Born Luthors: Smallville's Cassidy Freeman On Clinches With (Evil) Clark and the Joy of Lex

This Friday at 8/7c, The CW’s Smallville resumes its 10th and final season with a “universe swap” à la the December episode “Luthor.” So, while our Clark (played by Tom Welling) is in alt-Earth doing his best to set straight a distraught (and alive) Jonathan Kent, Clark Luthor once again is on the prowl over “here,” hoping to partner with his (adopted!) sister, Tess, in all sorts of ways.

Cassidy Freeman spoke with TVLine about her latest run-in with that Clark, as well as previewed the moment many have waited for: Tess meeting her other brother, Lex.

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TVLINE | What is Tess’ reaction when she realizes that Clark Luthor is once again among us?
Her reaction to Clark Luthor is always one of skepticism, but also one of attraction in that it’s someone who’s superpowerful. It’s a different persona of the same person that she knows, and they also share such a history but in an alternate world, so she’s intrigued that he knows her but she doesn’t really know him. It’s an unfair relationship.

TVLINE | And what exactly is his plan this go-round?
His plan is to stay. To take over.

TVLINE | Global domination and all that.
[Laughs] Yes – Clark Luthor-style.

TVLINE | How long does it take before he’s putting the moves on Tess?
[Coyly] Well, we never really know if he does….

TVLINE | Ohhh, [executive producer] Kelly Souder told me that things get rather “steamy,” that she was “not disappointed” with what she saw in the dailies.
She said that? Good! Yeah, they try to steam it up as much as they can. Clark Luthor uses that as one of his tools, as much as for manipulation as anything else.

TVLINE | Does a part of Tess dig it, or does she feel — in some strange, admittedly misplaced way — that she is betraying Lois (Erica Durance)?
I don’t think she feels like she’s betraying Lois, because she really thinks of them as two different people – Clark Luthor and Clark Kent. But at the same time, I don’t think she’s very trusting of him. Although it feels very good to be flirted with and wanted, she also knows that it’s not a good idea. It’s like the guy in the motorcycle jacket – yeah, it’s awesome and he may make me feel special, but he’ll probably dump me for my best friend!

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TVLINE | Will we ever get some follow-up to alllll that transpired between Tess and Emil during “Fortune”?
We do work together again, but it’s not directly talked about.

TVLINE | Is that interaction nonetheless rife with sexual tension?
[Laughs] It’s rife with misunderstanding and trying to be open and honest about something that may not have happened had we not been under Zatanna’s spell.

TVLINE | So they won’t be going steady by the series finale (airing May 13)?
No, I’m not wearing his letter jacket.

TVLINE | Speaking of the finale, Tom told me he spent a whole day working with Michael Rosenbaum. As Lex’s sister, were you also able to get a piece of the action?
I did get a piece of it, and it was awesome.

TVLINE | Was it anything remotely resembling the “throwdown” you wished for when I spoke to you at the 200th episode party (see video below)?
I have to say, it wasn’t stunt-heavy, but it is a beautiful scene. And it was really cool getting to work with Michael after so long. All the stories I had heard about him were pretty much perfect to a T, so I felt like I knew him before I knew him.

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Tom Welling and Other Smallville Vets Flash Back to the March 2010 Pilot Shoot

TVLINE | Was last month’s Smallville wrap party 100-percent revelry, or were there moments of misty-eyed nostalgia?
It’s difficult to get misty-eyed when you’re in the Vancouver Club with a band playing loudly and people introducing you to their significant others. But it was emotional on set. I’ve only been there for a little bit of it, and it still felt like a big change; I can’t imagine what it was like for Tom and Erica.

TVLINE | I was thrilled to see you land a pilot so quickly. How do you fit into A&E’s Longmire?
I play Sheriff Longmire’s daughter. His wife/my mom has died, so I feel like I have to stick around Wyoming to take care of my widowed dad. We shoot at the end of the month [in New Mexico], and it’s a great cast — Robert Taylor (The Matrix), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs), Bailey Chase (Saving Grace)….

TVLINE | Will it have a Western feel?

TVLINE | So, will you be “strapped”?
[Laughs] I’m a lawyer in the show, so… Not necessarily, no!

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  1. mary says:

    I love Cassidy Freeman and admire her very much. So what I’m about to say is not meant as anything negative towards her.

