American Idol Top 7 Results: Did the Right Contestant Get Sent Home Tonight?

First, the good news: Tonight’s American Idol Top 7 results-show telecast gave us one of the season’s better sing-out performances from a booted contestant. And, actually, if there was any bad news, you couldn’t read it on the face of Stefano Langone, who smiled and bounced like an enthusiastic boxer sitting on the Silver Stools of Doom, and then simply wanted to grab ahold of the mic and belt one out after Ryan Seacrest told him he was the contestant with the lowest number of viewer votes for “Songs from the 21st Century” week.

Over the course of the one-hour results telecast, we got to see Stefano sporting a flattering tank top, Stefano going shirtless and receiving a massage from his Idol BFF James Durbin, and Stefano refusing Casey Abrams’ request for a kiss. It was all a lot less homoerotic than it sounds. “[Idol] started my career,” he told Ryan Seacrest. “You can’t put a price on that.”

‘American Idol’ Performance Night Recap: Against the Current

Stefano’s ouster wasn’t a huge shocker, seeing how he needed a Wild Card to crack the top 13, and that he’d made four trips to the bottom three in the last five weeks. But, hey, the kid proved on his exit performance of “Lately” that he’s got vocal ability — even if he doesn’t always know how to apply it.

Anyway, let’s get to the “just the facts” portion of this article, shall we?

Bottom Three
Stefano “Gave Good Face” Langone
Haley “Well, It Wouldn’t Be a Season 10 Bottom Three Without a Chick” Reinhart
Jacob “I Wouldn’t Be Here If It Wasn’t For That Track Malfunction, Mmmkay?” Lusk

Bottom Two
Jacob Lusk
Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone

Musical Performances
Lauren, Haley, Stefano, Jacob: “Hey, Soul Sister”
Scotty, James, and Casey: “Viva la Vida”
David Cook “The Last Goodbye”
Katy Perry in an electric bodysuit with Kanye West and very pale Sleestaks

Idoloonies Interview: PIA TOSCANO on Her Dream Rap Duet,
Love of Ballads, and That Ghastly Jumpsuit

And now that you’ve got the scoop, I’m going to get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at [UPDATE: Full recap is now liiiive!] Until then, how are you feeling about Stefano’s ouster? What kind of future do you see him having? Can you imagine buying his post-Idol music? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Bat Country says:

    Oh no! Poor James has no bro! :(

    • dp says:

      I wanted Stefano to stay another week because I though Jacob should’ve gone and really because of their adorable bromance. When Ryan said Stefano, all I kept thinking was poor James and sure enough, tears and all, he seemed way more upset than Stefano himself.

      • Brittany says:

        I felt the same way! I thought it was almost like James himself was going. James was close to Paul and Stefano and they left back to back.

  2. Christina says:

    Stefano this week, Jacob next week please!

    • agrimesy says:

      We have to consider where the Stefano fans will go to vote now. I can see them liking Scotty, James, and maybe Casey . . . but not Jacob. Jacob is probably going home next week. I’d love to see Haley grab more votes so she doesn’t end up in the bottom three EVER again . . . but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

      • dp says:

        I think the Stefano fans (the ones that continue to vote anyway) will definitely put all of their support behind James. that’s a no-brainer.

        • umbrella says:

          I don’t think that Stefano fans will go to James. He doesn’t have an even similar style of music and I don’t like it at all (not that he doesn’t perform well)

          • Kate says:

            I’m a Stefano fan and I will now be voting for James and Haley–I definitely won’t vote for the others. I still can’t figure out why Stefano was always in the bottom three with such a great personality and singing voice.

          • dp says:

            if you put it that way, none of the remaining singers have a similar musical style to Stefano. In fact, out of the top 11, only Lauren and Scotty have a similar musical style.

        • Princess Adora says:

          Agreed! How could they not vote for James now after seeing how sad he was by Stefano’s elimination??? The musical style doesn’t matter, it’s that they both love Stefano. Lame? Maybe. Super cute? *tear*

        • ErixN says:

          I am a Stefano fan, but there is no way I am going to vote for James, even if they were friends/roommates. My support is now going to Haley.

      • MrSideEye says:

        Wishful thinking indeed. The best we can hope for Haley is a 5th place finish. Scotty, Lauren and James (ugh) are “in it to win it baby!” and I dont see them going home anytime soon. She may can edge out Casey and finish 4th though! In a/my perfect world Haley would be in the top 3 if not the finals.

      • joseph says:

        If Haley wants to last beyond next week she really needs to bring and do what she has been resisting , that little bit of growth needed so she can continue.
        My song choice for Haley next week is ,, ” EVENTUALLY ” she should go all out flower child next week and channel the energy of the 60’s.
        I think almost any other song out there and she is toast.

