American Idol Recap: A Farewell to Arrrghs

Thursday night’s American Idol Top 6 results show featured a moment of spontaneous profanity from an unexpected source (someone other than Steven Tyler), a spontaneous kiss for an unexpected judge (someone other than Jennifer Lopez), and a surprising elimination Ryan Seacrest promised would disappoint a lot of fans (someone other than Jimmy Iovine).

In the end, it was occasional jazzman/occasional Jack Black-style rocker Casey Abrams who received the lowest number of viewer votes, but the shaggy 20-year-old from California didn’t seem particularly devastated to reach the end of his Idol journey. After all, Casey had already survived one brush with elimination, having scored the coveted Judges’ Save after America had been ready to relegate him to an eleventh-place finish five weeks prior. And this time around, the guy left on his own terms: With a lucrative spot on the 2011 Idol Summer Tour and an exit performance to “I Put a Spell on You” that was both upbeat and entertaining. The way Casey puckered up for anyone within kissing distance — Jacob’s relatives, random audience members, even Steven Tyler — his sing-out played more like a victory anthem than a tearful goodbye.

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What’s more, as part of his continuing quest to bring a little jazz to the masses, Casey got to float the name of his ultimate duet partner to an audience of 25 million. You could see Ryan Seacrest’s mind begin to wander — perhaps brainstorming the next great Kardashian TV project for E! — as Casey talked about the “very famous jazz musician” Oscar Peterson, someone the Idol contestant respected for his “chord structures” and “musicality.” Randy nodded with the kind of theatrical knowingness I imagine he thinks makes him look hip and musically astute but actually makes me want to punch him in the face. (Is it me, or was this perhaps the Dawg’s most annoying week on Idol in at least two years?)

If I’m being honest, though, I can’t say Casey’s ouster is a massive shock. Sure, I’d have bet Jacob Lusk was the likeliest contestant to walk the Idol plank this week, but on the other hand, Casey’s two most recent solo performances — “Harder to Breathe” and “Hi-De-Ho That Old Sweet Roll” — had strayed too far from the jazzy troubadour style of his best efforts (“Georgia on My Mind,” “Your Song,” “Nature Boy”) while playing up the growling and face-pulling and lack of commitment to the melody that Jennifer Lopez had warned against just seconds after he’d gotten the Save. Asked by Ryan about his penchant for the growl, Casey explained that “maybe I just have all this pent-up aggression” and that it needs to come out through “a very tiny hole.” Um, let’s go for an abrupt subject change in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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The results telecast itself was a weirdly paced one, with chipper Ryan openly declaring his intent to send contestants to safety “in random order” — conspiracy theorists, feel free to speculate why Uncle Nigel wanted to keep us from knowing this week’s Bottom Three — but not before forcing them to watch a video of Jimmy Iovine coming out from under his bridge to offer his critique of their Wednesday-night efforts. Jimmy’s first victim? Haley Reinhart, naturally. “As an artist, Haley’s problem is she doesn’t really know who she is yet. My prediction is, the audience is getting wind of that. And if she goes home tonight, it’ll be because of that,” he barked, and as the cameras cut back to Ryan and Haley on stage, the audio dropped for a second, and it became clear the Fox censors had muted an expletive from Haley. “Watch your mouth, young lady! Watch your mouth,” Ryan chided, without the “oh golly!” playfulness with which he greets Steven Tyler’s f-bombs.

I dunno, folks, I can’t say as I blame The Lady Reinhart for her unfiltered response. As she later explained to Ryan, she’s shown a penchant for soul, rock, and blues over the past eight weeks — while often working within the confines of Idol‘s specific theme nights. What’s more — and what makes me feel like the perpetual underdog is being ruthlessly marked for extinction by the show’s producers — is that Jimmy later went on to point out a similar “problem” with James Durbin (his forays into metal “are not believable,” declared the music producer) but then say “there’s no doubt in my mind he can win.” I could dive into more of Jimmy’s deeply irritating commentary — warning Scotty against the dangers of subtlety (!!!), declaring that Lauren is “here for the long run” — but instead, I’ll just say this: “F*** YEAH, HALEY!”

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And now, let’s get on to tonight’s musical numbers:

Musical Performances
The Season 10 Top 6: Carole King Medley
A pretty abysmal showing from a group of singers that are getting worked like sweatshop garment-makers by the good folks at Fox and 19. “Take Good Care of My Baby” at its best moments sounded like drunken karaoke, while Scotty surrounded by a gaggle of chicas on “Go Away Little Girl” made me look away in embarrassment. I’d assign blame for the mismatched harmonies, but that would require me to take a second listen. Grade: D+

Crystal Bowersox: “Ridin With the Radio”
I kind of love that Crystal and her music are everything Jimmy Iovine and his team are not. Up there in her crocheted top, with her grungy band and her magic mic stand, Crystal brought a relaxed sensibility and authentic sense of self that’s been a little hard to come by in Idol‘s tenth season. The jam-session-y vibe at the end was especially nifty, and I loved how Crystal looked directly at the Top 6 as she delivered her last line: “If you want to sing a song just sing it.” Grade: Transcendent

Bruno Mars: “The Lazy Song”
Cool dude, loose mood. Dog on stage. Whoa! A little boring for me, though, dawg. The song, not the dog. Grade: B-

Casey Abrams: “I Put a Spell on You”
Growly, but not unnecessarily so. I liked that Casey made his exit with grace and good humor, giving Steven Tyler a kiss on the cheek, hugging his fellow contestants and their relatives, and generally acting the congenial fool. What I didn’t like, though, was the the aggressive way he grabbed the backs of female audience members’ heads to pull them in for farewell kisses. (I’m being touchy, but I come from a long line of unrepentant feminists.) Interesting that Casey ended the performance staring into Haley’s eyes on the words “you’re mine,” no? Or maybe not. This showmance business isn’t really why I tune in, y’know? Grade: B

And now, on to our awards ceremony for the evening!

Audience Sign Most Definitely Planted By Fox
“Marry Me Randy?”

Hottest Outfit
Haley’s mustardy ankle-length skirt with structural button-emblazoned waist and dramatic draping (paired with colorful bottle-top necklace)

Best Carpet
Cozy rug wheeled out on stage for Crystal Bowersox’s performance

Worst Carpet
Tattered Oriental rug “drawn” into the midst of a mod living space during the Ford Music Video (yes, I watch these things altogether too carefully)

Most Unnecessary Pop-Culture Tie-In
The Idols prepping for the royal wedding at the British Consulate (because apparently we need our competitive reality series to contribute to the wall-to-wall coverage of William and Kate)

Gaffe I Wish Had Been Replayed on Repeat Loop
Randy misusing the phrase “turn the other cheek” in critiquing James and Scotty’s Wednesday-night performances

Gaffe I’m Glad Was Given the Night Off
Lauren Alaina falling down the stairs

Next Week’s “Judge on a Magazine Cover” Reveal
Randy Jackson in the upper right corner of your supermarket circular

Sweet Tribute to Previous Idol Contestants
Haley declaring her appreciation for Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, Kelly Clarkson, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox

Unnecessary Dis of Previous Idol Contestant
Ryan responding to Haley’s genuine moment by mockingly asking, “No Taylor Hicks?”

And with that, I turn the floor over to you. How are you feeling about Casey’s ouster? Did you enjoy his exit performance? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? And are you ultimately happy the judges used their save on him? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. A.W. Baimun says:

    While Casey was going all crazy during his song, kissing everyone, hugging, handshaking, kanoodling, etc…. he brings it all back down to earth with a soft “yooouuuuuuu….” while face to face with Haley. Great way to make your exit, Casey!

    • Casey was a fun guy, pretty charasmatic, entertaining at points, but wasn’t going to the win this show. So him going wasn’t upsetting or really all that shocking at all. I give Casey credit for going all out during his last song. Who knows what’s going on with him and Haley, I am just glad that Haley will be around next week. Pretty upset that Jacob didn’t go. We all knew once Ryan said that people would be dissapointed by the results that Jacob wasn’t going. I don’t get the Jacob love, but obviously a good amount of people are voting for this guy. He was even in the first slot of the night and still didn’t go home.
      -I think there is something off with not naming the Bottom 3. I personally think that they(The American Idol Producers) were trying to rally the Scotty fans. Scotty wasn’t Bottom 3 or 2, but maybe he was the 4th and the producers are trying to get the Scotty fans scared. I personally have seen headlines on several websites saying that Scotty landed in Bottom 2 for the first time. They clearly missed what Ryan said about the random order, and I think this is exactly what the American Idol producers hope. That’s my theory on the unrandom random order the results were given out.

      • Lily says:

        The not-naming-the-bottom-three conspiracy theory I favor is the tornado factor. Many people in the South, where Lauren Alaina is from, could not watch the show or vote because of severe storms and tornadoes. Lauren may have been in the bottom three but at the same time, unfairly so because people in her home region couldn’t vote.

        • CandaceTX says:

          They didnt have a problem sending JHud home — eventhough her home CITY (Chicago) experienced a powergrid failing and all the phones were down during voting – so why are they setting up the victory for Lauren.

          She’s the one Uncle Nigel has wanted to win it all along and Haley is going to ruin her party. It’s all a conspiracy…I’ll be tuned in to the Voice.

