The Office Says Farewell to Michael Scott With a Tear and a Smile

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say the almost-60-minute Office sendoff was a solid 7. And Michael’s prediction last week that leaving Dunder Mifflin was “gonna hurt like a mother[bleep]er” was dead on. Which, in a way, was a shock.

Dunno about you, but many’s the time that I’ve thought to myself, “Jeez, I love this show. Now if only they’d get rid of that D-bag.” But, especially since Amy Ryan returned this season as “that D-bag’s” soul mate, Holly, he’s seemed more lovable man-child than loathsome adult brat. So, even without her appearing in this actual episode, yeah, seeing him worried and upset and sad — “All the [TV] channels [in Boulder] are gonna be different!” he fretted – hurt like a mother[bleep]er.

Ratings: Office Send-Off Draws Good Crowd

Mind you, we got off to an inauspicious start: an opening bit involving a plate of bull testacles and Dwight at his least appealing. But after that, Michael made his way through the office, saying goodbye one by one to his colleagues (well, except for Creed, Meredith and Gabe, who got a package deal) in much the same way that Dorothy bid adieu to the friends she’d made in Oz. He also bestowed upon them all parting gifts, whether words of wisdom (“Never be a caricature,” he told Kevin in a classic moment of self-unawareness) or actual presents (Oscar’s, or Michael’s reaction to Oscar’s reaction to his present, was the best).

As you’d expect, Jim and Pam got especially touching so longs, with him finding a Michael-at-his-best way to spare his boss the pain of saying goodbye, and Pam racing to the airport to give him a farewell hug that I wouldn’t have been able to hear over my thudding heartbeat even if the scene had dialogue. But Erin also had a fantastic last scene with Michael that nicely underscored his fatherly affection for her. And he even found a way to resolve, as best he and Dwight ever could, their love/hate relationship.

Watch the final airport sequence here:

So what did you think? Thumbs up to Carell’s Scranton swan song? Thumbs down? Or did you thumb your nose at the whole affair and watch something else? Oh, and by the by, I know the episode was theoretically all about Michael, but how easy is it to root for Andy these days! He’s become damn near as likable as Jim!

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