The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Coming soon to your screen: the return of the Cul de Sac Crew, the Bravermans bid us adieu, and a new Doctor Who. As a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way, here are 27 shows you may want to keep on your radar this week.

Gossip Girl Exclusive First Look: Dan and Chuck Battle Over Blair

8/7c Chuck (NBC)
| Get your TPS reports filed and put on your grooviest paisley button-down, because Gary Cole is back as Sarah’s pop.
8 pm House (Fox) | Thirteen’s back but it’s Martha Masters’ number who may be up, as the plucky med student’s morality is put to test.
9 pm The Chicago Code (Fox) | A multiple shooting puts Teresa’s job in jeopardy.
9 pm Gossip Girl (The CW) | “Dair” I ask if you’re Team Chair? Did you know Nair removes hair?
9:30 pm Cougar Town (ABC) | Reading comprehension is everything on the interwebs, so pay close attention: Jules & Co. are back tonight — and again on Wednesday. Our Big Carl overfloweth!
10 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | Sean Combs guests as a visiting NYPD detective hoping to “rap” up a case.

90210 Spring Breakdown: Adrianna Is Burned, Girls Go Wild and Teddy Gets a Boy Toy!

Glee (Fox) | Pint-size Charice and her oversized pipes finally makes an encore, while Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holly covers that Adele gal.
9 pm Hellcats (The CW) | Go ahead and judge me, but even as a zombie, Aly Michalka is dead-sexy.
10 pm Parenthood (NBC) | The Season 2 finale is every bit as good as you expect it to be. (Much more on that in my Inside Line column here!)
10 pm Body Of Proof (ABC) | Fans of series regular Geoffrey Arend’s real-life wife, Christina Hendricks, can double their pleasure when the Mad Men stunner plays twins. Sure, one of them is a corpse, but… don’t spoil the moment.

American Idol: What Should the Top 7 Sing for ’21st Century’ Week?

8/7c The Middle (ABC) |
It turns out that Frankie is rather obsessed with the royal wedding — and all the wallet-thinning commemorative trinkets that come with it.
8:30 pm Better With You (ABC) | Apparently we (and Maddie) have been fed a bit of hooey as to how Mia and Casey actually first met. Any guesses as to the true (sordid?) circumstances?
9:30 pm Breaking In (Fox) | This episode offers much Lex appeal as Michael Rosenbaum’s Dutch comes to the fore. Fay-ace!
10 pm Happy Endings (ABC) | TVLine readers by and large seem to like this new comedy. What’d I tell ya?
10 pm Justified (FX) | Raylan is gunning (probably literally) for the mystery someone who tried to have him popped last week.

Community (NBC) | Flashback alert No. 1: The study group reflects on fun times gone by (but the kind we never saw before, so no, this ain’t no crummy clip show).
8 pm The Vampire Diaries (The CW) | Flashback alert No. 2: When Katherine met Klaus.
8 pm Sidney Lumet marathon (TCM) | Turner Classic Movies tributes the late director with greatest hits such as 12 Angry Men, Network and Dog Day Afternoon.
9 pm Bones (Fox) | In this “planted pilot” episode setting up a possible spinoff, Geoff Stults (October Road) guest-stars as “The Finder,” a onetime associate of Booth’s who has an uncanny knack for losing things. OK, I’m yanking your chain — he finds stuff.
10 pm 30 Rock (NBC) | The show’s 100th episode finds Liz scrambling to save “TGS” from Kabletown boss Ken Howard’s axe. Will Tom Hanks somehow save the day?

Supernatural Exec Previews Wild West Episode, Ponders a Musical Outing

8/7c Smallville (The CW) |
Booster Gold gladly hogs the spotlight as mild-mannered Clark increasingly dodges it.
9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | AKA How the Old West Was Fun!
9 pm Fringe (Fox) | Hopefully now featuring 0% animation, this week we’ve got Walternate stirring up trouble over here.

9/8c Doctor Who (BBC America) |
The good doctor is back in, with his first time trip of Season 6.

9/8c Game Of Thrones (HBO) |
Daenerys learns a few tricks to, ahem, please her husband. You can get Cosmo in Westeros?
10 pm The Killing (AMC) | The brand-new suspect, the one who was writing Rosie poetry? I totally knew he did it. Case closed! What?
10 pm Treme (HBO) | Season 2 picks up 14 months after Katrina — and still stars recently minted Academy Award winner Melissa Leo!

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the comments to politely share tune-in recommendations of your own.

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