Rage Against the Machine: Fringe's John Noble Previews 'Extraordinary' Finish To Season

John Noble has a message for Fringe fans: Do not underestimate the significance of 6:02 AM.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, the actor stressed that the time stamp which Fox has cryptically embedded in promos — and serves as the title of this week’s intense hour — is much ado about something.“It’s the time that something happens, and that time frame plays through the [final] three episodes,” says Noble, who describes Season 3’s final salvo as a “trilogy.” “It’s important as we get toward the finale to remember that time frame.”

But viewers need not wait until the actual May 4 season-ender for something to happen. Far from it. As revealed in the official synopsis for “6:02 AM,” “Walternate’s thirst for revenge drives him to cause trouble in the other universe.” But how?

We took that burning question to Noble. “What happens,” he revealed, “is that Walternate finds a way to activate the machine,” the doomsday device that has taunted viewers and the Fringe team since last season’s finale. “As a result, our world starts to seriously break down, which of course prompts panic on our side.”

That means that this universe’s Fringe Division will finally have to resort to “ambering” — sealing off — compromised areas, while Walter scrambles to find a solution.

“Walter has to get his best faculties back together again and do exactly what [William] Bell told him he could do — resolve his problems by whatever means he needs to.” Does that mean what we think it means? Yep. “[Walter] has to allow Peter the freedom to be a hero, instead of being a protective parent.”

As this week’s hour winds down, “We finish in a very dramatic place,” Noble teases. “It’s a very powerful episode, and the beginning of three extraordinary episodes.”

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