        • karenb says:

          Disagree. I think Lauren needs to bring it. She has shown me nothing yet-and has failed to live up to her hype.

        • Suncatcher says:

          I disagree but respect your opinion! Haley is the one who has been smacked around so much, that she has changed ten ways to Sunday – while Lauren & Scotty have languished and done nothing. Haley seems like she just found her stride & niche and is now moving forward.

          I did not like her from the beginning but now I do and respect her for all the (dumb) hits she has taken – and kept coming back stronger than ever.

      • Lily says:

        Casey has also picked up the “vote for the worst” crowd so that could be bad for Jacob or Haley. Stefano fans probably go to Scotty, or Lauren. I don’t think voters who liked Stefano singing ballads will go to James the heavy metal guy.

      • chris says:


      • Sandra says:

        I am a FANO and I would NEVER vote for that Casey Abrams. He is the AI’s pet…CHIA PET.

      • Amelia says:

        Let’s hope you’re right & Jacob really does go home next week… but I’m worried! Being in the bottom two this week will scare his fans into voting extra hard for him (and he DOES have fans), so Haley will be in a lot of danger next week (like usual). It will depend a bit on the singing order of contestants, if Haley sings first she’ll be in more danger. Casey may also have a chance of leaving next week.

      • Gata says:

        Where Will All Of Stefano’s Fans Votes Go Now???:

        Mine will go to HALEY REINHART (sp)…

    • sharona says:

      Yes INDEED. please Jacob next week! He’s like the unwelcome guest that just won’t go home! He should have gone tonight instead of Stefano.

      • Leigha says:

        Jacob has certainly outlasted his welcome. Wanted him to go tonight so I wouldn’t have to mute the sound during his performance next week. James seemed out-of-sorts all night.

      • Lauren says:

        Jacob is rude. His attitude comes off as very pompous. I wanted him to go this week so badly… hopefully next week!

        • Laurel says:

          Jacob really does come off as an arrogant guy.
          That combined with his over the top singing just gets on my last nerve.
          I would of rather seen Stefano stay this week and Jacob go.

    • Jessabean says:

      Hear! Hear!

  3. RTW says:

    “ILLEGAL CONTACT, #21, James Durbin. Blindsided tackle to the eliminated while in performance. 15-yard penalty, automatic bottom 3.”

  4. Akash says:

    James adorably tackling Stefano onstage tonight proves that while Stefano will no longer be a Bottom Three, to James, he will always be a Bottom.

  5. trix says:

    What is it that has people dialing for Jacob Stank?

    • Cobb says:

      I’m sure there are masses of people impressed by his (impressive)range, but have a tin ear for everything else musical.

      Also, voter fraud. I think voter fraud is the best case scenario.

      • Forwarddad says:

        Seriously grow up.
        Perhaps if voter fraud is involved it is for Durbin. Why can’t people express their opinion based on style and not hate on the other singers? Vote for who you want and say why but gosh stop blaming e everything and everyone else. If you don’t like Jacob that’s okay but base it on singing not personality

    • Can't Sleep says:

      I’ve been on a VFTW bandwagon for 2 weeks, just voting for guys. So I threw votes at both Stefano and Jacob both weeks. Will do the same for Jak. Only 4 guys to vote for. James & Scotty probably don’t need them, Casey and Jacob do.

      Goal: Get Lauren A in the B2 and off that show.

      • GIGI says:

        I agree Can’t Sleep (Hilarious and great pen name by the way)

        Let’s get Lauren into the bottom 2. We’re tired of the Idol Execs shoving her down our throats!!!!

        Like we can’t think for ourselves and vote for Haley if we want

        ooh Lythgo watch your back…. scary scary that people are voting for Haley

  6. baimun says:

    Don’t worry James… everyone will be back together when the tour starts in the very near future. Hope Haley keeps on peaking at the right time and just knocks everyone’s socks off!

  7. DTC says:

    Always great to have David Cook in the house. I’m going to see him on April 29th in DC. All proceeds go to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and National Brain Tumor Society, so, those of you who live in the DC metro area, buy your tickets! I wish that Jacob was the one to leave, but Stefano’s elimination certainly wasn’t a shoker.

  8. AJ says:

    I may have drawn imaginary hearts around the tv earlier when David appeared. I am a shameless David Cook stan, not gonna lie. That four minute concert was the best bit of the night.

  9. Coco says:

    Finally Stefano. Seems like a nice kid, but I couldn’t see him outlasting any of the remaining contestants. Lauren’s fanbase is a mystery. Is it bigger than the guys? Did she pick up Pia’s votes?

    David Cook was fantastic. Katy Perry was Katy Perry trying to be Gaga?

  10. VeeKay says:

    Really think Jacob should be gone, can do without Hayley also..was not a huge Stefano fan, but thought he was alot better than Jacob..I still have a few favorites left, but I’m not going to say, so I don’t jinx them.

