Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives, Smallville and More

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

Tarnished Gold | Sure, The Good Wife‘s Alicia has bigger fish to fry when the CBS series resumes its season on May 3 — having just learned that Peter once bedded “Leila” and all. But many viewers are still hoping that she’ll also get to the bottom of Will’s first voice messsage, the one famously deleted by Eli in the season premiere. “Obviously it’s a bombshell waiting to happen,” Alan Cumming told me. “And I actually thought that as [Alicia and Eli] get more and more friendly and rely on each other, that it’s going to come out and she’s going to bitch-slap me!” That whallop, though, will have to wait, because Cumming says that no such reveal/recourse takes place before or during the May 17 season-ender.

Good Wife‘s Alan Cumming Back for Seasons 3… 4… and 5!

Harried Housewives | Love never comes (or goes) easy for the ladies of Wisteria Lane, a rule never more true than as the seventh season of ABC’s Desperate Housewives draws to a close. Case In Point No. 1: During May sweeps (which actually kicks off April 28), Bree will meet a possible new match played by Jonathan Cake (Six Degrees). Thing is, Cake’s detective harbors one of those pesky secrets that will effectively waylay his wooing of Bree. Case In Point No. 2: By season’s end, one of the Lane’s lovelies will get word that an old flame has remarried, news that sends her on a bender and into the arms of the first available hunk. Good thing all the series’ stars are re-signed for the fall, or I’d worry the oft-scorned would get fed up and flee Fairview!

Smallville Finale RSVPs! | The truth is now out there: Lois and Clark will be heading for a wedding when the CW series’ grand finale airs May 13, and TV Guide Magazine has a first-look photo from the ceremony. I can now tell you that with the big day promising big drama, Clark should be content to know that not only will his mother, Martha (played by Annette O’Toole), be on hand for the ceremony, but so will dad Jonathan (John Schneider)  — talk about your very special guests! Speaking of curious finale reunions, I see that many fans are expecting the returning Lex to have at least one scene with his also-“resurrected” father, Lionel. Alas, a source tells me that although John Glover is in the series finale, he and Michael Rosenbaum in fact did not get to shoot any new scenes together.

Smallville Exclusive First Look Video: Lex. Is. Back!

Bones Spin-off Buzz | If you took a shine to last week’s Bones episode that introduced us to Booth’s associate who’s masterful (if not a bit kooky) at locating things, you may be wondering, as I was: If this spin-off “finds” a spot on Fox’s fall sked, is that the whole cast? Just Geoff Stults, Michael Clarke Duncan (who, granted, is almost two grown men) and Saffron Burrows? Well, I “found” the answer. Hart Hanson told me that if The Finder goes to series, there will be at least one other main character to cast: Isabelle, a law enforcement type who is also Walter’s sometime squeeze. (Calling the duo’s dynamic “more emotional than romantic,” Hanson says, “I’d like to avoid doing another ‘will they/won’t they’ series.” And how.) Who would you like see see play Isabelle? Give Hart a hand in Comments!

Bones Boss: Emily Deschanel’s Pregnancy May Shorten Season 7

Screened & Heard | FX’s Justified presents the penutlimate episode of its second season this Wednesday night (I know, too soon!), and as hinted in this week’s TVLine-Up, you have never seen Raylan Givens as stone-cold and out-for-blood as he is in the wake of the brutal murder that closed last week’s episode. The question is: Will someone else get to and snuff the shooter before the deputy sheriff can suss him out?…. Julie White, who once recurred as Dr. Anne Morella on Law & Order: SVU, is heading to that other spin-off, Criminal Intent. In one of the USA Network series’ final episodes, White will not play doctor but instead guest-star as New York City’s premiere marriage broker, one who fetches $700,000 for her services. See, Clark Kent, you got off cheap!

Dick Wolf Hopes for Law & Order: Criminal Intent Reprieve

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