          • Templar says:

            I don’t see how you can compare a power failure in one city to severe storms causing death and destruction in seven states. What kind of yardstick did you use?

          • Patrick says:

            I think it’s because Haley was the second lowest vote-getter. If she was in the bottom 2, her fans would vote a little harder next round, making her defy the odds and scrape into the top 4. They also gave her the pimp spot only to sabotage it with the James & jacob duet right after. Next week, they’ll have her go first and it will be easier to get her booted if she wasn’t “in” the bottom three the week before…

        • Laurel says:

          The Tornado Factor and the many southern states without electricity was the 1st thing that crossed my mind.
          I really thought that BOTH Scotty and Lauren would be affected by that.
          They seem to be making such a big deal about Lauren’s lack of confidence that they may not of wanted to reveal her to actually be in the bottom 3.

        • Yo says:

          I suspect Lauren’s fan base is wholly different than what me imagine, maybe because she is so young, and folks want “the kid” to win. I live in Massachusetts, and every time I drive deejays on every conceivable type of station talk about her post-Idol show, as if the region as a whole is rooting for her. I don’t get it, frankly, but heard it again today on the mother of all easy listening stations.

        • Dawn says:

          Honestly I think that also, I believe Lauren was in the bottom three and they new it was because of the tornadoes and they didn’t want people to know about Lauren.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        There is NO WAY Scotty was in the bottom.

        It’s all manipulation – I posted this previously but they did the same thing with Adam Lambert.

        • marie says:

          I agree – I didn’t think for a moment Scotty was in the bottom group. Kid has way too much momentum for that. Perhaps they meant to imply that for whatever manipulative reasons, but I’m sure it was not true.

        • Erin says:

          RIGHT! I bet he fell to third (or second) for the first time ever and producers want to scare his fanbase into voting harder for their golden boy. FEAR OF A DURBIN WIN?

          • Dawn says:

            I don’t know the judges and producers pick who they want to win and that is clearly James Durbin. So why put out the thought that Scotty was in the bottom 3, is crazy, his fans will vote endlessly next week and blow everyone out of the water. But James is being pimped so much to win. None of it made sense. It definitely had to do with the tornadoes I think

      • Seri says:

        Casey left with his own brand of life-celebrating cool, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be bringing in the future. I think Scotty was not in danger at all — his fan base is just too big, and he’s resisted pushing himself because he believes he could fall on the ball and win — that it’s his to lose if he makes a big mistake. AI just played the random game, and put Scotty on the line with Casey to play up the drama, and maybe to plant a kick in Scotty’s butt so he won’t get lazy again. I also think they wanted to keep giving the girls the thumbs-up, and it was likely James would be safe, so why not put the girls on the sofa, and let the other 3 boys sweat it out? Makes AI look like they are being “fair” to the ladies and that the voting isn’t gender-biased. They will present the votes in any way that sends the emotional message they want to send.

    • JBanana says:

      totally agree, A.W.! I’m sad to see Casey go, but his exit performance was awesome. I loved seeing the hugs and horsing around with all the other contestants while he was still singing! Very cute. It sure looked like everyone (including Ryan) liked having him around.

    • A.W. Baimun says:

      Edit: It wasn’t a long “Yooouu….” it was “Yooouuurre… Miiiiinnnee….”. Sorry for the typo.

  2. pandas says:

    Please be first! Love James and Hayley. Enough said.

    • tamara says:

      hell yeah!
      I’m hoping America gets on the bus with Haley and forgets all this Scotty and Lauren nonesense.
      Haley&James should be the final 2.

      • SajiNoKami says:


      • k23 says:


      • perfesser says:

        I’m sorry I don’t get the Haley thing. She’s clumsy, from her movement to her phrasing, and has this frozen (though pretty) face.

        • jon says:

          I agree with you – most of the comments here are just parroting slezak’s pet peeves and opinions…

          • NedPepper says:

            Sorry, but some of us were on the Haley bandwagon before Slezak. A lot of us, acutally. Her performance of Blue sold me. Slezak was still mocking her then.

          • tamara says:

            I was also a Haley fan way before Slezak. I started watching when they announced the top 24 (I didn’t watch the auditions) and she was my favorite from then on. I thought she had a unique voice and I loved her style.

          • CraigJ says:

            Remember Slezak was not a James Durbin fan at all especially through Hollywood week. I remember the Suck It James Durbin and other slogans popping up on the screen and he wasn’t taking him as a serious contender. But who knew? We didn’t have much to go off of that portrayed him in a good light. Remember also he has severe social problems that are going to take awhile for people to get used to. Every one has the right to change their mind though and I think James Durbin has done that for a lot of people AND also root for him because of his back story. Haley and James for the final would be great!

        • EvaneSam says:

          At the being I knew Haley had a good voice just like everyone else in the competition but didn’t like her because she reminded me of Mariah Carey and as you said her movements were weird BUT she sooooooo won me over since then that now she’s my favorite. What I’m trying to say is that I at least am not paroting anyone, she genuinely won me over with her talent, voice and uniqueness. Haley for the win!!!

      • Princess Adora says:

        WOOT WOOT!

      • donna says:

        Agreed, that’s the most awesome Final 2 in terms of performances, class and heart. Lauren and Scotty would be a snooze fest.

      • Erin says:

        Hopefully Stefano voters drift to James and Casey voters will go to Haley. Then ‘”what, me worry?” Scotty and “who, me a singer?” Lauren can see an earlier exit than predicted. But i won’t hold my breath.

    • Jer says:

      Agree 100%

  3. Joey says:

    Who votes for Jacob?????????????

    • Chmarin says:

      People who don’t own a mirror.

    • Ed says:

      Maybe he’s the new “Vote for the Worst” candidate…

      That’s the only rational explanation.

      • Eolra says:

        Nope. They were voting for Casey.

      • Red in Denver says:

        No, CASEY was the VFTW replacement once Paul was voted off. And even with all those crazy VFTW members voting for two hours for him, he STILL got voted off. Probably because a lot of people had finally stopped buying into the ‘genius’ thing that the judges were spewing, and saw that, actually, Casey was a pretentious child whose affectation-laden performances were increasingly difficult to watch.

        • Anna says:

          I just wish they hadn’t saved him last time. I actually left the room the last few times he was on.

        • kai says:

          I agree, Casey was getting more and more difficult to watch. And though his exit performance and Steven Tyler kiss was cool, I was kind of creeped out by the way he was handling those women he grabbed and kissed. Nothing sweet or sauve about it, just aggressive and entitled. He’s not some issues.

          • casey's issues says:

            Casey’s got serious insecurity issues with women. Probably been turned down by a few too many where he was reaching out of his league, and he feels entitled to them.

            Haley, this is a Bill-Clinton type in the making. In the long run, he will cheat on you because he’s still got something to prove. Run, do not walk, out of this guy’s life!

      • darclyte says:

        VFTW has NO impact on this show and never has. They like to try to make people THINK that they do, but when they only have a few thousand people answering their polls as to who to make their pick even if every one of the people who voted in their polls actually voted 50 times for Casey (highly unlikely) it wouldn’t make much of an impact when over 50 million total votes are placed. Heck, they’re such hucksters that they don’t even support the “worst,” they try to support someone who they feel will last for some time. That’s why they went with Paul and Casey and not Ashthon, Karen or Thia for example.

        • Red in Denver says:

          If VFTW has no impact, then Casey TRULY got very few legitimate votes.

        • S. Lee Stack says:

          VFTW always supports the biggest train-wrecks with highest entertainment value (intentional or unintentional), regardless if they fit the bill of technical “worst” or not…yes, VFTW’s impact is probably smaller than other organized voting blocks such as “Inbreds for Lauren” or “Adam’s Sparklecows” or “Church-bots for Gokey”, but that’s OK…part of the fun is trying to throw a monkey-wrench in the Idol machine with the understanding that you’ll miss more than you’ll hit…but when you DO hit (Sanjaya, Tim Urban), it def makes the show more entertaining…

          and VFTW went w/Paul+Casey (and now Jacob) over the girls you mentioned because they (the girls) were horribly boring…much better to watch Paul dance like a brain-damaged chicken and Casey growl like a tone-deaf bear than suffer thru boring pageant girls doing boring songs in a safe and mostly in-tune fashion…

    • marty says:

      1) R&B fans (white and black)
      2) people with good taste in music
      3) non-hicks (hicks would never vote for a black gospel singer…)
      4) Jazz fans
      5) intelligent people (see 3)

      • Chmarin says:

        So, I guess you consider yourself to be an intelligent person then?

        Well, think again. If you were, you’d know better than to try and prove yourself and your intelligence in a comments section on a TV news related web site. ;)

        And please, don’t insult MY intelligence.

      • Aaron says:

        Wait, what? Are these points related to Jacob?
        1) He’s not R&B. He’s gospel. That’s beyond apparent.
        2) So “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Dance with my Father” is great music? Gotcha.
        3) My wonderful, loving, and very caring Tennessee grandmother (someone you would probably consider a hick) LOVES Jacob (God help her)
        4) Jacob is JAZZ???????? Ummmm…..okay, I would have said either Casey or Haley, but to each their own.
        5) IGNORANT people (look in the mirror…like Jacob would say)

        • The Wheeze says:

          Preach on Aaron! ;-) You just said everything I was thinking!

