American Idol Top 6 Results: Did the Right Contestant Get Sent Home Tonight?

After tonight’s American Idol Top 6 results-show, a burning question still hangs in the air: Who was in the Bottom Three? We may never know for certain, seeing as how Ryan Seacrest informed us that he revealed the week’s results “in random order.”

But what we do know is this: Casey Abrams has growled his final growl on the Idol stage. Don’t shed too many tears, though, for the guy who likes wearing orange plaid shorts and standing in his socks on the kitchen counter. (Shudder.) Casey’s sing-out tonight to “I Put a Spell on You” felt more celebratory than mournful, as he smiled broadly and embraced the judges’ panel, his fellow finalists’ families, and the remaining Idol contestants during his performance. Plus, the guy got to give a shout-out to jazz great Oscar Peterson during a viewer Q&A session that doubled as product placement for AT&T. Ryan’s dumbfounded expression was worth 1,000 free texts, no?

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With Casey’s exit, we’ve now seen three consecutive recipients of the Judges’ Save (introduced during Season Eight) fail to crack the Top 3. And now we’re left with Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, and Scotty McCreery competing for the chance to wear Lee DeWyze’s sash and crown.

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Anyway, let’s get to the “just the facts” portion of this article, shall we? The first contestant revealed as “safe” this week was Haley, but not before Jimmy Iovine took a potshot at her failure to define herself as an artist. (Classy, that guy!) She was joined on the couches of safety by James Durbin, then Lauren Alaina. And that left us with the following…

Final Three Contestants Whose Fates Went Unrevealed (Ryan Never Said “Bottom Three”)
Jacob “Fizbo” Lusk
Scotty “Jimmy Hates Subtlety” McCreery
Casey “J.Lo Warned You About the Growling and Face-Pulling” Abrams

Last Two Left in Jeopardy

Casey Abrams

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Musical Performances
The Season 10 Top 6: Carole King Medley
Crystal Bowersox: “Ridin With the Radio”
Bruno Mars: “The Lazy Song”

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And now that you’ve got the scoop, I’m going to get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at Until then, how are you feeling about Casey’s ouster? What kind of future do you see him having? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? Are you ultimately happy the judges used their save on him? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. idolidol says:

    I’m pullin for my Haley but the poor girl sounds horse.

    Rest your voice this weekend Haley. We need to keep you to the end

    • True Confessions says:

      I agree – I thought her voice was going when she sang Beautiful!

      • idolidol says:

        yes Confessions

        I was ok with Beautiful except that the back ground band and brass were too loud

        Tonight however, Haley could not hit her usual register or range. My hope is that she rests and gets her voice back to what it use to be

        Listen to her on You Tube she use to be and my hope gets back to being incredible

      • Jake says:

        Tonight’s decision not to reveal the bottom 2 was peculiar. I believe that Lauren was the other person in the bottom two and the producers 1) know she hasn’t delivered on their promise as “the one” 2) still wanted her to be seen as a viable candidate, 3) made a concentrated effort to raise her stock, while making swipes at her biggest challengers, 4) think the storms might’ve affected her voting region and 5) did not want to have her become a puddle of tears on national television.

        1) Lauren is a good singer but has never put in a blow-you-outta-water performance. Idol is bending over backwards to make excuses for her. Her critiques are always “you are greater than what you’re delivering”. Last night we got “that voice cracking thing–brilliant!!”. It’s as if they are killing time so she can deliver.

        2) There’s a psychological thing with viewers seeing someone in the bottom 2. Once it happens, you are a less viable candidate to win and therefore they throw their weight to someone else with better chances. If you think about it, once you see somebody in the bottom 2 you start saying “they are on borrowed time”. AND no winners except Fantasia and Ruben have ever been in the bottom 2 (and they did so late in their seasons competing against very similar artists–African Americans who also sang soul/R&B).

        3) Scotty is clearly taking the share of the country votes from Lauren and producers/judges prefer her poppy-country vibe to Scotty’s traditional country. Hayley must also be taking some of the young girls vote. So Scotty and Hayley get a couple swipes last night and tonight. Scotty was basically ignored in JLo’s critique of the duet, focusing exclusively on Lauren. And Haley…well enough said…did you see JLos face tonight when she was declared safe?

        4) Tonight, Ryan opened the door for her shoutout to the South. I’m sure a lot her voting block had weather reports or no power due to the storms. Although here in Georgia, the only performance that was not seen in its entirety was James’.

        5) Poor Little Lauren is such a bundle of nerves and everyone knows the last (only) time she got bad news (you know, the second live show), the waterworks started to flow. A trip to the bottom 2 would surely shake her confidence even more.

        What is curious about Lauren is that I dont think she’s a bad singer, but she picks the oddest songs–midtempo, obscure and/or safe. I think she’s someone whose age shows. She doesnt seem to know what she’s doing, who she is, the lyrics she sings. She could’ve used a couple more years in the real world before doing Idol.

        • Joe says:

          Jake – You nailed it. I don’t believe for a second that Lauren has never been in the bottom 3 this season, let alone tonight. She is going to win this competition without a doubt, but it’s not going to be because she has the votes to win it. They are handing this one to her and will do whatever creative accounting they need to on paper to make it look legit if challenged. The Producers know if this girl knows she is in the bottom 3 she will be a basket case on national television and probably fall apart and make their pre-ordained choice look even sketchier than it will. The show is begging the girl to do something magical, but she doesn’t have it in her. That said, they will never threaten her winning on TV out of fear of her wetting the stage in more ways than one. They know they are dealing with a very fragile girl who has the voice they want to use to sell records. This season is a sham season. From the lack of judging to Lauren being carried to the finish line by the Producers, American Idol is close to becoming irrelevant. They think they are smarter than their audience, but the audience will know a scam win if they see one.

