American Idol: What Should the Top 7 Sing for 'Songs From the 21st Century' Night?

There are only six weeks left in American Idol‘s tenth season, and only seven contestants still in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Model 2011’s answer to Lee DeWyze. The next step toward crowning our eventual champ, of course, will take place Wednesday night, when the Top 7 tackle Songs From the 21st Century (aka Songs They’ve Actually Heard Of Without a Panicky Google/iTunes Search or a Training Session from “Music Expert” Rob Reiner). Hopefully, the evening will be filled with magic moments, not “Only Girl in the World“-style disasters that leave egg on the faces of Idol fans like myself who consistently moan and gripe about the show’s failure to delve into modern music.

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Love of Ballads, and That Ghastly Jumpsuit

In my spirit of undying/naive optimisim, I’ve cooked up song suggestions for the remaining finalists. Ch-ch-check ’em out, then brainstorm some ideas of your own in the comments. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Slezak’s Dream Set List for “Songs from the 21st Century” Night
Haley Reinhart: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps” or Macy Gray’s “I Try
Stefano Langone: Nelly Furtado’s “Turn Off the Light” or Daniel Bedingfield’s “Gotta Get Through This
Scotty McCreery: Jewel’s “Standing Still” (picture this in his looooow voice….Idol moment!) or (obvs) Josh Turner’s “Your Man
Jacob Lusk: Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” or Jill Scott’s “Hate On Me
Casey Abrams: Modest Mouse’s “Float On” or Jason Mraz’s “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)
Lauren Alaina: Dido’s “White Flag” (add a little twang and Oh! Em! Gee!) or Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me
James Durbin: Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” or Weezer’s “Beverly Hills

Okay, your turn. Head to the comments and offer your dream set list for this week’s Idol performance show!

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  1. tuppy says:

    I’d love to hear Haley put her own spin on something by a major female singer like Lady Gaga or Adele. They’re women who are commercial hit-makers but who aren’t taboo on the Idol stage in the same way as Whitney or Celine because they’re not belty balladeers. With her gravel and jazz inflection, Haley would be playing against vocal type, but she’d show how she can fit into a contemporary landscape of major female pop acts. And if she just plants and sings, she can show off her amazing vocal chops. My top choices would be “Speechless,” “Paparazzi,” “Chasing Pavements” or “Melt My Heart to Stone.”

    • Marianne says:

      I just posted below about Haley – but yes I would love to hear her do a plant and sing of Adele – maybe Hometown Glory. I love Chasing Pavements, but it’s a little overdone?

    • carolyn says:

      It may be too current but I keep thinking i would love to hear her do Rolling in the Deep. It’s a blend of jazzy and contemporary. Chasing Pavements is overdone but not on the idol stage and because it’s been around a while might stand up to more interpretation than Rolling in the deep that’s currently on the radio. I also think maybe early Norah Jones or Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis thought not well know. Or coldplay ala Kaitlin Eperly. Love the suggestions for Casey. Maybe a Killer Song for him as well or early Snow Patrol

      • Cat says:

        Haley singing “Rolling in the Deep” or “Someone Like You” would be fantastic!

      • sada says:

        Yes! i was just listening to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” yesterday (before I knew the theme) and thought it would be great if Haley could do that…I think she’d sound awesome!!!

      • Joseph says:

        Been listening to Adele a lot over the weekend and heard a cover of ” Rolling In The Deep ” by John Legend that does a very heavy gospel take on the song. The cover actually sort of sucks , but if it was trimmed down a bit it could be a good fit for Jacob.

    • Timothy Henson says:

      No no no, Mike had it right… Haley singing Maps would be SICK!

    • Kevin says:

      I think Haley should sing “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine.

    • Alex says:

      For Hayley I’m thinking Rehab by Amy Winehouse or Mercy by Duffy

    • chessguy99 says:

      There are a couple of Youtube clips of Haley doing Corinne Bailey Rae’s Like A Star. After watching them and considering how much she has probably improved over the last two years, and adding what Iovine and the producers can get out of her; she could have an Idol moment with the song.

    • bdbrewr says:

      This song is perfect for Haley alittle known song that would allow for interesting
      arrangements and the jazzy feel that she put to moanin’. Jill Scott with 4 Hero on
      a song called gotta get up.

  2. Marianne says:

    I just don’t think Scotty is a think-outside-of-the-box kind of guy. “Me – do a girl’s song? I-don’t-think-so-I’m-a-macho-baseball-player-guy.”

    I was hoping for Haley to change it up a little and do a lovely, sit-still vocal to give us (maybe J-Lo) “goose-pimples”. One thought was something like Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy. There’s some strength and modernity in this song – not just a sappy ballad.

    • Idolidol says:

      I agree Marianne

      I would love to hear Haley sing an acoustic verson of a song or a slow piano tune to show off her tehcnical prowess. Perhaps this week she can turn down the growl

      I’ve been a fan of Haley’s since this season began, so let’s get together and vote out the superficial Barbie and Ken team whom the Idol Exes are shoving down our throats

    • irby says:

      I agree with this comment re: Scotty. He couldn’t even be bothered to learn the lyrics to LeeAnn Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” which led to the “Nuts of Wonder” moment. This may sound harsh, but while Scotty may have a pleasing enough voice, he is nothing but a wannabe – a Josh Turner impersonator without any of the gravitas Josh Turner brings to his songs. In the Vegas/Green Mile episode when he sang “Long Black Train,” a song about addiction and redemption, he turned it into a corny corn-fest. It was obvious he had no clue what he was singing about. Scotty, I’ve listened to Josh Turner, and Randy Travis, and George Strait, and you’re no Josh Turner, or Randy Travis, or George Strait. An 18 year-old, especially Alfred W. Bush, can’t pull off old-school country.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        And Scotty is…how old?
        very few of these teens have the heart and soul Alison Iraheta posessed.
        By the way, how old were Leann Rimes and Tanya Tucker when they started singing and performing?

