House First Look: It's D-Day For Masters

Fox’s isn’t officially touting House‘s April 18 episode as Amber Tamblyn’s swan song, but all signs are certainly pointing in that direction.

Amber Tamblyn’s Post-House Plans Revealed

The latest evidence comes via three Masters-centric video clips from Monday’s installment titled, appropriately, “Last Temptation.” Check ’em out and you tell me — is Tamblyn checking out on Monday?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SnazzyO says:

    Oh I love her. I will miss her greatly. She brought back that morality foil that house is missing.

    • Jeannie says:

      I TOTALLY agree. I absolutely love the actress and the character.

    • SHERRI HAINES says:


      • sherrie says:

        I totally agree!!!!

      • Chainer says:

        You’re an idiot Sherri. It’s obvious from the fact of your caps lock being stuck in perma-on that you think your opinion is the most important. I’m betting you were the friend who was always left out of picking what to do. Maybe you were the one who was picked last.

        Either way, learn to spell and go back to reading twilight for your predictable endings and expected outcomes. Morality isn’t the point of the show therefore House in check is pointless and retracts value from the overall plot. Thirteen pushes House and enables him, something that has been lost overall. Just because you have a lesbian school-girl fetish doesn’t mean that an annoying character that in all honesty ruins the plot should stay.

        Also before TL;DR – Learn to spell and some basic grammar.

        • Liza says:

          LMAO @chainer. Overly angry at nothing and resorting to name calling over a post?? Wow. Find something else to do and just state your opinion nicely.

        • fail says:

          oh stop trolling, Chainer

        • Cindy says:

          Do you get off on being mean? Seriously did what she said merit such vitriol? Why don’t you get a punching bag and take your anger out on some innate object? This is just a television show. Get a grip!

        • Critic says:

          What a jack ball. Dude, really? Did you wake up this morning and think, “Hmm…. I think I will go online and make fun of someone.” Sherri is giving her opinion, and you decide to berate her like that. I’ll bet you were the kid in school that was always picked last for sports, and didn’t get grades high enough to be considered a nerd. So now you feel like taking it out on others.

          • patty says:

            Freedom of speech got to love matter if its mean nice if what we say has an option it is our god given right so express it; does not mean we have to agree with it

        • Honest One says:

          Trying to be house or something? Get real, you’re not special because you can make fun of someone using meaningless witty remarks.

          • JayWhy from NJ says:

            Chainer is right on the money.

            He/she must be from NJ where life is basically a battleground of abusive sarcasm.

            If making intelligent, sarcastic and only borderline rude comments isn’t funny, THEN WHY THE H$%L WOULD YOU WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

            I know, it must be because it is so ENTIRELY plausible that House should solve an absolutely impossible, hopeless case every week

        • queenie says:

          Chainer – if you would really like to begin to judge others, perhaps you should start with yourself, for you obviously cut down others in order to make yourself appear more intelegent. These blog spots arent just for megalomaniacs like yourself, they are for regular people with regular opinions.
          Perhaps the best thing for you to do is stop wasting your time on television and go back to crashing MENSA meetings.

        • Johanna says:

          Not that I condone being rude to others, but since this is a “House” chat, I have to say you sound JUST like him…not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s funny!

          • claude c says:

            Johanna, I think you are right on the money…!

            What “Chainer” said is EXACTLY what HOUSE would have said! I’m thinking, that was the point!

        • raven5860 says:

          Wow, aren’t you offensive. What’s with all the name calling because someone has a different opinion than you? If someone does not spell perfectly that makes them less a person? Perhaps you should learn to keep your mouth shut.

        • Robert S. says:

          I am so impressed by your scholarly pontificating. It must be nice to be so superior. Does it give you a boost to belittle others for their personal opinions? Spare us all you pompous twit.

        • Ajg says:

          Grow up chainer! WHEW….what a jerk!

        • lovecraft says:

          Successful troll is successful.

      • Shmoo says:

        I think I read that it was Amber Tamblyn’s choice to leave, because she had another opportunity for a pilot. They might have kept her, otherwise.

      • DanieGermany says:

        From what I’ve read it was Amber Tamblyn’s decision that she only wanted to stay on the show for 1 season. I’m sure they would’ve kept her if she wanted to stay.

