Dancing With the Stars Recap: Accidental Hero

Guilty Pleasures Week blew into Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, which provided reasonable excuses for a ribald display of Kendra Wilkinson’s “information” to our esteemed judges, a romantic getaway for Hines Ward and a very sexy throw pillow, and a blast of Quiet Riot music funneled through the dark portal of Hanson. Other ridiculata ensued, too, including the introduction of a mutant bubble machine, an unfortunate tumble for yet another pro, and a person with unimpaired vision accusing Ralph Macchio of being a year older than he actually is. Let’s recap the action in chronological order, but before we do, I’ve got to ask a question: If the finale were held next week, which three couples would you want to see compete?

I know, I know…it’s a tough one to ponder, especially seeing how there really isn’t a single dancer left who hasn’t displayed a pretty solid combination of raw talent, performance ability, and good old-fashioned work ethic. (Yes, to my surprise, I can’t even leave Kendra off that list.) Personally, I’d go with Hines and Kym, Kirstie and Maks, and Ralph and Karina. Which isn’t a knock on this week’s co-leaderboard-toppers Chelsea and Romeo; it’s just that when I mathematically calculate skill-to-body-deterioration levels, I’ve got to root for the (relative) oldies.

Hey now, no looking at me like that! There’s no judgment during Guilty Pleasures Week! And now, on to our happy hoofers…

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Samba
I know it’s an absurd proposal, but sometimes when I’m watching Kirstie and Maks rehearse, I wish the judges would give out a second set of scores for “Behind the Scenes Interplay.” I loved how Maks cheered on his panicking partner by noting she’d pulled off the “hardest step in samba… without knowing what the f*** you were doing,” and then later lazily played with her belt while she rested her head in his lap. Who else would like a sitcom called Maks & Kirstie added to ABC’s Wednesday lineup, like a zesty garlic aioli to the respective honeyed ham and pickles of Modern Family and Cougar Town. As for the actual samba in question, there were a few moments where Kirstie’s energy got a little scattered, but her unbridled rump-shaking and her sexy samba rolls had me clapping delightedly from my couch. Bonus points for matching chocolate brown ensembles — Kirstie’s in wanton fringe, Maks’s unbuttoned down to Brazil (thank you) — that provided a sinful substitute to actual dessert. To echo Carrie Ann: I wanna see these cats in the finals! Scores: Carrie Ann, 8; Len, 9; Bruno, 9. Total: 26.

Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke: Tango
It was tough to see the professional wrestler — another contestant so charming that ABC might want to consider snatching him up for a possible pilot deal — struggle this week, especially after he correctly pooh-poohed the notion that there’s anything guilty about the pleasures of “Don’t Stop Believin'” or Journey frontman Steve Perry’s voice. [We pause this recap to insert a link to Perry’s 1984 video for “Oh, Sherrie.” You are most welcome.] There was nothing authoritative or connected about Chris and Cheryl’s dance this week, despite the fact that the open front of her gown gave the occasional visual effect that they were welded together in one whirling eddy of black trashbag material. As Bruno noted, “everybody has an off night,” but if voters remember Chris’ potent prior efforts, could the guy slip into the Top 6 over Kendra? Maybe? Scores: Carrie Ann, 7; Len, 8; Bruno, 7. Total: 22.

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower: Waltz
Call me crazy, but if I was going to give Romeo a perfect 10 for any of his dances this season, it would’ve been for last week’s Fox Trot, not this week’s Waltz. Yes, the judges were right that the Titanic-themed performance to an iceberg-damaged rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” was romantic and mature, but I felt as though the rapper-actor was a little loosey goosey with some of his follow-through, especially some arm extensions that caused me to jot down this very technical critique: “un-waltz-like.” But to Romeo’s credit, he’s probably Season 12’s most improved hoofer, even though I suspect he’s not going to convert any new voters by demanding spontaneous post-performance kisses from robots who are hard-wired for teleprompter reading, not affection. Scores: Carrie Ann, 10; Len, 9; Bruno, 9. Total: 28.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Quick Step
I know I’ve been fairly tough on the Disney Star and her spotlight-loving pro partner this season, and I kind of grimaced at their “wacky hijinks ensue” water fight. But not even a Dementor could resist tapping a foot as the youthful duo zipped their way through a dizzying routine to the always welcome strains of “Walking on Sunshine.” That opening sequence of steps as the “art-gallery nerds” clutched their notebooks was breathtaking, and the fluffy bottom of Chelsea’s sweet yellow dress only served to accentuate her lightness of motion. I agreed with The Lady Inaba that Bruno may have imagined an instance of “wobble wobble” in the number, and I thought her “10” would’ve been on point even if Mark hadn’t twisted his ankle in dress rehearsal. Scores: Carrie Ann, 10; Len, 9; Bruno, 9. Total: 28.

