf so does that even count? As for the rest. Poor Jenna. I really hope Caroline and Tyler will make it through all this and not die. All of their scenes tonight melted my heart. Matt you can just die for all I care. He is nothing but a backstabbing two timing scum sucking low life. Damon I wish you had killed him. Jules might finally die! I want to see Bonnie kicking some butt.

    • Thanatos says:

      hore damon ain’t dyin’, Jenna becomin’ a vampire is a turn on for me, dat bootey hoe, Well i wud want caroline to get it wid tyler, tho i don’t want matt to die, he saved damon, bitch, And bonnie can’t kick butt you hoe, she’ll just get buttraped by klaus, he’s too strong for dat blak azz weak wheener suckin witch, now srsly, she brags too much, and i wanna see her trying to kill klaus, lets see how that ends >:]

  17. anastasiag7 says:

    I am sure they will cure Damon maybe if he drink’s blood from Klaus who’s 1/2 vampire 1/2 werewolf. Stefan loves his brother he would never let him die , also I think they will kill Tyler poor Caroline.But you never know !!!!!

  18. Yamil says:

    I’m sure that Jenna is one of the deaths and I wish it wasn’t. Her character was finally getting some deserved screen time. About Damon, I’m not worried…Matt on the other hand is a goner for sure… In any case…I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  19. Patricia says:


  20. Ashley says:

    Awesome, awesome episode. Probably the best all season. Did NOT see those two twists at the end coming!
    I have no fear that Damon will survive. Damon, Stefan, and Elena are just about the only three characters that don’t have to worry about being killed off.
    As for Jenna – has anyone else thought about the fact that if they kill off Jenna before Elena turns 18, the only other option for Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian is Uncle John?

  21. Greg says:

    First of all let me say how great this episode was. It was such a wild ride and I had no idea that Damon got bit, also I wonder if Elena does turn into a vampire. But one thing I found troubling was Jenna turning into a vampire, I mean now that Elena might be turning into a vampire and Caroline already is one. Matt is kinda the only human left, And I don’t know the show would be a little weird if everyone was either a vampire a werewolf or a witch. I don’t know how to explain it but it just feels like the show would have this vibe that I don’t think I’d like, like we need a human to feel kinda connected to the show. Idk That’s just my thoughts.

  22. Courtney says:

    I can’t believe they freaking turned Aunt Jenna into a vampire…I did NOT see that one coming. And since I know they won’t kill off Damon since he’s a main character (and a reason why the show has alot of viewers), I bet ya Ellijah has a cure for a werewolf bite.

  23. Phyrwr vbutskee says:

    Ian somerhalder leaves the show.
    not sure who he’s being replaced by.

    And Damon won’t die

  24. LIla says:

    They aren’t going to kill Damon off. Come on now.

    I don’t want to see Damon with Elena. He doesn’t love her, he is obsessed with Kat and sees Elena as the next best thing. And he is ruthless and sadistic, she is a 17 year old girl! It’s kind of sick to think of them together.

    I am hoping both Jenna and Alaric make it through this season. I love Ric and would be sad to see him go.

    Can’t wait to see some Bonnie kick some evil witch butt next week!

    • laura says:

      it no worse than stefan and elana

      • Olivita says:

        Seriously. Damon isn’t supposed to be much older than Stefan. And in the scheme of things—aren’t they both well into their “hundreds”… kind of sick to think of either of them with her if thats the way you are thinking.

  25. eddi says:

    It’s quite obvious that Damon will not die, I can’t believe that anyone would believe that, Tyler had not turned completely into a werewolf when he bit him, so the bite would not have been fatal. I think Damon was very selfish to have done what he did to Elena, he wasn’t thinking of her, only himself of what he would lose should she die. Elena does not want to become a vampire yet, Stefan would never do that to her, he loves her too much and puts her feelings above his own, that’s what true love is all about, it was very sweet of him to explain what it is to be a vampire. It’s a pity that everyone can’t just enjoy the show, instead of saying terrible things about some of the very talented actors, they are after all just playing a part, just like Damon is. Loved the episode, can’t wait until next weeks.

  26. Jeri says:

    So much going on! I don’t want anything to happen to Damon, Elena, Caroline, Jeremy or Matt and I may be forgetting some.

    This show is so good! I am not looking forward to the break between this and next season, I’ll need lots of reruns at the least.

  27. Mayra says:

    With so many people in town, why did Klaus chose Jenna?