  11. Meh says:

    Lusky Stank should’ve gone tonight. But he has a dead daddy to pimp out so of course he stuck around.

    • Anne says:

      Wow… that was brutal.

      • Sophie K says:

        Basically, if people choose to pimp out their personal tragedies for ratings, they deserve the comments they get. It’s sad, but they chose to bring it into the TV arena.

    • Leslie says:

      You know, I’m not a Jacob fan at all—but to accuse him of bringing up his dead father to garner sympathy/votes is just wrong. It something that happened in his life and artists/singers use these types of experiences to draw on for their “art”. John Lennon wrote about his dead mother—do you think he did it to get MORe fan love? Not. Jacob connected to that song because of his father, it’s perfectly natural for someone to have something like that after a tragedy in their lives. Man, some of you are just cold blooded!!!

  12. SybilT says:

    It’s always nice to see Cookie on my tv.

    Wish the Lusky Stank had gone home, but it was probably time to put Stefano out of his misery. Next week, American is looking in the mirror and sending Jacob home!

    WTF was that thing with Katy Perry dressed up like a huge sparkly white banana?

  13. MrSideEye says:

    Wish it was Jacob but happy it wasn’t Haley! Why do you people vote for him!?

  14. Nicole says:

    The best part of the whole year so far was seeing David Cook back on the Idol stage-Awsome-hot, adorable!

    • @Nicole says:

      SO true, Nicole. He was so adorable, his song is really good, and I really don’t care about anyone on season 10 like I did on his season.
      That schtick with his mom was so cute.

    • jaxguy says:

      David Cook is so mediocre I almost barfed…
      God people have bad taste. He seems like a nice guy but I never thought he should have won.
      Stefano is a much more interesting singer and Haley kills them both. When She goes, I go.
      This year started out great and now it’s fizzled into a crappy mess. Lauren, cute but over her head now. Scotty has worn out his welcome a deep voiced 17 year old only goes so far and Casey is just plan irritating. He was ok at first but now…YUCK. Jacob….my skin is crawling. I really thought he was going to be great but he sucks…
      James and Haley are the only contestants i care anything about now… Would guy their records.
      Idol is too crappy now to care much about.

      • Coco says:

        Stefan, aka if a Jersey Shore cast member impersonator and a Bruno Mars impersonator had a baby, is a much more interesting singer than David Cook? Well, there goes your credibility. Cook, Hello vs Stefano, Hello=no contest.

    • Ambiance says:

      Ugh…David Cook??? Really? Yikes, had to mute my tv. And he’s so conceited. ugh.

    • anon says:

      Well, that DC song was just boring, too poppy.

  15. paisley says:

    No shocker tonight……Jacob is next

  16. Kamokunz says:

    NOOOOOO!!! This is so wrong, the most likable guy is voted off at 7th place again! (Refer to Tim Urban).

    I think Stefano is one of the best in the competition.

    He was better than most of them last night!!!

    So SAD :(

  17. agrimesy says:

    I think Stefano’s goodbye package and goodbye song both totally rocked! He went home the right way. If he is really this together, I think he’s got a chance in the business. All he needs is some choreography and a little autotune and BAM! A star is born! :)

    (That being said, I’m not sorry at all that Stefano got booted off this week. That sweet thing bored me to tears.)

  18. nancy pryor says:

    I was sorry to see Stafano go but his swan song was awesome he should record it anybody remember the name of Stafanos exit song on results night song?

  19. Mimi says:

    I wonder if the save and pity votes mean that we will never be rid of Casey and all of his affectations.

    • agrimesy says:

      While they were killing time Wednesday night, Ryan asked the judges for a recap . . . sort of, and they all plugged Casey and his artistry AGAIN! They are pimping him BIG time. I’m definitely tired of it. I’d like one Casey fan to offer a competitive performance during the regular Idol season as an example of his musical “genius.” Go ahead. I’ll wait.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’m a former Casey fan. Loved his original tryout – “I Don’t Need No Doctor”, loved his early music choices and Hollywood Week stuff – Peggy Lee’s “Why Don’t You Do Right?” “Lullaby of Birdland”, and I loved his “Georgia on my Mind”. I even liked his rendition of “I Put a Spell on You”. I knew he wasn’t going to win American Idol with those types of songs but I was SO enjoying him.
        I can remember someone posting that Casey had a very limited range. I believe whoever wrote that was right, in retrospect. The Emporer has no vocal range.
        But he lost completely with the Nirvana performance. Apparently he lost everyone because he was kicked off the island. I thought Casey had just become full of himself and I thought the save was the right thing to do.
        But, alas, no. Haven’t cared for a performance since then and WTH were the judges listening to with the Maroon 5 performance???? I thought he was SO going home and they thought he was fabulous.
        I don’t think Casey is a “genius” but he does have musical talent – but he’s not the next Idol and I”m shocked he’s still there.