          • John says:

            The good news, Joe, is that there is now a very entertaining alternative on Tuesday nights on NBC…

          • Nancy says:

            I don’t know what everyone sees in Haley. Her “my stuff don’t stink” attitude is mega annoying. For me Idol is already irrelevant. Stopped watching after Pia went home. IMO “The Voice” is much more entertaining with better contestants and no sitting thru “gong show” auditions.

          • Patricia Jones says:

            I agree with you, the audience WILL KNOW a rigged win if it happens.

        • Jennine says:


          I completely agree about Lauren. The producers want her in the finale in a BAD way. She is a classic example as to why lowering the IDOL age to 15 is too young.

          • bean99 says:

            I don’t think they want Lauren in the final at all. It’s obvious they want Scotty and James (they’re pushing him hard). I think it’s possible that James has been in the b3 before but that doesn’t suit them pushing him as a frontrunner.

        • Joe says:

          I am not buying your logic. You are reading too much based on what
          you think you saw or want to see, without any real facts. Your assumptions are way off base. There could be many other assumptions and other logic to back up more interpretations. One could argue that the producers did ot want to cement Jacob in the bottom in the eyes of the voters.
          I certainly cannot buy that the producers would choose Alaina over
          Scotty. Makes no sense. And what about Haley? One could argue that
          they did not want voters to see Haley in the bottom three. Or to keep the women around longer. It is pointless to speculate on what
          the producers are thinking or why they did what they did.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            They aren’t choosing that. They are intentionally hiding the truth that she was in the bottom 2. If you put any stock in Dial Idol, they had her getting fewer votes than Casey & Scotty, with Jacob hardly registering at all. I don’t believe for a second that she got more votes than Haley, Scotty or James. That makes her at least bottom 3. She has no more than 2 weeks left on this show. Given her age, she would be a basket case if she knew the truth.

          • @galaga6846 says:

            All of your cynicism and your conspiracy theories are tiresome.

    • -Loved that Haley cursed and was pissed because of what Jimmy said. She is right she has soul to her voice, and I do think she knows who she is. Did she in the beginning? No. But over everyone I think she has grown the most.
      -Jacob should have went this week, but Casey was gonna go next, so the order doesn’t much matter as long as Jacob goes home next time. I really don’t know who is voting for this guy. He doesn’t have the best personality, he pretty much slammed America that one week, he hasn’t had a breakout song since Hollywood week. I don’t get the appeal.
      -We all knew that Scotty wasn’t in danger of going home, did they do that just to scare him or scare his fans into voting for him even more next week? He wasn’t Bottom 2, for all we know he might have had the most votes. It’s interesting that they chose Scotty to stand there with Casey. Since it wasn’t Bottom 3 or 2 they could have chosen anyone. Very interesting.

      • Leigha says:

        The order does matter because we have to suffer through another week of Jacob.

        • -Either way I really look forward to a James, Scotty, Lauren and Haley Top 4. That’s actually not terrible in the scheme of this whole thing. Sure we could have swapped Pia for Haley, but since Pia left I have really appreciated Haley and am glad that she has come this far. She has turned into one of my favorites.
          -If Jacob gets into the Top 4 it would be just terrible and honestly makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

          • Leigha says:

            Hope you are right but Jacob has outlasted Pia, etc. I have no idea why anyone is still voting for this guy. He is so unlikable.

        • Cheryl says:

          I ffw thru Jacob anyway. Can’t believe he’s still there…

      • anon says:

        Should have gone, not should have went.

    • jomarch says:

      It’s hoarse not “horse” unless you think she sounds like Secretariat or Mr. Ed.

  2. Tonya says:

    It’s official – Jacob is the new Sanjaya.

  3. DQ says:

    Jacob should have gone home, but Casey would have gone home next week anyway. So, not that big a deal. I thought Casey was a good entertainer. Interesting how he closed out his song with Haley at the end.

    • Haley Comet says:

      There have been many reports on the internet, that Casy and Haley are an item. So his final “you’re minnnnne” makes sense to me. I loved the way he bounced around the stage during his swan song. Best EXIT YET!!

      • Hrfe says:

        I looooooooved that exit song. I really don’t know why but I just loved it. The growl was out of control and it was just….awesome. Only word I can think for it.

    • dkw says:

      Here’s my interpretation. Casey has a sense of humor about these things, so I saw it as playing up to the rumors and adding fuel to the fire. I’m sure he’s into Haley(how often do you find a pretty 20 year-old who’s into jazz?), but it never became a “romance.” Her body language was pretty much like “okay, that’s enough of that.”

      • Darsy says:

        While I agree on the body language, I don’t agree on the interpretation–I think it much more likely that she was giving him non-verbal signs that she REALLY doesn’t want ‘are you going to miss your love Casey now?’ questions from here to eternity. Girl needs people to focus on her talent, no thanks to Iovine.

  4. JayK* says:

    Can I just say that I hate Randy for so many reasons. Literally every time he was on the screen he was doing something fingernails-on-a-chalkboard annoying and I wanted to punch him. I’m not sad to see Casey go. I just wish Lusky Stank went first.

    • JayK* says:

      Oh, and I was so happy to see Crystal again, I just wish she had rocked a little bit harder. Bruno Mars impressed me. Wasn’t sure I wanted to like him, but I definitely did.

