Has Tom Hanks' 30 Rock Role Been Revealed?

When Tom Hanks revealed on Twitter that he would be appearing on NBC’s 30 Rock, two questions came to the fore: Who would he playing? And how the heck does this “RadioMan” person fit into it?! Well, now we have answers.

“RadioMan delivers msg from T.Fey. Result? I’m on 30 Rock!” the two-time Academy Award winner shared on Twitter last month. “Thanks, RMan.”

RadioMan is a former homeless person who now tours New York City on a Schwinn bike, with a radio slung around his neck. (Dude’s got a website and all!) As Tina Fey explains in the Late Show with David Letterman clip below, RadioMan is also quite the savant about TV shows and movies that shoot in the Big Apple — and it is that skill of his that ultimately brokered Fey’s deal with Hanks. So, Hanks’ cryptic tweet? Quite crystal clear, actually.

Watch Fey explain how it all went down, starting at the 7-minute mark:

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Fey’s segment with Letterman also seems to answer the second burning question about Hanks’ 30 Rock appearance: He will in fact be playing himself, since Fey talks of scrambling to find an “A-List actor” to make a “cameo.”

Anyone else bummed the Apollo 13 star and From the Earth to the Moon producer won’t be playing the legendary “astronaut Mike Dexter”?

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