  20. Connie says:

    My official answer was that to me this was just a four minute David Cook concert. Love him. Love The Last Goodbye.

    Unofficially, it was a toss up for me. Jacob or Stefano could either one have gone home in my book. Wrong tho that Haley was in the bottom 3. Based on performances it should have been Scotty.

    Now ya’ll go out there and download David’s single or better yet pre-order the album (or one of the fan packs) at :-)

  21. Lloyd says:

    The right person went home tonight based on the voting pattern alone. When most of us were seeing Stefano and Pia standing in the bottom 2 only two weeks ago, most of America thought he was a sure goner then. I wish Stefano the best, but after watching all these past weeks of performances, it made sense that he was not voted by America into the finals. His voice was good and he was improving a little each week, but his confidence at times was lacking and he never seemed to sell his performances. The voting pattern within the last couple of seasons always has that one person struggling to connect with the audience always leaving by the Top 7: Season 6: Sanjaya Malakar, Season 7: Kristy Lee Cook, Season 8: Lil Rounds (but after the save was used on Matt Giraud), and Season 9: Tim Urban. It didn’t matter what Stefano would have done last night…it was just his time to go and sadly he was not the worst last night…I thought for the first time Scotty was!

  22. JPad says:

    Not surprised that Stefano left. After all, he was already five weeks overdue with his time in the show.

    For Haley, as much as her performance was the shining star of the night, someone HAD to be in the Bottom 3 if only because the pool is narrowing down. She’s skating on thin ice and at this point it’ll probably benefit her to aim for week-to-week victories rather than winning it all, seeing how her fanbase isn’t at par with the others.

    For Jacob, however, I’m amazed at despite how unlikable he made himself out to be, he still trudges on. Though his recent performance has been restrained and listenable, he failed to show how his relevance to the current market. Dead man walking from hereon, barring a surprise boot in the next couple of weeks.

  23. James says:

    Ugh…Stefano deserved another week…at least over the train wreck that is Jacob Lusk…Thank god we only have to suffer through one more hideous performance from him!

  24. Elle says:

    I’m a huge David Cook fan, but his song – and his voice – tonight was a disappointment.

    And I can’t help but wish it was Scotty who had gone home rather than Stefano. Maybe we’ll finally have an “Idol moment” next week and he’ll swallow his mic sideways.

  25. NANO says:

    Finally!!!!! now we have to go after Jacob! ….. and people keep supporting Haley!!!!.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      We should keep supporting Haley and I never thought I would say this, but I think Casey needs to go home before Jacob.

  26. Joe says:

    I am sorry that Stefano went today. His performance yesterday was very good and he deserved to stay another week. One thing that can be said for him, it is that he worked hard to improve each week, and managed to do so. The fact that he started out as a wild card made it hard for him to catch up with the votes. Jacob should have been the one to go. Casey should have been in the bottom three. I too noticed that James was more upset than Stefano. I did not realize that they were so close.

  27. trev says:

    TEAM JACOB …needs to go home! So done with that diva.

  28. AB says:

    Shoulda been Jacob!

  29. Jessabean says:

    thank you so much for option 3 in the poll!!!

    David’s performance and Katy Perry’s performance on the same night says a lot about Idol and pop music in general. David’s was real and live and about the music. I have no idea what was on my screen when Katy Perry was on, like, at all. What was that song? What were those costumes? Mostly, what was that rap? “I’m going to penetrate you and inject you with my poison”!! gross!

    I guess Katy is what’s in. sigh!

    • Ronnie says:

      they are simply lazy. They had the Black Eyed Peas, so just kept will-i-am for a few weeks, where he could “sing” with Jamie Foxx. Then they had Rhianna, and her best bud Katy must have been hanging around.. so she shows up.
      – but at least we didn’t have to look at the leathery shine of Iggy Pop’s emaciated, yet in some way flabby body (how can he be both? just ewwww.)

    • dp says:

      ugh I passionately dislike katy perry. she couldn’t even be bother to lip-synch properly. seriously GTFO! and I’m not a little monster by any means but stop trying to outdo lady gaga!

  30. Ronnie says:

    Theme next week is Carol King?
    I guess the contestants and fans being able to relate to the songs is something AI doesn’t care about.
    – Anyone under 50 never heard Carol King as a contemporary success.
    – Her last top 10 single was 1974, 37 years ago.
    – Carol King is not contemporary for most of the contestants PARENTS!
    – There is no way young contestants can know her songs well enough to pick the right songs.
    – It will be, by definition, a night that sounds dated and old.
    – Lack of creative producers leaves no room to drastically work a track and make it contemporary (as the AI people admitted).
    – Existence of powerful, influential producers who the contestants may have to work with later makes it hard for the contestants to speak up for creative/drastic re-workings.
    – Didn’t we already have Elton John? Wasn’t that enough of 70’s, and people know many more EJ songs than CK.
    … just disappointed in the old, staid, boring tunes of yore, and such a narrow group of such songs at that.