      • SharonM says:

        Yeah, Bruno was great and has a great band playing with him. That was probably the best celeb performance I’ve seen on that show in a long time.

        • agrimesy says:

          I like Bruno Mars voice, but he’s usually not very good live. It looks like this performance was actually several takes edited together. Watch the dog on the couch for the breaks in continuity. I didn’t notice until @jambajim from MTV tweeted about it. I don’t knock the guy for using camera edits in order to get the best performance, but it just reminds me that the standard we expect of these contestants is way stricter than they have to face in the professional industry. You can cut and splice your errors all away. The finished product sounds great.

      • Anne says:

        I agree Bruno was smooth tonight

    • Amber says:

      Yeah, I’m okay with Casey going, cause I don’t think he could have won, but I really wish Jacob would have gone first. Really, really.

  5. zaza says:

    I’m fine with Casey going home. I was over him. But this means we’re stuck with Jacob for yet another week. I guess I will have to break down and give votes to Lauren & Scotty (in addition to James & Haylie, both of whom I really like)just to get rid of Jacob.

    • The Wheeze says:

      Me too. I do find it a little weird that I felt sad when Stefano was sent home instead of Jacob last week, but I felt nothing when I heard Casey’s name called tonight. At the start of the season I was genuinely excited to hear Casey, but week after week my excitement became less and less, until last night where he just blew it with the second half of his performance. Hopefully, Jacob does go next week though if he outlasts any of the remaining contestants then I will definitely feel something!

  6. Elena says:

    I’m not really surprised. I thought it would be Jacob or Casey. I have to say Casey’s sing out was a lot of fun and hey, he got to kiss a lot of ladies. Way to do it, Casey!

    • tomitweets says:

      I think Casey’s sing-out was the best ever on Idol. He will be missed. But we are so looking forward to the tour!

  7. Alex says:

    Not too upset, but wish Jacob would have gone home instead. Interesting that last year and this year the saved contestant lasted 5 extra weeks…

  8. Owen says:

    Very crafty, those Idol folk…Scotty must be down votes…create a panic in his fans, making them THINK he’s in the Bottom 2 (though earlier, clearly, Ryan said the roster was random) and make sure his fans vote him back to number one this week (I’m guessing James finally overcame Scotty in the votes, due to an amazing performance and the shifting of Stefano’s fans).

    Bye, Casey. Fun and theatrical exit, dude. Loved the last line. Won’t be quite as interesting there without you. Hope your girl places!

  9. MrSideEye says:

    Is it bad that I am kinda happy now that Haley has a better chance to crack the Top 4!?

    • tuppy says:

      My thoughts EXACTLY. What if justice prevails and Jacob goes home next week? We’ll actually have two women in the top four, and we’ll really get down to comparing the singers on their artistic merits (ok, that might be wishful thinking). More individual focus — maybe even a two-song performance night? — can only help Haley. Still, James, Scotty, and Lauren seem to have solid fan bases, so I’m not sure who she could supplant in the top three.

      • Owen says:

        Hey, we’re beating last years girl/boy ratio!! This time last year, Siobhan Magnus went home sixth leaving four boys and Crystal.

      • MrSideEye says:

        100% agree. James has been doing great and with the Scotty “Bottom 2 but not really bottom 2 scare” they are both a lock for Top 3. Lauren would probably be the one out if some miracle happened and Haley made the Top 3 but I don’t think Nigey would let that happen. We can only hope that the press with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen backing Haley gives her a bigger fan base.

        I personally would love a James, Haley and Lauren top 3.

    • tamara says:

      Not bad at all. That’s exactly what I’m thinking.
      Haley FTW!! she’s definitely gonna make it to top4.

      • algalhi says:

        I know Haley’s fans are going to vote-vote-vote next week! It should be Jacob out, but he seems to come back every week, so can’t count on him being eliminated. Hope Haley can bust out another good performance next week!

    • RTW says:

      WAY TO GO HALEY, top 5!!! It’s critical for Haley to knock our socks off next week because she’s the most vulnerable (Jacob will probably pick up the VFTW votes). Does anyone have any suggestions for the type of song or vibe she should sing? Personally, I would love to see her tackle something serious (similar to her YouTube ‘Like a Star’ video comes to mind but maybe with a steady buildup) and I think people would take her serious as a result. Most songs this season have been too peppy. Any help for our favorite underdog…please feel free to comment! :)

      • Li-Li says:

        I think she should try a bluesy ballad. Though she is great at the up-tempo rock/pop stuff, it might get her more of that talked-about “moment” if she changed it up. I wish she could come up with a cool, unexpected arrangement of something – maybe a unique arrangement of a Beatles song?

      • karenb says:

        I have seen Haley’s youtube performance. I would love to see her do something slow and intimate. I love het growling, jamming and dancing-don’t get me wrong! But she needs to do something totally different and change it up! It would help her win more fans, plus all the buzz would be helpful too. Go Haley!!

    • Amie says:

      I’m excited that some Casey votes might switch to Haley because they are both bluesy jazz singers. I’m sad that Casey is leaving before Jacob but I’m all for Haley cracking the Top 4, or more!

  10. Auds says:

    While I didn’t think Casey was going to win, I’m EXTREMELY pissed to see that Jacob has outlasted the likes of Pia and now Casey & and Scotty is below him too? You’ve gotta be kidding me! This is completely ridiculous. WHO IS VOTING FOR JACOB?! HE’S TERRIBLE!! Ugh… What a bummer that we don’t get to see Casey compete more. :(

    • Caroline says:

      Jacob is not necessarily ahead of Scotty. The order of contestants were random. Like someone else said, it was probably just a ploy by the producers to cause panic among Scotty’s fans and ensure him more votes.

