Weeds Season 7 Spoiler Alert: Scoop on Nancy's New Life Behind Bars

Changes don’t come much bigger than being arrested and thrown behind bars, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that when Weeds begins its seventh season on June 27, it won’t exactly be the same old, same old. To wit:

As the exclusive sneak-peek clip below makes clear, Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) will be now more than ever aware of just how royally messed up her life has become. And anytime she forgets, she need look no further than to the bunk next to hers for a reminder: There, according to some new casting intel, she’ll find Roya, the scheming Russian-American hottie with whom she shares a cell. (Hey, at least Roya also has an easy-on-the-eyes brother — a Demetri, no less! — to visit once in awhile.)

Moreover, even once Nancy gets sprung, she’ll hardly be free and clear. On the contrary, the halfway house in which she’s detained comes with its own busybody Mrs. Garrett — albeit a male one. And her roommate there won’t be exactly a dream cohabitant, either.

So? Getting a contact high off of all this scoopage? Jonesing for a hit of the new season? Click below…

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