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Question: Please tell me these rumors of a Glee death during May Sweeps aren’t true! –Eric
Rumors of a Glee death aren’t true. Glee DEATHS on the other hand? That’s totally happening. Sources confirm to me exclusively that this season’s penultimate episode, which bears the ominous title “Funeral,” is about the death of several things. One being a beloved character. The other being a major couple.

Question: Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy scoop pertaining to Meredith and Derek? —Sam
TVLine’s double wedding theory isn’t looking so far-fetched after all. The synopsis ABC released for the May 5 episode — which revolves around Callie and Arizona’s nuptials — includes this telltale line: “Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever.” My guess? They’re either getting hitched or adopting a baby. Or both.

Question: Michael, if you get a chance, can you ask Shonda Rhimes why Grey’s Anatomy is concentrating so much on Callie? Why not put the spotlight back on Meredith? —Iveta
You got it. But first some Callie scoop! Sara Ramirez reveals that not only does Bailey officiate Calizona’s nuptials, but she serves as the couple’s spiritual guide as well! After her disapproving mother fails to sanction the same-sex union, Callie gets a much-needed pep talk from the MD fka The Nazi. “Bailey says to her, ‘God is everywhere. God is in you and me.  Between us here in this room. And you don’t have to be in a church in order to marry someone and have a meaningful ceremony, union, marriage, wedding,'” previews Ramirez. “So at the end of the day, I think Callie starts to embrace and understand that the person she needs to look to the most for self-assurance, love and acceptance, is inside of her.”

Question: You’ve been slacking on Chuck scoop lately. Give us something good and maybe I’ll forgive you. —Jeremiah
Is this Jeremiah from ancient times? Or the post-apocalyptic one played by Luke Perry in the short-lived Showtime series? Eh, you’re getting scoop regardless. Despite the fact that Chuck‘s season/possible series finale is titled “Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger,” the episode has its fair share of closure. “It’s a good ending, but it also serves as a good beginning if we do get a fifth [season],” reveals leading lady Yvonne Strahovski. “I feel like every [Chuck finale] has had to be that because we never know, so the writers always plan for both.” Adds Zachary Levi: “It ends in the same Chuck way that we’ve ended any season or half-season that later became a full season. It’s open. You’re going to see the whole team collaborating and working together to make things right and have some closure about certain things that are really big, but also leave the potential for it to be continued later.”

Question: Is your six feet under blind item about a major death Ziva on NCIS!? Say it isn’t so! —Jenna
That’s for me to know and you to find out. This much I’ll say: Two of the 10 fatality slots on TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard are reserved for NCIS.

Question: Any new Bones scoop by chance? Hart Hanson can be tricky and makes me a little nervous. Anything to set my mind at ease? —Talitha
Funny you should ask. TVLine’s Matt Mitovich lightly grilled Teasy McCrypticson about the meaning behind the finale’s title, “The Change in the Game,” during a conference call with reporters. “The last two episodes of this season are going to run the gamut of tones that Bones does, from A to Z,” Hanson shared. “A lot happens in those last two episodes, and I think the title of the season finale, ‘The Change In the Game,’ is about as much as I want to say about it. I think it’s going to be one of those shows that the Bones audience will talk about and enjoy hugely. If anyone feels there’s an anti-climax to it, then I have totally failed at my job.”

Question: Throw me some Bones, would ya? —Cara
I see what you did there and I’m not amused. Please don’t do it again. Now for the scoop. Makes no Bones about it, Cara — Angela and Hodgins baby is gonna to be delivered by 90210‘s Mrs. Teasley! Actress Denise Dowse — best known as the stern but fair Vice Principal of the original West Bev High — will guest star in the season-ender as Angela’s unflappable baby doc. Speaking of the Bones finale, David Boreanaz confirmed on Twitter that Ryan O’Neal is back for the episode — although he didn’t say why. That’s where exec producer Stephen Nathan comes in. “He is on a bowling team that’s in the same league as our victim,” Nathan explains. “Because Max has had a bedroom-related accident, a space has opened up on the team that Booth fills.” Cue Boreanaz in acid-washed jeans.