        • tuc says:

          there is only one song for scotty, “heard it in a love song by marshall tucker”, a rock and coutry song that has some of the possibly deapest notes that he could hit, but also a song that will give him so many more dimensions as a country rocker, and a man with a deep and rich personality that he is too young to posses.

          • Mom4-3 says:

            Outstanding choice,

          • Aldo says:

            CAN’T BE WRONG!!! If Scotty would sung that song, he’d of caught everyone’s attention! Would still love to hear him sing it, whether he wins or not and put his heart into it! Good choice, THANKS!

      • lucille says:

        You peeps that don’t like scotty don’t know the true value of music wake up and go drink coffee. And maybe you will understand what music is. It takes a lot to sing like scotty. And scotty will win this competition just watch

        • Tuzo says:

          > wake up and go drink coffee

          I think you’ve hit the nail on the head lucille: Scotty should definitely cover Randy Travis and sing the Folger’s Theme Song. My only worry would be that the song has a little too much emotional depth for him. :/

  3. Emphasis says:

    I could see Hailey doing Halo, esp. with her yodel.

    • Marianne says:

      Halo would be nice too! Listening to Adele’s Hometown Glory right this second. It has a little bit of jazzy/scat action possibility.

  4. takakupo says:

    I really like at least one of your song picks for each contestant this week :] Especially for Haley. “Maps” would be brilliant! It’s the song that applies ‘less is more’ :] “I Try” however will just give Haley the excuse to go all crazy like the type she’s been tackling for the last few weeks. I hope she picks the former or something equally as interesting and catchy and good ^_^

  5. PGV says:

    in staying with everyone’s Haley-singing-Adele theme – What about Rolling in the Deep? I think she could really belt it/get a little twangy/jazzy with it!

    • Marianne says:

      I think she could do a great job with Rolling In The Deep, but something makes me want her to chill it down a little – have a “different” moment. I hope “they” don’t set her up for a bad choice.

      • PGV says:

        I wonder if she has the vocal chops to do Adele’s “Someone Like You” – Eeeee I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

        • Marianne says:

          OMG – Someone Like You! So good! I just like the little bit of jazziness in Hometown Glory.

          • PGV says:

            oh gosh, yes! if she could pull of that part of hometown glory, I really think it could be her idol “moment”. chills….

          • Tarc says:

            Haley could KILL Hometown Glory!

          • Joseph says:

            Nice vocal math , Adele is one of the best singers of her generation , but if Haley is going to try some of the material from this amazing artist then I want it to be hot , which means he needs something a little more up tempo , cause I have yet to see Haley go all vulnerable , my suggestion would be ” Rolling in The Deep “

    • Joseph says:

      By the way since we are talking about the wonderous Adele , how about for Lauren , but Lauren by suggestion would be ” Someone Like You ” this song for her could be an Idol Wow Experience if she just lets herself get lost in the song.

    • carolyn says:

      I’ve been thinking Rolling in the deep for a while but doing something currently on the radio can be dangerous for anyone. The exception would be doing a Kris Allen type Heartless rearrangement. Take something totally like, “What the bleep is he doing Kanye for” and then do something so different it blows you away. Though Slezak always points out that women don’t often get credit for rearrangements. Especially Haley, “The only one who deserved any criticism” Reinhart.

      • CraigJ says:

        I am not sure where people get the impression that they shouldn’t sing current songs on the radio. Look how many groups in Hollywood week killed it on Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cee Lo, Etc. One of the things that stands out if you have watched UK X-Factor the past season or seen performances on youtube the contestants often sing really current songs and they are some of the greatest performances of the season. Watch Matt Cardle’s version of “Fireworks” or Cher Lloyd’s “Empire State of Mind” just to name a few. I have often wondered if it is either cheaper or easier to get song clearance rights in the UK than here in America because of how current most songs are on the X-Factor. I really think American Idol does the contestants a disservice to have such a limited amount of song choices that have been cleared. 20 on Elton John week only is crazy!! Give these kids as many songs to connect to as possible. Also I was looking so forward to Simon’s return to America with X-Factor but knowing the earliest age you can audition is 12 makes my stomach curl. The reason I don’t watch AGT or Star Search or any of those shows is because I DO NOT like child performers. They are doing these children a great disservice to allow them to try out at such a young age. Very few have the confidence or guidance and luck of Justin Bieber. I have talked to lots of people who feel this same way. It is pandering to the tween market but losing the adult audience in the process. You can still book young heart throbs to get the girls with their crushes to vote, but come on you are not an artist at 12 years old. America wants an artist and it is important for the first winner of X-Factor to be a huge star and launch the show, especially with the “rumored” 5 million dollar recording contract as first prize. I am sure that is an exaggerated number achievable only by phenomenal record sales. Also would love former American Idols tryouts to audition. Here is your second chance Katelyn Epperly, Lily Scott, Alex Lambert etc. Everyone loves to see a familiar face. One last thing, Mariah Carey, Simon what are you thinking. Cheryl Cole is the choice and only choice. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and listened to her talk. She gives me goose bumps more than the singers. I know she’s not famous in America but she could be. Give her a year and if it don’t work fine bring in someone else but not Mariah Carey. Katy Perry YES! America needs Cheryl Cole she is an absolute vision and is by far more beautiful than J. Lo who was voted World’s Most Beautiful Women. She’s not even top 25. Cheryl Cole will win over the hearts of all the boys and girls in the USA and give her a great opportunity to launch her career here. Also, Simon really does have shat music taste when you think about it. Il Devo, boy bands, Mariah, Celine, Opera he is not what I would call an authority on modern music. Also, really hope Slezak does a vlog for the X-Factor similar to Idol Loonies. Sorry, such a long post. Rarely do I post so when I do I put lots of ideas out there. Oh ya, also can anyone stop Scotty and James for the finale? I am a Haley fan, but I’m not stupid. I know what her chances are and Casey chances too. Not very good! Just please lord no NOT JACOB LUSK!! Can’t sing Marvin Gay buy yet did the pelvic dance back and forth to his back up players. SICK. Plus R, Kelley is his Idol. Does he know R’s past? Great for a Christian to have him as his Idol, but really I don’t get the whole gays for christ anyways. Jacob, look at the man in the mirror and realize it’s time to come out of the closet. You ain’t fooling no one!!