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel: Samba
It’s Guilty Pleasures Week, so you’ll forgive me for setting my Kendra paragraph to the tune of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” won’t you?

She’s paired with Lou van Amstel, her attitude’s been snide
This week she’s going Latin, wants to swivel her backside
She’s on the judges’ table, Carrie Ann can’t look uphill
Len’s heart is palpatatin’, Bruno waves a dollar bill

She used to take her clothes off in the pages of Playboy
But now her booty-shaking makes Len Goodman say “Ahoy!”
I’m not so sure she’s a tomboy! Come on!

Clad in all gold fringe, she’s pullin’ off one mean samba
For weeks she’s made me cringe, but she’s pullin’ off one mean samba
Now Bruno’s come unhinged, oh Kendra’s one hot banana
The judges’ table singed, she’s pullin’ off one mean samba
Pullin’ off one mean samba!

Scores: Carrie Ann, 8; Len, 8; Bruno, 9. Total: 25.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: Viennese Waltz
Has there been anything as adorable this season of DWTS as the sight of Hines getting in touch with the amorous mood of the Viennese Waltz by sketching out the moves like football plays, then practicing with his exceptionally stylish throw pillows? I’m pretty confident in answering “no.” And while Len may have had a point that there were moments where Hines’ footwork wasn’t absolutely perfect, I was too busy basking in Hines and Kym’s delightful chemistry to really notice. Bruno was right: The duo moved like “two birds in love chasing each other across a spring sky.” In particular, I loved that maneuver where Hines held Kym’s face in his hands as they swept across the floor. Who says the dude doesn’t have a romantic side? Scores: Carrie Ann, 9; Len, 9; Bruno, 9. Total: 27.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff, Paso Doble
I had to chuckle during Ralph’s rehearsal package when Karina tried to pay him a compliment that “no other 50-year-old man on the planet” would be able to pull off her choreography, and all Ralph could do was remind his pro partner that — hey! — he’s still a tender 49. But in all seriousness, Ralph is proof positive that on DWTS, self-deprecating humor can be almost as important a skill as fancy footwork or proper posture. I howled at the former Karate Kid explaining to the audience not to expect him to follow Maks’ lead and rip off his shirt during his performance.

Who’d have thunk, though, that Ralph would end up emulating the Russian sex stick by helping his partner to her feet, then helping her find her way back into the dance, after a nasty stumble during their Paso to “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”? I’m glad ABC rolled slo-mo tape on Karina’s fall, as we got to see that the wacky cape of Ralph’s marching-band uniform was the culprit in the dancefloor disaster. And I’ve got to credit both Ralph and Karina for attacking the remainder of the dance with a fire and gusto that no other couple matched tonight. Their side-by-side spins were tremendous, and I practically gave a Standing O from my couch to the final move of the dance — a slide-and-slay combo that ended with Ralph on his knees and Karina hurtling backward into his arms. YES! Karina looked absolutely crestfallen over the slip-trip-fall incident, but as Len pointed out, the couple deserved congratulations, not castigation. And yet, as if Karina hadn’t been through enough, that robot in the sparkly purple dress cut her off before she could finish thanking Ralph for his grace under ballroom fire. Hey, sometimes there’s no time for final-couple chatter, not when Hanson is interjecting little snippets of Now That’s What I Call Guilty Pleasure Music: Vol. 1 coming out of every commercial break.Scores: Carrie Ann, 8; Len, 8; Bruno, 8. Total: 24.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? How hard did you laugh at Tom taking the perfect opportunity to remind viewers of Bruno’s previous work as a scantily clad backup dancer in Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” video? And what about Bruno countering by calling Tom a bitch? Who was your favorite couple tonight? Who do you think will and should go home? And what about Ralph and Karina’s mishap? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amber says:

    At this point I’m not sure I could pick out the three final couples, though I would like it to be Hines, Kirstie, and Ralph. Who’s actually going to make it to the final 3 is quite up in the air.

