Hellcats Team Teases An 'Inevitable' Romance, Taboo Relations, a Nasty Triangle and More

The CW’s pom-pom rom-com Hellcats resumes its freshman run tonight at 9/8c, and these final five episodes are sure to turn Cheer Town upside down. Let’s take a look at the show’s playbook. 

Team Darti vs. Team Davannah | Everyone loves Savannah (played by Ashley Tisdale), but unfortunately for the peppiest Hellcat, Dan’s (Matt Barr) true love is and always will be Marti. “For a couple episodes, we’ll get away from Marti/Dan/Savannah triangle,” Aly Michalka reveals. “But there’s always a connection between Marti and Dan, and the fact is, they have a history and there is this attraction to each other.” Showrunner Kevin Murphy echoes his star’s sentiments, saying, “It is inevitable that we will return to Marti/Dan [romance], but we’re returning slowly. The building blocks are already in the series right now, you just may not realize it.”

Hot for Teacher | Meanwhile, Marti and her former law professor will embark on a little lovefest of their own. “With Julian (Gale Harold), it’s a taboo relationship that makes things really interesting and sexy,” Michalka says. “Marti is mature for her age, and there is a connection with the intelligence level. It makes sense for them to have a relationship.” Obviously, things likely won’t work out because A) Harold is currently hard at work on The CW’s The Secret Circle pilot, and B) “If she wants to be with Julian, she’ll have to grow up,” Michalks notes, and she’s just not ready for that quite yet.

Alice and Louis Get “Nasty” | We’ve heard about the sordid past that Alice and Louis share all season long, but Heather Hemmens says the two may not remain exes for long. “We’ll see the culmination of a couple things Alice has been trying to achieve throughout the season,” she teases, “both with her trying to become captain and trying to get back [together with] Louis (Robbie Jones). She becomes very jealous of [his relationship] with rival Nasty Kathy (Magda Apanowicz), and you’ll get to see Alice get her groove on with her bad side.”

Sister Act | Longtime fans of musical sister act Aly & AJ 78violet will really enjoy the new dynamic when AJ Michalka joins Hellcats this week as someone with ties to Marti’s long-lost dad. Says the youngest Michalka, “Everyone will be fishing around to discover Marti and Dierdre’s connection, but it’s going to be pretty clear right off the bat — only one of us just doesn’t know yet.” And while we can’t reveal much more just yet, you should count on exciting performances from the sibs. “Dierdre and Marti sing together in Episode 20,” says Aly. “They do a Bob Dylan song, ‘Mississippi,’ and also a song that connects them to each other. It’s in an organic setting, at Marti’s mom’s house, and they’re just connecting over their love of music. There’s this instant chemistry between the two of them that brings them together.”

Finale Fun | The season-ender airing May 17 “will really focus on the various families and bringing it all back to cheerleading,” Murphy assures. “The Hellcats will go to Nationals, and we’ll find out what happens there… with a few really surprising twists, of course.”

Hellcats airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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