  6. Steph says:

    Casey- Shelter by Ray LaMontagne (or Burn by Ray LaMontagne or I Go All To Pieces by Ray LaMontagne or Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne… get my drift? lol). Casey is NOT my favorite but I MIGHT have to throw some votes his way if he does Ray LaMontagne… The man is a musical GENIUS and comparison between him and Casey was already made. Take it and run with it dude.

    Haley- One And Only by Adele (this would be SO PERFECT for her voice), All My Love by Norah Jones, Soon We’ll Be Found by Sia

    James- Times Like These by Foo Fighters, Bright Lights by Matchbox 20

    Stefano- Maybe something by OneRepublic??? Not sure how that would sound.

    Lauren- Breathe by Anna Nalick

    Scotty- ???

    Jacob- Single Ladies… Beyonce… Choreography & leotard included.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I am a Ray fan too and I would be stoked if Casey, or anybody for that matter, did one of his songs. Hanna is one of my fave Ray tunes. I actually really wanted to hear Paul cover one of his songs.

      Also, I love your Jacob idea! That would certainly be a nice transition from boring ballad after boring freakin ballad.

    • Marianne says:

      Single Ladies for Jacob ~ HYSTERICAL!!!

    • Laurel says:

      Jacob doing Single Ladies IN a LEOTARD , LMFAO !

    • Kim R says:

      Jacob doing Single Ladies made me laugh out loud & now I SOOOO want to see that before he gets voted off! hahahaha :)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      A big YES to Jacob doing Single Ladies. I suggested that one myself before I read everyone else’s suggestions. Great minds think alike, as they say.

    • tuc says:

      I got a idea for jacob, dress him up in red tights and devil horns, he sings “don’t play with me, cause your playing with fire,” by the rolling stones. But he does it with a hannibal lector kind of sensitivity and dual personality, I think this might challenge all of humanities personal and universal beliefs, it could change the world all over again. If the devil and the lord could unite there forces, we could all defend ourselves against the transformers……tuc

    • Adam Leonard says:

      Foo Fighters all the way for James.

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      “Stefano- Maybe something by OneRepublic??? Not sure how that would sound.”

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it would sound like every other song he’s sung this season, which is to say: exactly the same…

  7. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Seriously?! You suggested that Scotty sing the song that goes “baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low?” Are you insane? I don’t even know if he’ll want to do it again. Anyway, regardless of what we actually hear on Wednesday, I’m looking forward to finally hearing some contemporary stuff. It’s a nice change of pace and a broad theme.

    • Ablo says:

      It’s a broad category as you say BUT how many songs will be on the list for them to choose from?

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        Good point. This show makes millions; you’d think they’d try to appeal to the masses and get more songs cleared. But there has to be at least one good one on Wednesday.

    • Templar says:

      I think Scotty would do well with Bon Jovi’s “Superman Tonight”

  8. KIATWF says:

    Scotty: Everclear “Wonderful”
    Stefano: Aaliyah “Rock the Boat”
    James: Pink “Don’t Let Me Get Me”
    Lauren: Michelle Branch “All You Wanted”
    Haley: Dixie Chicks “If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me”
    Jacob: Avril Lavigne “I’m With You”
    Casey: The Killers “Mr. Brightside”

    • Marianne says:

      You must NOT be a Haley fan – suggesting a song with a “FAIL” sound to the title!! lol! Just kidding. . . . unless I’m right! If I’m right, then shame on you!!

    • houster says:

      The only “Rock The Boat” Stefano should sing is on a 70’s night. By the Hues Corporation.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      No one should ever sing a Dixie Chicks song, especially Haley. She’s my favorite.

      the comment about Stephano and the Hughes Corporation’s Rock the Boat was funny.

  9. body516 says:

    I think Haley would kill on “Don’t know why” by Norah Jones. I would love it if Scotty would sing something that isn’t country. I think I read somewhere that he likes John Mayer; “Daughters” could sound pretty cool countrified

    • davey says:

      Casey James just did Daughters as his swan song. Scotty would put everyone to sleep with that song.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Casey James sang that stinker “Daughters” because Kara saddled him with it as her pick.
        It was creepy when Casey sang it and it would be even creepier with Scotty singing it.

