American Idol Top 8 Tackle 'Songs From the Movies': Who Did Best? Who's at Risk?

It was “Songs From the Movies” Night on American Idol, and every single member of the Top 8 was genius, perfect, beautiful, special, and “in it to win it.” Oh, except for Haley Reinhart. Yes, Idoloonies, that was pretty much the take-home message you’d have gotten had you chosen to fast-forward through all of the evening’s musical performances, and listen only to the overpriced feedback of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson.

This isn’t to say Haley was great tonight, or even particularly good. But to pretend she was the only remaining member of the Season 10 Idol crop who couldn’t have benefitted from some constructive criticism? That’s crazier than Paula Abdul wanting to pop off David Archuleta’s head and hang it from her rearview mirror.

I’m not going to say any more than that — I’ve got to get stated on a full episode recap that’ll post overnight right here at [UPDATE: Full recap is liiive!] — so in the interim, I turn it over to you. Sound off in our polls about tonight’s best and worst performances, head down to the comments to expound on said opinions, then scroll down for the latest three-part episode of the most important series on the Internet right now, Idoloonies. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Tonight’s Set List
Paul McDonald: Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll”
Lauren Alaina: Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”
Stefano Langone: Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road”
Scotty McCreery: George Strait’s ” I Cross My Heart”
Casey Abrams: Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”
Haley Reinhart: Blondie’s “Call Me”
Jacob Lusk: Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
James Durbin: Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal”

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  1. Amy says:

    You nailed the judges on the head! They are utterly ridiculous. Are they seriously gunning for another girl to be voted off??

    • dp says:

      maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be the night for a guy to get cut! (I don’t wanna talk about getting cut! *pouty wauwen face*)

      • Brittany says:

        I was thinking the same thing! Only Haley gets criticism? Really? After J-Lo just said she didn’t want to give negative comments to any of them even though “everyone wants them to” because they are all so good… ugh, so dumb. I’m not even a Haley superfan, but even I thought that was ridiculous. She wasn’t that bad either. I have been a Paul fan all along and I liked Haley way better than Paul tonight. Paul for sure will be bottom 3 with Stefano and Jacob. I would like to see Jacob or Stefano go before Paul though.

        • TC says:

          Not sure why you think Stefano will be in the bottom 3. He was clearly one of the best tonight. Haley was not

          • Anne says:

            I agree. Why should Stefano be in the bottom three?

          • notmzbehavin says:

            I fear that people are holding Pia’s eviction against Stefano…like he had anything to do with it! I think this was his best performance.

            Now, while I don’t think he’s going to last too much longer, IMHO (this week) his vocals were better than Paul’s and Scotty’s, and I liked him better than Haley and Lauren too, last females notwithstanding.

            I will always have a soft spot for Casey, I feel he’s gone as far as he’s going to go for now. I think his jazzy, bluesy vibe is fantastic, and he’ll do well in those genres, but he needs more maturity–he needs to grow into those huge musical paws! I do think that he’ll be the one to produce steadily; he may not fill football fields, but I don’t see him ever needing to worry about being a recognized and respected musician.

            I’m getting ready to ice-skate in a well known hot spot—I actually voted for James for the first time. I don’t know if it was the addition of the guitarist that did it for me, but something about James’ performance this week just made me smile.

            Scotty sang the wrong song and was off pitch, Lauren seemed oddly restrained, Haley was trite, Jacob was good but I question if that was only because “Bridge” is one of my all time favorite songs.

            Judges have gone from the saving of this season, to it’s greatest misfortune. I’ve talked about this some, and consensus seems to be 1) that they’ve bonded with the contestants too much 2) Steven especially seems board and perhaps regretting his decision to join the panel 3) One has to know how to give constructive criticism. I don’t think Steve knows how to do that; I believe he sees it as being negative.

            Steven has been looking very tired–I wonder if he’s in good health? I hope so.

            Never thought I’d say this, but I’m looking forward to seeing what X Factor has to offer.