    But frankly, I think this entire focus on Tess and Clark Luthor—4 episodes before the series finale—has been very strange and very disappointing. With all due respect to Kelly and Brian…I honestly want to know what the hell they are doing. Because this is not how I wanted to spend the final episodes of a 10 year series about Superman.

    I’m also not above saying that I find it very odd and kind of…alarming…that Kelly Souders is so excited about creating “steamy” scenes between a serial killer and his stepsister when the couple who is supposed to be getting married in a few short episodes—Lois and the REAL Clark—have barely shared a kiss since November. Shouldn’t showing passion in their relationship be a bit more of a priority with the series wrapping up in 4 short weeks? How does wasting time on a ridiculous and un-necessary plot about Clark Luthor add to the final stages of Clark Kent’s journey at all?

    I respect what Kelly and Brian have brought to Smallville for the last 2 years. But sometimes I question their priorities with this show. That being said, I’m wishing Cassidy well.

    • Holly says:

      I just wanted to give you a virtual HIGH-FIVE… yeah, the fact that Kelly is hot for a guy and his sister making out… on a show about Superman… it’s really and truly, honestly DISTURBING!

    • Jo says:

      It’s because of episodes like Luthor, Scion and Kent that I regret Erica Durance is in all 22 episodes this year. She finally gets a chance to shine and the crackhead showrunners subject her Lois character to these total crapfests? Erica Durance deserves so much better than the obvious lack of appreciation she gets from the Smallville PTB. But it’s pretty obvious they love Cassidy Freeman though…

  2. Clois Fan says:

    I will be skipping this disgusting Cless fest..Clois can’t even get steamy kisses…So disrespect for the Clois relationship..I’m glad Smallville is ending

  3. Audrey says:

    Cassidy is a complete doll. I don’t particularly agree though with some of her statements about Clark Luthor.

    Clark Luthor is not a “Bad boy” in a motorcycle jacket. That would be RedkClark.

    Clark Luthor is a murderer who has physically threatened to kill Tess. There is a difference.

    There’s “bad boy” and then there’s actual, physical abuse. I think she’s confusing the two here.

    Clark Luthor isn’t going to “Dump you for your best friend”, Cassidy. He’ll murder you. There is a difference and it’s a very serious one. I would hope that the narrative is smart enough to understand that.

    Please let’s try not to romanticize this character because quite honestly abuse and physical violence are serious things. They aren’t “sexy” things. Clark Luthor is quite literally a serial killer. He’s not RedK Clark.

    I really like Cassidy a ton. But I’m not sure I agree with her statements here and I can’t say that I’m at all looking forward to this episode. This is not how I would have ended this series.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      In Cassidy’s defense, I did respond to that metaphor by noting, “Please, a girl is luckily to walk away alive” from Clark Luthor, to which she agreed. It simply did not make the final edit above.

      • Audrey says:

        Well, that’s good to hear. And believe me, I really like Cassidy Freeman. But I do question why this is what we are getting as the big “return” for the final 4 episodes of the series. I’m not ashamed to admit outright that I don’t care about this at all. I care about Clark Kent and his story. I also care about Lois Lane and her relationship with Clark Kent. (A relationship that has, imo, been neglected on the show since their engagement.) So when I see Kelly Souders promoting an episode like this….it makes me scratch my head. It also kind of alarms me that Kelly Souders legitimately thinks that Clark Luthor is “steamy.” I guess we have different definitions of what it means to be sexy. I don’t find violence sexy in the slightest. You know what I found sexy? That awesome scene in the kitchen between Lois and Clark back in “Ambush.” Can we get more of that please? Or are healthy relationships between two people who love each other and are committed to each other out now? I guess I missed that memo. Thanks for the interview though Matt. Cassidy is lovely. I certainly don’t blame her for the mistakes that I think Kelly and Brian are making with these final episodes.

    • txgina says:

      I think we all need to be careful and remember to SEPARATE the actress from the character. Ms. Freeman obviously has a grasp on the fact that Tess and Clark and Clark Luthor are fictional creations, and the situations in which the writers put them are fictional situations. (Not suggesting you don’t, Audrey, so please don’t be offended.)

      Of course C.Luthor is icky. He’s SUPPOSED to be diametrically opposed to the Clark we know and love. Just go along for the ride, folks. We all know Superman wins in the end!

  4. laz says:

    i am calling now tess and clark luthor will have sex in this eps so if you are a clois fan like me i say skip this eps like i will be skiping all the eps to come.