Question: Hey! I need a One Tree Hill scoop. —Marie
Hey! The show will be revisiting Wagoneer-gate in a big way next week when Nate and Julian confront Professor Kellerman about that whole hit-and-run ugliness. “They’re going to set their sites on Kellerman, and whether or not he’s repentant or remorseful or combative is the dance we’re going to do,” teases exec producer Mark Schwahn. “Julian and Nathan almost lost the ones they love in that accident, and it’s fun to watch them be angry again. Julian has been so romantic and supportive, and so stable in Brooke’s life, and it’s nice that he gets to raise his voice and be angry and aggressive.” In other OTH news, it’s James Lafferty gone Wild!

Question: Are we going to see Elizabeth Banks/Avery again on 30 Rock before the season ends? —Frances
You will. Jack’s baby mama resurfaces next month with what sounds like some serious nanny issues. “Jack and Avery do not take care of their own baby and there’s a lot of drama surrounding that,” Banks previews. “But Avery’s a working mom, and just a great example to women, so that’s what I’m hoping to show on 30 Rock.”

Question: What is up with Rosie’s parents on The Killing — especially Mitch? Is there a darker story ahead for them (other than the grief of burying their child)? And isn’t Michelle Forbes a total fox? —Simone
I’ve spoken at length about Michelle Forbes’ bombdiggitiness so let’s cut straight to the first part of your question: Yes, I suspect things are about to go from bad to worse for the beleaguered couple. And based on what Forbes recently told me — and what we learned this past Sunday about Stan’s shady side job — I fear Mitch will bear the brunt of the heartache. “Mitch’s journey is that she’s betrayed by everyone,” Forbes revealed. “Every time she turns a corner she’s betrayed by someone or hasn’t been told the truth.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on my favorite show The Big C? — Kevin
Not just any scoop, and not just one, but three, all courtesy of exec producer Jenny Bicks. They pertain to the three new characters we’ll be meeting in Season 2:

| The doc Alan Alda will be playing will have a bedside manner to rival House’s. “He’s an awesome doctor,” Bicks says, “but he’s not all like the one that Cathy went to in the first season. He’s not the guy who’s going to hold your hand, [so what our heroine, his patient] has to deal with is, ‘Oh, wait, I don’t feel as comfortable as I did, but I feel like I’m going to live, which maybe is the more important thing.'”

| The stage IV melanoma patient Hugh Dancy will be playing could well be a new love interest for Cathy. After they meet in her clinical trial, they become “kind of soulmates,” says Bicks. “And maybe there’s a little attraction there, too. But it’s really about what it’s like to finally meet somebody else who’s going through exactly what you’re going through.”

| And finally, Cathy’s son Adam also meets someone who’s going through what he is — only instead of the teenage daughter of a cancer patient that he thinks he’s talking to over the Internet, it’s Parker Posey. “She’s very wacky and kind of takes him on adventures,” Bicks reveals. “He loves it, and she loves having him as a support.”

Question: What about some Californication spoilers? —Eckhard
The new season “does start three years later,” confirms Evan Handler. But not a whole lot will have changed, ultimately. “All the seeds were laid last season,” he hints, “for what comes into play this season.” Can you be any less specific? “It starts with Hank in New York,” he says. “And I’ve seen the shell of a very, very enormous Malibu beachfront home that Charlie Runkle now lives in without his wife. I don’t know how that will come into play, but obviously, they’re building a big set for Charlie’s house.” And since a casting call went out for Marcy’s baby, he adds with a laugh, “Maybe toddlers will be foisted upon me!”

Question: Any scoop on the next season of  White Collar? —Juliet
The future is… the past! The show is planning a flash(way)back episode in which we not only get to see what Willie Garson’s Mozzie was like at ages 5 and 12, we get to see his transformation from bullied youngster to shrewd con artist.