          • tarc says:

            Stefano was clearly the worst to me. The song choice was bad – it’s supposed to be sung in 4-part harmony, and it was so overplayed that it’s still unlistenable. Stefano has been getting better, but his pharasing is still so bad; he bite of the ends (or yanks the mic away from his mouth), he rarely finishes a phrase softly or modulates the end. It’s grating. He also looked schlumpy, and his performace was semi-dull. OTOH, it wasn’t the best song choice, but Haley did a good vocal, looked amazing, and totally upper her performance game by a LOT.

          • RLA says:

            honestly, i thought stefano was one of the worst, too. he just did not sound good to me on that song… very strained. but i also thought casey was pretty bad too… strangely affected and unpleasant sounding… i felt like i was watching a completely different show than the judges. i think all these kids started off with soooo much potential… but none of them are living up to it. don’t know exactly where to place the blame, but these kids aren’t getting the right kind of direction!

          • Lily says:

            I think Stefano could be in trouble because of the song choice – think about it, “End of the Road”? Uh oh. But it should be Paul this time, if vocals had anything to do with it.

          • kai says:

            Haley got criticism because she had the worst performance of the night. That or Casey. I love the jazz vibe, I love that song, but I didn’t think he did it justice. Really I think he’s getting a lot more credit for his talent than he deserves. He needs to work and grow a lot more before they start comparing him to Norah Jones. Stefano was one of the best performances of the night. Love you Stefano!!

          • kai says:

            I agree, Stefano had one of the best performances of the night! He knocked it out of the park. Great vocal, lots of heart. Boys to Men is not easy to sing! I don’t know why people are blaming him for Pia’s early departure. He is the only R&B singer left. Go Stefano! Love you!

          • Elisa says:

            I agree with you !! I love Stefano and I am so sick of people knocking him. The guy has an an amazing voice and is so all american yet he is such a polarizing contestant. I don’t get it. I could see if he couldn’t sing. But “Hello” The guy has a phenomonal voice !

          • Robert says:

            Seriously come on I’m not a fan of Haley but she did a decent job the Bottom 3 should of been stafano Casey and Jacob. Last week was no surprise Pia is nothing more than a lounge singer you will see in Vegas or on a Cruise ship.James has the most vocal talent and the two who will be most remembered will be Scotty and Lauren just like Carrie Underwood. I do have to say the Judges were very unprofessional last week. They need to sit there and give constructed criticism or some praise but don’t sit there and say that the results of who is going home is wrong and it makes them mad. That was wrong they bascally said the other contestants should be the onek to go. Pia had a decent voice but again is a 1 trick pony bar and lounge act.

        • cathy says:

          The only ones worse than Paul were the judges. Paul deserves to go home tonight. He is just bad.

    • cindy says:

      I agree!! ( :

      I mean, come on, judges!! Have you not learned from last week? Do your job and give everyone constructive criticism. It’s the best way to learn.

      • J.Lo actually saying I can’t be tough because the contestants are just too good is laughable. Yet, they can be tougher on Haley. They don’t mention the fact that Casey was barely in tune, that Scotty was boring, that Paul was screechy. But Haley they have a problem with. I know that they are floating the idea around that next year the judges get to choose who goes home and the audience just chooses the Bottom 3, but I don’t trust these judges to do the right thing. The judges are giving the audience no choice but to vote Haley off. She was the only one that got any negative feedback. Steven Tyler is as useful as a piece of lint in my jacket pocket. They are just brutal.

        • Molly says:

          They threw Haley under the bus. It may not have been her best performance, but my husband and I think she is improving and working very hard at responding to feedback…. unlike some of the contestants. And J Lo made her criticism even worse when she started moaning about not wanting another girl to go home. Unspoken by her was “even if they deserve it like that horrible Haley does!”

      • forrest says:

        so with this season’s trend, the most criticize (Hayley) will be voted off (2 strikes because she’s also female) if we are to believe America is so directed by the judges reactions…..

        • kai says:

          Are you kidding. If the public was voting according to the judges, then Pia would still be here. America votes for who they want to vote for.

          • McFudge says:

            Not really. Pia’s gold star wasn’t any shinier than the ones they gave to every other contestant. Which is the whole point.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Frankly, I don’t care WHO is “safe” any more! I watched the show last night only to see if ANYONE was going to make changes to improve it – like the VOTING SYSTEM.