        • S. Lee Stack says:

          anyone who thinks Jacob OR Casey = jazz probably also thinks Kenny G and the music they play while you’re on hold = jazz as well…

          (pssst: its not)

          • jon says:

            only if they’re dumbasses like you… casey was taught by marshall jenkins who played with miles davis and pharoah sanders

    • marty says:

      who votes for scotty????? he is awful. No range, and just sings this ugly old style country that only american hicks like….but I guess they vote 20,000 times for the country kid

      • tamara says:

        exactly!! he’s just so aweful. Even though this week he sang differently, actually better, up to now he’s sang every single song exactly the same way, and not good at all. He’s no Josh Turner. He sings out of tune 85% of the time. It’s just plain aewful. But they keep praising him. Oh well…

      • pquinn says:

        Many tweens and teens are voting/texting for Scott. I know many of them are not country fans, either. They just love this kid. I can imagine he must be Tim Urban & Lee DeWyze rolled into one for this voting bloc. Very cute but also very talented. And though he is not my fave (James & Haley are), I can certainly understand his appeal.

      • Kelly says:

        Also, people like my grandmother are voting for Scotty. She lives in a retirement community, and she and a few of her friends are voting for him. In fact, she says this is the first year she’s been compelled to actually call in and vote for someone. Not Cook or Adam or Crystal ( who were here favorites in previous years)– Scotty. Hmm.

      • Templar says:

        I vote for Scotty. I have a masters in English and a BA in history from Northwestern U. Please define hick for me.

    • Red in Denver says:

      To be honest, I don’t vote. But, I have enjoyed many of Jacob’s performances. I’ve always loved black gospel music (again, to be honest, I’m white) and I appreciate his several-octave vocal range and power. I felt Pia was similarly gifted, but evidently I was, as I am in my appreciation of Jacob, in the minority.

      • John says:

        I imagine a lot of Jacob’s supporters are like you, in that they hear that vocal power, that range, and just have to vote for it. The thing that gets me, though, is that I hear a guy who has an instrument that needs serious tuning: his sound is unsupported, his choices overly-ornamented. His riffing is all over the place, whereas the best R&B/Gospel stuff I’ve ever heard can often be one little note change or lilt.

        Put simply, he has talent, just no skills.

      • Bat Country says:

        Mahalia Jackson is my favorite singer of all time and I can’t stand Jacob. Absolutely no artistry. He needs a real voice coach who can help him learn to use his instrument correctly.

      • jazzy says:

        I know Jacob has a pretty big following despite the hate coming from these posts. Although he’s not destined to win, I think he’s very talented, as do the judges and part of the reason I vote for him is because I think he does not deserve the constant maligning therefore I vote for the underdog. I bet a lot of other people vote for him for that reason.

        • Lily says:

          This upcoming week (‘now and then’) might be a real opportunity for Jacob, if the producers will allow him to sing a current gospel song. It seems only fair, Lauren and Scotty get to sing country songs all the time, James gets to sing heavy metal, so why not Jacob singing gospel?

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Guy’s who
      Are fond of
      Yellow shirts and

      • janie says:

        you know whats funny about that outfit? did you guys watch the show the Singoff.. that is the kind of outfit that they wear on that show… or that the guy who was a judge from BoysIImen.. the thing is… on him, it looks good. I think you have to have a certain attitude to be able to carry off a plaid coat and those colors.. . not a stuck on yourself attitude or diva-ish attitude like Jacob seems to have but more of an irreverant fly by the seat of your plants attitude… Even P diddy or diddy dirty money or whatever his name is could pull off that look.. jacob just couldnt..

    • Anna says:

      Those of us who find him easier to take than Casey.

    • agrimesy says:

      I liked Jacob’s voice on top 24 and Motown weeek. He CAN do R&B. His voice is powerful and melodic but decidedly uncontrolled. I find Jacob’s performances distracting. I find Jacob’s personality discouraging. I do not vote for Jacob.
      THERE! That’s how you articulate dislike without ugliness. When you spew hatred, it is a reflection on YOU not on Jacob. Some of you REALLY do need to take a look in a mirror.

    • jrs says:

      Gay gospel singers.

    • GingerSnap says:

      ME! As well as Casey, James and Scotty. I’ve been playing VFTW since PIA was knocked off. And it’s a joy to watch him stick arouind every week. I’ll keep doing it until Lauren is told she not going to be in the finals. I think that day is coming soon.

    • @joey says:

      Do you REALLY need to ask that question?

    • Ryan says:

      Plenty of us do who are not racist homophobics…..

      • Bat Country says:

        Oh I see, that’s the only reason not to like him, huh? BS.

      • Red in Denver says:

        THANK you~

        I’ve seen numerous vitriolic posts about his ‘soprano’ voice, his being a ‘queen’, people saying they could never vote for him because he’s too effeminate, etc.

        I don’t care about ANY of that stuff — I’ve always loved black gospel music, and his performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” a couple of weeks back gave me chills.

        He’s got the talent — just needs some fine-tuning. His music may not be your preference, but I can’t see how anyone can deny his vocal range and power.

    • Erica says:

      Blind/deaf people?

    • faithfulfan says:

      those who are too busy looking in a mirror to hear the awful noises coming from the tv

    • Rick says:

      The blacks and gays. No offense, just my opinion.

  4. asin says:

    Pretty close to my thoughts too Joey. I want to know Who the HELL is voting for Jacob??? I am convinced he is the worst top 5 contestant that Idol has ever had.

  5. Katie23 says:

    one of the best exit performances in idol history

    • Lali says:


    • The Wheeze says:

      If Sanjaya(did I spell it right?) did not make it to top 5 then you are right. If he did then he will always be the worst.

      I blame the other contestants for stinking up the stage for why Jacob is still there. I mean I would never buy a Lusky Stank album if someone gave me the dollar to buy it off the final clearance no returns accepted rack. Can you tell he is not my fav? But the fans he does have, have been very loyal and keep calling no matter what he sings or sounds like. Where Casey has been up and down all season. I mean he had to be saved to make it this far.(& I am one of the few who did not mind he was saved, and I still do not mind because we would of missed out on his duet of “Moanin” w/ Haley)He was my favorite at the start of the season, then one of my favs, then one of bottom three. Okay, short story long! Jacob fans vote no matter what, and ALOT of Casey fans (like me) have moved on and started voting for others. (like James and Haley!)

      • janie says:

        I think i know why casey was up and down and jacob fans are consistent.

        Casey fans are more music fans and they like casey but moreso they like the music he does. so if he has a bad night, then he doesnt get the votes.. whereas jacob fans like jacob and do not really care about the music he sings.. (im speaking in generalities here.. im sure some people voted for casey no matter what.. and some people like jacob;’s music ) for the record I was a casey fan

    • Lizbeth says:

      I agree. It was a perfect sing-out. Full of all the passion that Casey brought to all his performances. He has such great rhythm and timing when he sang–that he ended that song with “because your mine” to Haley so perfectly after running all over the place. It was great–that kid is a natural talent

  6. Chmarin says:

    Jimmy Iovine is a MORON. A freakin’ idiot. I couldn’t believe what he said about Haley.

    If I were Haley, they would’ve had to bleep me out for a MUCH longer time. Ryan would’ve gone to a commercial break. I mean, seriously.

    Poor Casey. The painful-bowel-moment-face / cry-baby Lusk is still in this? Geez. Once again he left his “Lusk stank” on the stage. Because he crapped on stage on Wednesday and stunk up the studio.

    • Red in Denver says:

      Funny…. I thought it was CASEY that I’d been reading about on these blogs with all the scrunched-up face muggings and constipated bowel movement grunts. Those were a couple of the reasons VFTW gave for nominating him as the “worst” singer after Paul left.

    • JohnDoe says:

      I agree. The guy acts like a complete douche every chance he gets. Not to mention, he was wrong about the Johnny Cash comment. The only reason Cash would look at you funny if you told him to spread his wings, is because Cash did that his entire career, as the guy was pretty much in his own genre, not just country. That’s why you can find people who absolutely hate country music, but still like Cash. Like me.

    • Delon says:

      @CHMARIN The only time his soulless dead eyes sparkle is when he thinks of money.

    • CandaceTX says:


    • Rhama says:

      Iovine is an idiot. What he sad was complete nonsense.

    • *lg* says:

      Jimmy Iovine is a dick.

    • NedPepper says:

      If James wins, just think what that MORON Iovine is going to do to his music. It’s going to be painful. And if Haley wins (GO HALEY) Iovine is going to have eat his words. And screw Ryan for getting all condescending with her about her language. Iovine was being an ass and deserved to be called out on it.

  7. Ed says:

    The fact that Jacob outlasted this superb musician makes me more than a little sick. I do wish that Casey had played a bit more to his musical side and less to the theatrical, though. I think you have to give the masses something. Maybe Casey, like Stefano, just did it for the exposure and is happy to be free of the rigors of the competition that he didn’t want to win anyway. Or maybe it was just bad choices. Still, he’s one of the best real musicians ever to show up on Idol. I’m looking forward to his future output.