      • sg127/333 says:

        i think it would add a little flavor to the atmosphere of the show to watch 13 and Tamblin hash it out once in a while.I dont want to see her go.since Huddy broke up I needv a little something to keep me cheered up. I literally cried when house and cutty broke up.

      • Josh says:

        Well, if they decide to keep her on, then they really had no reason to let Cameron go, now did they?

    • STACIA! says:

      I like masters! i think she was a great character on the show and loved the little crush she had on Chase who i got to admit is pretty dang hot! and i think that this next show is going to be interesting! :)

    • b says:

      I agree! I’m glad 13 is coming back, and I wish Amber Tamblyn the best in her new series, but I really wish we could get even half a season of House with two female team members – especially two as completely different as Masters and 13. Masters’ naivete and morals are an interesting contrast to the rest of the (extremely jaded) team, and yet she’s grown a lot just in the few months she’s been on the show.

  2. jrs says:

    Oh, PUH-LEEZE, let it be her swan song. I thought Masters was the worst thing about House since the show started. I was annoyed every time she opened her yap and she completely ruined the show for me. I’m no fan of the actress, but don’t think it was all her fault…lazy writing. Yes, writers, we get it that House is amoral and tricky. We did not need a stupid plot device like her to get the point.

    • Emgee says:

      Completely agreed. She was like Cameron 2.0

      It was fine when Cameron did it, but if they got rid of her character, they shouldn’t try to recreate that character..

      Thank God Thirteen is back.

      • Stacy says:

        Thank God Thirteen is back is right.I hated Masters from the begining. I hate her stupid pouty face when things didn’t go her way. I’m sure the actress is fine, I just hate her character.

        I love Thirteen’s personality so much, I’m happy she’s coming back.

        • linda says:

          I Agree…. im so happy 13 is back..House needs a connection now that him and cuddy are thru ..and in comes 13 ..YES

    • Sarah Brown says:

      I agree!

    • Teena says:

      I totally agree! Never liked her from the start. Every week I would say to my Husband “I wish they’d get rid of her.” Looks like I get my wish!

    • nancy says:

      I agree hated her on this show happy to see her leave…She was so annoying she was way to moral for this show. lol

    • A. Welch says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I thought her character was very out of place on this show, although I admired her values.

  3. Alicia says:

    It’s probably a good thing they don’t tout 7×19 as Master’s swan song considering “The Dig” was hyped as 13’s big return (with a secret!) and it was the least viewed episode of the season. And I’m sure there are even fewer people clamoring for a Masters-centric ep.

    But viewership just keeps dropping; Bombshells – 11.1 mil, Chute – 10.4, Grace – 9.3, Dig – 8.5. But you know, this is all Huddy’s fault, right? A month after the split and they’re still dragging the show down! That’s the only explanation people; Huddy ruins everything.

    Just wait for the “real” House fans with their creative ratings interpretations to back this up. If viewership drops for a fourth consecutive episode then you know they’re on to something, nevermind that Cuddy wasn’t even in “The Dig”–this is no place for logic. Listen, they’ll tell you!

    • Tophu says:

      Nah. Every show drops down in ratings after a while. It’s been on for seven years now. Procedurals can’t stay fresh and exciting forever, and hardly any new viewers are going to show up season years deep. It happens to every show. So while I don’t think House is as good as it was during the earlier seasons, I don’t think it’s completely the show’s fault. You just have to expect these things after a while.

      • Alicia says:

        That’s a good story. Does it also come in non-fiction?

      • Sarah says:

        While I agree that this happens to procedural over time – look at the strange success of NCIS. The ratings for the show are higher now then in the first few seasons. Both shows are shown in syndication on USA, and USA reruns new episodes of House from the current season while it is still a season behind for NCIS. While I know there are other factors involved I would say there is something else wrong that is causing loss of viewers other then length of time on the air. I personally think it is the chemistry and characters. House was always unlikeable but they are seeming to find new depths to his decline that are not as enjoyable to watch as his battle with the cop from season 3, the issues with his metal illness from the drugs etc. This stuff with Huddy and him pushing everyone away has turned the only characters left around him to be similar and just not as interesting as they used to be.