    • WhiteLady says:

      I was thinking exactly that song for Haley. It would be all kinds of awesome. If only we could make it happen…

  10. Lo says:

    Casey: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley), Are You Gonna Be My Girl (JET), Sweet Pea (Amos Lee), Everything (Michael Buble)
    Haley- Valerie (Amy Winehouse) I Fell in Love with a Boy (Joss Stone), I’ve Got To See You Again (Norah Jones)
    Jacob- Burn (Usher)
    James- Bulletproof (La Roux)
    Lauren- First Cut is the Deepest (Sheryl Crow), World of Chances (Demi Lovato)
    Scotty- 100 Years (Five for Fighting), Hey Ya (Outkast – acoustic version by Obadiah Parker), Favorite Girl (Justin Bieber)
    Stefano- Misery (Maroon 5), Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake)

    • Tarc says:

      Wow! That’s an inspired list. though I’d have to agree with Slezak on Stefano: Nellie Furtado’s Turn Off The Light would be perfect for him. Casey doing Crazy would be awesome, and Haley with any Norah Jones would be amazing.

    • matt says:

      Haley- Valerie (Amy Winehouse)


  11. Matt says:

    Haley should sing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. She would slay it and show everyone why she should win.

    • D says:

      Ah LOVE THIS! Hopefully Haley is smart with song choice this week and thinks along those lines..I’d also be very happy with ‘Hometown Glory,’ ‘Maps,’ and ‘Back to Black’-Amy Winehouse.

  12. Marianne says:

    Lauren – something Taylor Swift? Fearless or Breathe. Why not ‘young’ it up!?!

  13. agrimesy says:

    Let me see . . . with a little tongue in cheek, go with it!

    Haley ~~ If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow
    Lauren ~~ Other Side of the World by K.T. Tunstall
    Scotty ~~ No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems by Kenny Chesney
    Stefano ~~ This Love by Maroon 5
    Casey ~~ All For You by Sister Hazel
    James ~~ Bad Girlfriend by Nickelback
    Jacob ~~ Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

    • Joseph says:

      Love some of your choices and agree that KT Tunstall has some amazing songs that work so well , but instead of Lauren had been thinking for Haley, a great choice for Haley would be ” Stoppin’ the Love ” by KT Tunstall , this fits Haley like a glove , take a listen of the song when you have a chance.

  14. Lizabeth says:

    Haley – my first thought for her was Valerie and I saw that someone else suggested that, too, so here’s to hoping! I agree with some of the others that she could totally do Adele or Norah Jones. I also like Brandi Carlile. Haley is pretty much my favorite now, but I feel like she’s going to have to do something familiar in order to stay, so I don’t know what she will end up choosing.
    Lauren – someone said that Haley should do the Dixie Chicks, but I would love to hear Lauren do one of their songs. Cowboy Take Me Away comes to mind. I’d also love to see her sass it up and do some Miranda Lambert, like Only Prettier.
    James – I actually really like the suggestions Slezak made for him. Weezer would be awesome! My only other thought would be “Dig” by Incubus.
    Casey – I’m thinking he should do Marc Broussard’s “Home.” Or maybe some James Morrison or something off the John Mayer Trio album like “Another Kind of Green.”
    Scotty – I want Scotty to totally shock me this week by taking something like “Four Winds” by Bright Eyes, which already has a bit of a twang to it anyway, and making it country and killing it. I mostly just don’t want Scotty to do Josh Turner.
    Stefano – Big Girls Don’t Cry? I don’t really know. Originally he seemed one of the most contemporary but I’m just bored with him. It would be cool if he would break out some Robin Thicke or maybe even a little Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5.
    Jacob – I don’t love him at this point, but if would do something a little bit more upbeat (soapbox time: they harped on Pia to stop doing ballads, but Jacob can do them – and not do them well – every week?) like Bruno Mars. I wouldn’t mind if he did an upbeat Mariah or Alicia song too.
    And, because if Paul were still there I think he could have excelled this week (I’m optimistic, yo) here are my picks for him: Rainy Day by the Jayhawks; Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show; You Can Bring Me Flowers by Ray Lamontagne.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’d like to see Lauren do Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene” and just burn the place down (figuratively speaking). It’s not an age appropriate song but I forgot she was 16 a long time ago and evidently so did everyone else at Idol.

      I like your choices for Paul if he were still here, but please, no Ray Lamontagne for anyone. I just don’t like that whiny music.

    • Frazz says:

      Brandi Carlile, James Morrison, Ray LaMontagne…. crap are you me??? haha Love your taste in music!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh, FRAZZ! Three snaps and a twist for you! I think I’ve found my soul mate!

        I do not like that “Bubbly” chick, either.

        Back in the day, my husband (before he was even my husband) loved Jimmy Spheeris, Emerson Lake&Palmer, America, and Joan freakin’ Baez. YUCK. there was an article in the local newspaper one day about a record store over in town that had the newly-released Jimmy Spheeris collection on CD. I literally burned that section of the paper in the fireplace and told my husband (an avid paper reader) I had no idea what happened to the “Entertainment” section – I guess they neglected to include it that day!

