5 Smallville Episodes Left, 8 Burning Questions!

With The CW’s Smallville set to resume its final season this Friday at 8/7c, TVLine spoke with executive producer Kelly Souders about the last five episodes. In doing so, we raised a few burning questions. Like, why the alt-Earth detour? Can Tom Welling bumble with the best of ’em? And did the new Superman movie limit how “super” the TV finale can be? Here’s what Souders said about those hot topics and others.

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on Smallville, Castle and More

With just five episodes left in the series — the series! — why does this Friday’s episode, “Kent,” use precious time to revisit alt-Earth? | Returning to the flip-floppy universe first spied in December’s “Luthor,” “We’re going to come across somebody very important that we did not see last time, and things are not quite set right.” She speaks of angry, pissed-off Jonathan Kent, right? “Yes, angry, pissed-off Jonathan!” the EP confirms with a laugh. “Clark and his father have some things to work out, and believe me, watching [John] Schneider play the opposite of what we know him for is a blast.” OK, but again: How does this road trip serve Smallville‘s grand finale? “It ends up impacting Clark,” Souders answers, “and some of the big decisions he’ll be having to make.”

“Booster” (airing April 22) finds Clark further fine-tuning his mild-mannered persona. So, how well does Welling do bumbling? | “Watching Tom and the different avenues where he’s able to stretch his legs as an actor is so much fun,” Souders raves, “and in ‘Booster’ we really get to see him delve much deeper into the classic Clark Kent we all know and love.” As in “Masquerade,” his makeover gets that extra special loving touch. “Lois is very instrumental… as she and Clark Kent create this character.”

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Smallville‘s Lois/Jor-El Meeting

Just how angry is Zod when Clark meets up with him again in “Dominion,” airing April 29? (We’re thinking very.) | Last seen being banished from Earth at the close of Season 9, the Zod that Clark and Ollie come face-to-face with — in the Phantom Zone — is unlike any incarnation encountered to date. “We haven’t seen this Zod before — he’s kind of a combination of all the different Zods we’ve seen [on Smallville] into one character,” says Souders. Wow, that’s a whole lotta angry rolled into one Kandorian. “He’s not happy,” Souders confirms. “He has not had a good couple of months.”

“Prophecy” marks the return of Clark’s cousin, Kara (aka Supergirl), who has been laying low in (off-screen) Metropolis. Does she resurface on her own, or does someone find her? | “That’s a good question!” says Souders. “It’s a little bit of both.” With Clark away at the Fortress of Solitude (where he’s introducing his fiancée to Jor-El), Kara “kind of shows up in an unexpected moment.” And once she does, Souders teases, “It becomes very clear that she’s been pretty busy with her own storyline.”

Will Darkseid assume physical form by season’s end? | The rumor that the corrupting essence would at some point appear as he does in the comic books seems to have gone up in smoke, no pun intended. (OK, fine, it was.) “Darkseid doesn’t exactly live by the same physical rules of our universe, but there is no question when his presence is felt,” Souders explains. As the season winds down, “If you look carefully, you’ll see some [visual] remnants.”

Did the fact that Zack Snyder’s Superman movie is now cast and nearing production hamstring Smallville at all, as far as what can and can’t be shown in the finale? | Whereas in the past, the Brandon Routh Superman film, for example, led to early limitations on how much Smallville could use the character of Lois, the Man of Steel’s latest big-screen adventure had no impact on TV’s Clark meeting his destiny. Says Souders, “We work pretty closely with DC Comics, and everybody knew this [final arc] would be launching that concept of Superman, but it also is very much ending the chapter of Smallville. So no, there was nothing we had to pull back on. Everybody has been wonderful.”

Tom Welling and Other Smallville Vets Flash Back to the Pilot Shoot

So, dare we hope that John Williams’ “Superman Theme” be heard in the finale? | “That would certainly give me the chills,” Souders teased… just minutes before The CW released a promo sampling said heroic tune. That’d seem like a super omen. Watch that teaser here:

Loading video...

Speaking of the two-hour series finale airing May 13: Why did Tom Welling tell CBS Watch! Magazine* that the very final moment gave him “goosebumps”? | “There are a lot of [great] moments,” Souders shares, “but that last one…. Even when we were talking about it in prep, we all got goosebumps!”