    I don’t really think Romeo deserved that 10 either, he was a lot better last week.

    The one thing I focused on the most this week was how Chelsie Hightower and Chelsea Kane stood in the audience looking horrified when Ralph and Karina took their bow after their finish. The cool thing to do would be to applaud someone after they’ve finished a tough dance and recovered from a bad fall. Just standing there staring looked a bit snobby and unsupportive, I thought. They both lost points with me for doing this.

    • OliversMom says:

      Both Chelsea’s are quite young and I’m sure they were more concerned about what happened. We don’t know that they didn’t applaud after the cameras turned away from them, so I wouldn’t be too harsh on them. I’m sure they supported their fellow contestants.

    • Elizabeth says:

      It looked “shocked” to me, but I’m willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

  2. azalehabibi says:

    I have a question for you wonderful people. It’s been bothering me since I started watching last year.

    How on earth do people on the show get away with doing the waltz in 4/4? I’ve always been taught that the waltz is ALWAYS danced in 3/4 (or some multiple thereof). Yet… if you go through the dances week by week (on Wikipedia) you will see that almost all of the waltzes are to songs that are in 4. Tonight’s The End of the Road being the rare exception. Am I nuts?

    Please go home, Kendra. That is all.

    • Foresha says:

      There’s a particular type of R&B triple time that can work as either a fast 3/4 or a slow 4/4. You can hear it especially in “These Arms of Mine,” which Derek and Jennifer waltzed to last season. Each heavy beat in the song could be considered a single count, if you’re listening to it as 4/4, or as the 1 beat if you’re listening to it as 3/4. For the same section of a song, 4 beats in 4/4 would equal 12 beats in 3/4.

  3. Sabrina says:

    I have found the chemistry between Kirstey and Maks to be amazing, the best he has ever had, including his showmance partner Erin from ESPN. I love the way they interact during rehearsals.

    The theme weeks have to stop, please make it stop. It is horrific to see these poor pros try to choreograph dances to music that is just inappropriate. They look ridiculous and then get scolded by the judges. Just pick good music that fits the dances you want them to do and let it be. Last week was a nightmare and this week was not much better.

  4. raun says:

    Oh please oh please let it be Kendra!..and yes a show with Kirstie and Maks would be fun to watch if they can maintain the.chemistry…

  5. Calsmytorty says:

    I like Mark Ballas a lot and I think he’s a very creative dancer who, as Chelsea said, is very competitive. He’s a great dancer and very entertaining and I prefer him to some of the other pros who do the same routines over and over. I am however getting bored with all the Pia Toscano hype simply because she wheedled her way into his life. I don’t care if she sings on the show and I’d probably fast forward past her performance if it weren’t for the fact that Mark will be dancing.

    I like Ralph and Kirstie a lot…personality wise, but I no longer think Ralph as a prayer.

    So in the Finals…Top 3…I think it should be Hines, Chelsea and Kirstie.

    The only one I won’t be sad to see leave is Kendra. I feel so bad for Louie that he’s stuck with her this season.

    As for her telling the world that her certain parts of her anatomy were not given to her by God…well…geesh…tell us something we don’t already know.

  6. Chmarin says:

    For a second there I thought Pia was singing My Heart Will Go On.

    Final three? Romeo, Chelsea & Kirstie. Youngers & lunatics all the way! :D

    Sorry, I don’t get the whole Hines schtick. Yeah, he’s a good dancer but not mirrorball worthy.

    • liz says:

      I completely agree with you about Hines. I like him (he’s very likeable), but I don’t get why people think he’s very good. His torso is always stiff, and he’s not very graceful. My top 3 are Chelsea (she’s the best dancer by far), Ralph (good dancer, and I just like him), and Kirstie (I just like her). I hope Kendra’s the one to go tonight.

  7. Chmarin says:


    (hate that there’s no edit button.)

  8. jaime says:

    I hated kendra’s face during her rehearsal footage right after she said they were at the bottom last week (or two wks in a row) can’t remember exactly how it went. Just remember her face. How about thanking your fans that you’re still around and go out and try to prove yourself. I’m tired of her whining, acting like she is entitled. I hope she goes home

    • Jenkw says:

      At least we didn’t have to hear AGAIN about her time of the month. I have watched this show since day one and NO ONE has ever busted out that excuse. I have to agree about her sense of entitlement. She might have been a better dancer if she had checked her attitude at the door. I feel for poor Louie.