    • Can't Sleep says:

      Yea, but this gives Lauren A a second chance to make us believe she knows what “A Natural Woman” is.
      And Pia won’t be around to tackle “The Reason” – Celine Dion ballad.

    • agrimesy says:

      I personally think Carole King’s songbook has a lot of room for interpretation. Her songs have enough depth both lyrically and musically to be sped up, slowed down, or turned upside down if needs be. None of the contestants have to sing her songs the way she sang them. In fact, Carole wrote songs for other artists that she never released herself. What I CANNOT wait to hear is James try to do one of them! He’s got a 50 / 50 chance to get it right. “Maybe I’m Amazed” was stripped down and pretty good, but “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was a mess! I suppose he could rock out to “I Feel the Earth Move.” Let’s watch!

      • Ronnie says:

        I agree there is a lot of room within her work. There is no doubt in my mind at all. I actually like her a lot.
        – I simply have little confidence in the producers ability to help the contestants interpolate her songs. James and Casey are the only two who seem like they could do that, and Casey has been inconsistent in his song choices. Haley, Lauren and Scotty could all surely use some real advice and creativity from Jimmy etc. (Jacob will just scream no matter what, song is really irrelevant to him).
        – I just don’t see Jimmy and crew helping them, and more than likely will do all he can to shoot down their ideas (as he already has).

    • jaxguy says:

      Bach and Mozart are classics. The interpretations of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garlard are classic. The Beatles wrote the greatest popular music of the 20th century. Carol King wrote timeless pop music. If you think that challenging some young singers to tackle the likes of the greats like The Beatles, Elton John and Carol King is boring than you and they have a great problem. If only there were songs as great as those written by Carol King then maybe the music industry would sell more records. Most of the stuff out today is CRAP and boring to boot.

      • Ronnie says:

        I don’t have a “problem” because I want to hear more contemporary music on the show. I can appreciate the classics and still want to hear contemporary music. They have done plenty of classic stuff all season long. and this will be the collection the contestants know the least. I worry it will be cookie cutter versions of the songs, which was what I meant as boring, and what I restated and made clear in my comment.

        • Ronnie says:

          That all being said, I do hope for the best and hope to be surprised. I know she has good songs and hope it will be good.
          – just beat down by nigel/jimmy/3 cheerleaders. (As i said elsewhere)

    • allieK says:

      OK. I’ll confess I’m old. I just turned 44. Also, I’m a huge Carol King fan. That said, I think you are underestimating the timelessness of Carol’s songs. It’s not so much when they were written so much as how they endure. And her music holds up VERY well. I think her songs are strong enough that even youngsters like these can latch on to them. Just as they did with Elvis, Motown, the Beatles and the Stones — all as older or older than Ms. King!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Don’t forget “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.
        I hope Haley doesn’t sing “I Feel the Earth Move” since that song was the end of the road for Katelyn Epperle.

    • Doug in Cheyenne says:

      I just wonder if any of them will reach all the way back to the early 60’s with either “Loco-motion” – Made popular first by Little Eva later by Grand Funk Railroad or “I’m into something Good” – Herman’s Hermits? Could be silly or intriguing depending on the spin given.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Thank you, Ronnie, for making me feel ancient, LOL.

      I think King’s “Tapestry” album was on the charts the entire time I was in junior high and high school.

    • Linda says:

      Carole wrote over 300 songs …. many of which have been recorded by other artists. I think there’s a huge mix here … although I’m not aware that she wrote ANY songs that would be considered COUNTRY! :) (I know, I’m evil …. but maybe Scotty will be FORCED to pick something and adapt it without just copying it.)

      Haley, my favorite, should do a great job on Carole’s songs. I could hear her singing “Way Over Yonder” or “Chains” (which was recorded by the Beatles, by the way).

  31. Tekkie says:

    Jacob should have gone home before Tony Danza uh I mean Stefano. Whatever, there is nothing beyond Steven’s wackiness and the couple few good performances that is keeping me watching. Hearing Crystal will be on next week made my day!

    • Gwen Sokata says:

      I hear ya!!! Crystal being on next Thur will be the highlight of the season!!! MamaSox is back on idol, woohoo!!!!

  32. Erin says:

    I love David Cook sigh!! that’s all.

  33. cal says:

    “Very pale sleestaks” made me bust out laughing!