  5. Dee says:

    Cannot wait for the last episodes!!!

    So exiting to see Tom do mean, nasty, amoral Clark. So very sexy.

    Glad Cassidy was able to move on quickly to other projects.

  6. Tyson says:

    Thank Matt, great interview! I don’t know why Cloisers get so upset… it’s not Clark Kent! Two completely different beings here! I’m excited for their interactions, Clark Luthor is incredibly intense!

    The Lex/Tess scene in the finale is going to be great! Can’t wait for that!

    By the way, Cassidy has such a bubbly personality, can’t help but love her!

    • oh well says:

      I don’t think anyone is confusing the fact that it’s two different people. I think the reason people are upset (and it’s not just Clois fans who seem to be bothered by this btw) is three fold. 1) There are only 4 episodes left in the series. The SERIES. And this doesn’t seem to have any kind of impact on our Clark at all. 2) Arguably, the Clark/Lois relationship has been pretty neglected since November/December and they are by far more important in their development on the show and in the Superman mythos. So it’s frustrating to see the producers like Kelly going on and on about something pointless like this when they can’t be bothered to take the time to show passion between the main couple on the series in months. It’s time that should be spent on them since they actually matter to the story. 3) I think people find it disturbing that Kelly Souders is so excited about a relationship based in violence.

      • pam says:

        get over it. just because they aren’t shoving lois and clark down our throats, like they did in the beginning of the season, doesn’t make this episode pointless. its shippers like you that give the online fandom a bad name. this episode will show clark kent guiding jonathan kent (from other universe) to a better life and clark makes an impact. im sure lois will be working with tess to get clark back to the real universe.

        and it’s more than just cloisers that are “dreading” this episode? doubt it. they just spam the boards with their opinions to make it seem that way. taking a little row at kelly souders? how high of you, especially hiding behind the computer to do so.

        • Gavin says:

          Well said Pam. Don’t worry like most fandom, the most vocal opponents who judge before seeing, are very much in the minority of fans. Russell T Davies used to get absolutely slated for his Doctor Who writing and plots, and I remember him saying that the online community were but a handful of the millions of viewers who tuned in every week who loved the show.

        • Audrey says:

          No, people who give the online fandom a “Bad name” are those who attack real people and mistreat people. I don’t think anyone on here has done anything of the sort. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. I respect the way you feel. Perhaps you could respect the way I and others feel without being nasty.

          I think Kelly Souders is probably a lovely person and I respect what she has brought to the show for the last few years. I do question sometimes the words that she uses to describe certain things on the show and I do question her perception of what is “sexy” if she finds a relationship based in abuse to be sexy. I would say that to her face just as surely as I would say it on the internet because I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that. It’s not a judgement on her character. It’s simply something that I disagree with in her perceptions on relationships. Perhaps we could all respect that it’s ok to disagree. I truly hope people enjoy the episode. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

        • Holly says:

          ITA! There is nothing attractive about a man that MURDERERS people and sleeps with hookers AND his adopted sister… just because he can! So, no, I don’t think this is fun, steamy, or sexy. Violence against women (and men) is not okay because the man is physically good looking. Wow, that’s just a horrible thing to even have to type.

          Clark Luthor is vile… so, yeah, watching “steamy” scenes with a serial killing rapist type… is not my idea of a worth while show. I do now watch Smallville for THAT.

          If ANYONE is getting steamy scenes it should be Clark KENT and HIS fiance. I don’t understand how the PTB do know this!!

  7. laz says:

    i think for the most part that we are mad because lois don’t get to see it happen and don’t get to voice her thoughts on the matter and that it seems like tess is got a bigger arc then lois because her last name is luthor but what is really sad a eps callied kent more about the luthors then the kents.and what worries me more is the same writers for this eps are the ones who will write the last eps so clana mought make a come back.

    • Gavin says:

      Laz you haven’t even seen the episode you are complaining about. How can you possibly say you are worried that the writers of an episode you have not yet seen, are going to ruin the last few episodes you haven’t seen as well?

      • laz says:

        because BPandKS are the ones who said clois fans would be happy about the lana arc back in season 8 and look what happen we get the AOS so forgive me if i don’t feel the same why you do about bp and ks the past shows us don’t it.and i am sure lois and clark will get there little peck at the end just not as great as tess and CL ones.