    • perfesser says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

  11. karen Anderson says:

    I called it earlier today. Casey’s performance last night descended into mosh-pit antics of growlings, grunts and groans. The song should have been a no-brainer for him, but he couldn’t resist all the antics, and in the end, that’s what killed him. You know, America did get it right tonight. He deserved to go home because those antics were an insult to the viewing audience. I enjoyed some of his performances during the season, especially Moanin’ with Haley. I just wish he would have approached things a little differently, that’s all. This means that Haley has a definite shot at making the top three, once Jacob and Lauren head home.

    • Anna says:

      I just wish Casey had gone home the first time he was voted off.

    • Jennine says:


      You nailed it about Casey and Ifor one, HATED the annoying noises when Casey sang. In addition, I found that Casey would look like a serial killer when he would make these unpleasant faces while singing too!

    • Tarc says:

      Those ‘antics’ are technique and style… s why on earth would he stop them? I’ll give you his ‘intense’ face isn’t for everyone, but other than that, Casey should have won. He’s more musically telented and interesting than anyone else left. Eighty percent of my interest in this season of Idol just died last night.

  12. Tom says:

    Casey was a hit or miss, and his elimination was inevitable. He was entertaining to a degree, but really, I’m only disappointed that we won’t be hearing anymore Haley-Casey duets… at least not until the finale.

    Haley is safe, and I’m guessing it will be her vs. Jacob next week for who stays until Top 4. She needs all the love she can get, because she deserves to go as far as possible! Powah to the Growlah!

    I wonder what the theme is next week, and whether anyone will have a distinct advantage, or if it will be fair game for everyone.

  13. Can't Sleep says:

    It was inevitable that Casey would leave. I won’t rest with my votes until Lauren A goes home. Still voting all guys until Lauren A is gone. I have a feeling it will happen sooner rather than later. I can live with Haley in the top 3.

    • tamara says:

      well, I think you’re doing it all wrong. If you don’t want Lauren in top3, you shouldn’t be voting for boys. You should be voting for Haley.

      • Can't Sleep says:

        This game works by the number of votes you get, not the votes you don’t get. Therefore, in power voting only for the guys, I’m pushing the numbers up for the boys. Even for someone like JACOB, who barely registers on the Dial Idol polls, this pushes the balance away from someone like Lauren. Given the limits of technology, with only 5 players left, my cell phone will deliver proportionately more votes for the guys with each succeeding week.
        It’s the only way you have to influence the outcome.

        • Patricia says:

          I wonder why we aren’t given the exact number of votes
          each singer gets/weekly. The dialing poll is too often wrong.

  14. corey says:

    oh well. he’d been warned. but you know what? i have a feeling that casey had such a great time on this show that it doesn’t matter. he enjoyed himself throughly 100% of the time. and so he comes in 6th. who freakin’ cares?! there goes the most original contestant (don’t you dare tell me james is more original- we saw that 2 years ago with adam lambert) on the show. and i enjoyed every minute of his wacky stage presence and funny moments with haley, james, and scotty. and that goodbye performance to end the show tonight? classic casey. from a scream/shoutout to james, to a false-dramatic embrace with haley, to kissing audience members (those were people he knew), to that hug/kiss with steven, to randy’s mopey-face when ryan announced he was out quickly turning to joy and cheering for casey (seroiusly! watch randy in the last few minutes of the show!), we can safely say that casey abrams went out with a bang. which is no less than anyone would have expected.

    • mikey says:

      yup. my only regret with 2nite- it wasn’t jacob. for the love of god, it was not jacob. oh, the worl d is cruel.

    • Chris B says:

      Completely agree. My favourite Idol ever. He was never going to win. The majority of voters are teenage girls and most would not get his musical taste. Or see his musical genius. Or see past his unique look. Like everyone else though, I think he deserved to go after Jacob. But my biggest fear is that Scotty will win. My LEAST favourite Idol ever.

  15. aislinn says:

    I know there’s lots of hate for Casey on this site, based on the comments that have been here in past articles, but Casey was so NOT the right choice to go home tonight. His innate musicality and creativity is refreshing and entertaining. He needs to grow and refine a bit, reign in the excitement that leads to getting a bit too loose on the control, but deserves to be there so much more than Jacob does, maybe even Lauren at this point. It’s a shame that America doesn’t “get” him. Hopefully the producers watching are smarter.

    • corey says:

      seriously! michael slezak clearly has favorites in this show:
      james and haley, then scotty, then lauren. clear as can be. whats with that? well i hope casey will be alright. one of his best things is stage presence and personality so i hope whatever happens in his future he can show that, cuz the radio sure wont advertise it

      • MrSideEye says:

        And exactly why is it wrong that Michael has favorites on a show about voting for your favorite singer? Did I miss something here?

      • tamara says:

        um… why wouldn’t he have favorites? the show is all about that. Who your favorite is.
        And honestly, I agree with him. Haley and James are my favorites too. They’re clearly the best artists.

        • corey says:

          nothing wrong with having favorites. but there is something wrong when you have episode recaps and commentaries and your opinion shines thru so much and takes away from the facts

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Music is a very subjective topic! What are the “facts” here? the last time I checked the only exact science was math. I think Slezak is giving his honest opinion.

          • shelflife says:

            This isn’t hard news reporting, dude. People watch the show and then read the recap.