  8. Clever title, Slezak :)
    I loved Casey’s goofy sing-out. People get so caught up in whether or not someone “knows who they are as an artist, blah blah…” But whether Casey gets a record deal and makes it big or not, I’ll remember that he was a talented, awesome guy who genuinely wanted to entertain people.
    I would’ve punched myself in the face last season to have a contestant as fun as Casey.

  9. Fernando says:

    First of all Michael Slezak, you are not being “touchy” — Casey is. It most definitely is not ok to paw at random women every time a man has a whim.
    With regard to Haley: She does have a great voice, but does it really not bother people that she is constantly singing off-key? Why is that not a deal-breaker? The bum notes make me cringe.

    Also, could I give a shout-out to the “Idol” headline writer? Nice job! (Especially liked your “mija” hed a few weeks back.)

    • SpyKi says:

      She rarely ever sings off key.

      • Cari says:

        She CONSTANTLY sings off-key. But singing on key hasn’t been a requirement for American Idol in many seasons. My question is: how can everybody who complained about Casey’s growl turn around and support Haley? All she DOES is growl!

        • growler says:

          No, all you listen for is growls. Listen to “Beautiful” again. She only growled once, and that was at the very end, for effect.

          I guess the on-key off-key thing is subjective. Lee Dewyze was completely tone-deaf, never hit a single note on-key. Haley pretty much hits the mark every time, just occasionally goes sharp on longer higher notes.

        • tamara says:

          No way. Maybe you don’t know what off key is, maybe you’re tone deaf. Cause she’s the only one of the remaining that has sung in key 99%of the times.
          The changes she makes in her voice, the different notes she hits when doing those changes, that’s not singing off key.
          Singing off key is what Scotty does. There’s one that has never sung a song completely in key. He always misses something. Jacob also goes off key sometimes. Maybe is not that noticeable cause he has a great voice, but he sings off key many times.
          James has also miss notes a few times, though not as badly as Scotty.

          Anyway, you might wanna check what off key means.

    • Milly says:

      I’m not sure what you consider off-key because she’s one of the few who sing pitch perfect nearly every time. Perhaps it’s because she moves registers effortlessly and suddenly sometimes in songs that you think she’s going out of pitch, and while uncommon in current music, it takes a lot of natural skill and control and is very much in pitch. Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s had some bum notes – most noticeable in Rolling In the Deep, but otherwise, she knows exactly how to use her voice. The same cannot be said for James or acob, both of whom have pitch issues often. Scotty never tries to do much, so he’s consistent, and Lauren is a solid if predictable singer so far.

      • Ronnie says:

        I agree… but would add that I think James has been improving the last few weeks. He seems to have figured out how to sing clearly without the scream.

      • Volcfom says:

        Milly, I’m glad that you pointed out Haley’s ability. People don’t realize how difficult it is to jump throughout her range like she does. Haley is definitely a singer’s singer, or a musically knowledgeable person’s singer. Sadly, I don’t think Idol has a big audience of people who actually know about music.

  10. tamara says:

    I’m so glad I’m on the same page as you, Michael. I’m glad you haven’t fallen for the Scotty craziness.
    It’s great that you’re voicing all the frustrations that I have. Jimmy, Randy,…

    You know, Kristin on E! mentions that Nigel was having a chat(putting it mildly) with Ryan during commercial breaks. So I’m thinking maybe he was telling him how to announce the bottom 3. Maybe Nigel didn’t like the bottom2 and wanted to hide it.
    Poor Ryan, always smiling but being grilled by Nigel offcamera. If only we knew what manipulations are going on behind scenes, per Nigel…

  11. Gami says:

    I just want to say: BOOOOOOOO!!!

    How many lives does Jacob have? Surely he’s running low?

    • pandas says:

      Assuming he’s a cat, he has nine lives. 13 original contestants – nine lives = 4th place. We have a week, two tops left of him.
      That being said, the sooner he leaves, the better. Who is voting for him?

  12. LilyB says:

    Michael, I totally agree with your comment; “I loved how Crystal looked directly at the Top 6 as she delivered her last line: “If you want to sing a song just sing it.” Grade: Transcendent” This could sum up the problem with this season. We aren’t seeing the contestants very often sing a song with their own interpretation. To me, Paul, Casey and James are the contestants that know their style and put on a performance but both Casey and James had to go against Jimmy Lovine’s advice to do that. I’m sorry to see Casey voted off but knew the mainstream AI voters would never let him win anyway. Going to vote for James for the win.

    • Lana says:

      Scotty also knows his style but you don’t seem to think that counts as the same as James knowing his style. Casey sang jazz songs, his style, and James sings Rock and Metal which is his style and according to you thats good but Scotty’s style is Country and thats not good. If you are impressed with one guy singing his style you should be impressed with everyone singing their style.

      • Jurybox says:

        The difference between James knowing his style and Scotty knowing his style for me is this: James seems to really put himself and his musical instincts into the songs and arrangements. Scotty seems to just be there singing without any kind of special interpretation or personal investment. The only song he’s done that breaks out of that mold a little was this week’s performance (the first one of his that I enjoyed thoroughly).

        But the longer we get into this season, the more James pulls away from the pack. This week’s performance was where James won the season (for me, at least)!!

        And lastly – why the heck is Jacob still in this thing?

        • Lauren says:

          What music instincts has James shown that is any different from Scotty? Other than this last performance, neither have really rearranged or twisted a song or made it their own. They are both competent singers, but they sound much more like they’re copying the original than anything else. Pre-Cook, this would be amazing, but after that, we as an Idol audience expect more. I’ve never gotten the praise for either, as they’ve shown little more than consistency throughout the show. Certainly no real musicality like Cook or Kris or even Lambert. I’m not saying they aren’t musical, just that they haven’t shown it anymore than any other contestant.

        • ladyhelix says:

          There IS a difference in the amount of passion/conviction/personal investment they are able to bring to a song.

          I think there’s a real danger when they pick up these young kids (Lauren & Scotty) – and then expect them to be wise about life and have a depth of feeling and self – AND to put it into their music. James isn’t much older than Scotty – but for a kid his age he has faced challenges and been to some profound emotional places (birth of his child). It doesn’t really surprise me that he’s got more to tap into than Scotty, and James does dig deep and use it in his music. Perhaps as Scotty has more to draw from – he’ll be able to incorporate more of it too.

          It’s a rare 16 year old who can sing with conviction and passion (believably) about things that are well beyond their years (Allison S8)

  13. Esther says:

    Haha I love conspiracy theories. Adds another level to this Idol madness and tonight there was no shortage of it. It’s all about perceived perception. I bet some of the audience doesn’t hear “random,” by Seacrest, so therefore equates Scotty in the bottom two. Perhaps his votes is a little low this week or someone is gaining? His fanbase is going to go crazy in the weeks following to make sure he won’t be in this “position” again. This could spell danger for Lauren because that country vote is going to split in his direction.

    As for Haley, that bus is coming girl and there’s no way to stop it. Didn’t help that she was bleeped either. Love that she is down to earth, but keep it in check at live shows!

    Glad Casey is gone. He didn’t stick to his strengths. And by the way, who is voting for Jacob? That boy has so many lives.

    • tamara says:

      tonight there was obvious Nigel manipulation, and I don’t like it.
      I bet with Haley they put her in safety first so nobody see her at risk and they don’t vote for her as much. And as you say, with Scotty, the opposite.

      Damn I hope they get what’s coming to them. I hope America wakes up and gets Haley to the finale with James. Can you imagine how incredibly boring it’s going to be if Haley leaves after Jacob and we’re left with Lauren and Scotty? ther’s so sleep inducing. Their performances have no life whatsoever. It’s gonna be a boring finale, I bet.

      • tamara says:

        oops… sorry for the bad grammar. I hit submit without rereading. I hate it that I can’t edit.

      • Aaron says:

        Hahaha I am not fooled…I will be voting nonstop for Haley regardless that she was the first called safe this week…I know the Idol producers and judges have it in for her, but I won’t go down without a fight! Surely her fans know that they have to vote passionately for her, because she never gets a free pass like the others do.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I will miss Casey very, very much…although Ryan spoke the truth when he said fans would be “disappointed” and didn’t say they would be “shocked.” Given that Casey was sacrificing musicality for personality in the second half of his past two performances, you can’t say that his ouster wasn’t coming soon. Fans on Team Casey signed up for a contestant that they got inconsistently, but even still he was my favorite until the end! I was really hoping for another “Your Song” performance next week and I wish he’d gotten another chance to do so, but when his judges comments consisted of “OMG YOU’RE SO ENTERTAINING AND HILARIOUS” …we may have never heard it from him (well, on the Idol stage) again. Sad day. That exit performance was awesome, though! And I know we aren’t supposed to watch Idol for showmances, but Haley and Casey are adorable (friendship or whatever), and I’ll miss their little interactions.

  15. Zach says:

    :):):) I just found out the Top 5 theme is Songs from then and now. So it is TWO song choices for each contestant. One current song, and one from the 60s apparently…

    • Shannon says:

      Yep. I want Haley to crank out some Jefferson Airplane. Zeppelin’s not a long-shot for James, but some Led songs are from the 70’s and I’m pretty sure he’s staying clear of the 60’s release, “Whole Lotta Love” (even though he’s performed it a few years prior to Idol).

