The Good Wife Mystery: For Pete's Sake, Where Was Chris Noth Last Night?!

It’s rare that I walk away from a Good Wife episode focused on what it lacked, but that’s exactly the position I found myself in following Tuesday’s momentous hour — which saw Peter Florrick’s yearlong campaign sprint for state’s attorney climax with a decisive win. It wasn’t the writing or acting that left me wanting more —both were stellar as usual — it was the glaring absence of the man at the center of the election-themed plot: Chris Noth!

The void was particularly evident in the installment’s final moments when a victorious Peter emerged from seclusion to greet his supporters…. well, some dude with brown hair who looked like Noth from behind emerged. Why go so far as to hire a body double for an episode that seemingly demanded at least a split-second cameo from Noth?

According to exec producer Michelle King, scheduling and creative considerations were the driving forces behind Peter’s vanishing act. With Noth — who it should be noted is only a recurring player on Wife and therefore not under contract — currently starring in a revival of The Championship Season on Broadway, “We knew he’d only be available for a certain number of the final episodes,” King explains. “We had some flexibility as to which episodes should feature Peter, and felt that creatively it would be best to keep him out of [Tuesday’s episode] in order to focus on Alicia. That way we’ll be able to have the dramatic fireworks of a Peter/Alicia confrontation play out in the final episodes.”

There you have it.

By the way, those fireworks Kings speaks of won’t ignite for a few more weeks; the first of Wife‘s three remaining season 2 episodes doesn’t air until May 3.

Thoughts? Did you miss Peter as much as I did? Or were you too focused on Alicia’s world crashing down around her to notice? Sound off below!