Parenthood Finale Mysteries Solved: Time Jumps, Faux Reunions, Baby Bumps and More!

Now that you’ve had time to process Tuesday’s six-hanky Parenthood finale, let’s get our post mortem on via a batch of burning questions with executive producer Jason Katims.

Did Jasmine and Crosby reconcile in the episode’s final moments? | “I wouldn’t assume that,” Katims cautions. “Although they were finally talking — and I think we definitely earned that after Crosby spent so many episodes just trying to have a conversation with the woman — I don’t think that conversation necessarily leads to fixing all the problems that they have. The verdict is out in terms of where they are when we pick up with them next.”

Speaking of which, assuming the show gets renewed, will there be a time jump between seasons 2 and 3? | “My instinct is there would be a time jump,” Katims confirms. “The [new season] would [pick up] in the fall and follow the calendar year, so it’s the same time of year as people are watching. But I would be open to not having as big of a time jump too.”

Several beats in the finale — namely the retainer subplot and the hospital waiting room sequence — felt like callbacks to the 1989 Parenthood feature film on which the series was based. Intentional? | “It was and it wasn’t,” Katims responds. “I loved the movie and I’ve always tried to maintain a link with the show, sometimes in more subtle ways than others. I wasn’t super conscious of it with those particular examples but I definitely like to keep it in mind.”

Haddie and Alex were still going strong in the finale. Might Michael B. Jordan return on more of a full-time basis next season? | “It’s a little too early to know that,” he hedges. “It’s also pretty challenging to do that because we already have such a big cast. We have 15 series regulars, which is more than most shows…  But I love Michael. He’s such a great addition to the show and I would like to continue to write for that relationship. Once we get picked up we’ll need to find out what his schedule is and go from there.”

Why make Kristina pregnant? | “It was so out of the blue — that’s what I liked about it,” says Katims. “It was so unexpected.” Well, unless you caught the NBC promo that featured Adam lifting a positive pregnancy test out of the trash. “I had mixed feelings about that,” he admits. “Normally I don’t mind teasing things. I don’t think it ruins the viewing experience. But while it didn’t give away who was pregnant, it made you ask the question.” Of course, given Parenthood‘s uncertain future, Katims acknowledges, “It seemed to get people talking about the show, and it it helps boost our ratings that would be good.”