  8. Gavin says:

    Pretty much disgusted with the vocal but very small contingent of online fandom who are saying something is a waste of space before seeing it.

    Judging before you have seen something is the worst kind of prejudice.

    And this is Jonathan Kent. The actor and character was a key focus for 5 seasons and was instrumental in the development of Clark. I for one am very interesting in meeting the alternative version and seeing how much of a positive influence our Clark can have on his negative life. If you ask me it makes an awesome symmetry.

    This WHOLE season has had several key prominent storylines. One of them is the alternate universe and its influence on our universe. This isn’t just an alternate universe story out the blue. It’s part of the seasons overall story arc.

    As for Clark and Lois, as a fan I want to see them do the whole thing, but you can’t pitch every single episode remaining on a Clark and Lois romance “A story”. I’m sure the writers will give as as much as they can in the subplots as they usually do.

    Now let us Jonathan Kent and alternate universe fans enjoy this episode in piece please. If you want to complain wait until you’ve seen the episode.

    • Audrey says:

      I actually agree with you that the Jonathan Kent stuff is very worthwhile to explore. I’m looking forward to seeing that in the episode tonight and I hope that’s the true focus of the episode. I agree that’s very worthwhile.

      I agree with you that Clark/Lois can’t be the A plot every week. That being said, I don’t actually think they have been the A plot since “Ambush” aired back in November. I think we are due for some episodes where they are the A plot.

      Third, perhaps we could all have a little more respect for each other. I certainly take no issue with you looking forward to the episode at all. Perhaps you could respect those of us that do have issues with it as opposed to making it seem as though we aren’t allowed to voice our opinions because they don’t match yours. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on this.

      • Gavin says:

        Hey Audrey. Yes, what I was getting at wasn’t that fans weren’t entitled to their opinions about episodes. My point was, wait until you’ve seen it before casting a negative judgement. I think that’s fair. I don’t think anyone can judge without sufficient information, and all these interviews and trailers give are teases. The real juicy emotional core of the episode will be revealed tonight.

        If you hate it after tonight, fair enough. But I do stress please wait until you’ve seen it before ripping it to shreds. By “you” I’m just referring to everyone and not you specifically Audrey.

        • laz says:

          I guess what burns me the most is that kelly seems to think she has got to write lois but feel she dos’t need to and that’s very disresepctfull of a 70 year comic book icon it really suck tess means more to her then that icon lois lane even tom welling thinks beter of others then lois just go and read some of his stuff i am starting think they would not know what a comic book is if it slaped them in the face and when tom welling said that clark and tess mean more this
          year back at comic con he was not lieing was he and since he is a EP tthis year it was his doing i bet.

    • Carrie says:

      I totally agree. What’s the point of judging an episode you haven’t seen yet? If you’re a fan of the show, why would you automatically assume the worst? Some people obviously don’t get the fact that this episode provides a way to bring Jonathan back and to explore more of Clark’s issues before he actually becomes Superman. I thoroughly enjoyed the last alt-world episode and if people want to skip this one for such silly and presumptuous reasons, that’s their loss.

  9. Jo says:

    I’m with the people who are going to skip this skankfest of an episode. Glad that Kelly Souders has her priorties right . She needs steamy scenes between Clark Luthor and his ‘sis’ Tess, but Clark Kent and his fiance Lois get sweet but ultimately boring scenes. I guess we’re suppose to use our imaginations that Clark and Lois are in a loving relationship, but we have to be shown in full technicolor the alternative ‘sexy’ relationship between Clark and Tess in one of the final episodes of the series. I suppose that just like it’s now or never to develop Clois, it’s now or never to titillate with Cless. Thank God the show is going to be over before it gets even worse under Kelly Souders’ watch.

    • laz says:

      well look on the bright side they said clark would be shirtless one more time i guess this is the eps that it happens in.and a side note why don’t someone ask if lois and lex have a scene at the end because if they don’t it well look like mr don’t ed and that would be sad.

      • laz says:

        mr don’t like ed that right there tells you how mad i am i can’t spell when i am mad i think i will go out and get drunk insted of watching the show.

  10. Vivvie says:

    Thanks for the interview, Matt!! Always a pleasure hearing from the Smallville cast.
    I’m excited to see AUJonathan Kent interacting with Clark, which I hope will positively impact his journey to become Superman. But, I have to express my displeasure at the Clark Luthor storyline. He is said to be this all around evil maniac but it’s all talk from what I can see. The only thing he seems to want to do is make out with Tess, which I feel is inappropriate and a waste of screen-time.
    I wish they had taken a different approach to Clark Luthor.

