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Pilot Preview: Jennifer Morrison Says Lost Fans Will Love ABC's Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young actress named Jennifer Morrison. Many adored her when she played House, and faithful fans followed her to a “legendary” place known as How I Met Your Mother. Now, Morrison is hoping to start a new chapter in her career, as the star of an ABC adventure that offers magically delicious treats for those who savored a little show called Lost.

Morrison’s buzzy ABC pilot, Once Upon a Time, is the brainchild of Lost executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. That pedigree is both a blessing and a curse for the series, as it will no doubt face some folks’ expectations for another Island-esque masterpiece. Fortunately, Morison tells TVLine that Losties need not worry. In fact, the pilot alone promises subtle nods to the Oceanic gang scattered throughout the hour.

“The pilot is so beautifully written, with such a great cast,” Morrison gushes. “It really is very special.”

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But let’s backtrack: What is Once Upon a Time really all about, other than simply a “modern-day fairy tale”?

“Basically, it’s as if every fairy tale character ever written is real and actually exists, but they’ve been cursed and they don’t know their true identities,” Morrison explains. (For example, Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White, while Swingtown‘s Lana Parrilla is the Evil Queen.) “They are living in our reality not knowing who they truly are. And because [of that], they’re never going to have their happy ending.”

Morrison plays the series’ main character, Anna, “a child of two fairy tale characters who is fated to save everyone from the curse.”

While Time is in no way an action series, “Anna is a bails bondsman, so her job in real-life is kickass… but realistically kickass,” Morrison promises. “It’s not like she’s flying or anything, she is just a tough chick. She didn’t grow up with her parents and now she’s “the chosen one,” so she’s a little messed up when we meet her.”

Hailing the aforementioned former Lost EPs and what they bring to the table, Morrison says, “Eddy and Adam are just so great at mixing this world of fantasy and reality, which they did with Lost for so many years. The pilot really sucks you in and sets up so much intrigue and conflict.”

Are you sufficiently intrigued by the Once Upon a Time premise? And how do you think it might go about making nods to the passengers of Oceanic 815?