        • spn says:

          no, that’s comparing apples to oranges. NCIS had their post-2,3 season successes because they continue to kill off main characters as huge plots and coverups; and that just honestly makes for interesting story lines that grab you. huddy was a terrible idea as all the day-1 house fans would say, a hookup would have been great but a relationship just killed it. now I look at Cuddy as an ex-girlfriend of my own and I don’t think that’s the ill-effect the writers/laurie wanted. I was waiting above for someone to compare Amber to Cameron and I’m glad they called her “Cameron 2.0”. House lost the angel on his shoulder that would tell him the “right” thing and the writers wrote Amber in as that. am I to expect Cuddy will now step up to a both supervisor/cameron role? all to include a relationship between the 2 of them as being vitriolic but of course having the ability to work as they have.

    • DarkEmy says:

      i’m a fan of huddy, but since they got together I have to agree that the show is worse. And yes huddy’s at fault for low ratings. But the dig was awesome, and I don’t care what the Olivia Wilde haters say about that… I’ve missed 13 and I’m glad she’s back.

    • Mara says:

      You know, someone who pays THAT kind of detailed attention to ratings really needs to get out of the house once in a while. It’s just a TV show, it shouldn’t be the single most important focus of your life to the extent that you can actually yammer on about the exact ratings of each epsiode of the season. That’s just sad.

      • Alicia says:

        I know, right?? What a loser–that I can actually LOOK THINGS UP on this magical invention called the internet, and then post about subjects with authority. Jeez, I should really ditch that “hobby” and instead belittle strangers whose opinions differ from mine. Because THAT’S not sad at all…

        • tuffigirl says:

          Wow…. can we all get together and remove the stick from Alicia’s ass? The only thing that’s sad is that you’re the one person who keeps coming back to slam people when everyone else has already moved on for the day. Mara’s right… you need to get a life.

    • Jeannie says:

      I don’t think it was Huddy, Cuddy or anything other than the lack of creative stories that’s got House dragging bottom. Oh.. and the fact that the schedule around it is weak – IMO.

      Drop them on Thursday at 9 after AI and viewership will increase. BUT ONLY if they put in some compelling storylines to back it up.

      • Cindy says:

        I disagree with that one…Grey’s Anatomy will put the final nail in House’s coffin if that happens. They need to go back to what made it popular in the first place–interesting cases, and House’s addictive personality (and the consequences of having it.)

    • mila says:

      I am agree! GY said that Huddy fans don’t matter.And what do we see now? Writers destroyed amazing line and they are so proud of their independence from fan’s opinion. I love this show so much, and I am afraid now of every episode because I don’t know what they are planning to do next: to kill Cuddy, to make House to commite suicide, to kill Wilson? They don’t care for our feelings. Instead this GY is boasting in twitter about RIP Huddy and other silly thing which he so enjoy

    • Emgee says:

      Considering that they declined AFTER the Huddy breakup, it seems more likely that people were in FAVOR of them as a couple.

      • Amy says:

        Season 6 premiere, no huddy crap: more than 16 millions

        Season 7 premier, huddy crap in on: 10 millions

        Yes, people wants huddy, lol

        • Ally says:

          The season 6 premier was TWO hours long while the season 7 premiere was only an hour long, so the you cannot compare the ratings on that.

  4. Sacha says:

    The internship is House’s plot to bring Thirteen back into the team.

    Sorry to see Masters go, she’s grown on me which is the first ime it ever happens with one of the female characters on the show. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would have much prefered her to stay with her sweet little crush on Chase than the inevitable “Thirteen is so hot and Chase is going to fall for her”-scenario. Weirdly enough, Masters seemed like the perfect girl for him if they’d given her time enough to shape out a little bit more. Goodbye to another great and unexpected plot twist.

  5. hooch says:

    That’s upsetting. I really liked Masters’ character, and she was growing on my still. I never warmed up to 13 and didn’t miss her at all when she left. She is my least favorite House Team female of the series. Cameron was the best though.

  6. savange says:

    Cameron number 2.0.
    Pathetic choise.

  7. tahina says:

    Masters leaving, 13 will take center attention along with Taub. There be no room for Foreman, Chase-let alone Cuddy or Wilson.Hopefully Masters will have a decent send -off episode-she deserves it.

