New Gossip Girl Kaylee DeFer: Cousin Charlie 'Has a Dark Side'

Now that you’ve met Gossip Girl‘s Charlie Rhodes, I’m dying to know: What do you think of Serena’s long-lost cousin? I’ve got some suspicions of my own, so I went straight to actress Kaylee DeFer to get the dish on what Char is really all about. And you know what? I’m still not sure. The one thing that is for certain: This girl is going to make a huge splash in the Upper East Side.

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TVLINE | Alright, what is the real deal with Charlie? Is she as genuine, innocent and sweet as she seems?
I will say that Charlie is a very relatable person who really just wants to fit in. As far as where she goes, I promise that her intentions are for a greater good, but everybody’s going to go on quite a ride with Charlie. She has lots of layers.

TVLINE | Hmmm. Might Serena (played Blake Lively) come to regret welcoming this distant cousin into her life?
I wouldn’t say that. Serena is Charlie’s mentor, and Charlie is infatuated with her. She wants to do good by her. Whatever ends up happening between Charlie and the rest of the gang, I don’t think there are too many moves that she makes without making sure she doesn’t step on many toes.

TVLINE | Are you positive about that? Because I saw that little glance she shot at Dan (Penn Badgely) at the end of the Monday’s episode. Looked suspicious to me…
It is suspicious, and like I said, there are lots of layers there.

TVLINE | What about the big secret that Charlie’s mom, Carol (Sheila Kelley), warned Lily about? It sounded like one of two things: She has an eating disorder, or she killed a man. Too dramatic?
Charlie has a dark side. [Laughs] She’s not like any other girl that has ever been on Gossip Girl. She’s definitely a new addition, with a different storyline.

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TVLINE | Are there any characters you didn’t get a chance to interact with that you would have liked to?
I actually cross paths with just about everyone at one point or another. In the season finale, I end up with the majority of the cast, but I’d definitely like to see that darker side come out. Who knows? It would be fun to do something with the darker characters of Gossip Girl.

TVLINE | Having seen next week’s episode, I know there are a few fun exchanges between Charlie and Blair (Leighton Meester). Please tell me we’ll see some more face-offs between those two.
Yeah. [Laughs] We have a few run-ins.

TVLINE | I think Charlie’s going to get a little taste of the limelight, and love it. Might we see her become so involved with the group that she receives her very own Gossip Girl blast?
Ooh, that would be cool. You know, maybe. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will you return if the show is renewed for a fifth season?
There’s always a possibility, and I really, really hope that I do get asked back. I would love to continue this adventure with this character. There are some twists to her that are pretty cool, and hopefully I do get to finish what I started.

TVLINE | Well, I already love you — and Charlie — on the show, and definitely hope to see more of her next season.
Thank you so much. I wish there was some sort of voting system to keep Charlie. Like American Idol — dial 1-866-Vote-for-Charlie! [Laughs] Honestly, I think that everybody’s really going to enjoy the roller coaster that my character is going to take everyone on. There’s always room for more drama on Gossip Girl!

The CW’s Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9/8c.