      • Aaron says:

        OMG, you totally read my mind, Shannon…how awesome would it be for Haley to rock out to “White Rabbit”? Totally up her alley and she could really put a cool spin on it.

      • Adam Leonard says:

        This is really easy. For the Then part of Now and Then week, James desperately needs to sing Behind Blue Eyes. It’s got got great vocals, music, drama, lyrics, etc. I think James would really connect with the lyrics and delivery a powerful performance.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          that’s a good choice. I would go with “Baba O’Reilly” for some of the same reasons. Plus, Baba O’Reilly has the advantage of recognition due to its use as a CSI theme song.

          • marie says:

            James is another one who has (sort of) grown on me (although not as much as Haley has) – I do think he could possibly knock “Baba O’Reilly” (a/k/a “Teenage Wasteland” although “Baba…” is the real title) out of the park.
            I have to admit, when he actually sings instead of just screams, he certainly CAN SING.
            Hmmm…first Haley, and now I’m identifying James as ANOTHER “anti-Casey” this year: James has put aside some of his annoying characteristics, i.e., screaming unmelodically and too often, has apparently worked hard, and has developed into a better singer than he was at first. I liked his “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” a lot, and was not particularly bothered by what others have called his disconnect from the lyrics. Personally, I think he nailed it, in an updated rock-and-roll way.

      • Emy says:

        James needs to stay clear of anything that can link him back to Lambert because he unfortunately always comes up short. Even his choice of Muse last week was compared to Lambert’s take on their song he performed on stage and found lacking by many people because he vocal was really off. I think James and Lambert are completely different thematically, though they do obviously cross, but it would be in James’s best interests to do something Lambert’s never been connected to at all on or off the show.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      So,’Now and Then’ is the theme for next week? Does this mean I’m going to have to endure a bunch of young people that have grown up with stellar musical acts like Snoop Dogg, Bjork, and all those blasted “Boy Bands” whine about “Grandma Music” from the 60s?

      SILENCE, young people. You have just entered darcy’s evil twin’s “No Whining” zone.

      • Ronnie says:

        Limp Biskit FTW !!! OMGZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! Like totally!
        hehe, but seriously… you won’t hear that from me. I like this theme mix and that it is broad across a decade and not limited to a single artist/style.
        (I bet Nigel wants Haley to sing Bjork, dressed up in that great Swan dress.)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Okay, I intentionally DID NOT mention Limp Biskit and then you had to go and bring up their name, Ronnie!
          If Haley walks out in that swan dress I will be forced to poke out my eyes with pencils!

        • NedPepper says:

          If you don’t think Bjork has talent…you don’t know music. I’d really LOVE for Haley to break out some Bjork. All Is Free Of Love, maybe.

    • Templar says:

      I’ve got my picks old and new except a new for jacob;

      James – Satisfaction [Stones] and It’s My Life {Bon Jovi]

      Jacob – Walkin’ To new Orleans {Fats Domino]

      Haley – Girl Put Your Records ON [C B Raye] and You Don’t Own Me [Lesley Gore]

      Lauren – Only Prettier [Miranda Lambert] and End Of The World [Skeeter Davis]

      Scotty – This Is Country Music [Brad Paisley] and Are You Lonesome Tonight [Elvis]

  16. Bonnie says:

    Really hated to see Casey voted off before Lusk. So much music ability should have been in top3. Too many young voters out there unable to appreciate his jazzy-blues style. I loved his exit and hope we hear some good music from him soon. Be great to see on stage too. He should have lasted longer!!!

  17. Meghan says:

    Did anyone else notice how badly edited the Bruno Mars piece was? If you watched the dog, sometimes he would be looking to the side of the stage and then the camera would show a different angle and the dog would be fast asleep.

    • Kim R says:

      YES!!! I’m so glad we were not the only ones! Was that not a live performance? Something was definitely wonky there. I thought for sure it would be in the recap. MS is pretty sharp when it comes to noticing the details.

    • Algalhi says:

      I had heard to look out for the dog on the couch (from Jim Cantiello?) and it was so much fun! Dog sleeping, head down, then 1 sec. later, dog’s head was up high and perky, then 1 sec. after that, dog’s head was down again. The funniest one was when the dog was turned 90 degrees. Oops!

  18. jef says:

    Thanks to Casey for a joyful exit! The best part of a season that is making me quit Idol after 10 years.

  19. Tahoe Mike says:

    WHAT did Haley actually say???

    • JBanana says:

      I have no idea, but I doubt it was really bad. She appeared to be smiling while she was being bleeped, so I doubt it was a cursing rant of any kind. I bet they are using their bleep-sensors for a pretty wide margin of “bad words.” I feel like they are bleeping an awful lot this season, perhaps just to protect their “sensitive” viewers?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Haley said, “If I shine a flashlight in one ear will the light come out of your other ear without passing through any gray matter”?

      • Algalhi says:

        Heehee! Good one!

        I’m glad Haley protested Jimmy’s ridiculous observation. She’s been more than cheerful as they single her out for criticism, to the point where Ryan even asked her about it after one of her performances. But this must have taken her by surprise and what Jimmy said was such BS that she blurted out what she thought of it. Sometimes you gotta tell it like it is and PC be damned!

  20. Red in Denver says:

    CASEY was the VFTW replacement once Paul was voted off FOR SEVERAL REASONS. And even with all those crazy VFTW members voting for two hours for him, he STILL got voted off. I started noticing on some blog sites a few weeks back that he wasn’t universally loved. A lot of people had finally stopped buying into the ‘genius’ and ‘artiste’ thing that the judges were spewing, and saw that, actually, Casey was a pretentious performer whose affectation-laden performances were, vocally, mediocre, at best, and were increasingly difficult to watch.

    • Erin says:

      Thank you!! Strip away the style and affectations and get down to what Casey was really musically producing every week and he probably should have finished 11th. Of course he added a flavor of unpredictability to a season of karaoke numbers, but just because its art, doesn’t mean it’s any good. He knows a lot about music, sure. Maybe he can go into teaching or writing books on theory, but I wouldn’t buy his music any more than i would buy a painting from a guy who shoots the paint out of his butt onto the canvas. That’s just me.

  21. tamara says:

    to answer your questions, Michael, I was only sad to see Casey go only because he left before Jacob. I’m still scratching my head about that. First Stefano, now Casey. There’s something going on here, there’s no way he got more votes than them.

    Regarding the exit performance, it was just ok. A good end to the show, but on the same Casey style, growling, grunting… craziness. But it was kinda fun to watch, minus the grabbing&kissing the girls from the audience part.

    There’s no way I’d buy his record. I hate jazz, actually, so no. Though I do like Haley’s style, cause she’s not all jazz, she has a little bit of everything.

    And let’s be honest, we’re all glad he was saved by the judges, cause otherwise we wouldn’t have had the amazing Moanin duet with Haley. Just for that it was so worth the save.

    Can’t wait for Idoloonies next week. It’s way more entertaining than the actual American Idol show.

    • Katherine says:

      Agree with you 100%. Idoloonies is way more fun to watch than Idol these days.

    • marie says:

      Please don’t mistake what Casey spewed out there for “jazz.” Please don’t call it jazz. I DO like jazz – I love it, actually – and I know the difference.
      The crap Casey threw out on the Idol stage week after week was a desecration of jazz.
      I have never been as disappointed in an Idol contestant as I was in Casey, who squandered his musical gifts to act like a baboon.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh Marie, you do have a way with words.
        You managed to put into words the thoughts that had been wandering aimlessly in my brain.

        Honestly, when I saw Casey’s initial audition, I told my husband (the Jimmy Spheeris/snoozerock/country music fan), “this kid has crazy musical talent. He has a snowball’s chance in H-E-doubletoothpicks of winning and he’s not typical Idol material, but I’m sure going to enjoy the ride”. My husband, who played several instruments in his youth and did some singing, agreed.
        I’m so disappointed in Casey, but I must say I enjoyed his exit performance. Paul and Stephano’s were also joyous!

        Sleazak – you should do a “Top Ten Exit Performances” article.

        • Volcfom says:

          If he does the “Top Ten” article, I hope he puts Matt Giraud’s “My Funny Valentine”!

        • marie says:

          Just about exactly what I thought when I saw Casey’s audition, “Georgia,” and especially “Do Right” (in fact, I snagged all three from YouTube and they reside on my iPod). I thought, “Wow, what a fantastic musician, in the line of a Jamie Cullum; maybe not the best voice technically, but who cares, my God, what a natural talent!”
          We all know what he followed those up with.
          And that’s my problem with the guy: he seems like such a cool, hip, intelligent kid, musically knowledgeable and yes, genuinely talented – I think I’d enjoy listening to music, talking music, and having a beer with him – so WHY DID HE FLUSH ALL THAT TALENT DOWN THE DRAIN TO PLAY THE FOOL???!!! @(@#*%_)*(!@@#$!!!!!
          Sorry, have to disagree about his sing-off, didn’t care for it any more than his other post-Hollywood Week performances.

      • tamara says:

        :) don’t worry, I didn’t mistake that with jazz. I don’t like jazz music in general. I was refering more to the supposed album he’ll put out. Since he likes jazz music, and playing jazz, maybe he’ll do a jazz album. Although I bet his producers won’t let him do that all the way. The album must appeal to different audiences, cause let’s be real, it has to make some money.