  34. Debbie M says:

    Carole King songs next week? Why do they keep saying they want a contemporary artist and then pull out theme weeks like that? But just for fun, even though widdle Lauren did it already this season, wouldn’t it be fitting for Jacob to do “Natural Woman??” Wearing a RuPaul wig and sequins of course. Now that would be the only Jacob performance I would ever like to see! Let your diva out of the closet Jacob! (And then get your butt off my TV!)

    • hooch says:

      Haha! I said the same thing watching him – That if he just put on the drag queen get-up and embraced it i think i would actually love him!

    • Can't Sleep says:

      No, no, no. Without Pia, the only one left to tackle the Diva songs is Jacob. He needs to tackle Celine’s “The Reason” or Mariah’s “If It’s Over”

  35. Casey Abrams is FUGLY AZZ says:

    I wish that Grizzly Abrams would’ve gone home tonight.

  36. mapep says:

    What a night!!!
    Sorry about Stefano but he has just been on the fringe!
    If it is so about Carol King songs Ronnie I was around in the 70’s and she was huge! Tapestry was the top selling album and still one of my favorites!!! Alot of her songs folks will be surprised she wrote and me I think it will be a fun night! Give Lauren a chance to bring it on like Smack Water Jack!
    Maybe Jacob should try “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” and if he does I hope he wears those awful turquoise shoes! But he’ll probably pick “Way Over Yonder” And as Randy wanted, he will over do it!
    Haley could do any “So Far Away”
    Maybe Casey could do “Where You Lead”
    James “I Feel The Earth Move”
    Scotty “You’ve Got a Friend”
    They might seem like old songs but they have a lot of depth and if each of them handle the songs they choose right they really go all out!
    Carol has a unique voice and has written songs for a lot of folks soooo???
    I’m excited!

    • Ronnie says:

      I will keep an open attitude and hope for the best :)
      – Isn’t Carol King in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and thus available a few weeks ago too? I do like her and know she is prolific and hope to be suprised.
      – I think I just feel beat down by Jimmy/Nigel and the 3 cheerleaders.

  37. mapep says:

    I just googled the list of songs Carol has written, there are over 240 to pick from!
    It will be interesting!

  38. swthompson says:

    “I Feel the Earth Move”; “Smackwater Jack”; “Some Kind of Wonderful”; “The Loco-Motion”; “Up on the Roof”; “Pleasant Valley Sunday”; “Hi-De-Ho…” Geez, they only need six of these songs. Carole King’s live CD with James Taylor last year was in the top 5, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

  39. browniebrownie says:

    love this post so I am re-doing it:Yes INDEED. please Jacob next week! He’s like the unwelcome guest that just won’t go home! He should have gone tonight instead of Stefano. Yes that does sum it up.

    • Debbie M says:

      Jacob is more like an unwanted STD than a houseguest.

    • Doug in Cheyenne says:

      “Houseguests and Jabob start stinking after three days” – Mark Twain
      Greek Chorus: NO,NO,NO its:
      “Houseguests and mackerel start stinking after three days” – Mark Twain
      A.I. audience: Same difference!

  40. Rick says:

    This folks is a popularity contest. In sitting back and thinking about this the only one beside Stefano who was spot-on vocally was Pia. The problem with Stefano was that each performance seemed the similar making him a bit boring but that cat can sing! That wildcard performance was the best vocal of the season beside maybe Pia’s Stand By Me.

  41. Justin K says:

    Now Jacob needs to go…
    then James… and James…GET A GRIP MAN.

  42. Ronnie says:

    I believe AI made a huge mistake with increasing the producers involvement this season. They should have kept it in the background and allowed the contestants to drive things. This may have even eliminated people I think are better, but I think this is going to cause a longer term comparison problem for AI.
    Jimmy etc. appears to the audience as a mentor and it moves the competition from semi-am singer show to semi-pro studio show. That is ok in itself. But with X-Factor (no less The Voice) coming on the scene, adding a “pseudo-mentor” to AI makes me want to just watch X-Factor.
    The problem is two-fold. First, Jimmy and crew are not good mentors who know how to develop such young talent. Secondly, they do not appear to spend enough time to actually help them grow.
    This is made worse by AI seeming to be obsessed with a mega-star and trying to push everyone into that box. They don’t seem content with a mid-level star. Adele will NEVER sell as many records as The Black Eyed Peas or Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Thus, the AI producers push contestants that fit either Pop or Country (cute doesn’t hurt either). They have no desire for an artist star, they want a mega star. They were thrilled when Crystal lost last year (to their own detriment).
    The final problem has been in crushing the creativity of the contestants themselves. When they used to drive the creativity we saw some horrible disasters along side soaring crowd-pleasers. We have seen sadly little of that this season, for good or bad. It results in dull songs and makes many of the performances blend together. Some have broken out and tried (James/Casey), and they have had mixed success… but it is not incidental that they had to REVOLT against Jimmy to do so.
    That is not mentoring. He has not mentored in any way. He has dictated, berated and boxed the contestants. I cannot remember ONE moment where he inspired, nurtured or developed any of the contestants.
    The problem is that he is not a mentor, and when the other shows come around and have developed, full mentoring it is going to make AI look like a bunch of unhelpful amateurs. They should have left it as it was and kept the show original and different from the others… with whatever that led to, good or bad.