        I tuned in to “business as usual” – and tuned out.

        Call me when they are really serious about putting out a REAL show.

        • Bill says:

          I didn’t watch last night for the first time in years and don’t plan to watch ever again. Pia’s ouster was the last straw for me, just the most egregious misstep in the history of a troubled voting record including Chris Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, and Melinda Doolittle.

        • McFudge says:

          That’s why I watched, too. But, sadly, no change at all. The only reason to watch tonight is for Kelly Clarkson and for curiosity’s sake at the end of the show. That should be a total of maybe firve minutes of my life, so that’s good. maybe now I can get my laundry done.

    • Owen says:

      What? We’re all going to sit here and pretend Haley wasn’t the worst performance of the night. Come on. And this is from someone who just spent the last half hour dialing my ass off for her. Hypocritically. Politically. I just do NOT want another girl to go home. And I loved Haley the last two weeks. But the other kids were mostly on fire tonight (Stefano!! You go boy!!) and Haley did not bring it. In my opinion Paul was just a little bit better than she. The rest were pretty fantastic, I’m not sure which show Slezak was watching. Could some of them have a little bit less praising and a whole lot more critiquing? Usually I’d say YES YES YES! I would agree with Slezak on that. Usually. But tonight, the judges reacted mostly correctly (imagine how the kids sounded in the room, cause if it sounds good on TV it always sounds at least a quarter better in the Idoldome). Our remaining 8 could not longer be complacent. Pia was sent packing. Its A game time. And they BRUNG it!! I’m as proud as if I actually knew them. One of the best evening of Idol performances I’ve seen.

      • darclyte says:

        You’re right on the money.

      • kai says:

        Thank you for the level headed assessment of tonight’s performances. I am also upset that only girls have gone home. But I seriously hope that Haley is gone. I never thought she should have even made the top 13.

      • scrambled says:

        I completely agree. Tonight was just hot! I don’t remember such a fantastic performance by all during top 8 week. I think the difference is that they are all sticking to what they feel most comfortable with and they were awesome tonight!

      • sneakin says:

        I don’t know about the best, but I like how they (using judge’s cliche)showed us what kind of artist they will be.

      • Anne says:

        Well said Owen! Sorry Slezak, I’m not on board with you on this one.

      • Lana says:

        Haley was the weakest of the bunch tonight and I do like her. Since I am a grown up so I could care less if a girl or boy goes, all I care about is song, voice and performance. Tonight Stefano and Jacob brought it and Haley didn’t so she really is the one deserving to leave and I find it silly that people are voting for her just to keep the girls in. The other one that wasn’t as good was Paul so he is also deserving to leave. I really wanted Jacob to be bad as his little comment pissed me off but he wasn’t bad, though not as good as Clay was!!! It was a truly great Idol night and the diversity in songs (Jazz, Metal!!) made it a one of a kind night. Great Show!!

      • Joel says:

        Slezak is spot-on as usual and the rest of you are sounding just like the judges. It was insulting for JLO to admit we want her to be more critical and act as if Paul, Stefano, Jacob, Casey, and Haley were not insults to the word “music.”

        Paul was like a drunken mess as usual when he can’t or doesn’t pick the .01% of songs that fit his voice.

        Who thinks Jacob cares or knows what he’s singing. He only knows how to gospel-ize every song and it’s friggin annoying when it’s not a song with the word “God” in it. He extinguishes matches with a firehose and expects a medal every time (and he gets it). Art Garfunkle’s ears are killing him. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SING MELODY.

        Stefano only knows how to squeeze his voice into a sing-shout. HE CAN’T SING MELODY.

        Haley… enough said already. Every time she sings she’s like, “What? me? you want me to sing? Oooookay, I’ll give it the old college try! How’s this sound? Should I swing my arms? Maybe I’ll growl here — how’s that?”

        • Joe #2 says:

          I’ve laughed this hard at an Idol post! Your comments were not only hilarious but BANG ON! You have my vote to replace Mr Slezak who for some reason is in love w/ Haley!

