Born Luthors: Smallville's Cassidy Freeman On Clinches With (Evil) Clark and the Joy of Lex

This Friday at 8/7c, The CW’s Smallville resumes its 10th and final season with a “universe swap” à la the December episode “Luthor.” So, while our Clark (played by Tom Welling) is in alt-Earth doing his best to set straight a distraught (and alive) Jonathan Kent, Clark Luthor once again is on the prowl over “here,” hoping to partner with his (adopted!) sister, Tess, in all sorts of ways.

Cassidy Freeman spoke with TVLine about her latest run-in with that Clark, as well as previewed the moment many have waited for: Tess meeting her other brother, Lex.

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TVLINE | What is Tess’ reaction when she realizes that Clark Luthor is once again among us?
Her reaction to Clark Luthor is always one of skepticism, but also one of attraction in that it’s someone who’s superpowerful. It’s a different persona of the same person that she knows, and they also share such a history but in an alternate world, so she’s intrigued that he knows her but she doesn’t really know him. It’s an unfair relationship.

TVLINE | And what exactly is his plan this go-round?
His plan is to stay. To take over.

TVLINE | Global domination and all that.
[Laughs] Yes – Clark Luthor-style.

TVLINE | How long does it take before he’s putting the moves on Tess?
[Coyly] Well, we never really know if he does….

TVLINE | Ohhh, [executive producer] Kelly Souder told me that things get rather “steamy,” that she was “not disappointed” with what she saw in the dailies.
She said that? Good! Yeah, they try to steam it up as much as they can. Clark Luthor uses that as one of his tools, as much as for manipulation as anything else.

TVLINE | Does a part of Tess dig it, or does she feel — in some strange, admittedly misplaced way — that she is betraying Lois (Erica Durance)?
I don’t think she feels like she’s betraying Lois, because she really thinks of them as two different people – Clark Luthor and Clark Kent. But at the same time, I don’t think she’s very trusting of him. Although it feels very good to be flirted with and wanted, she also knows that it’s not a good idea. It’s like the guy in the motorcycle jacket – yeah, it’s awesome and he may make me feel special, but he’ll probably dump me for my best friend!

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TVLINE | Will we ever get some follow-up to alllll that transpired between Tess and Emil during “Fortune”?
We do work together again, but it’s not directly talked about.

TVLINE | Is that interaction nonetheless rife with sexual tension?
[Laughs] It’s rife with misunderstanding and trying to be open and honest about something that may not have happened had we not been under Zatanna’s spell.

TVLINE | So they won’t be going steady by the series finale (airing May 13)?
No, I’m not wearing his letter jacket.

TVLINE | Speaking of the finale, Tom told me he spent a whole day working with Michael Rosenbaum. As Lex’s sister, were you also able to get a piece of the action?
I did get a piece of it, and it was awesome.

TVLINE | Was it anything remotely resembling the “throwdown” you wished for when I spoke to you at the 200th episode party (see video below)?
I have to say, it wasn’t stunt-heavy, but it is a beautiful scene. And it was really cool getting to work with Michael after so long. All the stories I had heard about him were pretty much perfect to a T, so I felt like I knew him before I knew him.

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TVLINE | Was last month’s Smallville wrap party 100-percent revelry, or were there moments of misty-eyed nostalgia?
It’s difficult to get misty-eyed when you’re in the Vancouver Club with a band playing loudly and people introducing you to their significant others. But it was emotional on set. I’ve only been there for a little bit of it, and it still felt like a big change; I can’t imagine what it was like for Tom and Erica.

TVLINE | I was thrilled to see you land a pilot so quickly. How do you fit into A&E’s Longmire?
I play Sheriff Longmire’s daughter. His wife/my mom has died, so I feel like I have to stick around Wyoming to take care of my widowed dad. We shoot at the end of the month [in New Mexico], and it’s a great cast — Robert Taylor (The Matrix), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs), Bailey Chase (Saving Grace)….

TVLINE | Will it have a Western feel?

TVLINE | So, will you be “strapped”?
[Laughs] I’m a lawyer in the show, so… Not necessarily, no!