Which New Sitcom Delivered the Best 'In Joke'?

Something was in the water for Wednesday night’s two newest comedies, as Fox’s Breaking In and ABC’s Happy Endings each made reference to a cast member’s most memorable previous TV gig.

Having watched all of last night’s comedies from the 9 and 10 o’clock hours, I’m going to give the slight edge in this “contest” to the 10:00 pm installment of Happy Endings, which in a bar scene between Alex and Penny made a very direct allusion to Elisha Cuthbert’s ferociously notorious 24 storyline. Press PLAY here for that wonderful wink-wink moment:

Breaking In, meanwhile, was slightly more subtle, having Dutch (played by Smallville‘s erstwhile Lex Luthor) trumpet NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson’s arrival by calling him the S-word; press PLAY for that scene:

From in jokes to outrageous humor, this Wednesday — across the board — served up a particularly strong night of comedy. From Modern Family‘s Gloria being a bit too excited about one day laying claim to Lily, to Cougar Town‘s Laurie relishing her “Walk of Awesome,” to Happy Endings remarkably mining humor from the least funny of historical surnames.


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