        • tarc says:

          And you win the prize for the most moronic post of the night…

        • evs says:

          I agree man. My ears were bleeding as Jacob put a knife on another of my favourite songs (groups)… He doesn’t even do gospel good. and of course Randy would die if he wouldn’t back his boy and the rest of them just follows. Yeah, let’s all sing along with Miley Cyrus for the next 7 weeks… Sounds like a holiday.. in hell. If there is a God , sending Jacob home would be a sign for me.

      • Joel says:

        And it’s time we stop rewarding Casey for merely being interesting. He can’t sing that well, the growl is childish, and when in trouble he brings out the bass. Yes, he’s plenty authentic, authentically mediocre. Who would buy an album of his uninteresting and unremarkable voice?

        In truth, last week was a standout in terms of talent. This week was a mess except for Lauren, whose personality i hate, and Scotty, who’s making me actually like country music… which is saying a lot!

        The only people who got their just rewards tonight were Jimmy “I’m a Genius, which is why it’s okay for me to never take off my hat or jacket and wear these glasses indoors” Iovine and Miley Cyrus. All my frustration with the three Ellens notwithstanding, her getting slammed was one of the most satisfying moments of the season, and I’m glad Lauren’s reluctance to gang up was clearly based on not being mean rather than thinking Miley is a good singer.

        • tarc says:

          Blah blah blah. Casey’s easily the contestant with a shot at a real long career. His vocals are inspired and in tune, and his tics are interesting and his signature (plus, it’s not like a whole host of universally worshipped jazz and blues guys don’t also have the same types of tics). I thought his performance tonight was the best (aside from Lambert’s successes) in several seasons.

          • takakupo says:

            Yeah but wah!? Best in several seasons? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Casey is easily the most overpraised contestant of all time. People keep giving him a pass because he had a brilliant hollywood week performance. He has NOT delivered since then. His singing tonight (on a beautiful Moulin Rouge song) was completely wrong. The atmosphere he produced with his arrangement was grotesque. The song is sung from the perspective of someone who is completely pessimistic and the person he sings of is idealistic and naive. The way this was sung was odd and stupid.

          • kai says:

            I’m all for jazz and/or a different talent, but I agree with takakupo — he is one of the most overpraised contestants of all time. He has not had one GREAT performance since Hollywood week. I think it’s just like Andrew. I keep waiting for Casey to do something amazing and it always falls way short. Tonights performance was a little painful to watch. I LOVE that song and his take on it was just weird.

          • smidget says:


            Your problem is that you think that song is a “Moulin Rouge song” as if it didn’t exist 50 years before that movie was even considered.

        • Don't Like Him Either says:

          And authentically creepy.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Someone **cough, cough Jimmy Iovine cough cough** should’ve known that “Call Me” is a song that the vocals are drowned out on the verses but you only hear them during the chorus. Even listening to the original, all I can hear is the guitar riff.

        But, he wasn’t a “mistake” so I’ll shift the blame totally onto so we can rid ourselves of at least one inflated ego…

      • Suncatcher says:

        @ Owen
        “We’re all going to sit here and pretend Haley wasn’t the worst performance of the night. Come on. And this is from someone who just spent the last half hour dialing my ass off for her.”

        THIS is why the voting system / show has to be fixed.

        Here’s a suggestion (for the 1,000th time): Why not just everyone vote for the person who gave the best performance and stop playing these games?

      • betsy says:

        what? you’re going to sit there and pretend that Paul isn’t absolutely HORRIBLE – he’s out of his league. His performance was the ONLY terrible one last night. Why is that guy even on this show?! ARGHGHGH.

        • Susan says:

          Thank you Betsy! Paul is laughable. I feel so embarrassed for him when he sings I can barely look at the TV. A person could go to any pub in their town on karaoke night and find at least ten people who could sing better than he does.

    • darclyte says:

      No, they’re not gunning to boot off another girl, but she was the worst of the night. She totally missed her opening note, tried to get into the groove and for a few seconds there I thought that she was gonna be able to bring it together, but then she just flopped. It was totally 1:45am drunken karaoke by a “bar gal” who’s hoping some guy will see her in that Go Go Dancer outfit and take her home. If she and Lauren switched spots in terms of when they sang tonight, I’d think that Haley would be gone. As it is, I’m still gonna put her in the Bottom 3. I just wonder if America will too.