    • Carol says:

      OK, since it’s guilty pleasures week, I guess this is where I admit that I’ve regularly watched Kendra’s reality show — yes, I admit it.

      Anyway, based on that, I think Kendra is really being misunderstood on DWTS. For instance, the face that she made (I noticed it to) was her being frustrated at herself, not being snide or entitled. She was always an athlete in school, so she has a strong competitive spirit and I think struggling in a competition is new to her.

      Anyway, I think she’s actually very sweet and just very honest (as Louis said), she’s just rough around the edges and not refined, and just isn’t as polished as most celebrities. She just doesn’t know how to censor herself. She’s also really young, too, like maybe 23 or something. In the years that I’ve watched her show (yes, I know) she has never come across an entitled, but actually very down-to-earth.

      • jaime says:

        that’s an interesting take on it, and i think i’m one of the first people to give someone the benefit of the doubt. however, there are several other celebs who have a competitive spirit that I feel have handled themselves better than she has. I personally think she did well last night, but still want her to go home over the others because of the way she’s been portrayed. and maybe that’s not the real her and part of it is editing, but she obviously is carrying herself in that way or they wouldn’t have footage of her to show (edited or not)

  9. Jenks says:

    Wow, I sure do like the vibe on this board more than another that shall not be named, where trolls have taken over. People here are actually talking about the DANCING! How novel! How refreshing!

    My pick for final three: Kirstie & Maks (best chemistry by far), Ralph & Karina (he has warmed up her frostiness), and Romeo & Chelsea (most improved). I like how the kid has overcome his initial “I’m too cool for this ballroom stuff” and is really trying to be good at it. And I’d love to see what they would come up with for the freestyle.

    Totally agree with comments about ditching theme night. Worst. Idea. Ever.

  10. J says:

    “that robot in the purple dress”….gotta love Slezak!! I know Brooke was pressed for time but she is horrible ..,..and Ralph is a class act!!! I don’t care what place he finishes he won my vote!!

  11. Kim R says:

    I have to say I love this season of DWTS. Everyone is trying so hard & all have improved so much. For me, Mark & Chelsea are the best dancers. I do enjoy their chemistry as well. A close second is Kirstie & Maks. A show featuring them would be fantastic! The rest are fairly close ranking for me but Kendra is my least favorite. She’s not as sour as Kate G was (I wanted to shoot my TV) but she is a griper none the less. I hope she is sent home tonight. :)

    • jdncmstr says:

      You’re right about Chelsea…..but Kirsty a close second…have you lost your mind?? KIrsty does a Chloris Leachman routine…poorly and you think she is better than Hynes? You must be yet another fat miserable house wife.

      • Kim R says:

        Nice. You eat with that mouth?

      • V says:

        And you must be yet another disgusting human being who believes that Kirsty shouldn’t even be allowed in the competition because she’s a bigger woman. She did a fantastic job with her dance tonight and you’d probably think so if she wasn’t just another fat woman in your eyes.

      • WOW says:

        Totally uncalled for jdncmster.

      • Jenks says:

        Slezak/Ausiello/Moderators: How about banning jdncmstr to some other board where the trolls post? This board has been remarkably free from this kind of hateful talk and it would be nice to keep it civil.

      • flower says:

        Hey! I am a housewife, but I am not miserable nor am I fat. I also have a doctorate degree so I am not stupid either. That is a really poor stereotype and very uncalled for.

  12. Jenks says:

    I’ve read a lot of comments about Mark outshining his celebrity, but last night was the first time I really noticed it. His crazy kicks made Chelsea’s look even smaller than they were. I am sure it’s all part of his over-the-top style, but he needs to pay more attention to showcasing his celebrity than his own skills. He does the same thing with his choreography — he insists on designing routines that he knows darn well the judges will hate. He needs to dial back the crazy just a notch or two.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am no Kendra fan, but was anyone as horrified as I was with Bruno’s comments? I know she used to be a stripper; she hasn’t denied it. In fact, I think there was a week early on when she brought it up in rehearsal. But, if Bruno’s comment about “revenge of the stripper” wasn’t enough, he then appeared to sit down on the end of the desk as if in anticipation of a lap dance. This week, I think he usually over-the-top, but still generally kind remarks were way out of line.