        The only jazz I tolerate, and actually like, is Norah Jones. But I like more the albums that are more folky, so I guess it’s not actually jazz.

        I get why you were offended by Casey :) He did not set a good example for people who don’t know what jazz is and think it’s what he did.

        • marie says:

          “He did not set a good example for people who don’t know what jazz is and think it’s what he did.”
          Actually, I didn’t think of that, but I think you’ve made a very good point with that.
          As for his making a jazz album – a REAL jazz album – I sincerely hope so, because I think that he can, if he puts aside the nonsense.

      • jon says:

        I love when random people start to pontificate. Really, Marie, you ”know” the difference… well my opinion is worth as much as yours – should we fight over credentials?

        • marie says:

          Not here to “pontificate,” and I guess I’m probably as “random” as any other commenter, but no, I have no interest in fighting with anyone; we all come here to express our opinions, some more strongly-held and/or -expressed than others.

  22. AJ says:

    Haley had every right to let out an expletive at that snide and mean spirited douche Jimmy Iovine. She’s not stupid. She can see how clearly everyone on the show keeps trying to throw her under the bus for NO good reason, and I think she’s finally sick of it. I wanted to punch Ryan for chiding her like he was her father and she was a little girl who disobeyed, when meanwhile Casey has dropped the F bomb too many times to count over the weeks and never been reprimanded for it. And let’s not forget to mention that she got the only fan question that literally had NOTHING to do with her. What a remarkable coincidence! Oh and since you’ve already acted like an ass Ryan, why not take her genuine heartfelt answer to the question and try to turn it into a joke? UGH. Just downright sickening how obvious tonight’s show made it that TPTB want her out the door without even so much as a “thank you for playing” consolation. There is literally nothing that would make me happier at this point than to see her knock out at least one of their beloved holy trinity and end up in the top 3, both to piss them off majorly and cause she actually deserves a spot there.

    Anyways, that rant aside, Jacob definitely should have went over Casey but I can’t say I’m at all upset to see Casey go. I’ve always hated that the judges used their save on him, which even though I know wasn’t his fault, I still have always felt like he knocked out Pia. I really think the judges save disrupts the whole voting flow of the show, and I honestly believe Pia would not have been eliminated when she was if Casey would have left when he was supposed to. It would have been Naima or Thia that week and Pia’s shock elimination likely never would’ve happened. Besides all that though, the guy was only good when he really toned it back, and that wasn’t very often. His performances the past two weeks have been horrible, angry, growly messes, just like the performances he gave in the weeks leading to his first elimination. I’m also kind of glad to see him go tonight because I think it gives Haley an excellent shot at the top 4, since I really can’t imagine Jacob not going next now.

    • tamara says:

      I agree.
      In perspective, I’m actually glad Casey went before Jacob, because that gives Haley a better shot at getting to the top4, and who knows, maybe top3?? one can only hope. I wish either Lauren or Scotty are knocked down before Haley.

      • tamara says:

        hahaha! In perspective…
        I mean In retrospect. Damn, we need an edit buttom. Or maybe I need to register&I’ll be able toe edit?

    • Aaron says:

      THANK YOU! Seriously, I’m hoping someone arranges an intervention between Haley and Nigel and the judges because they obviously need to release this pent-up, unnecessary hatred they have for her…I really don’t understand it, either give the girl the props she deserves or critique the other contestants just as fairly!!!

      And can I just say it also pissed me off IMMENSELY after Haley said (after Jimmy’s awful video) “I HAVE SOUL” and the camera zoomed on Randy saying “I know! I know you have soul!” BULL S*IT, Randy, just admit it you don’t like her and want her gone!!!

      • AJ says:

        Yeah, Randy’s “I know” BS when Haley was talking about who she was as an artist was definitely another one of the multitude of moments I wanted to see him disintegrate into thin air this past week.

    • KristenV says:

      AJ: Agree!

    • Michele says:

      I know. Let’s see, Lauren swears and gets bleeped weeks ago and not one word is said to her; Steven gets bleeped often and it’s all a big joke; but Haley swears (and rightly so) after getting raked over the coals once again by Iovine and she gets scolded like a child by Ryan.

      • Li-Li says:

        I know, right? “Watch your mouth, young lady!” When did Ryan Seacrest become a scolding parent from the 1950’s?

  23. The Beast has been released says:

    Finally it happened…thank God.


  24. bena says:

    I’m extremely disappointed that Jacob didn’t get the boot tonight. I just don’t understand how he’s lasted this long. Casey would have been my next choice to leave. I liked him at first, but really got tired of his growling – often to try to cover up being off-key. Although I do not like Jimmy Iovine and feel he has not helped the idols to grow, he did have the best line of the night when he said “Casey’s got to realize that the family dog doesn’t vote.”

  25. Lois Benton says:

    It looks to me that Casey and Ryan had some longstanding agreement to signal Casey when he was finally eliminated. Probably so he could have time to collect himself. Check out the recording. WHen RYan says one is going home, he faces Casey and gestures to him. Casey then looks a little shocked, nods and seems a little bummed the rest of the evening. He was smiling right before that.

  26. JBanana says:

    “Randy Jackson in the upper right corner of your supermarket circular”

    Michael, you are freaking killing me!!! I’ll be laughing about this one for days.

  27. Sabrina says:

    I am fine, in fact pleased to see Casey go home. I can only hope that Jacob soon follows. My problem was that Ryan (I would assume at the request of Nigel) took away Crystal’s time to plug her album by telling her the contestants wanted to greet her. Duh! They were going to commercial when they usually do that. Nice way to slight her again. She was amazing and awesome and it sucks that the producers treated her with such little respect. And no, I am not over reacting, watch it again. Tell me the last time a former idol was on and they did not allow them to speak. They talked to creepy Constantine about Rock of Ages and his baby for goodness sake! They could have given Crystal 30 seconds to plug her album. Whew! Feel better.

    • Adam Leonard says:

      That’s a really good point. I would have liked 30 minutes to hear from Crystal about her album, tour plans, life as a married woman, etc.

    • dgman says:

      I read on another site by someone who was there live that Nigel was having very heated “discussions” with Ryan during the breaks. At one point they had to take it backstage to avoid the attention it was drawing from the audience.

    • valorvic says:

      Did anyone notice that after Crystal was done with her performance, that only two of the three judges applauded. Tyler just rested his arms on the desk and stared at her. How rude is that?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        That’s because he was deep in thought – “I wonder if Crystal would loan me that outfit…?”

        • tamara says:

          hahaha! exactly. I always think he’s daydreaming. He’s just in another universe. I bet JLo has to kick him to wake him up every now and then.

      • Sabrina says:

        He was most likely wondering why they did not have talent like this on the show this season. I love Steven, I met him once at an industry convention and he was truly fabulous in person. I think the fit of this show was very very wrong for him. I also have read the interview in Rolling Stone and clearly he has issues with the producers. Something happened and he simply shut off because he felt insulted or slighted by them. He was not given the respect he deserved, and I think he was not ready to be a lap dog to the producers like J-Lo and Randy so he just shut off. Of course it would have been more fun if he had just started arguing with them every week, but honestly he is pretty sensitive as silly as it sounds.

  28. Eric says:

    If we wanted to be really sneaky and awesome. Vote out Jacob next week and then Haley would be supported by VFTW. More Haley Supporters (Whether for good reasons or not) is always a good thing

  29. tamara says:

    Btw, I think Haley should sing Valentino, by Diane Birch.
    And for the then song, I hope it’s not the one you suggested on twitter, Ode to Billie, cause everybody’s gonna fall asleep if she sings that. It’s kinda of boring.

    How about some Patsy Cline? I don’t know, maybe it’s been done too many times, but I kinda see Haley singing one of her songs.
    Or maybe it’s just that I love Patsy Cline too much and I want her to sing Crazy or any of her songs. Though I’m not sure which ones are actually from the 60s.

    • tamara says:

      or Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray. I love that song, too.

      But who knows what they’re allowed to choose from.

    • marie says:

      Ode to Billie Joel would be impossible for Idol: it’s such a strong STORY song, you could not cut it down to 90 seconds without it becoming nonsense.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Marie, once again, I agree with you. I can remember being a kid in the 60s and listening to “Ode to Billie Joe” over, and over, and over. I remember the adults sitting at the kitchen table, arguing about “what really happened” in Ode to Billie Joe.
        Another great song written by Bobbie Gentry was “Fancy”, which was turned into a megahit by Reba McIntyre. I think Haley could knock “Fancy” out of the park, but again, it’s too long for Idol.

  30. Aaron says:

    Judging how wack this season has been, I could imagine a scenario where Haley is crowned the season winner when all of a sudden Nigel and the judges pull out a surprise second save and give the prize to “believe in yourself” Lauren…that’s how much the show hates Haley. It literally makes me physically nauseous.

  31. Lali says:

    There’s so much that I loved about Casey! I truly wish the best for him.

  32. Katherine says:

    Hailey = These Boots Were Made for Walking. How great would that be?

    • marie says:

      No, that song has a very limited range of only a few notes: not a “singer’s song.” Not good, particularly not for this point in the competition.