      Paul’s performance was much more fun, but his singing wasn’t particularly good. He also went first. He’s gonna be in the Bottom 3, and if it’s not Haley who goes, it’ll be Paul.

      I thought that Stefano did the best he’s done since his Wild Card performance, and perhaps his best ever. In Week 1, I thought that he had a shot to win it all. Last week, I thought he was heading home. This week…I think he pole vaulted back into the top. I’m as surprised as anyone.

      I also thought that Jacob gave his best ever. That said, I still didn’t care much for it. I can see him going the Gospel route, and that song would work well in that field along with Gospel songs, but he may be lucky that he went so late in the show. I will say that the way he changed that last note into 3 and went higher each time was pretty impressive and in key.

      I really liked Casey again tonight. He had a little bit of the angry face, but I just think that it’s how he feels the songs. I loved the makeover. The “suit” looked hip, the hairstyle was much better, and I’m glad that he FINALLY trimmed the beard down to a smooth level (it’s how I wear my beard.) Odd song choice for AI, but he performed it very well.

      I thought Lauren sang the perfect song, and it was one of her best performances. For the first time, she seemed connected to the song and her eyes weren’t drifting around the stage. That said, was she having vocal issues prior to the performance? When she sang the “yeah yeah” parts both times, she totally missed the notes. Her voice sounded hoarse. Then, she would stop singing before trying to hit the bit notes. Like she’d go, “it’s the……..climb.” Then the last big note she actually broke down into 2 smaller notes. Hmm. At least she didn’t giggle at the end.

      Who’da thunk that in the same season of Idol contestants would sing Nirvana and Sammy Hagar…and it’d be 2 different contestants? James is all about the performance. It wasn’t his best, but it was good, he hit a crazy big note, and put on the best “performance” of the night, even if it wasn’t the best vocal of the night.

      Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me is one of the greatest songs ever, but Scotty was right not to do it. I think since he’s 17 that the song doesn’t fit his age. It wasn’t his best ever, but it was solid. When he held the note near the end, I was amazed because I honestly didn’t think that he could do that because of how deep his voice is, but he did it and he hit and held the note. Kudos.

      In my view the Bottom 2 were Paul and Haley. The third could be anyone.

      • lin says:

        Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me is one of the greatest songs ever, but Scotty was right not to do it. I think since he’s 17 that the song doesn’t fit his age.

        And you think the one he sang did???!!! Not to mention he missed notes, and it was a boring song.

    • evs says:

      why are they critiquing only Haley?(Lusky stank killed one of my all time fav songs and he was treated like a 2nd comin)

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      I say it once again….the judges and audience must be seeing something that we at home are not saying. There were a couple of standing O’s last night….I think Casey and maybe Jacob. Both of them didn’t blow me away. I appreciate what Casey did, it was def different for Idol. Jazz? Oh my! And we know that he likes Esperanza, but he took a risk and I think he comes out ahead tonight. Jacob’s rendition was tired. It looked and sounded like a recital. Didn’t like the arrangement of “Waters”.

      I think the judges are doing a good job. The “criticism” is supposed to come from Jimmy Iovine and he’s criticing the singers. He’s giving them guidance.

      I can understand everybody not liking that there isn’t “cricisim”, but what can you criticize if they’re singing on key and look good on camera? All the Idols are diverse, they have diverse styles and they sing on key. This isn’t the year of Sanjaya or Kevin Covais. These kids can sing on key.

      Are they exciting? Nah.

      The big disappointment for me was Lauren who is not taking it to the next level. Her “Climb” could have been sung by any young soloist. I loved loved the energy of Stef and Hailey. And Hailey is winning me over.

    • Yo says:

      Yes. They totally set her up with the criticism.

    • AdamWasRobbed says:

      Worst three last night were probably Haley, Paul and Lauren IMO….