  8. robinepowell says:

    I’d watch the videos, but because I live in Canada, they’re blocked for me. Figures. :(

  9. robinepowell says:

    I can’t, because I live in Canada. You’d think I lived in some remote place no one’s heard of the way these sites ban everything. :(

  10. Chris Halarewich says:

    I must be a “Hoser, Eh” I can’t watch the videos I live in Canada too

    • Debi says:

      All righty we get it you LIVE in Canada and can’t watch the videos. So why don’t Canada let you watch them???? Is that the queastion you wanted asked? Well there it is and now for the answer…………….

    • Yasemin says:

      I live in the netherlands so I cant watch the videos as well. I watch the videos on a amazing website called YouTube. Just google what you are looking for and you’ll find it. O_o

  11. Booger says:

    Cut Taub. Thirteen and Masters work well- really well. Taub and Chase are weak story lines these days. It’s like Chase became a cheap caricature of a womanizer and Taub is just a wreck. Foreman is halfway decent when he gets to focus on work instead of what Taub’s willy is up to. I don’t mind Huddy. It worked on a lot of levels and now gets to generate new story lines. I want Wilson back, too.

  12. Freyah says:

    Ausiello since David Shore and Amber Tamblyn announced back in about February that she was leaving the show I think by the process of deductive reasoning we can pretty much work out this is her last show so really this is hardly a scoop. You also reported OW as saying last week she got to work on AT’s last episode with her so um Duh! I think maybe Masters is out the door!

    That said I wish AT luck in her new pursuits. I wont miss Masters that much but she served her purpose on the team and was mostly interesting to have around.

    As to the comments on ratings. I just went and checked them out and it seems to me that the ratings throughout the House/Cuddy relationship portion of this season were pretty consistent and steady (critcs comments, if memory serves, were also pretty positive for the most part). The ratings drop really started after Bombshells (ie: the abrupt Huddy breakup) and has continued to slide to the season low of this weeks Ep 18 The Dig. So for all those saying “Huddy” negatively effected the show, take a look at the ratings they seem to indicate differently.

    • Amy says:

      Fan with a blog aren’t critics! This season, and huddy received a lot of bad reviews, almost all of the important critics stopped the review of the show. Even eo dropped the recaps. Since the huddy nonsense started the show has lost almost the 35% of its audience in comparison to the last season (source, tvbythenumbers), during this season House was in the bigger loser category (source tvbythenumbrs).
      Plus, ths season the huddy show was beatea by HIMYM not only once but two times. And in more than an occasion the ratings went under the 9.5 mil. Just check this season ratings eith the past one, you’ll see the difference.

      House used to have 20 mil without the huddy, with huddy the show lost almost the half: if people wanted huddy why the show had only 10 mil in the premiere, when season 6 premiere, no huddy and no cuddy, had more than 16 millions?
      Huddy riuned the show, period!

      • Sue says:

        House had 20 mil viewers because of American Idol as lead-in and a better (later) time-slot. The first season of House actually had less viewers than Season 7 because they hadn’t Idol as a lead in before Season 2.

        By the way: House lost most of it’s viewers in the second half of season 6. 6×12 had 14 mil which lead to 9.29 mil in 6×21. Do you really want to blame Huddy for that?

        Funny: The especially Cuddy-centric-episodes in Season 7 (Family Practice and Bombshells) had about 12.3 mil and 11 mil viewers. Which is above the season’s average.

        It’s easy to blame Huddy but there are many more aspects which led to the bad ratings(i.e. no more clinic patients, always the same Taub storyline, no storyline for Foreman, the nonexistence of Wilson, changing the characters that they fit into the storyline (Chase the playboy/Wilson’s cat/Cuddy’s marriage/House’s wedding..))

        Don’t get me wrong: The way they handeld the relationship between between House and Cuddy feels wrong to me, too. It’s the only focus for the entire season (even after the break-up it’s nearly all about Huddy), even for me – as some kind of House/Cuddy supporter – it was too much. But probably they had to do it that fast/much because they needed all the Huddy-relationship-stuff to be done after that season.

        And I think that’s their mistake: The Huddy supporters are disappointed because they didn’t really explore the relationship and the ones who don’t like Huddy are disappointed because for them it was too much Huddy at once.