          • MrSideEye says:

            I agree with “darcy’s evil twin” The only “facts” in this competition are who goes home every Thursday and Randy Jackson is useless. As far as the talent/singing goes, My “fact” that Haley is the best may not be yours. It is all opinions.

          • tamara says:

            you can’t have just facts in recaps of this type of shows.
            My fact that Haley&ames are vocally&artistically the best may not be your fact, like others said. But it sure as hell is a gian fact to me.

            Plus Idoloonies is another show itself. Michael not only gives a recap but his take on the show. So he surely has to voice his opinion on each contestant’s performance. And he has guests in every episode, and each give their own opinion, so it’s all personal. Take it or leave it.

      • karenb says:

        Who is this Corey person?!

    • Madeline says:

      And Scotty is a musician and creative? He’s the worst of the lot…nothing but gimmicks and goofy facial antics.

      • Tonya says:

        Amen Madeline!

      • Barbara Powers says:

        I think Scotty is great. I love his voice. I believe he can sing any song with that voice. He was always by favorite but I also like Laura. I hope Scotty, James and Laura will be the last 3. James is also great. These are the three that should be on the final show. I am still upset when Adam Lambert did not win, He was a super star. I just loved his performance. He was so entertaining to watch. I just had to let everyone how I feel. Everyone has the on Ideal about who is the best, but Scotty is what he is. He is country.

      • Barbara Powers says:

        I think Scotty is great. I love his voice. I believe he can sing any song with that voice. He was always by favorite but I also like Laura. I hope Scotty, James and Laura will be the last 3. James is also great. These are the three that should be on the final show. I am still upset when Adam Lambert did not win, He was a super star. I just loved his performance. He was so entertaining to watch. I just had to let everyone how I feel. Everyone has they on Ideas about who is the best, but Scotty is what he is. He is country.

    • Mike says:

      I would’ve sent Jacob home first, but you are right about one thing. America didn’t “get” that Casey just isn’t a good singer, and in the words of Simon Cowell, “this is a singing competition”. I don’t think he’s actually SANG more than once or twice. When he has sang, he was nothing special. Better pure singers went home before him – and not just Pia. Yeah, he’s a decent musician, but better voices have graced the Idol stage.

      • Tarc says:

        America got that Casey was a great singer and performer – hence the Top 6 spot out of the entire nation. The trouble is, there are enough music and jazz morons to keep him out of the top spot. They vote for someone that’s patiently aawful (Jacob) because of his demo, or likely someone young, modestly talented, and insanely boring like Scotty or Lauren first.

        • Sam2 says:

          Casey was one of the most talented kids to ever grace the Idol stage. He was the only reason I was watching this year, but sadly the voting public likes the same old, same old, type of singer. He didn’t seem too bummed about leaving…hope he puts out a CD…at least now I don’t have to watch Ryan tormenting the kids on results night.

      • @Mike says:

        It’s SUNG, Mike, not SANG! And Tarc, I think you menat “patently” not “patiently” awful.

        • Tarc says:

          I guess that people that can’t intellectualize beyond the sixth grade spend their hours concerned about pointless things like typos…

    • Sick and TIRED of Glambert Sparklecows!!! says:

      Blah blah Adam Lambert, blah.

      Anyway… moving forward.

    • aislinn says:

      Actually, my comment was not so much for Michael’s hate, although he expresses a lot of resentment over casey’s save – it was more all the hate from the commenters as seen here.

  16. SybilT says:

    Sorry to see Casey go. I know he was polarizing, and I neither expected nor really wanted him to win. I just enjoyed seeing what he’d do every week. And it irks me that the Lusky Stank outlasted him. I was hoping that Jimmy’s advice to him this week to let go was some sneaky reverse juju that was gonna get him booted. But nooooooooo.

    But the good news is that Haley was safe. For all we know she was in the “real” bottom two, but the fact that she wasn’t one of the last ones standing may help her a little week.

    • Can't Sleep says:

      There are reasons to believe the real bottom 2 was Casey and Lauren. Just don’t think AI wants her to know she’s in trouble yet. I think Jacob will outlast her.
      I think the top 2 were James and Haley, just as we heard it.

  17. BoomersMum says:

    It should have been Jacob. It should have been Jacob long ago. He annoys me more and more every single week and he’s getting worse instead of better.

  18. DB says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be Jacob cuz Ryan said we would be in for a shock; I thought Lauren would be going home. Casey was getting on my nerves the last few weeks, too cocky. He will get a record deal like Pia so I am sure he doesn’t care he was let go. James will probably win it all.

  19. dj says:

    I definitely felt that Jacob should go home before Casey.

    I would buy Casey’s album if it was like the stuff he did during Hollywood week. I haven’t liked him on the live shows. I don’t know if that was due to the meddling mentors or the confining themes, but I have a feeling I will like his post-Idol output as long as he has creative control of his music.

  20. idolidol says:

    My hope is that Haley’s cursing at Jimmy does not hurt her chances even though he deserved it

    I’ve voted so hard for Haley this season but she does need to rest her voice this weekend she is sounding horse

    • Tonya says:

      Cursing at Jimmy makes me want to vote for her even more! Jimmy Iovine is a douchebag and Slezak was right, his “help” is preventing really amazing performances this year!

      I miss Season 1 of Idol when every minute of the show wasn’t manipulated to put specific people in the finals.

      Go Haley! (but you don’t have a chance in hell because production doesn’t want you to win!)