  28. Mia says:

    Calm your titties peeps! They are NOT NOT NOT going to kill Damon, if they did the ratings would drop immensly, they would have to b complete idiots to do that. Elena, Damon and Stefan are safe until this show ends, because without one, two or all of those three the show would be nothing! so calm down!

  29. Nahuel says:

    Damon will not die!! He’s the major known star and has many followers. Neither he nor Stefan nor Elena. They’re the reason of the show, speaking comercially and from storyline view.
    And why does everybody want Elena with Damon? He’s horrible and obsessed with many things. He can’t handle the craziness of being a vampire while Stefan does (or tries his best). Would be ridiculous for them 2 be 2gether. I wouldn’t believe it.

  30. Sarah says:

    I know Damon won’t die but I’m probably one of the few people that wishes he would. I have found him completely annoying since the beginning and I’ve never understood what makes people crazy in love with him.

  31. SaveJenna!!!! says:

    I’m gonna be super pissed if Jenna dies. I mean she JUST!!!! learned about vampires and now she is becoming a vampire. I would love to see that played out and for her to be a little evil with Damon. She needs to live!!!

    And everyone RELAX!!!!!!!! DAMON ISN’T GOING TO DIE!! that would be a stupid move. We need to stop obsessing about damon and worry what is to come of Jenna unlike Damon she is expendable.

  32. Pam says:

    Sadly, I think Jenna will die. I agree with Greg, I think the show would lose some of it’s appeal if everyone was either a vampire, werewolf, or hybrid. Also, love Tyler. Hope he stays around for a while. I’d like to see a vamp/werewolf relationship . . .

  33. stephanie says:

    Damon cannot die, the ratings would be in the toilet, and the show would end up cancelled.

    I’m a damon fan all the way,
    And if they kill him off I’m gonna go and buy every book And focus my time on that.

    But they won’t kill him off,
    Time for bonnie to show up next week and save the day.

  34. rafael says:

    Ok, so we already have one witch down. Has anyone forgotten that Bonnie is now the most powerful witch in town so another witch should go down which should be Klaus’ sidekick evilina!!! Secondly, we now have a sheriff that knows too much and apparently believes she has more testosterone to take down the entire clan if vampires, witches and werewolves without assistance. I say, she becomes a victim as she despises her daughter, knows too much and is gun happy. Thirdly, we forgot about our little werewolf Jules. Hmmm two wolves in one town would be too much and it would be some justice in the torture of Caroline and the death of Damon’s other love interest this season. I say, another victim. As for Jenna, that would be an interesting storyline as teacher’s first wife wanted to become a vampire, became a vampire and died. Teacher is left alone with a gf that knows the truth and is transitioning. I say, she lives. It would create an interesting storyline and fun in the Gilbert household as Jeremy and Elena are minors, therefore who would take care of them, Uncle/Dad John? That would be interesting, hmmm. Jeremy, up in the air about that one. Elena lost her parents and now to lose a “brother.” That would be cruel.

    We all forgot about our favorite uncle/absentee dad John. He said he would protect Elena and may be so ignorant to take on an original in an attempt to save her life. He’s questionable. We know someone in the Gilbert family dies based on the preview and we know Jenna is not a Gilbert but uncle/absentee dad John is and therefore may be a victim. As for Stefan, Tyler wasn’t a full werewolf so he may experience pain and fever, similar to the flu but he survives. Who would want to kill off a character we love to love and love to hate, all in one episode. Great character and good writing. Looking forward to seeing next weeks episode and see if I’m right.

  35. Auburn says:

    Why is everyone obsessed with the idea of Damon and Elena? I mean I guess it’s because Damon is the bad boy with a little bit of a soft side but him and Elena just bug me. I don’t think they would work out together because she already commited herself so much to Stefan that her with Damon would just make her look a little…skanky. Plus…poor Stefan! Unlike Damon, he thinks about her feelings and about what she thinks is best. Besides, I bet Damon could fall in love with someone other than Elena who isn’t in love with his brother.

  36. jessica bower says:

    Please dont kill off damon!!!! We all luv him, thats the whole reason I watch the show….ahhhh!!!! Anyway.. I totally agree luving the chemistry between damon n elena, stefan n elena lack chemistry, anyway luving the show, its wicked!!! Gotta get my fix every wk off the gorgeous damon!!

  37. Nikki says:

    What another great show tonight, I was on the edge of my seat, I just don’t want it to end. They cannot kill off Damon it won’t be the same. Will Jenna become a vampire?? Will Elena become a vampire??? It just gets better and better. There must be another series, otherwise what will we do!!!!!!