Matt's Inside Line: Scoop On a Chuck First, Parenthood's Season Finale, House and More

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

You Can’t Con a Con | At least that’s what Sarah is out to prove this Monday on Chuck, when after getting swindled she enlists her father (guest star Gary Cole) to get even. “Her dad is a con man, so she’s absolutely mortified,” Yvonne Strahovski reports. Plotting with her pop and Chuck, Sarah at one point slips into a new persona, affording Strahovski a chance to tackle a Chuck first. “I get to do a whole new accent,” shares the actress, who to date has only (and just one time) used her native Aussie voice. “That’s something that I’ve never done!” Speaking of firsts, many of the NBC spy comedy’s fans are wondering if Casey might restart his romance with Alex’s mother, Kathleen. Adam Baldwin, though, thinks such a storyline isn’t suited for such an early primetime hour. “A Casey love interest at eight o’clock? Nah,” the actor scoffs. “He needs a 10 o’clock.”

House Star’s Dream Proposal | Previously on TVLine.com… Amber Tamblyn teased us by saying that Martha Masters’ in-person intro to Thirteen will be “juicy.” She declined to elaborate, preferring for their exact dynamic to be a surprise, “but it’s definitely favorable,” she allowed. In fact, Tamblyn says that before her character imminently says adios, “I was hoping that Martha would propose to Thirteen in her last episode – like, let’s just go crazy and turn this into a different show, and Masters is this person nobody ever knew!” Tamblyn didn’t get her wish (we presume), but nonetheless found herself wild about Olivia Wilde. “I love that woman, and wish I had more screen time with her. We had a blast!”

New Directions Does New York City | Glee will take a bite out of the Big Apple later this month when the Fox hit films nationals on location in Manhattan. “The whole cast is going,” Twentieth Century Fox chairman Dana Walden told us this weekend at the “Taste For a Cure” event hosted by UCLA’S Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. And what are the current odds on Rachel, Finn et al coming away with a “W”? “They’re the underdogs,” Walden notes, “but right now they’re looking pretty good!”

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Parenthood’s Fine Finale | If you follow me on Twitter, you know that on Sunday I watched the Parenthood Season 2 finale (airing Tuesday at 10/9c), and my decision to do so while doing cardio at the gym was, at best, a questionable one. Soon into the episode, it became clear that Lauren Graham was taking no prisoners in portraying Sarah’s anguish over Amber’s car crash. But the “closer” was Craig T. Nelson, who at one point serves up a speech about his long-ago dream of one day having grandchildren. Outstanding, sniffly stuff. The finale boasts two nice callbacks to Ron Howard’s Parenthood movie and packs in a few twists, including a piece of bad news for one character, a change of heart for at least two others, and, of course, this (from the promo).

Good Wife Bad Girls | As if The Good Wife’s Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) didn’t already have plenty on her plate this spring, she almost had quite a bit more – in the form of an extended somethingoranother with FBI agent Lana Delaney (played by Jill Flint). “We had a whole plotline built for [those two] – oh my gosh, we had such a good plotline,” teases series cocreator Robert King. “But Royal Pains wouldn’t let Jill go, so we were bereft.” As are Kalinda fans, I am sure.

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Hot Gossip | Like a bad penny, Gossip Girl‘s Jack Bass will turn up on May 9, and in a way that will catch some folks off guard. Desmond Harrington (Dexter) tells us the reappearance of Chuck’s uncle is “going to be surprising. That’s what I can tell you, that my character might surprise some people.” Theories/speculation, folks?

Screened & Heard | ABC’s Cougar Town resumes its second season tonight at 9:30 pm, and to that end features a title card tailor-made for those stumbling across the show after an evening of Dancing With the Stars. The first new episode also introduces us to “The No, No Dance,” courtesy of Jules…. For the few of you who are A) keeping tabs on CBS’ CHAOS and B) hoping to see more of Kurtwood Smith, the producers tell me that his officious CIA boss man will venture out into the field in an upcoming episode…. Leverage fans can count on the return of Mark Sheppard’s slithery Sterling at some point during Season 4 (premiering June 26).

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