*I spoke to Tom Welling and many other series vets for a Smallville oral history that I compiled for CBS Watch! For much more, keep an eye out for the May issue of the magazine, which is sold at Barnes & Noble and Hudson News, and available for free subscription at

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  1. Khorrie says:

    Since when was Zod sent to the Phantom Zone at the end of last season? The Kandorians were sent to their own world, so far as canon told us. Nice to see TPTB don’t even KNOW their own continuity let alone adhere to it.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oops, I got ahead of myself there. Let me de-spoiler it some for those playing at home….

    • ashley says:

      Matt made a mistake and this is explained in the episode apparently

    • Michelle says:

      We just assumed that, didn’t we? So did Clark. But we never actually saw anyone in this “other world.” As they got “beamed” up, Clark fought with Zod. Then Zod went while Clark fell. I have no trouble with Zod in the PZ.

    • laz says:

      it’s very easy to get what happen to zod go watch superman 2 and you will see they don’t belive in the killing there own so they sent him to the phantom zone after they was sent to new krypton.

    • Mayhem says:

      Zod, the original Zod, not the clone, was first sent to the Phantom Zone before the final destruction of Krypton. He escaped, possessed Lex and was returned to the Phantom Zone by Clark end of Season 5 as I recall. The cloned Zod was sent with the other clones to a different world. Unless I misunderstood what was said, this Zod will not be like the other Zods we have seen.

      • laz says:

        he will be a little differrnt because when clone zod gets sent to the phantom zone the phantom zod will jump in clone zod but have the memory of both.

      • Michael Brown says:

        Actually you did not miss understand it, you are right. The Zod in Season 10 is not the same Zod. Its not the clone but the original article. This Zod on Season 10 is an older and more angry Zod.

    • Jenny says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

  2. Jason says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the update.

  3. Michael says:

    Great Q&A, Matt. I can’t believe this show is going to be ending soon.

  4. Jimmy says:

    SMALLVILLE RULES. Best show ever. I will truly miss it.

  5. mary says:

    Matt, as per usual, you are the absolute best voice and media coverage for Smallville. I trust you more than I trust any other source (I would probably add Damiel H. in there too) about this show. You are a true fan and it shows.

    You get a huge bravo from me for having the courage to ask if it was wise to waste time returning to an AU with only 4 episodes left in the series. Seriously…I applaud you for calling them out on that. I am remaining hopeful that this episode will have some true impact on Clark. I did not care for “Luthor” at all–I thought it taught Clark a lesson he already knew and actually presented some pretty damaging commentary on Clark–and I was not looking forward to returning to the AU. Let’s hope that Clark Luthor has a point this time as opposed to just pandering and making out with random women. Really, really hoping this episode has a point for Clark KENT. (Also, hoping Lois is used better in this one than simply being thrown across a room. That was offensive in “Luthor”. The character and actress deserves better than that.)

    I’m confused as to how Zod ends up in the Phantom Zone. I know that there was a version of Zod sent to the zone back in Season 6. So I’m confused as to whether it’s THAT Zod that Clark will be meeting up with or whether it’s the Clone Zod from last season.

    I really hope that Kara shares at least one scene with Clark in her episode.

    Thanks for everything!

  6. laz says:

    well i was going to watch all of the eps left but now as it my seem he wan’t put on the suit tell the very last 10 secs so i will watch the last 10 secs and thats it.

    • dork says:

      So you’re such a shallow dork that the only thing you care about is if he wears the costume? Oh, and telling us that.
      Why don’t you just look a picture of superman and save us all the trouble of wondering just what you’re going to do.

  7. Apple El says:

    I really think the JW theme needs to stay in the movies where it belongs. Louis Febre has been with Smallville for the whole 10 seasons and it is HIS musical vision I would like to see embrace Clark’s final moments. To not allow Louis to give his voice to Smallville’s Superman is like a dismissal of all of his hard work over the years.

    • Watchtower says:

      I absolutely agree! It’s not just a dismissal of his hard work, but almost feels like desertion from his fans as well as coworkers. To hear KS talk so easily about ignoring Louis Febre’s already established Superman themes is disheartening.