    Also expected better from Kelly Souders. Cless making out is not steamy. It was disturbing in Luthor and its just as disturbing now.

    I’ve been watching the show for 10 years. I loved Clark and Lana together but I understood when they moved on from each other. I only recently started getting into the Clark and Lois but I dont feel they’ve been handled well since Icarus.

    • Good post says:

      This is a good post and I pretty much agree with everything you said.

      I am really happy to get a chance to see AUJonathan and Clark interacting and I agree that it will have a positive impact on his journey to Superman.

      I agree with you that the way the show has chosen to handle Clark Luthor was a mistake. He’s very one dimensional and I think the focus on his relationship with AU Tess is inappropriate and a waste of screentime as well. There were other ways to develop this character and truly show us that he was evil. As it stands right now, he is all talk. He’s creepy and gross but he hasn’t done anything evil on screen. He was poorly handled.

      I appreciated Clark and Lana too in the early seasons. I actually really love Clark and Lois together and I agree with you that the show has dropped the ball on them post-Icarus. They have short wrap up scenes at the end of episodes and that’s been it. I understand why fans get frustrated with the waste of screentime when the Clark/Lois stuff has been sidelined so much since November. I agree with pretty much everything you said.

  11. June says:

    Ugh! This interview makes me even more ragey about the skanky Kent episode. Before the Luthor episode I didn’t mind Tess. Now I freaking loathe the character and want her to die a horribly painful death! I’ll be avoiding tonite’s episode like it has genital herpes!

  12. Nunya Biz says:


    The link for Michael Rosenbaum in the article above actually directs to Tom Welling’s bio.

    As for Tess being in any way infatuated with ANOTHER Kryptonian bent on enslaving or destroying all life on Earth, seems, well.. asinine.

    As for the good/evil Clark crossover (again), is drawing from that well really the best use of a final season episode? I know the showrunners have stated that it will impact how Clark becomes Superman in the end. Not to go all ‘big picture’ here, but can’t the same thing be said of every episode of all 9.5 seasons aired to date?

    I’m a fan of the show and will definitely watch the ep. But based off of the descriptions thus far, this entire episode sure seems like a major waste of an end-of-series episode.

    BTW: Cassidy is a great actor who does a great job with the Tess character. Seriously hope to see her in other projects (anywhere but NBC, a/k/a the failed network).

  13. Dee says:

    What I don’t understand is why people have a problem with the Clark Luther and Tess storyline.

    They are not biologically related. At. All.

    What’s not to like about two very attractive people kissing?

    If anything, the episode seems like filler to me. We know that Clark and Lois love each other very much, that doesn’t mean that if we don’t see them making-out or together every minute of every episode we are going to forget that.

    That relationship is solid.

    • Ange says:

      Biologically related? No. But they were raised as legal, adopted siblings. Do you have adopted siblings? Because I Can tell you as someone who does that I consider those guys my brothers just as much as I would of we were related by blood. It would be equally as creepy for me. Also, with all due respect, is it really time to be having “filler” at this point in the series?
      As for Clark/Lois, I agree that we don’t need to see them “making out or together every minute of every episode.” I don’t think anyone is asking for that. But, right now, they have barely shared any screentime together in about 6 months. Their relationship is solid but it’s been regulated to offscreenvile. I think people are just frustrated to see that happening with only 4 episodes left in the series. If Clark/Lois had received a bit more attention since Icarus (or even Harvest/Ambush) I don’t think people would care as much. I think a lot of the backlash for this episode is, in part, because the show has dropped the ball so badly with Clark/Lois in the last 6 months. Which, you know, I get that.

      • Holly says:

        EXCELLENT post! I have not heard ONE SINGLE fan, ask for Clark and Lois to make out EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY… yet, that is ALWAYS the objection to why they can’t have more romantic scenes together.

        It’s baffling that since Harvest/Ambush, their relationship has been tepid. Any other couple on any other CW show, has loving/romantic/sexy scenes all the time… so you don’t have to look out for them… notice when they happen… and you can’t count them on one hand.

        The PTB have really failed after giving the one love scene, the one ILY’s, the one morning scene, the proposal… it’s like a CHECKLIST, rather than writing a really consistent on-going romantic relationship!

