Cougar Town Spoiler Alert: 'Big Issues' for Grayson/Jules, More 'Flirting' for Travis/Laurie

Happy Cougar Town Premiere Day! Oh wait, that happened earlier this week. But the ABC laughfest is back in its rightful spot — Wednesdays, 9:30/8:30c — and, in honor of its return, TVLine is dishing some C-Town scoop straight from exec producer Bill Lawrence.

Jules & Grayson Hit a Rough Patch | The little glimmer of non-overbearing hope we saw in Jules’ (Courteney Cox) eyes in Monday’s episode was apparently just that — a glimmer. “Grayson (Josh Hopkins) and Jules do have big issues that come up pretty immediately,” Lawrence reveals, “but we’re not doing the ‘are they breaking up?’ finish to the season. I just don’t like putting a couple together, and then breaking them up, and then putting them together, and so on.” That said, we will see Grayson challenge Jules in upcoming episodes when her constant craziness begins to wear on him.

Travis and Laurie Play the Waiting Game | “We do address this story head-on in a big way,” Lawrence dishes of the non-stop flirtfest between Travis (Dan Byrd) and Laurie (Busy Philipps). “But it’ll be more believable when A) The character Travis is older, and B) When Dan has a different haircut — it’s the most ridiculous haircut I’ve seen in my entire life.” Lawrence candidly admits that the chemistry between both Travis/Laurie and Dan/Busy caught him by surprise and put the show in a strange spot because “their [onscreen] age difference is much bigger [than offscreen].” So, while this pairing is a very real possibility, “before we can play with that, we have to get past the creepy point,” he explains. “And I always said that the magical number is when someone’s in their 20s.”

Bobby Goes Pro | His Penny Can endeavor was just the tip of the iceberg! “We have it so Bobby (Brian Van Holt) qualifies for his first PGA Tour,” Lawrence spills, “which is our idea of how he can have a little success in his life again — albeit odd success”

Wayne the “Wine Guy” Returns | If you’re a fan of funnyman Michael McDonald, get excited because Lawrence assures us that “Wine Guy” Wayne is “back again soon” and undergoes a “major character change.” Of course, McDonald is currently a supervising producer on Cougar Town, so “he’s here anytime we need a bartender to say something,” laughs Lawrence. “And we do some things to set up his character for next year.” Rehab, perhaps?

So, fill up Big Carl, and tune in to Cougar Town Wednesday night at 9:30 pm on ABC.