      • postsalot says:

        Why do internet schmucks like yourself feel the need to interpret everything as hostilely as possible. They’re not using iconic music that most people associate with Superman – they’re “dismissing” the show scorer’s hard work and, oh hell I don’t even get your “desertion” reference. But it sounds like most whining on the internet. Give your head a shake and accept that using JW’s theme doesn’t equate with any insult to the guy that does the scoring on the show. Maybe he’s the one who gets to work out the new arrangement for it? Why do you want to deny him that opportunity? Do you hate him? Or just all of his fans?

    • Biphindy says:

      Louis Febre has NOT been doing the music for all 10 years of Smallville. Mark Snow did the music for the first several seasons. I want to say at least 5 or 6 seasons.

      • Apple El says:

        Biphindy: Louis Febre has been with Smallville for ALL of the 10 seasons, he worked WITH Mark Snow S1-6 and in S7 took control of composing on his own. He has been working hard to bring the score to Smallville ON HIS OWN since s7…I think he deserves to bring it home after all the hard work he has put in.

        Kaibosh, the JW theme IS a wonderful theme, but it’s place is in the movies, and to be remembered as THE Superman theme from the movies. Smallville is a TV show, and in it’s own universe, it needs it’s own Superman theme and as Watchtower has said, Louis has already established his own unique for Smallville Superman theme.

        • Kaibosh says:

          Sorry, but you’re wrong. Its not a coincidence that Terrence Stamp, Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder were cast in Smallville. It has nothing to do with “this is a TV show and this is a movie” so the producers should make their decisions on that basis. Your argument is also inconsistent with the fact that when Dr Swann was explaining to Clark about Krypton in season 2; the entire music bed in that scene was the John Williams Krypton motif. I have tremendous respect for the work that Louis Febre and Mark Snow have done over the years; in fact Mark Snow’s X-Files is one of my favorite TV themes. But I think we should all remember that this isn’t a TV show; its a product. In fact its not even a product; we’re the product. The customer is the advertiser and the producers are selling us to them. The whole point is to draw in as many viewers as possible to the series finale so we can watch the commercials. To that end as I stated; the producers are going to want the biggest dramatic bang for their buck. And that means using the correct Superman them to introduce who else; SUPERMAN!

          • Watchtower says:

            Everything has been very hush-hush about the final episode – even those working on it have not seen it yet (and we see these episodes 3-4 weeks before they even begin post-production). It’s all very secretive around the finale.

            The amount of money it takes to license something like the JW theme is staggering – they did it once, w/Chris Reeves (and might I add that Louis Febre did the work on that theme in that episode) and it was a lot of money for just that one little snippet – which had to be orchestrated by Febre, not using any of JW’s original work.

            If they can afford to purchase rights to JWs theme, then great (but TW’s salary has prevented a lot of frivolous spending like that the last few years – see also: Michael Rosenbaum’s exit) as long as Louis Febre is given free rein, as before, to work it into his score as he sees fit. In my opinion, the already established Smallville Superman Theme is great – why ditch it now? No one seems to accept that there *is* a Superman theme in the show already – time to unleash the big orchestration & fully realize this amazing theme!

            @Biphindy et al: Louis Febre has been on Smallville since the pilot (this is no secret, it’s been publicized in interviews and other articles) he worked 50/50 with Snow although Snow got the screen credit. When Snow left the show, Febre’s name made it to the credits. Most people are not aware that most movies & tv shows are not just written by the person whose name appears on the screen – it is a team effort and agents negotiate whose name is in the credits. The audience never sees cue sheets which show the true story of who did what.

          • eva205 says:

            I totally agree with you, Kaibosh. I think it would be so appropriate to use the John Williams Superman theme in the last episode, as the episode is ending. Don’t get me wrong, I love the current theme, but what says Superman more to me is the award winning John Williams’ theme. The same thing happened with Star Trek the Next Generation using the theme of one of the Star Trek movies (I’m not sure which one, but I believe it was Star Trek the Motion Picture). Themes can be interchangeable. No one is losing anything here.