  13. Brooke says:

    I hope its D-Day for her. Her character sucks – Masters is completely unoriginal. Smart, goodie-two-shoes, whiny girl? Boring. Kick her to the curb. Cameron at least had a few interesting flaws…

  14. Emma says:

    Can’t stand Masters. She’s awful and she annoys me. She takes the mischief out of house and doesnt have that mystery quality cameron had. Plus the actress is completely monotone and boring

  15. Emily says:

    I have a feeling that Masters will be staying around. Yes, 13 is “back”, but the show will most likely go back to it’s old mundane self in no time. If Masters stays, it will make for a more interesting story line. Masters and 13 compete… head-to-head. I hate to say it like this, but don’t some people like to watch girls fight?

  16. STACIA! says:

    i love masters she was one of my favv characters! and hate to see her go but i like to see thirteen back! like the old times! And i really want to know what house is playing in this game!

  17. juan luis h says:

    A mi me cae muy mal, mejor que la saquen hace que se pierda lo bueno o la esencia de programa de house, adicional nadie quiere a una chismosa, mejor pongan a cuddy bajo las ordenes de House para q entienda q onda y no este molestando con la forma de trabajo de house
    Por cierto q fuman o se meten para crear los capitulos de house

    Muy buenos, felicidades.

  18. DD says:

    One thing that is not being considered for ratings is that this is the time when a lot is going on in America; sporting events are wrapping up, school years/ college semesters are comming to an end, seasons are changing and people are able to go outside and be active instead of stay seditary infront of their tv’s, not to mention the announcements pertaining to the federal budget cuts, etc.
    Of course those things are going to bring lower ratings for a few weeks, it isn’t necessairly because of the episodes. In the rerun season those same episodes may pick up the most viewers.
    Not every American is identical. Things keep rapidly changing and they have to roll with the punches.
    I for one love watching house, however when it comes to the last month of school, or within two weeks of an exam, I do not watch any tv often times. I spend my time studying and working for good grades. So for the past month I haven’t. Turned on tv hardly, and it will be another month until I am likely to even do so.
    People like me are not accounted for in statistics often times. Why? Because we scue the results because of how infrequent and sproratic our tv watching occurs. Our lives are not dominated by what is on the Telebox.

  19. Jenn says:

    Amber Tamblyn already gave an interview on another website that discussed the fact that she’s leaving before the season finale. And the one of the guys that starred in Joan of Arc with her will be the guest patient.

  20. s garrett says:

    Good bye! she has no chemistry with the others

  21. Winjoe says:

    Liked Amber. Good to have Thirteen back, too. Love this season. Lots of chances taken. My gf and I are convinced Amber will eventually die at the hands of the serial killer who escaped.

  22. Luanne says:

    I guess I’m the only one, but while I agree we’ve seen better episodes, I still love watching House! M*A*S*H ran 11 yrs with the finale being the most watched tv episode ever, so it’s been done! I love 13, glad she’s back and I’ll keep watching faithfully every Monday till they pull it. Hopefully, not anytime soon!

  23. Gina McBride says:

    I liked Masters better when she was Katie in the movie “The Ring”.

  24. Prieta says:

    I have to agree with a few people, masters is no thirteen, she was good but not that good, I don’t think they should kill her off, I think they should have her in the clinic or something with her experience. I am so happy thirteen is back but masters should have atleast a few lines or chases new girlfriend lol, foreman and thirteen should get back together lol

    • wtfisthisshow says:

      Lol no, Foreman and 13 should NOT get back together. They should have never been paired together in the first place. Most boring couple on the show. Foreman needs someone with more personality, to make up for how he represses himself. 13 just needs to go.

  25. Greg says:

    D-day is a term used for the day/time a combat operation is to be initiated. Using “d-day” to describe someone leaving a show is wrong and stupid. Seriously.

  26. LAURA says:

    Hi, some times a get from Facebook, an episode, but i can´t watch them, because they do not show it in my country, Mexico. Hope i have more luck next time.


  27. Nicholas says:

    I’ve loved, and now just like “HOUSE.” If this isn’t it’s final season, the next one should be it! They’ve had a great run, but it’s clear that the writers are tired and not coming up with new and innovative ideas for their characters. It’s better to leave ’em wanting more and on a high note!

  28. Sharon says:

    I like the actress and the role. A little something different. But regardless if Masters stays or goes, the writers on this show never disappoint.

  29. Sharon says:

    I like her. But no matter what happens, these writers do not disappoint.