  15. raftrap says:

    Haley should sing “Touch my Body” (Mariah Carey), “Happy” or “Forgive Me” (Leona Lewis) or “Oh My God” (Lily Allen). It would be better if she tackled the big voice ladies already to start getting some respect and stop being in the bottom three with the Stefanos and whatnots. And since the judges love Jacob so much, for her duet this week, she should do “When you believe” with him, just throw him against the mirror, so we can’t stop looking at ourselves for not voting for him.

    • big voice ladies says:

      Haley’s already tackled some very big voiced ladies, like Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), Blue (Lee Anne Rhimes), and I’m Your Baby Tonite (Whitney Houston). And I think the first one got her into the Top 13, and the 2nd two (who are bigger voices) landed her in the B3.

      There’s already a YouTube video out there of her singing Corrine Rae Bailey’s (sp?) Just like a Star from several years ago. Since she’s so familiar with it, she’ll probably stick to it.

      • Delon says:

        Yeah, Just Like A Star would be perfect for her. I love that song.

      • RTW says:

        I adore that video of Haley, thanks for posting the link. Whatever song she chooses, I hope it’s more low-key because I’d like to see the softer side of her.

    • WhiteLady says:

      I was thinking about Bruno Mars’ Grenade for Haley… Am I nuts?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Not a bad pick at all, but I’m afraid viewers would compare her to Pia, as (in my opinion) that was Pia’s best peformance – when she did “Grenade” on Group Night. Were it not for that I would agree with your choice.

  16. Joseph says:

    Some nice song choices , but if he could get it cleared then Scotty should sing ” Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not ” by Thompson Square, he might as well go all in and turn on the charm with a love song.

  17. Lily says:

    Haley – So What (Pink) or Don’t Tell Me (Madonna)
    Lauren – Breathe (Faith Hill) or Hot N Cold (Katy Perry)
    Casey – You’re Beautiful (James Blunt) or I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
    James – Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) or I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)
    Scotty – Hold On (Michael Buble) or I Won’t Let Go (Rascal Flatts)
    Jacob – Whatcha Say (Jason Derulo) or Grenade (Bruno Mars)
    Stefano – Viva La Vida (ColdPlay) or Without You (Keith Urban)

  18. mario says:

    Stefano – Just Dance (Lady Gaga)
    Haley – Candyman (Xtina)
    James – Uprising (Muse)
    Casey – F**k You (Cee-Lo Green)

    Don’t know about the rest.

  19. lauren says:

    scotty singing “Party in the USA.” this needs to happen.

    • Mary says:

      ROFLMAO! I think they need to put a disclaimer on the comments section ‘DO NOT DRINK WHILE READING’, I now pretty much have water spurting from my nose. Thans for making THAT HAPPEN, haha.

      Lauren – Just A Dream (Carrie Underwood – ain’t gonna happen though) & Dead Flowers (Miranda Lambert – although I’m not sure she could connect to the lyrics, what do you guys think?)

      Haley – LA Song (Beth Hart) & You Lost Me (Christina Aguiler – just imagine the yodel!!!) & Mercy On Me (Christina Aguilera – I know she can’t as it’s an album track but a girl can dream, right?

      Stefano – Apologize (One Republic) & Glitter In The Air (Pink)

      Jacob – Toxic (Britney Spears LMAO!!! He’s going home this week anyway)

      Casey – Lesson Learned (Ray LaMontagne!!! This needs to happen, can anybody say moment???)

      James – Far Away (Nickelback, why not tone it down and captivate the entire audience?)

  20. Dani C says:

    Haley: “Baby It’s You”-Smith (man she would KILL this)

    Stefano: “Cry Me a River” or “Senorita”-Justin Timberlake (he needs something amazing to save him this week)

    Lauren: “Let Him Fly”-Dixie Chicks (could be so amazing, i hate even giving it to her)

    James: “Welcome to the Jungle”-GnR (obvious i know, but still awesome)

    Scotty: “I’ve Been Everywhere” or “God’s Gonna Cut you Down”-Johnny Cash (the first one’s a bit safe, but could work; the other could be a moment for him)

    Casey: “Short Skirt Long Jacket”-Cake (love Cake, and i think he could pull it off)

    Jacob: I’m at a loss…”Mrs. Jackson”-OutKast maybe…at least it wouldn’t a ballad…at least not in a tradition sense.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Isn’t Smith’s “Baby It’s You” from the 1960s? I seem to recall them playing that at the swimming pool and skating rink when I was in about 6th grade. Is that the same song?
      And what is it with you folks and the Dixie Chicks? There are way too many people out in TV land that are still angry at the Dixie Chicks. Don’t give anyone a song by the Chicks unless you want to watch them pack their suitcase.
      LOVE the choice for Casey, though! But isn’t that an older song as well?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      My mistake – “Short Skirt Long Jacket” is indeed from the 21st century.

    • D says:

      Dani C, you are either aware of this or an unknowing genius but Haley already KILLED baby its you on Idol.

      • Dani C says:

        Wow D I actually had no idea! But thanks so much for the link; and she did kill it!! Guess I’ll change my original choice to maybe Back to Black or or Adele’s version of Lovesong…thanks again for the link!

    • Blair says:

      True, Baby It’s You by Smith is a song from the 60’s, but I agree, Haley could really KILL it! Perhaps it’s one she could hopefully pick for another week. I, for one would love to hear her do it.