          • Watchtower says:

            @eva – Actually… what happened there was that Jerry Goldsmith had written what we know as the “Next Generation Theme” was the theme for the Star Trek Movie. It was then used for the tv show. There was no borrowing, as the same composer did all the work.

    • Kaibosh says:

      Wow. There is wrong; and there is Apple EI wrong. The John Williams theme is the THE Superman theme. Nothing else even comes remotely close. If the producers are serious about ending the series in the dramatic flourish that everyone wants and expects; then they will have to use the John Williams theme.

  8. Girard says:

    What CW promo sampling said heroic tune? Do you have a link?

  9. Susan says:

    This was great Matt. I still can’t believe Smallville is coming to an end. I still remember how I had to have a friend tape the show for me in college because I had a conflicting program (never leave me DVR!!!)…and here we are ten years later. It’s a truly the end of an era.

  10. laz says:

    I almost forgot thanks matt but what i would like to know if zod will use clarks blood to come back to earth and see tess is still alive and mabey try and make lois kneel before him like he told clark he was going to do.

  11. Girard says:

    Is it this the promo to which you were referring ( ’cause it’s AWESOME.

  12. laz says:

    about darkside soundes like he will take over clark or lois before they get merried because if he don’t become superman till very last secs lois and clark wan’t get merried dc won’t let clark get merried till he is superman.

  13. Jo says:

    So we have to look carefully for the remnants of Darkseid? Seriously, we have hunt around for The Big Bad of the season? How ‘epic’. Sounds like the series finale will make the season 8 Doomsday finale look like a masterpiece in comparison!

    Yeah, and kudos for calling the showrunners out on the complete waste of time another trip to the alternate universe will be, so late in the FINAL season of the show. And stop with the BS, Kelly Souders. You wrote the episode, and directed Luthor. You know the real reason for this episode was so that Clark Luthor could have another makeout with Tess Luthor. Incest is best, I guess.

    • laz says:

      I get your anger i do but when they brought darkseid in they did not have mr back as lex now they do and it changed what they wanted to do so you have to ask your self do you wan’t more mr lex or darkseid me i would rather have more lex but that is just me i just would like one scene with the big three of the comic book but sadly i don’t think i will get that because it sounds like all mr scenes are with tom and CF and you will get one with john glover.

    • Mary says:

      I’m really really hoping that “Kent” has a point for Clark Kent and isn’t just another excuse for pandering. I thought “Luthor” was very well acted and it was fun to see Lionel again. But it had no real point for Clark Kent at all and it actually had some fairly disturbing themes when you looked under the surface. The more times I watched it, the more I hated it. Really hoping “Kent” has some depth. It’s too late to just have a shiny episode with no point 4 episodes from the end.

      • Jo says:

        I suspect that the only real depth in the Kent episode will be the deeply disturbing imagery of Jonathan beating the crap out of Clark. Just like Lionel’s overlong assault on Clark in Luthor. And Conner’s prolonged molestation of Lois in Scion. It appears that the producers believe that the good guys getting viciously beaten up is entertaining.

    • Ange says:

      The implied incent in “Luthor” was repulsive. But I think that was kind of the point. The point was that Clark’s life as so horrible and screwed up in that world that instead of being with his soulmate…he was literally having sex with hookers and his step-sister. It was supposed to be horrible and nasty because it was literally the embodiment of the WORST case scenario for Clark. That being said, I have non desire to see it again. It wouldn’t serve any point to revisit it and there is too little time before the series ends. Any relationship issues/passion/romance at this point should be between Lois and Clark–the real Lois and Clark. Anything else is a waste this close to the end.

      • laz says:

        I am not saying this will happen but what if after luthor eps clark kent turned alt lois into a killer what if she is the one who killed ollie cause she thought he was trying to kill the clark she was talking to and not clark luthor it would be a twist.i mean she would be only one who would know about watch tower right.

      • Jo says:

        @ Ange. The message was loud and clear in Luthor, but it seems Kelly Souders doesn’t think we got it the first time round, so we’re going to be treated to an encore in Kent. Plus, it’s yet another excuse to have Clark locking lips with anyone but Lois. The second Cless kiss in Luthor was gratuitous enough, and I wonder how much more steamy it’s going to be in Kent? I’ll have to read about it, because I certainly won’t be watching it.

