90210 Spring Breakdown: Adrianna Is Burned, Girls Go Wild, and Teddy Gets a Boy Toy!

Holy guacamole! The CW’s 90210 returns this Monday at 8/7c, kicking off a slew of season-ending shocks with a deliciously devious trip to Mexico. Sparks are a-flyin’ between the Cabo-bound gang from Scene 1 of the spring breakaway, but don’t just take my word for it. Having been on set for the shoot, I’ve got scoop straight from the mouths of a few of your West Bev faves.

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Silver & Navid & Adrianna | After weeks of behind-the-scenes backstabbing, the claws finally come out between Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Ade (Jessica Lowndes) — and all the while, Navid is stuck in the middle. “We all get in the plane to head to Cabo, and Ade just shows up,” Michael Steger says. “There’s a bit of a catfight in the private jet, and it’s probably the cattiest episode between the two.” Mind you, that’s just the beginning. “There’s actually a lot of catfighting,” Lowndes adds playfully. “Ade decides to fill a bottle with contaminated tap water and makes Silver sick, after which she replaces my sunblock with moisturizer and gives me the worst sunburn of all time [see photo above]. Plus, we get to wrestle in the pool!” Needless to say, these former besties won’t rekindle the friendship while south of the border. In fact, it only gets worse from here. (Ahem, bipolar battle!)

Teddy & Tripp | It’s important to acknowledge that yes, Teddy’s lip-lock with spring break fling Tripp (played by Alan Ritchson aka Smallville‘s Aquaman) is totally strange because of how the two actors favor each other. “It’s weird that we look similar,” Trevor Donovan tells me with a laugh. “It’s also weird that I’ve known Alan for six years! He texted me, ‘Hey buddy, looks like we’re getting it on.’ So yeah, I had mixed feelings about it, but it ended up being fine. We treated it real lightly.” Now, about that hot hookup…. “Teddy runs into an old roommate of his from private school, they reminiscence about being womanizers until Teddy can’t handle it anymore and tells Tripp he’s gay,” Donovan dishes. “Turns out, Tripp’s gay too, and we have a little fling.” We won’t detail what happens in the aftermath, but the result is this: “Teddy learns that he doesn’t want to be the player-type anymore.”

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Naomi & Max | Sexytime dominates a vast majority of the undercover lovers’ trip. But underneath all of Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and Max’s (Josh Zuckerman) physical attraction is a budding romance — a genuine one — that we’ll get to watch warm up in Mexico. Well, that, and perhaps some actual math tutoring.

Ivy & Dixon | Yes, they are still exes, but when Dixon rescues Ivy (the lovely Gillian Zinser) — again! — the two finally find some common ground. “In times of need, old friends definitely come together to rebuild,” Tristan Wilds tells me. “So, I think it’s the start of a good thing for these two.” Once the gang heads back to Beverly Hills, Ivy will come to terms with her feelings for the ailing Raj (Manish Dayal).

Annie & Liam | All together now: Awww! Never before has something so ridiculous turned into something so incredibly sweet, but leave it to the show’s least eventful couple to accomplish just that. Without revealing too much, I will say that if you’re a fan of Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam (Matt Lanter), stick it out through the entire episode. Their vacay gets off to a rocky start, but ends on a huge high note — one that may bring a tear or two to your eyes.

Eager to see how 90210‘s spring break festivities play out? Tune in Monday at 8/7c on The CW.