How Would You Reboot Two and a Half Men? (Without Changing the Title, That Is)

The facts are these: Two and a Half Men‘s main man, Chuck Lorre, is vested in keeping the show going by any means possible — and most definitely sans Charlie Sheen.

“Chuck Lorre is fighting to keep the show alive without the star it was originally created for,” a source told The Daily Beast last week. The Hollywood Reporter is now echoing that sentiment, saying that Lorre has presented close associates and Men costar Jon Cryer with “a new creative direction” that will subtract Charlie Harper from the mix but keep Alan, Jake et al caught up in comedic capers for at least another season to come.

As told to THR by an insider, Lorre assured Cryer that the reboot “would involve a significant role for him, and the introduction of a new, yet-to-be-cast character.”

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Lest anyone think Lorre might steer TV’s most watched sitcom in a very new direction — one perhaps ill-fitting the show’s current title — a studio source tells TVLine that by hook or by crook, Two and a Half Men will keep that name should it move forward. After all, unless the Valerie of Valerie’s Family just up and leaves, name-changes are a risky proposition, even more so for a long-running series such as Men.

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So what do you think Chuck Lorre has up his sleeve? The official word on Men likely will be handed down by the time CBS holds its annual upfront presentation on May 19, so the time to speculate is now. Will Charlie go on the lam for heaven knows what, freeing up his room to be occupied by, say, a cad cousin? Will Jake be “promoted” to full “Man” status, allowing for a new young’un — maybe Alan has a not-legit kid out there? — to enter the nest?

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