        • laz says:

          i would not read to much in the promo the last time tess and clark luthor kissed they showed it in the promo and since all they showed in this promo is a almost kiss i really don’t think they would miss there chance to show it again in the promo so before they kiss lois will walk in and clark luthor will stop the kiss before it will happen i hope then tess will say what dois she got that i don’t and he will say class.

    • Michael says:

      *Sigh* Yet another moron who needs to look up ‘incest’ in the dictionary. If I hear that word used about anything that happened in Luthor ONE MORE TIME…..

      • Jo says:

        *Sigh*. Yet another poster who resorts to name calling when someone doesn’t agree with their code of ethics. The incest was strongly implied when Clark kept calling Tess ‘sis’. If you don’t have a problem that, fine. A person’s sense of what is morally right or wrong is subjective anyway. I just hope you don’t have any step-siblings or children. You’d obviously have no problem schtooping them.

        • Ryan says:


          YOu can have your own moral opinion on whether making out with/schtooping a step-relative is right, but it is NOT incest. Incest is two people who are related by blood hooking up in that manner. Tess and Clark are not related by blood, therefore there is no proper incest.

          Does that make it any less disturbing? No, not really but there is a difference.

          • Mary says:

            Ryan, there is no need to call anyone names. You are incorrect. The legal definition of incest is a sexual relationship between close relatives that is illegal in the jurisdiction in which it takes place/socially tabboo. Clark Luthor and Tess were raised as brother and sister. The narrative made it clear that they were siblings when Tess mentioned “father” finding them and had Clark Luthor call her “Sis.” No, they weren’t related by blood. But legally they were related as adopted children are just as much legally a part of your family as biological children are. In most jurisdictions, it’s illegal to have sex with an adopted sibling and it’s considered incest. Now, I understand you making the distinction that they weren’t related by blood. But frankly, as someone who grew up with adopted brothers…I find it equally as repulsive either way. And I get ::why:: it was repulsive because Clark Luthor’s life was supposed to be horrible. There was nothing good in that world. That being said, I don’t have any desire to see it again and I think it’s a waste of screentime if it’s given any attention in the final 4 episodes of the series. I’m not sure if Kelly Souders thought this was a good way to spend the final episodes…..but frankly…I think she’s lost it if she thinks this was a good way to end the series.

          • Kim says:

            As Jo said, the incest is IMPLIED whenever Clark LUTHOR calls Tess LUTHOR his sis. It’s wrong and disgusting whether they are blood relatives or ont. They have a totally inappropriate familial relationship that would be rejected by most people.

  14. Carrie says:

    I’m sure the last five episodes will be a lot of fun. I loved the first episode in which they visited the parallel universe, so I’m looking forward to “Kent”. The parallel universe was a clever way to bring back Lionel and now Jonathan (yay!). I can’t believe the show is almost over!

    • laz says:

      in the promo for kent everyone thinks that the gold k is being held by darkseid but i think it is lois she just got gloves on she is at someones funeral.

  15. Kelly says:

    I love this show and especially TW’s Clark and ED’s Lois. Can’t wait for the final episodes.

  16. Helena says:

    I’ve got to hand it to you Matt, you really know your SV. I’m still anxious to see if the finale will be “all about Clark” as promised earlier. It seems that a lot of unnecessary characters will be coming in those last episodes, Zod and Kara, to name a few. And Booster, well, I’ll see if he was at all needed but I strongly doubt it. If Kara doesn’t even have a scene with Clark after that terrible “Supergirl” ep, I don’t even know what she’s doing back on the show.
    I appreciate that you ask about how the new movie would impact the finale, but I still have my doubts that it has none. First, the very last episode of a series about Clark Kent becoming Superman, isn’t called Superman. How’s that for no restriction. But I understand how they go around the question saying that there are no restrictions, since it’s a Clark Kent show. So, yeah, there are restrictions where Superman is concerned. I don’t know how the showrunners think they’ll get away with it. I think fans know what they want to see. And tons of DC characters will have been presented under their hero name, with that name in an episode title, except Clark.
    Anyway, thanks again for your awesome coverage.