    • Remember the producers manipulate everything says:

      I’m no Kendra fan, but I did.not.like. Bruno’s comments about her stripper past. Then again, I realized it could have all been a set-up by the producers. Their job is to manipulate our feelings. How convenient that Bruno says those things only to have them run that reel of him in “I’m Still Standing” looking like a stripper himself.

      • Eurydice says:

        I haven’t watched Kendra’s show, so I’m a little confused. Does she have a stripper past? The wiki page just says she was a Playbody model and one of the “nude” girls, but nothing about exotic dancing. Taking your clothes off is different from stripping.

  14. padncmtsr says:


    All of you who trying to push Kirsty through are out of your minds. Kirsty is doing routines no harder than Chloris Leachman. Don’t push her because she is fat and brings in ratings…ridiculous.
    Chelseas is the best female dancer by far. Hynes is the best male….Kirsty is not even close to third best.

    • Sam2 says:

      Yes, we are…out of our minds enjoying the team that is Kirstie ( that’s how you spell her name) and Maks…they danced a classic ballroom samba last night that was superb, without age and weight even noted. Yeah, I thought she was better than “Hynes” and “Chelseas”. A lot of other people do , too. Hope there’s more of us than there is of you.

    • Sabrina says:

      Ummm, did you actually watch Cloris? She walked and was horrible. Kirstie dances, and does it with a sense of grace and ease that is not seen in most of the younger dancers. And hey, she is also having fun! Again something few others seem to be doing on DWTS. Maybe you should try actually watching what is going on next time.

    • chistosa says:

      Sorry padncmstr, I have to disagree. Poor Chloris was not able to complete any moves. She could not dance at all. That is not true for Kirstie. She moves well with the music and does more than I would have thought possible for her age and size. She is enjoyable to watch and they have an excellent chemistry. She is much better than Chloris, and better than Florence Hendersen from last year.

    • Jenks says:

      Your remarks — and poor spelling — are remarkably similar to jdncmstr above. How about doing us all a favor and take your crude comments elsewhere?

  15. julie says:

    What I totally don’t get about this show is how they pair any kind of dance with ANY kind of music. How can someone be expected to waltz in 4/4 time (the Titanic song)? More importantly, WHY? The tango developed to go with Tangos, the Samba, to be danced to SAMBA, and so on. These genres of music all have their own distinctive rhythms. Pairing the dances with pop, pop-rock, country, etc., could be done in certain cases, sure, but only carefully, with the right versions of the right songs, or you lose the flavor of the dance. The show has gotten to the point where anything goes. The producers also seem to think the american audience wouldn’t accept latin music. I only watch the show intermittently because I can’t stand how white-washed it is, but seeing a waltz to a 4/4 piece of music took the cake, and I turned off my TV.

    • mom2boysia says:

      I agree. I felt bad last week for the dancers having to come up with routines to “americana” music. (Poor Ralph and Karina) And this week. I could not wrap my head around was Chris and Cheryl trying to do the Argentine Tango to Journey. The themed shows are getting too far fetched.

    • Jenks says:

      I could not agree more. These theme nights are ridiculous. I feel for the poor pros.

  16. JayK* says:

    I love Kirstie and Maks. I could watch them rehearse all day.
    I thought Chelsea’s quickstep was absolutely fantastic. Quickstepping is a TOUGH dance to make it look so easy because it’s so fast and hard. I thought she was terrific.
    Didn’t think Romeo deserved a ten. Cheslie was so soft and pretty – I thought she sold the ten more than Romeo did.
    I thought Ralph was ripped off with Everybody Dance Now done as a marching band. (Really? EVERYBODY DANCE NOW AS MARCHING BAND???) That paso would have been ten times better with a better song and better costumes. I was so proud of Ralph watching him pull a pro off the floor and keep going.
    And you gotta give Kendra props – she was pretty damn good!
    I’d like to watch Kirstie & Maks, Chelsea & Marks, and Hines & Kym in the finals.

  17. Roxie says:

    Count me as one who was not impressed by Kirstie tonight, and I normally am a big fan of hers. She did all of the steps, but there was something missing. Maybe she’ll blow it out next week.

    Ralph was awesome. Totally professional in how he dealt with Karina’s fall, and I loved this dance (although I loathe this song!)

    Tonight was the first night I’ve been impressed by Romeo. He left behind his “too much swagger for this ballroom shizz” attitude, and he looked great.

    Still on Team Hym! They both looked elegant, and I thought that the dance was very romantic and intimate (although I hate that song, too).