    • Linda says:

      I so agree with everything you said! I wish we could start a petition to go to Nygel to cut out Jimmy’s role. For 2 weeks, Will.I.Am at least added some comic relief. But Jimmy is a know-it-all, arrogant man, who bullies the contestants and has made them doubt themselves instead of building up their confidence. I have nothing but disdain for him.

  43. Corey says:

    theres something thats starting to annoy me about this season. i couldnt quite place it til 2nite. just need to put it out there:

    THe contestants this season are a little too…arrogant? out-there? look-at-me-ish? i dont know the word…anybody?

    think: kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, adam lambert, chris daughtry, david cook-such mensches, so polite, quiet, and respectful. these guys, season 10- i don’t know. i’m not getting that from them…

    • JPad says:

      Perhaps it’s because the judges aren’t helping their case by giving them constant tongue-bathing and kid-glove treatment. Hence, the comments like Jacob’s “mirror” comment and Casey’s “sexy” comment.

    • agrimesy says:

      I hear you. These contestants are all kind of “bratty.” At first, Scotty seemed wholesome enough with that southern gentleman “yes, ma’am” going for him. BUT, lately, his behavior seems as bad as the rest of them. I think the judges are to blame. When they praise too much, it goes to their heads. Only Haley is snarky and spoiled for good reason, though . . . rejection! LOL! I don’t like Haley’s attitude much, but I do like to hear her sing. It’s totally subjective. I think all the boys are WAY too full of themselves. Lauren is just a deer in headlights. She actually needs MORE spunk in my opinion.

      Ultimately . . . give me Adam Lambert’s gracious nod to the musicians, credit to the arrangers, and genuine “thank you” to the judges panel ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! There will never be another contestant like Adam . . . not ever.

      • Amelia says:

        Haley’s attitude has started to grow on me. She used to pull the “sulky Lauren” face sometimes when she got negative feedback but she hasn’t been doing that anymore.
        Haley seems like a happy, energetic person which I like. I also like how graciously she accepts her over-frequent spot in the bottom three (always with a smile). And I loved it when she ‘dusted off’ the bottom-three-seat when she was in the bottom for the third week in a row!
        The one critique I have about Haley right now is not connecting enough with the lyrics and emotions of her songs. She has to tell a story, she can’t just smile through a heart-wrenching song…

      • cmp says:

        Agreed about Adam. David Cook, Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen were also very respectful and outwardly appreciative towards the band. Hmmm. All won the prize but one and he should have.

      • i do love you says:

        Don’t know if anyone caught this…

        Ryan: I always hate this part, honestly I do, I want you to know that.
        Haley: Yeah
        Haley sings: I do love you, I do

        • Gemstone says:

          She’s actually singing “I told you so”–see Lauren and Scotty’s duet from some previous results show (don’t remember which).

          I love how natural and unpretentious she, like after she’s told she’s safe… she sort of giddily squeals, “I am??”

          She exudes so much joy… but I think in a way it almost harms her? People extrapolate her overall joy and project it onto her performances and accuse her of grinning while she’s singing sad/angry songs… but if you actually watch her sing she doesn’t do that, and I think she emotes really well.

        • i do love you says:

          Yes, you’re right on both counts Gemstone.

    • raun says:

      I think the attitude from this group is that they are living a fantasy the spotlight, pushed by network to maintain ratings. Very heady ego trip..previous years they were much more in a protective bubble..think of the let down when it is all over…where is rueben stoddard or even david archeletta now?

    • Eurydice says:

      It might be the overpraise, but I think a lot of it comes from the producer’s choices of how to edit things for maximum drama and controversy.

      • Corey says:

        i agree. the producers have so over-dramatized this season because coming into it they all went to bed every night praying to god that this season does’nt flop. which it hasn’t. but now they can’t let anybody down so they keep pumping everything up so much that now the contestants think they’re like godsends or something.

        casey- “I’m so sexy”
        james- “look at me!”
        jacob- that.damn.mirror.comment.

        those are just off the top of my head.

        that and the judges freakin refusal to offer any constructive criticism until they themselves are bashed by the whole country for it. and then randy has the chutzpah to make a comment like “I think we can all benefit from criticism.” WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THE PAST 10 WEEKS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?!!!!!!??!!??!?!?

        all the kids hear on the show this year is how gretat they are, and so they actually think they’re perfect. what were the judges thinking? how can anyone, not just tv show contestants, get better at something if they just hear how perfect they are all the time?!