    • eva205 says:

      Helena, you are absolutely right about Clark being known as Superman. Every other character of the DC Comics has the correct conotation except Clark. Instead, he is referred to as the “Red Blue Blur” or “The Blur”. I’m waiting for “Superman”. I’m also waiting for him to really FLY.

  17. Valerie says:

    Thanks Matt, for your questions, and your attention to Smallville.

    Having said that, I wish there was something among these answers that I was looking forward to. The return of the AU seems very unnecessary, and more or less an excuse to allow John Schneider to play an alternate Jonathan. I’m not sure there was a huge outcry for a bumbling version of Clark, and he certainly shouldn’t need Lois to come up with that (can’t we let Clark come up with some stuff ON HIS OWN!). Kara returns, but her storyline seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Clark, which sort of flies in the face of the “all about Clark” stuff we’ve heard from the showrunners. And we don’t even need to mention to the uselessness of Lois getting Clark’s powers. And Zod is returning…why? How was that needed in this final season. Especially when the Big Bad, Darkseid, has been so incredibly lame and isn’t going to even manifest?

    So, Matt, you rock! But these answers from Souders? They don’t inspire much confidence in Smallville closing out strong, or being “all about Clark”.

  18. laz says:

    you see that is what i don’t get it’s called smallville not clark kent so it should be about everyone in smallville if it was going to be all about clark they should of named it the clark kent show.i get tired of all the hate for everyone who is not named clark kent to wacth a show all about one person would be for a better word boring.

    • Jackson says:

      That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. “Smallville” is all about Clark Kent. You must be a Chloe fan. Only they seem to have a problem understanding that concept.

      • Jo says:

        @ Jackson. What do you expect? Even Allison Mack believes that Chloe is a superhero without superpowers. She’s obviously bought into her fandom’s glorification of her.

        • laz says:

          i am a fan of everyone on the show if you can’t see that in my post then you are the stupid one and i am a clois fan first but if every scene only has clark there would be no story to tell dummy.

  19. JK says:

    With so few episodes left I am surprised at how little news and information has been released about the show since it began repeats last month. Kudos Matt for scoring a few nuggets of truth that you could share with the masses. 10 years! I’ve been (along w/ many of you) watching this show for an entire decade! That is why I am hoping the payoff is a fully realized Superman before the end credits roll. No physical Darksied = weird, I think. I am wondering whether we’ll see Superman do battle at all. Lot’s of talk about this being about Clark’s story. Still, the best times during this show were when Superman’s story was realized a little bit more along the way.

  20. giset says:

    i am superman fan, and I am really going to miss the show. I think they had material to do 2 More seasons, but who knows? This is my favorite program,

  21. Nathan says:

    For Zod character, all going to have to wait 2 weeks to see what happen, because Zod was sent to Phantom Zone when he was in Lex’s body and ninth season the Zod was sent to another world. If would be good to see that the two Zod combine themselves somehow Or see the mirror Zod.

  22. roadoggxc says:

    I’m kinda let down that we won’t see the Darkseid from the comics. That actually sucks. I was also hoping the final 3 episodes would be Superman episodes or at least the next to last episode would lead to a Superman filled “Finale”. On a brighter note this season has been great compared to everything since season 4. I really feel like there have been a lot of awesome episodes. Too many fillers for my taste as has been the case over the years but still an unbelievably good season. I wish they had a bigger budget to send this final year off the right way. Shame on WB/CW smh.

  23. Prince says:

    thanks for the great questions matt. my problem is just with some of the answers that souders gave. i trully wish that clark was going to fight darkseid in his true form on darkseid. and if the reason for the change was lex coming back i wish they would have stayed with the original plan. because lex doesn’t interest me as much as darkseid, especially not this season. a few questions that i wish you would’ve asked matt were, why have they waited so long for clark to fly? why did they feel the need to have a bumbling clark kent instead of the clark that we have seen in recent seasons? and why did they wait so long for clark to wear glasses?