Question: I was wondering if you had any info on InSecurity. —Ginny
It’s a crippling disorder that afflicts millions of us and causes at least a few of us me to make fun of One Tree Hill to feel better about myself.

Question: When are we going to see some Peter/Bolivia interaction on Fringe? Any teases you could offer? —Jeff:
Only this one from exec producer Jeff Pinkner sent via email: “Peter and Bolivia’s story is FAR from over.” I’m intrigued by Pinkner’s choice to write “far” in all caps. Could that mean what I think it… ? Nah. There’s no way.

Question: Any Modern Family scoop — ideally Cam/Mitchell related? —Tom
It sounds like Cam ends up being the center of attention at Alex’s middle school graduation, and for all the wrong reasons. “I have [a lot] of physical comedy in that episode,” Eric Stonestreet tells TVLine. “I fall into a pool and I walk into a sliding glass door. It’s an excellent episode.”

Question: I know you have already given us a lot of tidbits about the upcoming Castle episodes, but we are still dying (no pun intended) for more! Any other items you can share about the upcoming L.A. episode with Castle/Beckett sharing a hotel room, or the explosive season finale? —Cheryl
How about some scoop on the episode sandwiched between those two? “Because the finale is serious and the L.A. episode is very much off-pattern for us, we had a lot of fun with the [penultimate] episode,” explains series creator Andrew W. Marlowe. “It’s about a death at a beauty pageant. We have Michael McKean (Smallville) playing a New York real estate multi-millionaire who runs the beauty pageant. Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) is in it as well. It’s just a fun Castle episode, but it also touches on the Castle-Beckett relationship, and also the Alexis/Ashley relationship, because Ashley is going off to college and that presents a complication for Alexis.”

Question: Any more scoop on the big obstacle coming up for Castle and Beckett in the Castle finale? —Andy
Something happens that “puts their identities fundamentally at odds,” hints Marlowe.

Question: Can you deny or confirm that the death on Castle will stick? Because I smell a fake-out. —Bree
You might want to investigate that smell because the death will stick. (What did you have for lunch today? That’s always a good place to start.)

Question: What’s up with the 3XK killer storyline on Castle? Are you ever gonna hear about that again? —Brittany
Yes, but not until next season.

Question: So… Supernatural. I just love that the brother dynamic has returned now that Sam’s got his soul back. Can we expect some great brotherly love in this season’s remaining episodes? —Julia
You can. As exec producer Bob Singer previews, “Dean is willing to trust him completely. And by season’s end, they are in total lock-step with each other, saving each other’s lives and having that relationship the fans crave.”

Question: Please tell as something about Dexter Season 6. Is there any news? —John
The show isn’t going to self-destruct under new boss Scott Buck, who took the showrunning reins from Chip Johannessen. “Scott had been with [Dexter] since the very first season as a writer, so I wouldn’t consider it a change in direction,” maintains Showtime president David Nevins of the behind-the-scenes shakeup. “Chip came in for one season — I love Chip, and he may well be working with us again soon — but Scott, and actually the staff around Scott, has been [around since] Season 1. There’s a lot of continuity to the old days of that show.”

Question: When is something going to happen between Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation? —Latifah
I’m going to go out on a limb and say in the May 12 episode, titled “Road Trip,” which finds Ben and Les heading to Indianapolis for an overnighter. In other P&R news, would you believe me if I told you Ben moves in with April and Andy? Would you? ‘Cause it’s true.

Question: Thank heavens Cougar Town is back. Got a spoiler for me? —Ron
On the heels of Monday’s popular Penny Can phone hotline thingy, exec producer Bill Lawrence tells TVLine that the show is planning another interactive gimmick. “In the third episode back, Laurie becomes obsessed with tweeting and she actually says what her Twitter name is on the show,” he reveals. “So we’ll be tweeting that whole episode as Laurie, which guarantees those seven followers 24 straight hours of content. A bunch of us are just gonna get a case of wine and do it for 24 hours.”

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