      • idolidol says:

        Tonya, you and I will keep voting for our girl Haley

        I’ve been saying all along that the producers are sabotaging her

        Even Adam Lambert spoke of the poor treament toward her

        Rest your horse voice get your great voice back and pull a great one next week Haley. A lot of us are pullin for ya

    • hopeful says:

      The cursing probably cemented her place in a lot of hearts.

      Of course, it has been coming for a while — she bridled noticeably when Ryan asked if she had found her place as an artist after the Rolling in the Deep cover.

      Did you notice the callout to fellow “refuse to be categorized” Siobhan?

      • Steve says:

        Haley was already my favorite, but the Siobhan shoutout made me love her even more. The best contestants are almost always the ones who refuse to let themselves get stuck in the box Idol has ready for them.

        • Li-Li says:

          Oh, I get it now. The producers – and Jimmy Iovine – like Lauren better because she knows who she wants to be as an artist: Miley Cyrus. How about someone UNIQUE? Haley for the Finale!!

          • mikey says:

            That’s the complete irony about what Jimmy said about Haley. It’s very obvious that Lauren has absolutely no clue what she wants to be. Her song selections have been the worst of the bunch, always picking the safest choice. Scotty too. Both have to be pushed kicking and screaming to stretch themselves. The two of them will make the most boring finale.

  21. Sophie K says:

    Can’t say I’m sorry to see Casey go at this point (and what was with the sing out of random sexual harassment?) but it should have been Jacob. I still had a small glimmer of hope that Casey might shape up, but there’s no hope for the Lusky Stank.

    • Owen says:

      Okay. Casey’s “thing” now is that he kissed Jennifer. The complete entertainer in Casey takes over and he KISSES Stephen. Then kisses audience members (most were families of other Idol’s so it wasn’t “sexual harassment”) and then instead of kissing his perceived girlfriend, he merely, lovingly, sings the last line of the song to her. It was theatre. And it was fabulous.

  22. Danielle says:

    I’m more sorry to see Jacob stay than Casey go. There’s something seriously twisted about seeing Jacob remain on the show when he appears to annoys his fellow competitors and the viewing public at large. Say what you want about Casey’s growling (and yes, it was going to do him in sooner rather than later), but anything is better than Jacob’s consistently failing vocals and even more consistently failing attitude.

  23. karen Anderson says:

    I believe Haley will inherit Casey’s core voting block. This bodes well for a top-three finish. If she plays her cards right, it could be her and James in the final. I’m hoping for that. The Idol Powers the Be need to be put in their place about Haley. Thankfully, Adam Lambert threw his full support her way today and chastised the judges about their treatment of her. Kris Allen also likes Haley. Go Haley!

    • tuppy says:

      I don’t disagree with any of this analysis, but I do have to point out how wonderfully absurd / ludicrous / hilarious it is that this show is so much like a political horse race — inherited voter support, endorsements from major figures with fiercely loyal contingencies, etc… when will we start seeing PAC advertisements and street canvassers? Haley for President (of Televised Talent Competitions!)

    • BoomersMum says:

      A James/Haley final 2 would be great! James has been my favourite from day one and he just gets better and better. I wasn’t wild about Haley at first, but every week she improves and every week I like her more. Although I think Scott and Lauren are talented, I find them boring and repetitive – but maybe that’s because I’m not much of a country fan anymore like I used to be.

  24. Gemstone says:

    I thought that was an EXCELLENT farewell performance. “I put a spell on you” *KISS* *GRUNT* UnggHH!!!!!! I liked how he rolled on the floor too. I WILL MISS YOU CASEY!

  25. Dani C says:

    I’m sad to see Casey go, only b/c i find him way more entertaining than Jacob. However, i almost died when they announced Haley safe first. Fist Pump! Thank goodness she sticking around; plus i think she has a better chance to outlast Jacob. And screw Jimmy-what a d-bag. I really want to punch him right in the face. Can’t wait for Idoloonies!

  26. Paisley says:

    I am not too shocked, but I was sure Jacob would have gone. And super-douchey move to have Jimmy throw Haley under the bus in an ambush video…is he a mentor or a judge? Is he a pimp? He is so irritating. I wonder what Haley’s “colorful” comment was. And great Casey exit performance, IMO. The final line sung to Haley might confirm their rumored romantic involvement. BOW ER SOX. BOW ER SOX….great to see her doing so well.

    • Eurydice says:

      Jimmy’s a douche, but the title of Super-Douche goes to the producer who thought it was good drama to make an ambush video and then air it.

  27. Ana says:

    Who the hell is voting for Jacob?!!!!!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      and who in the name of Sam Hill is voting for Lauren?

      I haven’t spoken to ONE person that is crazy about her.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      ME! And not because I think he should still be there, but because I am protesting the ouster of PIA.
      Once I figured out how to program my cell phone to deliver massive votes every Wednesday, I’ve been having fun playing VFTW.

  28. JohnDoe says:

    Only on American Idol do the more talented, independent artists like Casey get voted off early. This is what happens when most of your voting audience is 13 year old girls. This is also why the fat Hannah Montana wannabe is still on the show, and Alfred E. Newman/George W. Bush hybrid is still there.

    • tuppy says:

      I’m not a Casey fan, but his fans shouldn’t be too scared that he’ll vanish if there’s actually a market for his music. Sixth isn’t a TERRIBLE finish: Constantine Maroulis, Kellie Pickler, Carly Smithson, Siobhan Magnus — all really talented sixth-place finishers who have done / are doing / will probably do pretty well in the music biz.

    • Casey J says:

      Wow. Speaking of 13 year old behavior…..