    • Dani C says:

      Ok so i was obviously having a brain fart when i picked some of these songs (maybe they’re just songs i wish they would sing). So a few changes are needed:

      James: “Dance Hall”-Modest Mouse; “Doesn’t Remind Me”-Audioslave

      Scotty: “Amen Omen”-Ben Harper; “Hell Yeah”-Montgomery Gentry

      Haley: “Back to Black”-Amy Winehouse; “Lovesong”-Adele’s version

  21. houster says:

    James: “Hysteria” or “Starlight”, Muse

    Casey: “I Got A Feeling”, Black Eyed Peas

    Jacob: “Dance Like Its The Last Night Of Your Life”, Usher

    Stefano: “Tonight”, Enrique Iglesias

    Scotty: “Your Grace Is Enough”, Chris Tomlin

    Haley: “Who Knew”, Pink

    Lauren: “Mercy”, Duffy

    Honorable Mention, Pia: “Rolling In The Deep”, Adele, or “Toxic”, Britney Spears

    • S. Lee Stack says:

      “Casey: “I Got A Feeling”, Black Eyed Peas”

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not…
      or even serious in the vein of “that’s one of the worst songs of all time and it would be inappropriately hilarous to watch Casey growl through it” or serious as in “OMG, that’s a great song and Casey will kill it!”

      so that’s either a great idea or a terrible one, all depending on your perspective…I would love to see it, but I enjoy Idol for all the wrong reasons…

  22. Brad says:

    Some of you need to learn just what 21st century means. Lots of old songs in these comments…

    • Gilby says:

      Thank you! I was just about to post something about that, because it’s been killing me as I read through the posts. :-)

      21st Century = the 2000s, people!

      • Templar says:

        Except for the year 2000 itself, which is still 20th century.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          You’re correct, Templar, although everyone celebrated the millenium think on January 1, 2000, so I’ll be curious to see how Idol interprets the definition.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Thanks. I thought my memory was failing me but when I spotted a song from my childhood I knew there were some old songs in these posts.
      I think I may have put one in my suggestions. “Drive” by Alan Jackson may be older than 2000, not sure.

  23. Ronnie says:

    I like the suggestions from everyone. There seem to be an ocean full of choices. I really like some of the Haley choices (Adele/Norah Jones route). This is when I would like to see Jimmy and whatever group mentors these kids to help people like Haley, Lauren and Scotty.

    We can all cheer when James or Jacob stand up to him, and be unsurprised when Paul picks a Maggie May … but it is unfair to expect all the contestants to be either
    – stronger enough to stand up to someone like Jimmy (you can’t expect a 16 year old to stand up to him, Platinum artists don’t)
    – lived long enough to have know the jumble of genres and generations they throw at them.

    But I think we shouldn’t expect the younger contestants to have a good grasp of songs and themselves. It is one of the joy’s of the show is to see them grow and find themselves. I hope Jimmy and crew get their act together and actually help these contestants out.

    This can and should be a breakout week for people like Haley/Lauren/Scotty and maybe even Stephano. They are the young, contemporary people who, with the right song, can really kill it this week. But NONE of them are good song pickers, because they are simply YOUNG… That is the entire reason for the mentors..

    Last week Haley did not want to sing “Call Me”, but was pressured by the producers. Scotty is going to get boring if he stays so safe, same with Lauren. I hope they put a bit more thought into their mentoring this week. (not holding my breath)

    • Marianne says:

      Do we know what Haley’s song choice (over Call Me) would have been? Not that I think there was anything wrong with it.

      • Ronnie says:

        Not that I heard. I think she didn’t say. I hope she does well this week, the result duet with Casey was fantastic. Let’s hope we see more like that (from anyone actually).

      • WhiteLady says:

        Over at EW’s article with the vocal coaches analyzing top 9 performances they refused to name which song it was since she hopes to do it in a future week.

  24. suggestions says:

    Haley – Just Like a Star, Corrine Bailey Rae
    She’s sung it before, it really shows off her vocal tone.

    Lauren – Traveling Soldier, or I’m Not Ready to Make Nice, both by Dixie Chicks.
    She should NOT do TSwift or MLambert because she can’t emote like they can.

    Scotty – Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley.
    His low voice would lend gravitas to this already serious song. OR do this as a duet with Lauren on results night. Plus, Brad Paisley also broke into Country big time at a very young age (18?).

    (I love picking songs for the above 3!)

    Jacob – Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.
    OR Sorry Ms Jackson by OutKast (to uptempo it a bit).
    (He can’t do Gnarles Barkeley’s Crazy unless he can home-run it. CeeLo for guys is like Whitney/Mariah/Celine/Xtina for girls LOL. But he could do this on tour!)

    Stefano – Down by Jay Sean.
    Jay Sean’s voice is thin, so Stefano could probably sing it even better than Jay. To make it interesting, sing the first 30 seconds with just guitar accompaniment, then break into full-scale arrangement.

    Casey – Who Will Comfort Me, or Worrisome Heart, both by Melody Gardot.
    I think Casey can stick with jazz for 1 more week before it gets old.

    • suggestions says:

      Casey – How You Like Me Now by The Heavy
      (I think it was used in a Kia commercial, so Ford might declare it off limits, LOL)

  25. Oralia says:

    these are my picks

    James “Home” – Michael Buble
    Casey “Forget you” – Cee-Lo Green
    Stefano “Hey soul sister” – Train
    Scotty “What hurts the most” – Rascal Flatts
    Jacob “Beautiful” – Christina Aguilera
    Lauren “You Belong With Me” – Taylor Swift
    Haley “Hot and cold” – Katy Perry

  26. Joseph@rtvc says:

    Some interesting choices Slezak.

