Hot Shot: Is the Good Wife Gonna Be a Bad Girl?

Perhaps we should label this photo “Hot Shots,” since by the looks of it a few 1-1/2 ounce infusions of alcohol might help lubricate The Good Wife‘s libido and send her into crush Will’s arms in the Season 2 finale titled “Closing Arguments” and airing May 17 (or as some may call it, “at long last”).

To date, Will has stopped just shy of wearing his heart on his finely tailored shirt sleeves “for the most honorable reason, in that [Alicia] was married,” series cocreator Robert King told me recently. “But what will that mean now that [the marriage’s] foundation will be shook?”

King of course refers to the spousal showdown set to go down when the CBS drama resumes its sophomore run on May 3. When last seen, Alicia had just learned (from Cary’s somewhat sadistic P.I.) that Peter once bedded “Leela” aka Kalinda. At that instant, she was on the verge of massive tears. But based on new promos, Alicia will be gunning for bear when she confronts her hubby with this newly uncovered indiscretion.

King, however, says that how Will gets wind of Alicia’s latest heartbreak and the root of it “is one of the surprises” coming viewers’ way. As the scribe put it, “It’s always fun to see how people react to information that they on one hand should feel compassionate about, but on the other hand, they’re like, ‘Woo-hoo! Party!'”

Indeed, this bar scene looks like a party of some sort waiting to happen….


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