    • Chloe says:

      While James has put on a bit of weight and does often act like a teenage girl, I think it’s unfair to call him a ‘fat Hannah Montana.’ JMHO

    • Disgusted with JohnDoe says:

      Why do you have to be so disgusting?

    • Michael says:

      He got voted off because he growled rather than sang last night. I’m a 28 year old guy and know he was the worst of the bunch last night. Case closed.

  29. SB says:

    What is wrong with this show!!! Is America really choosing?????Jacob should have gone home a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lloyd says:

    Tonight was not so shocking as there were many idoloonies that placed Casey in the bottom 3 tonight anyway due to his facial expressions and frequent growling. I don’t think that the majority of the viewing audience of Idol got Casey’s style and that’s why he got eliminated tonight.
    I thought it was interesting that Ryan pulled that finding the contestant with the lowest number of votes shtick tonight “in no particular order.” Ryan did the same thing last season the night of the final four when Big Mike Lynche got eliminated for the second time. Remember Mike and Crystal standing together at the end waiting fort their fates to be determined? And tonight…Casey vs. Scotty? Seriously?
    Did the right person go home tonight? Absolutely not! But I understood Casey’s style and I find him more talented than Jacob and Scotty as being an unique artist. I was not a big Casey fan, but J a cob should have been eliminated tonight based on the performance last night. I am happy we have a final 5 with two girls…this has not happened since Season 7! I hope there will be a final four with two girls as well!

  31. lestat says:

    So Casey’s left…wait didn’t he leave before? And if the best thing he can do vocally is scat then he shall now be christened a scatologist and we all know what scatology is the study of right?…right..

  32. Ronnie says:

    Casey wasn’t my favorite and I wasn’t surprised to see him go. But the show will have less flare and creativity without him.
    That said… Casey’s “spell” at the end was just terrific. I think it might have been his best moment of the season. It was fused with joy and love for his music and he grabbed those last few minutes and ran (literally) with utter abandon. I loved it.
    – and the final moment with Haley was just too sweet.
    – I cried the good tears :) and was happy to do so.
    also, Haley contains her emotions better than James or Lauren… but you could see the tears in her wet, red eyes. She looked upset when Ryan announced it was Casey leaving.
    – I wonder if him going home might give Haley some deeper emotion to draw from in next weeks performance. I hope so.

    • @galaga6846 says:

      I think everybody here is just too cynical for their own good. On a side note, I love Casey and Haley as a couple. I don’t think that her body language was saying that she didn’t want him to declare to America that they’re together, I think she was trying to maybe warn him that the producers told them to keep it hush, like “what are you going, you’re going to get me in trouble.” Knowing the producers, they probably have some kind of rule against contestants dating. I’m so glad the rumors were true!!!

  33. Tekkie says:

    Was great to see Crystal tonight, but what’s up with the lack of respect for her. The judges weren’t paying attention and there wasn’t even a verbal acknowledgement of her return to idol, her album or anything. Why? So we can hear granny smith apple codes are 4017? Really?

    That aside, Jacob is past his due date and so were Casey’s antics. I think twitter did him in because he listened to all the tweets about the beard and growls and let it run out of control. Such a shame!

    So disinterested in this season, I’ve voted once early on and that’s it. The show has lost it’s credibility whether TPTB realize it or not. They need another judge shake up or it is officially the beginning of the end!

    • Debbie M says:

      The judges may not have been paying attention to Mamasox’s performance, but it sure looked like Casey was enjoying the hell out of it. I’ll miss him. Please let Jacob go next!

  34. MNCyn says:

    The reason I say yes is because he just would not listen! The judges tried to save him from himself, but he pretty much ignored everything they said. Shari Geller on said, “I am more than ever convinced that Casey has no interest in the music industry and his goal in going on American Idol and his planning behind every performance has been to further an acting career. He wants to be Jack Black, not Jack White …” She further elaborates, “It is one long audition not to cut a record ….. but to get on stage as a performer.” Ya know?! She just might have something there!

    • marie says:

      Could be! I remember at one point on the show Casey did express interest in an acting career. Heaven knows he seems to have no interest in being a good singer.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well sure, and I’m more than ever convinced that Casey wants to join Cirque de Soleil as a Mongolian contortionist.

  35. Ringgold and Tuscaloosa Rocks says:

    I believe the random order was because Lauren was unfairly in the bottom two. Her home area of Chattanooga and surrounding areas were under tornado conditions during and after the show. There’s no way this large group of people could vote under these conditions. Many homes are damaged and thousands remain without power. The devastation is overwhelming. Voting for anyone last night was a luxury.

  36. amy says:

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice, ST did not clap after Chrystal’s performance??

    • tamara says:

      I don’t know, but to me it looks like Steven Tyler rather be somewhere else every week. He always looks so bored. So he was probably just daydreaming, or sleeping with his eyes open, who knows…

      • idolidol says:

        Tamara LOL

        You ladies are cracking me up tonight. ST sleeping with his eyes open… how funny

        Go Haley!!! Rest you voice this weekend girly you sound horse

      • Sex, Daydreaming, and Rock-n-Roll! says:

        Daydreaming. Yeah, that’s it, (chemically enhanced?) daydreaming. Is Paula still in the building?

    • Idolidol says:


      Your comment should not strike me as hilarious since I am a Bowersox fan but never the less your comment makes me chuckle

  37. Tna says:

    I am tired of J. Lo having a p-off look on her face everytime she has to look at Haley. All of the “judges” looked upset when she was told she is safe imho.

    • idolidol says:

      Tna, I think the judges made the sour face when Haley cursed but too bad

      Go Haley!!!