      I didn’t think Lauren was “bad”, just other performances were better. What ticks me off is that if Haley is going to get the criticism she did, that same criticism HAS to be given to Paul who delivers butchered versions of up-beat songs on a weekly basis and receives nothing but praise….

      In defense of Haley, I think she took on a song that was beyond her. And would be beyond ANY of the girls in Idol this year BTW. She did okay with it, but there were problems. But this write-up is dead on. She was NOT the only one with issues this week.

    • Dave says:

      Again, tvline needs and all/none of the above for their polls. I said I was done with Idol last week, but still DVRd it last night. Took me 5 minutes to get through the show. Not a single performance worth listening to. This show is officially done.

  2. Remote Patrolled says:

    Do you think Fox can get a refund out of Tyler, J. Lo and Randy?

  3. B.Rich says:

    I hope people get motivated by that to vote for Haley. Nothing would be worse than losing her this week.

    • Faz says:

      Well, except maybe nuclear annihilation.

    • Sally says:

      IMO Lauren didn’t do anything special with the Climb….she almost sounded like Miley. She didn’t take her performance to the next level.

      I thought Stef and Haley had the most energy.

      • Yo says:

        Lauren seems to be flying under the radar; I think she should be going home, even though I don’t want to see a woman go and I like her voice. We all seem to think she can give a great performance and we keep waiting for it: It may never happen.

    • Sally says:

      IMO Lauren didn’t do anything special with the Climb….she almost sounded like Miley. She didn’t take her performance to the next level.

      I thought Stef and Haley had the most energy. Jacob’s “Water” was very good on second listen. But I’m not on the Jacob wagon…and can’t imagine seeing him in concert for an hour.

      That’s what you have to ask yourself — who would you want to see in concert? At this point, Haley and Stef are the most entertaining.

    • ken says:

      Nothing could be worse than hearing her sing again for another week!

  4. AllieH says:

    I’m a Haley fan, and I’ll concede this wasn’t her best performance, but it was far superior to several of the men’s. Yet she’s the only one they criticize? I thought Jacob was awful. Yet he gets nothing but praise? Seriously?! I no longer have any respect for these judges, and I liked them to start. We can only hope their criticism sparks a backlash in Haley’s favor. Otherwise, we have only one girl left. VOTE HALEY!!!

    • Sharon says:

      I agree with u about Haley but you thought Jacob was awful? That surprises me greatly. I thought Jacob did his best this week. I thought James’ performance was terrible as he didn’t do much singing it was all guitar. How can he be judged fairly if he didn’t sing but a few notes. I’m not criticising him just think he picked wrong song to show his vocals. Hope Haley is still there next week Adam likes her a lot.

      • Mimi says:

        I agree. Jacob was the best on the night, and James just standing there for thirty seconds and not singing was a joke.

        • Brittany says:

          When James did sing he was fantastic and it seemed like a song/performance he would do on tour. I loved it and his energy. Jacob was way better this week, but I still am not a fan. Tonight I listened and didn’t watch him because I am biased when I watch him give birth on stage and eat the microphone.

        • Sharon says:

          Jacob sounded awesome sing my favorite song BOTW. Can’t understand ppl thinking it was the worst performance. Tone deaf maybe. James did just that stood there for most of performance singing nothing. What a crock. What is wrong with this picture?

          • Patti says:

            This is how you sing BOTW on American Idol!!

          • Mike M says:

            I thought this was Jacob’s best performance on the live shows.

          • Lynn says:

            Patti – YES. I didn’t like Jacob’s version, and don’t think he sang it very well either.

          • Joel says:

            No, Jacob was as bad as he ever is. He has vocal talent, but wields it like a sledgehammer, not a paintbrush. He sings as if the judges are from the Guinness Book of World Records. And he has no sense of melody — just goes out there and belts everything, as if he lost the gene for good decision-making.

            BOTW is indeed a beautiful song, but Jacob did to it what Alec Guinness (speaking of Guinness) did to another famous bridge. He respects lyrics like monster trucks respect the sedans they’re running over. Oy, does this boy need to go!