    **I love 90s music but being a teen during that time means that I heard these songs enough on the radio for a lifetime!**

  18. Just like last year says:

    I am not giving props to Kendra for doing what she does best – acting like a stripper. The dancing was not good, the wiggling of her female parts was as good as you get at the strip club. PLEASE AMERICA! Stop voting for her. Having said that, I think they will vote for her, and send poor Chris Jericho home. I was screaming at my TV this time last season with the Palin offspring badly prancing around the ballroom.

  19. Tuzo says:

    If we are giving out TV series here then I vote for a series about “robots who are hard-wired for teleprompter reading, not affection”. The possibilities are endless.

    • heather says:

      it was done. “Small Wonder” was about a robot kid who was WAY more endearing than Brooke-bot. how do we vote HER off???

  20. Trisha says:

    The songs chosen for them to dance to are contemporary-ish so we the great unwashed of the world, i.e. non-dancers, will relate to them, meter be damned. And remember, we were told a zillion times during Classical week that Classical music has no beat – none at all! (HAHAHAHA!) I was able to, quite easily, tap my foot and snap my fingers to every one of the classical numbers (truth here – I was a classical musician for many years) with no trouble at all. The contemporary songs, not so much – probably becuase of all that darned singing. (HAHAHAHA!) Everyone seemed to enjoy Classical week, the band/orchestra, the beautiful music, seems like it should be Classical every-other week instead.

  21. LIssaB99 says:

    Did someone tell Ralph to “sweep the leg??” ;)

  22. Cy says:

    Wowie, Slezak–recapping DWTS, RuPaul AND running the Idol bracket today? (not to mention giving us some Idoloonies love) — you’re the Ryan Seacrest of the TV blogosphere!

    Keep up the good work~ I enjoyed this recap so much (and, having discovered a passion for Ralph Macchio that will cause me to watch the remainder of this season’s DWTS with my sister), that I’ll be tuning in for your DWTS recaps as well as the Idol ones from now on. ^^

    I completely agree that Ralph was unspeakably heroic with his reaction to Karina’s stumble. I almost didn’t realize she had stumbled (she fell in such a graceful tumble and twirl of skirts, LoL~) at all with how quickly he turn, seized her arm, and pulled her gallantly up, except that I know Karina never makes her partners have to actually put in much effort to haul her up usually (and sadly, you COULD see that amazing, fiery energy the pair started off with fizzle a teeny bit for a bit after that, at least on Karina’s side). GOOD for Ralph for supporting her and blazing them through until she could catch up mentally. Those actions of his make me think he really would be a hero in real life if ever put in a dire situation. His slim (and in my opinion, lovely) build and unassuming nature belie a truly quick mind and brave heart. Seriously, Slezak… I think I’m falling for a 50–excuse me, 49–year-old man!

  23. FlwrPwr says:

    I agree with Cy. Ralph became an instant Hero in my book. I think I’m in love too. Very gallant, great instincts. He showed his true character. Give me a nice guy every time. I hope he gets better and better and wins!!

  24. maryann says:

    Whether or not Romeo deserved the 10, he’s become my favorite. When he started out, I didn’t like his bratty attitude. Like most kids, he didn’t want to do anything that might make him look less than cool. He really seems to have done a complete turn around. It’s like seeing him grow up and become more mature as each week goes on. I like the characters he portrays with the dances and I think he’s the most improved.

  25. cjwcjam says:

    I am rooting for Kirstie and Maks to win the MBT this season. Mak’s teaching ability has not been adequately recognised in his past seasons but this season Kirstie’s popularity should give the run or the MBT the edge. I was impressed by Kirstie and Mak’s Samba but also thought that it lacked pizzaz. Maybe Kirstie was concentrating on her routine too much to really let loose. Maks said that they had to practice up to Sunday night because the dance wasn’t quite ready – he much prefers to have the dance down pat by Saturday. Kirstie needs to use her acting chops to advantage as her technique improves. Acting gave Jennifer Grey and Brandy’s dancing the edge – particularly Brandy’s I think. Brandy got the viewer to really connect with the dance and I hope Kirstie is going to bring some of that emotive element to her future dances – she’ll get to the finals for sure if she does. Her acting ability is really going to make a difference as Kirstie and Maks do have great chemistry together. I love how Maks relates to his partners – most of them come to DWTS with issues and he seems to help them all. He’s really a caring man – some girl is going to be lucky to get him.