Hot Shot: Julianne Moore as HBO's Sarah Palin! Plus: Who Is Playing Bristol?

HBO has released a photo of Julianne Moore chanelling the former governor of Alaska, and given the uncanny resemblance, she is Palin in comparison. Also: News on who’s playing Sarah’s daughter Bristol in HBO’s Game Change.

As seen in the first look pic, Moore has Palin’s hair color and ‘do dead to rights, and seems to have a handle on the “You betcha!” smile. The four-time Academy Award nominee is portraying the politician for Game Change, HBO’s TV-movie based on the book about John McCain’s 2008 White House run.

Ed Harris (Apollo 13) stars as McCain, while the cast also includes Woody Harrelson as Steve Schmidt, McCain’s senior adviser; Larry Sullivan (CSI) as Palin’s deputy chief of staff, Chris Edwards; and Jamey Sheridan (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) as McCain’s speechwriter, Mark Salter.

As for Bristol Palin, Melissa Farman (of HBO’s Temple Grandin, and Lost‘s young Rousseau) has landed that choice role, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Do you plan to tune into Game Change when it premieres (date TBD)?