        And at the end of the Series… Clark Kent’s love life shouldn’t be sidelined for anyone else’s.

        • Ange says:

          Well, I don’t agree with what you are saying per se.

          I don’t think Clark and Lois have been “tepid.” I think they have had some sweet scenes together. I just think that the narrative has pushed both Clark and Lois as indivduals and as a couple to the background or B and C plot for the entire second half of the season. Even Clark Kent, as an individual, hasn’t really had an A plot dedicated to him in months. “Masquerade” was the closest we got but even that featured the A plot as Chloe/Ollie.

          So yes, I do understand why an interview like this comes out and an episode like this arrives and people are kind of like, “WTF?” Because it does seem as though it’s very odd to spend time on this AU relationship and promote it in interviews when the most important relationship on the show has been really really mishandled for the whole second half of the season. I don’t think people would be as angry about this episode if the second half of the season had been more relevant overall for Clark Kent and if Lois had been used better in the second half of the season. Lois has been used pretty badly, I think, since Icarus. The way she was used in Scion was downright awful.

      • holly says:

        Just to add… I wanted to applaud you as someone who has adopted Siblings!!! :)

        You are exactly right, one cannot sleep with his ADOPTED sibling… it’s not legal… it’s not morally acceptable… and it NOT okay, because their is not blood involved.

        Is it okay for Clark to now hook up with Martha, cause “their not blood related”? Wow. Adopted kids are very much a real member of the family.

        • Nunya Biz says:

          Too bad you weren’t around to talk sense into Woody Allen before he dumped his wife to married his 18-year old adopted daughter. hehe.

          /back on topic

  14. Carrie says:

    Love her! I’m looking forward to tonight’s ep. Tom Welling does a fantastic job playing Clark Luthor. I’m also excited to see the interaction between Lex and Tess that was mentioned. She was a fabulous replacement for him and a scene between the two has to be exciting to watch. I’m curious to see what will become of Tess in the finale.

  15. lois4me says:

    Kelly do you hate Lois,I think you want Tess and Clark together.
    Now I hate Tess,I hope she dies in the finale. Maybe her and
    Clark will have a affair with Lois sitting at home.
    I hope Lois and Clark don’t get married. Maybe Chloe can come back
    and take Clark away from Lois. You guys are so whacked.

  16. lois4me says:

    I’m glad it is ending too,this is a horrible relationship and
    everyone thinks it is sexy. I like the actors but hate the
    characters. DC where are you,look what there doing to the famous couple. Lois and Clark are buddies,while Tess and Clark Luthor
    are sleeping buddies!!chezz

  17. Robert says:

    I think Cassidy “Tess” has done a great if not perfect job feeling in the place for Lex the past 3 years, ya never new what she waqs going ot do next or whst she would decide or either she be a force for good or evil. I have enhoyed her so much and she is hot.

    And i cant wait till tonights episode and the last 4 episodes after tonight, i’m so excited and geeking out, Tom welling will alwats be Superman and i know he will become Superman and put on the suit and the red cape and fly and hopefully fight

  18. Faith says:

    Thanks Matt!! Your efforts are always appreciated.

    That said I am not personally into incest so there are parts of Kent and Luthor I really didn’t like. I think John, Tom and Erica did a great job on this episode but it was a senseless filler and hopefully that is the last of the senseless fillers. As far as Kelly and Brian are concerned please stop talking. Promoting incest and describing it as “steamy” is just too disgusting for words. I am glad Smallville is ending. I will miss Tom and Erica as Lois and Clark but I really am happy now that this will soon be over before K and B screw it up any worse then they already have and DC please be more careful who you allow to use the Iconic Pair from now on.

  19. oisin says:

    All you people are whiners. This season has been all ABOUT Clark and Lois’ relationship and how they’ve matured as a couple. I don’t know what anyone is talking about when they complain that Clois hasn’t gotten any attention this season. The Clark/Tess thing was just to tempt her and make her face the fact that she’s still somewhat attracted by power even though she knows it’s evil. Clearly, she was afraid, as she should be (I do agree that seeing CL as a ‘bad boy’ is a dangerous mischaracterization). But things are usually more complex than viewers want them to be. And this was also about Clark letting go of his past, his father, and the farm. It was about moving forward. So I’d say the episode was pretty crucial. Not filler. Good stuff.