  30. Deb Mac says:

    I adore Amber. I’ve actually met her twice, interviewed her once. I think Masters was very interesting, and her reunion with Chris Marquette (7X17: Fall From Grace) will always be one of my favorite hours of TV. It’s OK that she’s leaving. I’m excited about her next project. She’s the real deal. Not just an amazing actress and a beautiful woman, but a formidable person. I have no doubt she will always land on her feet.

  31. Ashley says:

    She’s awesome she should stay!!!!!

  32. AinsleyQwe says:

    Personally, I hate to see Masters leave the show. I find her character a refreshing change and enjoyed the previous episodes that she was in.
    Hopefully they would bring her back in the next season? As a graduated Med-Student this time and become a member of the team.

  33. wtfisthisshow says:

    Meh, I like Masters the goody-two shoes far more than boring 13. Monday’s episode was by far one of the most boring I’ve ever seen. There was a rerun with Amber on the show earlier today, I wish they would have kept her instead of 13. I hope this show doesn’t become the 13 show again, I don’t think I can stay awake that long.

  34. JayWhy from NJ says:

    Chainer is right on the money.

    He/she must be from NJ where life is basically a battleground of abusive sarcasm.

    If making intelligent, sarcastic and only borderline rude comments isn’t funny, THEN WHY THE H$%L WOULD YOU WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

    I know. It must be because it is so ENTIRELY plausible that House should solve an absolutely impossible, hopeless case every week

  35. Karen says:

    Of course writers should be completely independent of viewers. Please!

  36. chris says:

    Buh-buy Masters, I’m sooo happy my 13 is back!!

  37. Sara says:

    Is there some sort of law that you can’t have two females on House’s team at the same time?

  38. Tilted Sideways says:

    I think she is so much better than Doogie Howser ever was! Hate to see you go, Dr. Masters.

  39. Val says:

    Why can’t someone just shoot her! I cannot wait for her to be gone…maybe I can stop fast forwarding my dvr!!!

  40. DanieGermany says:

    I really liked Amber Tamblyn’s stint on House. She was funny, intelligent and had a good chemistry with House and the team. I am not a big Olivia Wilde fan, therefore I would have loved AT to stay. But that’s her decision, of course.

    But they needed another woman on the team, so they had to bring OW back. No offence to OW, but I think she just too beautiful and not a good enough actress for that role to be credible. I really had a hard time watching her next to the great Hugh Laurie last Monday.

    She’d fit into Gossip Girl, Greys or Private Practice or Tron Legacy where it’s enough to look good.

    I’m sure most people will disagree with me, but that’s been my problem with her since season 4, when she was picked in the survivor arc (Cutthroat-Bitch would have been my choice; Anne Dudek was beyond awesome)…

  41. John says:

    I would have liked for Masters to have stayed on for a bit. If anything just to see her moral view of the world ultimately become tarnished beyond repair. I think the writers where to nice to her character. House from previous season would have destroyed her XD
    As for the decline in ratings, its sadly bound to happen. The shows shelf life is about up.

  42. dude says:

    13 is hot, glade she is back

  43. smercanti says:

    thank goodness. love amber tamblyn, was NOT a fan of masters.

  44. Russ Schleicher says:

    I never thought her charachter worked for the show, I am gald 13 is back.

  45. Eric says:

    I am just starting to like Masters, I thought she was supposed to stay on the team. What was the point in putting her in the last 4-5 scripts if they were just going to take her out.

    Chainer or anyone else…This is just my opinion. If you don’t like it, lump it. Then take it down the road and dump it.

  46. Theresa says:

    Many years ago I met Amber Tamblyn when whe was on General Hospital and was at Soap Opera event in Orlando, Florida. She is a very nice girl. I still have the personalized autograph from her. I hope she stays on House, I enjoy watching her go at House with her witty comments. I think House really likes her alot!

  47. Billy says:

    House is supposed to be a drama. I starts to loose steam when they try and make it more light hear-ted. They seriously need to get back to basics and give house a road block to plow thru. Return to gritty side of house. I mean he is back on Vicodin so why not give him back the attitude that came with it.

  48. bg says:

    meh, i liked masters, but it’s not going to matter anyway if the series isn’t renewed to fox (since it’s in nbc’s contract that it doesn’t go anywhere else).