    • Coco says:

      I think the producers are urging the kids to be extra animated to overcompensate for the black hole of personality that was last season.

  44. dkw says:

    I like that Seacrest did his best to illustrate the BS of Scotty being safe over Haley.

    “So Scotty, you played it safe and was boring. Wow… you’re safe.”

    • jaxguy says:

      Just to illustrate how bad this show has gotten Haley was in the bottom 3. That’s absurd since she gave the best performance last night. Scotty was so freakin’ boring i could have puked, yet he escapes the bottom. HE HAS WORN OUT HIS WELCOME. PLEASE LET HIM GO. If he wins, with some interesting new shows coming on soon, AI is going to suffer. Other than Haley the only other contestant that really has established their niche is James. Casey is getting more Slingbladeish every week and for the love of god, GET JACOB OUT OF HERE!!!!!!! Now that Stefano is gone, one of the best singers left, if Haley or James goes before the finale, I will repeat my act from last year. Did not watch much and completely skipped the last 3 or 4 shows. Could not stomach Lee Dwyze…(to be fair, he was fine but had ZERO talent.)

  45. LGH says:

    I read these comments last night and assumed Haley couldn’t possibly land in the bottom three. The critical praise for her is pretty overwhelming, and I — like others commenting last night — thought she was by far the best last night. SO WHY DOESN’T SHE HAVE MORE PEOPLE VOTING FOR HER? Are we all too complacent? VOTE HALEY! She needs us!

    • Because the Idol execs edit Haley in a way that make her not look as desirable

      They are too busy pushing Lauren down our throats

      Also Haley is mostly understood by adults. Tenny bobbers don’t get Haley

    • Linda says:

      I did my part – and voted the whole 2 hours – got over 500 votes in for Haley. I was so worried she’d be booted off – not because she’s not fabulous – but because people are too lazy to vote for her. Then those same people complain when she’s in the bottom 3.

  46. Jason S says:

    I think the proof of the lame voting system is that on this website poll Haley get 48% of the favorite performance vote with the closest next contestant being like 20% and she still gets in the bottom three. Obviously more people like her but the power votig tweens are voting for Scotty, James, and LAuren. They have to do away with unlimited voting. SHould be a limit of one vote per person. Next week HAley will probably be sent home. Carly and Siobahn were both sent home way to early in week six.

    • Steph says:

      Was it just me or did anyone else notice that Seacrest was skirting around actually saying Haley was in the bottom 3??? He announced Scotty was safe, said “Haley, to the stools” and then went over to her and told her she was safe. Maybe I’m just reading into it too much lol

    • Doug in Cheyenne says:

      The reason Haley gets 48% is that this messageboard is populated for the most part mature adults or mature younger people. Haley is for the most part a Jazz-Blues kind of a girl, whitch for the most part takes a thinking person with some maturity to appreciate. Note: That being said right now I’m listening to my favorite all girl band, The Runaways “Cherry Bomb” and et al, keeps the blood pumping!
      Face it we here at TVline Idols messageboard are for the most part a fairly small community, 300+ posts with some posting up to 20 -30 times per article.
      Oh and by the way “Dead End Justice” – ‘All of you are dunk and stoned’

  47. cmp says:

    Dull show except for David Cook and Stefano’s exit song. He seemed to be relieved for the most part. Love the bromance between him and the Durbs. Haley’s outfit was ridiculous. Can’t wait to read what Slezak has to say about that. Wish Lauren would perform like she did tonight on performance nights. But that can also be said for Stefano and probably Pia. Guess the pressure is too much. Looking forward to next week. PLEASE surprise us with some unpredictable song choices. I can’t wait to see how Scotty McCreepy turns one into a country song.

  48. Stefano Hater says:

    omg stefano freaking sucked people. he looked like he was the one with tourettes when he preformed, not james. thank god he went home! ive been waiting for it since the top 24.

  49. Vetle says:

    It was the right elimination. Also, Carole King? Personally I don’t have any relation to her. I know “I Feel The Earth Move” (which gives me heartache… KATELYN EPPERLY ;_; ) But at least female artists get love on Idol? There have been a lot of male themes, especially last year ((handful) of Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Stones. And then we had Shania Twain. lol. Funny how she was the only remotely current artists – even though I absolutetly love the Beatles. <3)

    Carole King.. hmm, I listened to some songs. Seems like a very good fit for Haley!

    • GIGI says:

      I agree Vetle

      Any Carole King song should be awesome for Haley especially “SO FAR AWAY”

      My hope is that Lythgo does not sabotage Haley but putting a bad or overused song on her back. I’d prefer not to hear I feel The Earth Move again

  50. raun says:

    Did Katy Perry borrow that outfit from Chris Brown? He wore changing light costume for dancing with the stars..
    Cannot believe Scotty was not in bottom three…