    • tamara says:

      you know, yesterday I noticed that JLo made a weird gesture afer she said Haley had one of the best voices in the competition. And I took it as if she realized she said something she shouldn’t have, maybe.
      To me it feels as if the judges (minus ST) have all been warned not to say too many good things about Haley. They’re always so negative with her.

      I hate Randy. This is the first season of Idol I watch, and I can’t for the life of me understand how you guys have not gone crazy after all these season. I wanna hurt myself when he speaks!!!

  38. pgv417 says:

    I live in Hawaii so I haven’t seen the results show yet, but did they announce next week’s theme? Pleaseeee let it be something more exciting than Carole King week (no offense)

  39. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Well, my psychic friend’s prediction came true. I can’t say as I’m totally shocked. He should have dialed it back, and he probably knows it. Oh, well. At least there’s the tour coming up (You bet I’m going!) Now if only we could cut that Jacob…

  40. Christy says:

    Casey was my favorite until the demon of hokey faces and spastic growling took him over. I think it was gonna get him eventually but the fact that Jacob stayed longer than he did makes me ill. WHO is voting for that mess?

  41. Ronnie says:

    So long to Casey’s growls
    Oh no, more Jacob howls
    When Casey kissed from Mom to Mom
    And soared back onto stage
    I saw the love of music pure
    though still don’t like the save
    I loved his hug of James so dear
    A bear hug full, it was so clear
    I dropped a little tear for more
    More love of music pure and strong
    The youngsters Laur’ and Scotty
    Learned from him of song
    But in the end, his time was up
    He left no sadness, it was enough
    To cast a spell on us once more
    And share with Haley dear
    His love for music, evermore
    As Haley shed a final tear.

  42. ken Adam says:

    Now, if Haley picks up all of Casey’s fan base, she can make a solid push for the top three (With James and Pre-Ordained winner of it all, Scotty McDreery.)

  43. jd says:

    sad to see casey go, but i knew once they said that it was surprising that it was him. im mainly gonna miss haley/casey duets! but hopefully all of his votes will now go to haley, since I know a lot of ppl were vote splitting between the two. oh well, his exit performance was very entertaining!

  44. Anon says:

    I’m fine with the fact that Casey went home. I’m not fine with the fact that Jacob is still there, with Casey, Paul, and Pia (for goodness’ sake!) having bit the dust before him.

    Oh, wait. Hang on. Let me pull out my mirror real quick.

    No… sorry. Jacob is still nails on a chalkboard to me in every way, and I love some big, theatrical voices. Maybe I should try to find a bigger mirror in which to look at myself. ;)

    Watching Sanjaya replays on YouTube is what I’ll be doing next week when Jacob performs.

  45. jazzy says:

    What is up with y’all. I think Jacob has an amazing voice and so do the judges. He’s like the Danny Gokey of two seasons ago. Ah, church haters.


    I called it earlier Slezak, Casey lost control last night, therefore losing support.

  46. darcy's evil twin says:

    My name is darcy’s evil twin, and I am a recovering Casey fan.

    My sponsor assures me it will be easier to avoid getting back on the Casey Train now that he’s gone.

    I haven’t watched the program yet. I was just checking in to see who got voted off the island.

    Scotty was in the bottom two? Didn’t they do this to Adam Lambert one time?

    • Ronnie says:

      My belief is that James is now receiving the most votes. So they put Scotty in the last two standing (not necessarily bottom two), so that his fans will worry and vote more. Nigel already decided the final two (S&L) and will do everything in his power to shift the votes his way.

      • claudia says:

        My belief is that Haley & James had the most votes & that Lauren was in the bottom 2. By doing a “random” order, they didn’t have to show Lauren standing waiting for her fate. The only way they will show Lauren in the bottom 2 or 3 is if she is actually going home. Otherwise they will mask it.

    • RTW says:

      Hahahaha, your “recovering Casey fan” never gets old. By the way, how many steps are there to a full recovery?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Now that Casey is gone, this is the final step of recovery! But Sweet Baby Jesus, if Lauren Alaina wins this thing I will be right back in rehab!

    • says:

      Yes, they did do this to Adam.

  47. idolidol says:

    Does anyone yet know what Haley said to Jimmy Looney I mean Jimmy Lovine or what the @!&* was uttered

    Go Haley to the end!!!

  48. idolfan says:

    man,in one night we lost casey and michael scott, rough night!

  49. Mary Ann says:

    Ugh. I don’t like Casey much I really dislike Jacob Lusk. He should have been the one to go this week. Or last week. Or the week before. Ever since his “if you don’t vote for me, it’s not because I didn’t sing the song well” speech he’s been on my “do not call” list.

  50. agrimesy says:

    There will continue to be lots of upset on the blogs from here on out as the favorites go home. I think I’m just going to answer Slezak’s questions and say goodnight.
    I, personally, am fine with Casey’s ousting. I wasn’t a fan.
    As far as Casey’s future is concerned, I think his success will be largely dependent on how badly he wants it. Sixth place is no guarantee. He could hit the radio market with a Mumford & Sons / Amos Lee / Ray LaMontagne / David Gray kind of vibe, but even with talent I don’t think Casey comes off that deep. I dunno. Time will tell. I won’t buy his music if he sounds like he did on the show.
    About the save . . . I like it that Casey gets to go on tour with the top 11, but he never did match his Hollywood performances. I would have liked to see what Pia had to offer rather than listen to Casey snarl and clear his throat the last three weeks.
    There . . . all done. Next week surely it’s Jacob.