Castle Boss to Bones Producers: Booth and Brennan Need to Hook Up NOW

As creator and exec producer of ABC’s Castle, Andrew W. Marlowe has spent a whole lot of the last three years keeping his title character and Beckett apart, and wondering how long that can go on. One thing he does know: He’d be getting pretty anxious right about now if he were Bones‘ Hart Hanson and the couple in question was Booth and Brennan.

Bones is heading into its seventh year,” Marlowe observes to TVLine, “and there comes a point where you put up or shut up. Otherwise, the characters become brother and sister. You can’t extend that tension that long without your fans breaking. And I know that people still watch the show and it’s still popular… I just think it [starts to] morph into something else.”

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Mind you, Marlowe can certainly empathize with the position Hanson and his fellow Bones scribes are in. “Part of my challenge [with Castle and Beckett] is to figure out a way in which to do it when the time is right so it feels like a great moment in the series and a great next step in this love story that we’re telling,” he says. “But [we] also [have to] figure out how there’s storytelling beyond that.

“I’m on record in a number of places saying that there’s plenty of storytelling left after these guys get together, because there are complications in those relationships,” he continues. “Once you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily become easier. So I feel like I can afford to get to the point where these two actually sleep together and have a relationship, I just don’t feel instinctively that we’re there yet at the end of season 3.”

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If Bones does end up going there with its central duo in next month’s finale — and all signs seem to point in that direction — you can be sure Marlowe will be monitoring the on- and off-screen fallout next season. “Hopefully, Hart will find a way to do it where he can extend the storytelling,” says his Castle counterpart. “And if [he’s successful], it will certainly give some relief to the folks over at Fox that there can be storytelling beyond that.”