CBS Finale Scoops: Love, Death, New Roomies!

What does America’s most watched TV network have on tap for its upcoming flurry of season-enders? TVLine has culled the choicest scoopy bits from the Eye’s May Finales press release.

TVLine’s Handy May Finales Calendar: See What’s Ending When!

Undercover Boss (Sunday, May 1): The chancellor of the University of California-Riverside infiltrates his campus’ front lines.

The Amazing Race (Sunday, May 8): The final four teams race through Rio de Janiero and then to Miami, with their eyes on the million-dollar prize.
CSI: Miami (Sunday, May 8): In the wake of nabbing the last prison escapee (and the crash-landing of his transport plane), two CSIs are left in life-threatening peril; Natasha Henstridge guest stars as Agent Heather Renee Locklear.

CSI (Thursday, May 12): Langston has a final showdown with serial killer Nate Haskell.

CSI: NY (Friday, May 13): Mac grows determined to close his final unsolved case; Michael Irby (The Unit) guest stars as the prime suspect.
Blue Bloods (May 13): When a drug bust points to the Blue Templar group, Frank and the fam take matters into their own hands.

Survivor: Redemption Island (Sunday, May 15): Eight castaways head into the two-hour finale; one-hour reunion show follows.

How I Met Your Mother (Monday, May 16): Let’s flash forward to when Ted is the best man at the wedding where he meets his future wife.
Mad Love (May 16): Kate’s ex puts her romance with Ben in jeopardy; Connie and Larry’s fake date gets real, yo.
Mike & Molly (May 16): Someone asks Mike if he intends to marry Molly. Homina-homina-homina!
Hawaii Five-0 (May 16): McGarrett’s showdown with Wo Fat could mark the end of the Five-0 unit.

NCIS (Tuesday, May 17): The lives of the NCIS agents are jeopardized as they confront the Port-to-Port killer. Enrique Murciano and Muse Watson guest star as “C-I-Ray” and Mike Franks.
NCIS: Los Angeles (May 17): Callen investigates Hetty’s sudden resignation, but… oops, she done vanished!
The Good Wife (May 17): As Alicia must set aside her beef with Kalinda in the rush to prove a client’s innocence, she must also wonder: Is now a good time to make a run at Will? Also: Kelli Giddish (Chase) continues her run as an associate from Kalinda’s past.

Criminal Minds (Wednesday, May 18): Hotchner hints as impending changes at work; JJ (A.J. Cook) rejoins the team!

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday, May 19): Bernadette gets her PhD, leaving Howard the only non-doctor in their group of researchers; Raj moves in with Sheldon after overhearing Leonard and Priya engage in a Star Trek bedroom fantasy.
Rules of Engagement (May 19): Russell mistakenly books himself on a cruise filled with women all over the age of 50; Edie McClurg (WKRP In Cincinnati) guest stars.
The Mentalist (May 19): In this two-hour finale, Red John’s CBI mole is revealed, and Patrick Jane finally meets Red John.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (Wednesday, May 25): A serial killer abducts a member of Cooper’s team; French Stewart guest stars.