    My choices on RTVC were:
    Casey — “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley
    Haley — “Don’t Know Why” by Nora Jones
    Jacob Lusk — “Save Room” by John Legend
    James Durbin — “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters
    Lauren Alaina — “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks (Dixie Chicks 2002 Version)
    Scotty McCreery — “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins
    Stefano Langone — “Do You Remember” by Jay Sean

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Lauren cannot sing “Landslide”. First, it’s a dumb song (WTH do those lyrics mean, anyway?).

      Second, her country fan base will send her to the Stools of Doom if she goes anywhere near the Dixie Chicks.

    • jay sean says:

      yes, agreed, stefano should cover a Jay Sean song!
      stefano is like a “better” jay sean, so he’ll perform favorably.

  27. Jon says:

    any song that Jimmy Iovine doesn’t recommend

  28. evs says:

    I’d love for Haley to put a spin on Sara Bareilles – Love Song .

    Casey: Damien Rice – 9 crimes (like the demo version, without too many high notes)
    Jacob Lusk: The Fray – How to save a life (because he just likes to pick songs I like and then make me .. not)
    James Durbin: Kings of leon – sex is on fire (I don’t think they’d let him though)
    Lauren Alaina: The Wreckers (Michelle Branch)-The Good Kind
    Scotty McCreery: Keath Urban – You’ll think of me
    Stefano Langone: One Republic – Stop and stare

  29. dejo says:

    I think Scotty should try on a David Cook song.. Time of my Life might be brillant or just wannabe—it is certainly an AI favorite. Lie would be very sexy in that low voice with a simple acoustic guitar.

  30. dejo says:

    In fact, considering the AI audience, I think they should all consider former idol hits…

    James should try on some Daughtry–
    Lauren should try on some Pickler–
    Jacob should try on some Fantasia–
    Stephono should try on some Chris Allen–
    Hallie should try one some Kelly–
    Casey should try one a little Elliott–
    and like I said before, Scotty should take on a litte DC but he might be more comfortable witha Bucky C song.

    • idols says:

      Stefano should do some Clay. He’s too OTT to do a subtle Kris Allen.
      Haley should do Elliot, and Casey should do Kelly. Haleys got the chops to handle some Elliot.
      Scotty should do some KLC or Bucky.

  31. JohnDoe says:

    “Songs of the 21st Century”? Really American Idol? Really? Christ Almighty…worst. category. ever.

  32. PJ, UK says:

    Miss Reinhart – Miss Beyonce’s Work it Out

  33. Malcolm says:

    Everyone should look up Jacob doing “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley. It was quite good. As he did it before, I’m willing to bet he might try it on the Idol stage.

  34. darcy's evil twin says:

    I’ll begin by stealing a line posted above by JohnDoe: “Songs of the 21st Century”? Really American Idol? Really? Christ Almighty…worst. category. ever.

    JohnDoe, I couldn’t agree with you more. The music is awful, although “Songs from the 90s” might be even awful-er, if that’s a word. Nonetheless, here we are! I hacked into the “Idol” computer system and found the set list, and it was pretty bad. Everyone was saddled with a horribly depressing “Coldplay” song except Scotty, who was singing “Your Man” by Josh Turner (Slezak, I didn’t steal that from you! It’s the truth!).
    but, the good news is, I changed the set list! And here it is…

    *Haley is probably my favorite, so I picked several songs for her. Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, or Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” or “Fighter”. I also like Gwen Stephani’s “The Sweet Escape” if Gwen PROMISES not to dress Haley! (But if Haley sings that awful “Hollaback Girl” song I’m doing an Elvis on the TV!)

    *Stephano still gets saddled with Coldplay – “Yellow”. Or “Viva la Vida”. Oh, what the heck, they’re the same song. (by the way, most people don’t know if you play Coldplay record backwards, they all say the same thing – no, not ‘Paul is dead’, but WE HATE GEORGE BUSH.

    *Jacob Lusk is singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. :-) YEA, baby

    *James Durbin will get a shot at Nickelback’s “Rockstar”.

    *Casey Abrams – what else? Justin Timberlake’s “Bringin’ Sexy Back”. Three snaps and a twist for THAT choice! Pack your bags, Casey. No more saves for you!

    *Lauren Aliana – Britney’s “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”. Oh, NOT REALLY. Yea, really.

    *Scotty is singing Alan Jackson’s “Drive” or “Where I Come From”. Although, I like Slezak’s choice for Scotty and I may change the set list once again. If he were older I’d sign him up for Trace Adkins’ “Honkytonk Badonkadonk”.

  35. darcy's evil twin says:

    By the way, Paul was on Jay Leno last night. Turns out he went to Auburn University and studied something in the biomedical field – he wanted to be (ready for this?) a pediatric dentist, LOL. He said his friends called him after his performance and said, “You know you’re going home, man”.
    He was totally comfortable on stage. There were jokes about white teeth from actress Leslie Mann (an Idol fan – she says now she and her husband are rooting for the Seth Rogan guy).
    Pual sang well with Rickey Minor’s band. I just wish most of the singing wasn’t during commercials.

  36. Anna says:

    Pfft. While Pia never missed a note, she never put a bit of nuance in anything she sang. I won’t miss the beauty queen contestant performances with hand and arm gestures.
    What are the viewer statistics. Is a teenager viewer demographic a fact or speculation? I don’t know of any teens personally who are voting.
    I totally disagree with James being an Adam wanna be. James is more rocker while Adam was all about performance art. I prefer James, personally, his singing is more straightforward. Every time I listened to Adam his singing was so full of contrived vibrato.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Anna, I would love to know the voting demographic.