    • CandaceTX says:

      nah… then the judges would shred her like they did on “Call Me” because ‘Boots’ is a stylized song and not a singer song.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Haley has GREAT legs and no doubt she would turn it into a sassy, fun performance, but once again I agree with Marie – it’s not a “singer’s song”. At this stage of the competition Haley needs a song that will really grab people’s attention.

      Nancy Sinatra wasn’t much of a singer. But I must admit – I love singing along to “Boots” on the radio!

    • adamziggied says:

      I keep obsessing about her doing Duffy’s “Mercy”. I would really like to hear Hailey do that.

  33. matt says:

    um again like last week, while it may not have the most accurate results night it was only a matter of time before casey got the boot. he wasn’t going to crack top 4 anyway. stefano, jacob, and casey were all headed toward the boot. what order they left in doesn’t really matter.

    it’ll be jacob next followed by haley (tears tbh), and scotty/lauren, with james and whichever of scotty or lauren didn’t get the boot competing it out in the finale.

    i’m rooting for a lauren win or a surprise haley win!! i’ve always fanned out over a woman in every season until there were no more women to root for. in s1 it was kelly all the way, season 2 i liked kim c and then moved to josh when she got the boot (sorry kimlocke!), in season 3 i was on the fanny boat, i was all for carrie since her audition in s4, in s5 i had the mcpheever, in s6 jordin won my heart in her audition, in s7 i wept tears of pain when carly was voted out, in s9 i was blown away by allison’s alone, and s9 i was all about mamasox. this season, lauren and haley have always been my favorite, so i’ve thrown an excessive amount of votes each week to ensure they stay.

  34. tamara says:

    ok, more 60s songs suggestions for Haley:
    – Sweet Caroline. It’s a great song and it has a good build up, so she can shine in it.
    – The First Cut is the Deepest
    – Crazy. Yeah, i already mentioned it before, but I really want her to sing it.

    And for James, he could do Bad Moon Rising. But I don’t know, so far I’ve liked all he’s sung,. so I wanna be surprised.

    • marie says:

      Crazy would be wonderful for Haley!

    • Aaron says:

      I don’t know about Sweet Caroline…it’s so parodied nowadays that it could come across as really hokey and karaoke…and I can’t get behind The First Cut is the Deepest for similar reasons…I find it such a boring song–not really rangy, and we know Haley has great range–plus, I can’t get the dull Sheryl Crow version out of my head.

      What is Crazy? I feel like there are a million songs called that…

      I would love to see White Rabbit or Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane…”California Dreamin'” by the Mamas and the Papas could be pretty cool, too. There’s a lot of possibilities.

      • tamara says:

        Crazy by Patsy Cline. I think it’d be perfect for Haley. I can already imagine her singing it.

        I also like your Jefferson Airplane suggestions.

        Haley!! I hope you’re reading us!!

        For old songs there’re a few good suggestions. But for the now song I see it so clearly that it has to be Valentino. It’s perfect.

        • Aaron says:

          Crazy by Patsy Cline?…I actually could definitely see Haley pulling that off. Would be a good song choice for her…regardless, I hope she really has a moment next week, because it would be an absolute travesty if Jacob outlasts her!!

          • tamara says:

            If anybody can outlast Jacob is Haley. If he survives next week, then we definitely know something is up. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. I even feel a little embarrased for him.

          • Just Jules says:

            Jacob is still in it (like Sanjaya was his season) because has him listed as the worst and those people actually vote for who they tell them to…

  35. Mary says:

    Can’t wait to get Casey’s cd and see him in concert. I’ll pay good $ for the front row. I believe the rest of the bunch may have little bits of talent, but nothing compared to Casey.

  36. James says:

    I wonder how much of an uproar there would of been had Scotty gone home instead of Casey…if indeed he was EVER in bottom 2 or 3 to begin with!

    Ah well…James for the win!

  37. Mary Ann says:

    I hate the way they manipulate this show.

    I don’t care that Casey went home. He wasn’t going to win anyway and he kind of makes me want to go ewwwwwww. Not sure who he thinks he is going around kissing random people in the audience, but blech.

    Nigel and Ken don’t have an inventive or creative bone in their body. Saying that they brought people down in random order is exactly what they do on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

    Ryan’s sarcasm about Taylor Hicks: Unprofessional. Give it a rest already. There’s not a soul around who has been watching Idol for years who doesn’t know the show hates Taylor. Thankfully Ryan didn’t mention sarcastically the two others the show hates and neither will I because it annoys me how they diss their own.

    Randy more annoying then usual: Randy is so annoying anyway. I can’t imagine him being any more annoying then usual.

    Group medleys: Worst in Idol history. And this time it showed how badly James’ pitch was. He got lucky on Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow…but he’s terribly flat or sharp all the time. But not only him…EVERYONE was bad. The harmonies of the 4 guys…atrocious. Scotty surrounded by females: Nigel is a sicko. Seriously.

    And Haley shouting out to those people who use to be on Idol…didn’t get my vote. And because of that…I hope she goes next week.

    • Tom K says:

      She was asked a question and answered it. How does that not earn you her vote?

    • Liz says:

      What a dumb reason for not voting for Haley. And how else could she answered the question she was asked?

    • KristenV says:

      Seriously, Mary Ann: How did YOU think Haley should have answered the question?
      By saying you are withholding your vote for her because she gave credit to some of her favorite previous idols is odd. Really odd.

    • tamara says:

      Oh Mary Ann… I think you weren’t really paying attention. Haley was ASKED a question, like the rest, and she answered. What the hell is so wrong about that?
      How about Lauren mentioning her state and the poeple hit by the tornado… was she trying to make us feel pity for her then? Cause that would make a little more sense than what you say about Haley.

    • J. Augustus Blow III says:

      That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard: you won’t vote for Haley simply because she, as I saw it, named her favorite Idols when she was asked… So pathetic.

  38. marie says:

    Thinking about it, for me, Casey and Haley have been like two ships that crossed on the Idol stage (with Casey’s heading right for the iceberg). I started out a Casey fan and he disappointed me almost immediately, while I was initially indifferent to Haley and she has gradually won me over completely.
    Iovine is a moron. I wish he’d made his idiotic comments to Haley’s face – she’d have been justified in decking him, not just cursing him out.

  39. Fred V says:

    I wouldn’t minded Casey hanging out a LITTLE longer… As for Haley, she could still go far. I and mine want to hear her take on some Bjork soon (THAT would be a test!)

  40. marie says:

    Btw, Mr. Slezak, thanks for calling Idiot Ryan out on the Taylor Hicks remark. That was totally uncalled-for.
    Must have been another off week for Idol: as in the week Pia left, again last night no mention of the week’s vote tally.

    • Jurybox says:

      I think the storms in the south kept a lot of people from voting. I live in Georgia and they had storm watch warnings going on through the whole broadcast, blocking out the audio on all of the pretaped song intros and even the entire performance for James. There were tornados on the ground and people were being told where they were and to head for shelter immediately. It was really dangerous for anyone in the storm’s path.

      • marie says:

        Of course, the storms would have brought down the vote count – being in the Northeast, I hadn’t thought of that.

    • Ronnie says:

      Yea, that was a nasty comment towards Taylor Hicks… and it also put Haley in a no-win, uncomfortable position.

  41. David says:

    Honestly Casey was a joke and never took this seriously. That’s why the judges save should not have been used on him. His performances are boring and laughable. He should have gone home. Scotty is too one dimensional and will probably be sent home soon as well. James seems arrogant and conceded. Lauren is overrated and they have been pushing her hard since the beginning. Jacob has gotten better. He probably should have gone home earlier. He hit a couple of amazing notes but was way too over the top that his performances were just bad. But he has toned it down a lot over the last few weeks and is getting a lot better. Haley has improved and I think is the best of the remaining. That doesn’t mean that I am happy with Idol this year either though.

  42. agrimesy says:

    I liked Casey’s exit except for the “manhandling” of women in the audience. He admitted his aggression. I think it isn’t just a performance issue but also a personality issue. Haley, just back slowly away . . . really.
    The best news about Casey’s departure is Haley will get some if not all Casey’s fans votes. I want to see her make the top three. That means after Jacob goes home, there will be one more “shocking” upset in our future. Lauren? Scotty? James? One of them will suffer a fourth place finish. (crosses fingers)

    • bean99 says:

      Not this Casey fan. I never thought Haley should make the top 12 let alone top 5. Pia should still be here but if there’s a girl going to make it to the end am hoping for Lauren. I don’t have a favorite left but Lauren and Scotty are the only ones I don’t mind.

  43. duranmom says:

    I’m glad that they’ve had previous Idols on but WHY was WINNER Kris Allen only allowed to sit in the audience a few weeks ago? Hate hate hate the Idol producers!

    And this whole idea of a non-bottom three? It was crap. Tell us the bottom three and let us vote for our faves. I *was* happy that they declared Haley safe first – at least Uncle Nigel threw us a bone right after Jimmy threw her under the bus.

    And am I the only one who misses the mentors who don’t have Jimmy attached to their hip? I miss the days of the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, JLo, and Jamie Fox mentoring. *sigh*

    • marie says:

      (Jamie Foxx? REALLY???)