    • Watchtower says:

      I was thinking on this same subject last week as the pilot aired: the show has spent 10 seasons making Clark Kent “cool” instead of keeping him the “nerd” that he was in the first season. It’s a kind of corner the writers have backed themselves into – probably unwittingly since they wanted a newer hipper CK. So now, at the 11th hour, they have to find a way to suddenly put the glasses on and create the bumbling reporter persona we all know. Personally, I’ve always LOVED the two sides of Superman, and really did miss the Clark Kent that Reeves played so well. On the flip side, I LOVED the CK of Smallville. So… we’ve all got our backs against the wall!

  24. Juliette says:

    AAAHHH, so excited. But i seriously think that Tom Wellings should have been cast for the new Superman Movie. Better yet, instead of making a new superman movie, they should make a Smallville Movie. That way we get a little of the character becoming Superman actually being Superman. Tom Wellings, you’re amazing. Will be waiting for any other appearances or casts in movies that you do. :D

    I also hope to see more appearances of Allison Mack

  25. robert says:

    I am so freaking excited and full of goosebumps that i cant stand it, these last 5 episodes will be great and as for the finale. . . I have no doubt that we will see Tom Welling Clark Kent become SUPERMAN. . . Tom will put the Blue tights on with some yellow in the costume and Red cape and the “S” Shield and fly

  26. Barry says:

    Fans of this show are the biggest bunch of whingers I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. Nothing the producers or writers do is good enough. They don’t deserve 10 episodes, let alone 10 years.

    • Kim says:

      People ‘whinge’ when they are subjected to something they don’t like or agree with. So what are you advocating, blind acceptance? Sorry, but when the garbage stinks, I do something about it, and if I can’t, I complain about it.

    • Seon says:

      Maybe a little harsh, don’t you think?!
      I’m with you, that some fans fit your description – analyze and criticize every little detail.

      The small group of fans you describe just have a very loud “voice”. Not everyone believes in the propaganda of these armchair bloggers who became critics instead of leaders. They haven’t learned a single lesson over the years.

      Just do what I do: sit back, relax, watch and enjoy the show.

  27. Kim says:

    wow. Kelly Souders is barking if she thinks her interviews make the fans more excited for the show. If anything, they’re a deterrent.

  28. Stolen says:

    i feel i got riped off untill the final of all seasons he can fly i just hope he dosent fly at the end of credits of the final episode waving with earth in the background like reeve did

    • Kaibosh says:

      Stolen. That’s probably exactly what will happen. Unless I’m off base here I suspect the episode will have lots of drama and action with Clark finally flying to rescue Lois from some peril and defeating Darkseid, Zod and Lex in a climactic battle with the help of the Justice League. Then in the final 3-5 minutes of the show when all of our heroes are gathered at the Kent farm talking over how their lives have changed and what the future holds; I suspect that is when Clark will come out of his room or the barn in the costume and say something like “I decided to you up on your gift mom” and Lois will say something like “now that’s my Superman” at which point he’ll fly off into the sky to the John Williams theme, wink at the audience Christopher Reeve style and roll credits.

  29. Bonnie says:

    Another interview by Kelly Souders riddled with cracktastic comments. Hard to believe the lady actually makes a living out of writing.

  30. August says:

    I haven’t watched Smallville in a couple of years but wow, this I will defnitely tune in for. It’s making me alost cry, five more episodes left in the series! After ten years, God I started watching this in year 6 and now I’m university. Seriously hard to imagine.

  31. Maddie says:

    So NOT looking forward to tomorrows episode. Maybe a miracle will happen and the CW will air Booster instead. Overall I’ve found the Luthor storyline completely annoying this season. I’m so disinterested in it that even the prospect of the most important Luthor of all – Lex – returning leaves me unexcited. Darkseid should just blow them all up before they ruin the finale.

  32. scorpionful06 says:

    de unde a mai aparut ala ce vrea sa fie supermen nou ,, firear sa fie de maimuta

  33. 1eclecticviewer says:

    Wow! Great questions, Matt. They’re really well-thought out. Excellent interview! Thanks as always, Mr. Mitovich. I’m feeling the end – I think I may just bawl my eyes out throughout the last episode of the series.

  34. Robert says:

    Smallvile is the best show ever! Its the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!

    Tom Welling is and will always, forever be SUPERMAN! along side with Christopher Reeve Superman!

    That Smallville Superman finale Teaser Trailer was so awesome, I had goosebumps as soon ans the Superman Music started!!!