      I’ve asked the same thing myself.

      On this board readers blame “texting ‘tween girls”, “cougars”, “bored middle-aged housewives”, and “older women and young girls that are jealous of pretty women” for the results.

      On another board they’re blaming Midwestern and Southern conservative Christians.

      Which made me think – maybe that’s why Idol moved the voting night form Tuesday to Wednesday – they thought all of us conservative Midwestern and Southern Christians would be in church/choir practice, LOL.

      NOT WORKING. Jacob is still there and Paul (from Huntsville, AL) got the boot.
      Whatever. I think it would make a great thesis project for someone studying statistics!

    • Cindy says:

      Regarding if teenagers are voting, I can tell you that my almost 14 year old daughter and several of her friends love AI, but have too much homework to spend time voting. I (woman in her 40’s) do the voting in our house. Fortunately my daughter and I agree on who to vote for this season.

  37. grace says:

    Scotty should do Gary Allan’s version of “Best I Ever Had.” Casey should do a Magnetic Fields song or MGMT’s “Kids.” Jacob should do Florence & the Machines “Dog Days are Over.” Lauren: Robyn’s “Hang with Me.”

  38. RandomJoe says:

    A little obscure, but this could be interesting for Miss Reinhart:

  39. Nicole says:

    I’ve always wanted Scotty to sing “Will You Go With Me”

  40. Kerry says:

    Haley should do something quiet and quirky like 1234 by Feist or make a jazzy version of Mercy by Duffy. Scotty (or Casey in a totally different way) could do See the World, by Gomez. I would love to hear Lauren take on Lori McKenna…The Most or something like it could make a moment for her. If Paul were still here, wouldn’t it have been awesome to hear ‘Superman’ by Five for Fighting?

  41. Ed says:

    I will love to listen Haley singing Don’t know why (Norah Jones). Hope she goes romantic this Wednesday.

  42. DN says:

    “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (Jet),
    “Slither” (Velvet Underground),
    “Rockstar” (Nickelback),
    “Saints of Los Angeles” (Motley Crue),
    “Revolution” (Judas Priest)
    “One Wild Night” (Bon Jovi)

    • Alex says:

      “Seven Nation Army” (The White Stripes)
      Anything by Linkin Park

      • the white stripes says:

        Agree with Linkin Park
        “Blue Orchid” (White Stripes)
        7 Nation Army only has 1 or 2 notes in the entire song! It’s one of my favs of the 21st century, but it’s not exactly a singer’s song, more of an attitude song.

        • Alex says:

          Now that I think of it Blue Orchid would be a better idea. But I’m wondering if it’s even necessary to nominate songs for Durbin. The kid is pretty good on picking inspiring tracks and rocking them to the epitome of awesome on his own.

    • Jack says:

      I’d love to see James do:

      American Idiot or Know your enemy – Green Day
      Closer to the Edge – 30 seconds to Mars
      All my life, DOA or Pretender – Foo Fighters
      Get down with The Sickness – disturbed

  43. Fernando says:

    Lauren: Love Your Memory, Miranda Lambert; or Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson; or, if they can do older songs that have been covered recently, Till I Get It Right, Joan Osborne.

    Haley: Cowboys Are My Weakness, Trisha Yearwood; or Mercy, Duffy; or Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, KT Tunstall.

    Casey: Hard Livin’, Justin Townes Earl; or Crazy, Gnarls Barkley

    Scotty: Don’t Think Twice — It’s All Right, Randy Travis; or if they can do recently covered older songs, Mercury Blues, Dwight Yoakam.

    Jacob: You Raise Me Up, Josh Groban; or Trouble, Ray Lamontagne

    Stefano: Forget You, Cee Lo

    James: Whatev

  44. Thathoodwink says:

    “Maps” is the same line of lyric sung over and over again, and Haley will not be able to show her range with that song. You want the Americal Idol band to play backup for that song?
    “Beverly Hills”. Come on, Rivers Cuomo basically speaks that whole song. What, are you trying to send two of the only remaining three interesting contestants home? :oO

  45. Malcolm says:

    @Fernando You have some good suggestions there, though I’d disagree with suggesting Breakaway as a potential song for Lauren. First of all, it was murdered by Zorilla (remember her) earlier in the season and second and last, never good to cover previous Idols’ songs.

  46. Malcolm says:

    @Fernando Slezak can tell you which Idol clause mentions that ;).

  47. stomedy says:

    Casey should do a jazz rendition of TRain’s Hey Soul Sister or Jack Johnson’s Hope, Scotty – a Taylor Swift soft, Lauren – a Justin Bieber song, Jacob – Resistance by Muse,Stefano – a ne-yo song or mandy moore’s Hope?, James – a kesha/katy perry/britney song, Haley – breakeven of script or drops of jupiter by train.

  48. Volcfom says:

    I don’t like Jacob, but “Hate on Me” would be absolutely amazing to see. Good call, Slezak!

  49. Vetle says:

    I would literally (ok, maybe not) kill to see Keane (Blake Lewis, I know) or Muse on the idol stage. Two of my favorite bands from the UK.

  50. FanoHaley says:

    I wish Haley could find a way to sing I monster “daydream in blue” the way Jill Scott sings it.