      • duranmom says:

        Yes. When he mentored in Season 8 for movie night. He was fun and honest and a breath of fresh air. They didn’t do his songs (no auto tune, thankyouverymuch) – but he was entertaining for me. Not the best (Jon Bon Jovi and JLo were my faves) but up there in my top 5. Please don’t ask me to name more, I’ve been up since 4:00 watching the wedding :)

        • agrimesy says:

          Jamie Foxx mentored on Rat Pack night on season 8. Adam Lambert made him cry with his flawless and passionate “Feelin’ Good” in the style of Matt Bellamy of Muse. That was the legendary white suit and saunter down the stairs that captivated Simon Cowell so much he told Ryan Seacrest he should never use the stairs again.
          Quentin Tarrantino mentored for Movie night.

        • marie says:

          Then I stand corrected – and also for the post below mentioning Adam’s “Feelin’ Good,” which was fantastic.

  44. Georgia says:

    I wasn’t surprised but was sorry to see Casey go. At least he has been intriguing and entertaining. I’ll miss him, but I agree with you, Michael, that he never expected to get this far and is pleased with what he accomplished. I didn’t get a chance to comment on performances for Carole King week. I have heard a few clips from James’ performance, but his audio was preempted by tornado warnings across the southeast. We never heard a single note. I understand that it was the best performance of the night. I voted for Haley with a few votes thrown to Casey, but not because of the individual performances. I really dislike theme weeks, and this one was particularly boring for me. However, I am beyond irritated with the pot shots at Haley. Next week, they’ll tie her hands and feet, dump her into a tank of water, and challenge her to navigate her escape within 15 seconds. So good to see Crystal! She performed my least favorite song on her album (the one I always skip on my iPod), but that just goes to show how good the rest of the album is. My question is: Will we see Kris Allen on the AI stage this season???

    • Irishize says:

      You really did miss a good performance by James, it was the first time I actually liked him, he’s been kinda growing on me in the last couple of weeks. You should try to find a clip online, I think you might be surprised by him this time.

    • Davey says:

      Kris is unlikely to appear again this year though he may be on the finale with other winners? It’s not like the producers care about Kris at all, they didn’t want him to win the first place.

      Matthew Morrison has recorded a song Kris co-wrote on his new CD. It’s such a Kris-like song I’m surprised Kris didn’t release it as a single.

      I miss Kris but he is working on a new album and appears to like being out of the limelight except when he’s out with his cute dog.

    • ladyhelix says:

      Saw a Kris Allen interview on MTV today, and he said he did NOT want to get up on the Idol stage unless he had something new to play. He’s still hoping something will work out.

  45. Irishize says:

    WHY is Lusky still here??? If it’s not the VFTW morons, then I can’t explain it. I hardly ever see any support for him, but then this is why I have given up on the voting process of this show. I didn’t particularly like Casey, but Jacob should have gone home first…actually should have gone home a long time ago.

  46. CAT says:

    Everyone just calm down! Jacob will be gone next week. I thought it was a really close call this week–I certainly didn’t want to have to listen to either of them again–but I thought the VFTW crowd would keep Casey hangin’ on for one more shot. But, like I said, I didn’t want to have to listen to either of them again.

  47. Aunttallulah says:

    Oscar Peterson was a fantastic Canadian jazz pianst and composer. Of course Randy doesn’t have a clue. It’s not Journey or Mariah.
    Casey won’t be collaborating with him anything soon, unless they do something like “unforgetable,” seeing as he died a few years ago. Pleased though that he picked a jazz musician who was underappreciated outside of Canada!

    • Jurybox says:

      They did say he could pick anyone – living or deceased. I’m not familiar with Oscar Peterson, but will definitely check his work out now.

    • Billy says:

      I grew up in California (not far from Idyllwild) and the word jazz meant Sir Duke, Coltrane, Miles, Tatum, Monk, Cole, and Peterson.
      You’re right about Randy Jackson. Would love to see Haley say before 25 million people “I sing my heart and soul out each week up here on this stage. Randy, you really think you can do better? Either put up or shut up. As of tonight, I don’t really care what you think of my performances anymore”.

  48. Davey says:

    The only thing that shocks me now about this show is that Jacob is still on this show. He should never been in the top 10 to begin with. At this rate, he may make the top 3. There is nothing likable about this guy.

    I guess Lauren might have been in the bottom 3 last night. Why else do the random silliness?

    Crystal looked great but she didn’t seem to have change one ounce from last year accept to have a slicker look. Also older musicians in her band–is her husband jealous of anyone younger in her band?

    • Jurybox says:

      Crystal’s biggest change was her teeth – she had a brand new (and terrific) smile. Loved her last season and enjoyed her performance even though the song itself was kind of “meh.”

  49. Ken says:

    AI is more about picking “eye candy” and less about a true, original creative artist. If not, Crystal would have beaten Lee, Siobhan would have been top 3 at least, Adam would have won over pretty boy Kris, and on and on. Slezak, I, like your writing, but you can be maddenly petty and trivial about your personal annoyances and prejudives, coming from half maturing kids suddenly thrust into the spotlight in front of 30,000,000 people. Casey Abrams and Danny Gokey are cases in point. You got on their case about tiny little irrelevant things and ignored their talent. Particularly Casey who certainly has shown more creativity and originally than 99% of previous contestants. How about rededicating your self to finding true artists and cut the cheesy cheap shots?

    • Aaron says:

      I consider myself a decently nice and friendly person, but it sure takes a hell of a lot to say something nice about Danny Gokey…god, I couldn’t stand him…always came off as smug and insincere, and although I genuinely, truly sympathize with him for losing his wife, I have to admit it was a bit strange and disingenuous to continuously bring up her passing ALL the time…it came off desperate, like he was pleading for people to vote for him…Idk, maybe I’m just a cold, heartless person, but I found him unbearable…and it was flat-out highway robbery he outlasted Allison Iraheta when she gave one of the best performances (Cry Baby) and he one of the worst (Dream On) on the same night.

      • Jonathan says:

        He always seemed like he was lying or making something up no matter what he was talking about, it was so uncomfortable to watch — and he was still acting like that even after his stupid album came out and they let him perform on Idol! It’s so sad that I can remember exactly what both of those performances sound like — I still can’t believe she lost to him. Ugh. Even as much as I’m rooting for Haley right now, I haven’t been nearly as passionate about anyone this season when I think back to season 8, and I wouldn’t say Haley is as good as Bowersox was last year. Sigh.

        • Jonathan says:

          Danny Gokey, I mean, just realized I didn’t clarify my “he” — I just kind of snapped into a daze after reading Aaron’s comment.

    • Chris Ford says:

      Have to disagree on two counts.
      1. Viewers split pretty equally on Lambert and Allen’s looks. Both had great appearances, and calling Allen a “pretty boy” but not the made up Lambert is a little absurd.
      2. Siobhan Magnus is a natural beauty. I put her on my list of the 5 best looking Idol females ever, who had any singing talent. Siobhan never pushed it on the show, save when producers made her in some group numbers (the white mini outfit, the schoolgirl tart in the Finale). By the time she left, she had most people believing she was an unusual, sweet, very attractive and talented person. Her downfall was inconsistency, Cowell and Dioguardi gunning to eliminate her to safeguard Crystal, overdoing the scream bit. But nose ring and tattoos and geek outfits aside, Siobhan is serious eye candy. And her looks will be a big asset in her career.
      3. But in Crystal Bowersox’s case, it was so close at the end in votes between her and Lee that I will agree…if Crystal had gotten her teeth fixed and not looked like she crawled out of a dumpster when she started S9 from some dumb “remaining authentic to my poor roots” pride, she would have won. She realized that towards the show’s end. Maybe just a little too late as some voters could not shake their initial impression. But now, out in the real world, Crystal has made herself quite presentable – she looks fit, healthy, and very attractive.

  50. Lizbeth says:

    From my standpoint, Casey was the heart of the show this season. Here is a kid who brought something a little different to the stage with creativity, passion, enthusiasm and joy. Michael, I really didn’t understand your attitude toward Casey–implying that he was arrogant, egotistical and had the ultimate is when you said he audacity to smile at the end of his performance the other day. I am thinking–WTF? I thought he was a sweet, genuine guy with a bundle of talent.

    Here’s someone who was very sick early on –in and out of the hospital–but never spoke about it on the show or used it as a sob story for pity votes. He just kept going and somehow made it through the peformance night. No wonder he fell apart when he was saved by the judges–he had been through quite an emotional and physical ordeal for a 19 yr old kid.

    Anyway–what’s really been great is seeing some tweets from kids who are discovering jazz and music they might not have heard otherwise because they liked Casey. I was fortunate as kid–because I was exposed to a lot of different music besides what was played on pop radio. My grandfather was a musician with the big bands and played in Broadway orchestras. My parents were singers. So, I grew up listening to Ella, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Mel Torme, Sinatra, Dave Brubek and on and on. And although—I love the music of my teens–I also had a real love and appreciation for jazz and the Great American Songbook. I believe good music is art and is timeless. Never understood folks who think if something wasn’t written in the last few years that it is dated. It’s like saying–this painting by Chagall sucks cause it was done before I was born–LOL

    So, I’m going to miss Casey. Show definitely won’t be the same. I wanted to see more. But, with Iovine wanting him to sing Phil COllins instead of Nature Boy–we were never going to see all that Casey could do on idol.