          • Joel says:

            First, James indeed sang for most of the song. Secondly, that guitar solo just made the metal performance more authentic — I love that James chose to treat us with this. When I think back, my thought is: “Wow — that was entertaining.” As opposed to Casey, after whom I think, “Ummmm… when will someone tell this boy that, for all his good intention and love of music, he just doesn’t have an interesting signing voice, and the vocal antics just make that more apparent”

          • P.U. says:

            Just because it was Jacob’s best performance doesn’t mean it was a good performance.

          • McFudge says:

            Never did like the gospel-y arrangement of Clay Aiken’s version, but that guy really has some pipes. He didn’t overdo, and when he did hit the glory notes, it was absolutely effortless. He never looked like his bowels were about to move like Jacob does when he sings.

        • tarc says:

          And how ridiculous is it that you don’t recognize that a different musical style has different conceits. Metal isn’t metal without a screaming guitar solo. Vocal jazz isn’t jazz without minor mudulations. James and Casey did a great job. Jacob looked beaten, and did a decent version of the song, but he’s still bottom three to me.

        • Adam Leonard says:

          On the other hand, James was very true to the song by NOT cutting the solo down to make time for another verse. At the time I thought it was possibly dumb since it was awkward to have him driving so much focus to the guitarist but upon reflection, I don’t think it was a risk. People know that this song was right in his wheelhouse and he killed it. The performance really showed what going to his concert would be like – there would be long guitar solos with the lead singer vamping for 8 bars. The other thing of note is how surprising it is that the producers seem to be providing the contestants with so much freedom this year. Hagar was not as big a risk at this point in the season but his first metal performance of Judas Priest certainly was and at that point, James did not have a big following. If anything, coming out of Hollywood week, James was seen as kind of an annoying poser – the producers owed him nothing.

      • AllieH says:

        Maybe I overstated with the word “awful” to describe Jacob’s performance, but I do think he was off-pitch and over the top and, well, cheesy. He over-emotes and pushes every song, even when it’s a song, like this one, that demands some subtlety. In other words, it’s easy to overdo this one, and boy did he overdo it! And yet, not a word of even mildly constructive criticism from a single judge.

        • Anne says:

          Wow…I didn’t see any of what you said about Jacob tonight. His voice was very controlled and technical tonight. I thought he did a brilliant job and I am not a gospel fan.

          • Saying Jacob is controlled is like saying Charlie Sheen is demure. What’s most painful is that he has no clue ever what he’s singing — he hits ’em all the same: over the top = better.

        • Amber says:

          I agree about Jacob. Can’t stand his overdone performances, and after last week, can’t stand his egotistical personality.

      • MaryAnn says:

        I have not read a lot of criticism about Jacob, but I very much disliked his take on “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, because the original vocals by Art Garfunkel are sung so beautifully, without all of those annoying runs, trills, vibrato, whatever you want to call it. Melisma!

      • evs says:

        As someone who listens to Simon and Garfunkel on daily bases, – Jacob was awful.

      • Mary says:

        Do you mean Adam Lambert?

    • Steph says:

      I like Haley too and I cringed when I heard she was going to sing Call Me. It’s one of my least favorite songs but I thought she pulled it off and put her own unique mark on it. You’re right, it was not her best performance, but it wasn’t her worst and it definitely was much better than some of the others who were labeled as “perfect” or “genius” tonight.

    • cirob says:

      I agree that Jacob was flat-out awful tonight. It must sound different in the Idoldome, because at our house it sounded like he missed most of the “big” notes, and that clusterf&*k at the end was just atrocious.

    • Maj says:

      Completely agree w/ AllieH.
      It probably was Haley’s worst vocal so far but she still was my favourite of the night. Others are either not my cuppa (Lauren, Stefano, James – all good last night) or boring (Scotty) or just not very good (Casey – not a good vocal from him, Jacob GTHO) and then there is Paul whose own music I like but don’t enjoy him on the show.
      If Haley goes tonight and not Jacob, I’ll be actually sad.

  5. poppet says:

    it really really bothered me that only Haley got constructive criticism, when Stefano oversang the last half of his song, and Paul sang the same thing he’s been singing for weeks, and……

    I give up

  6. Plato says:

    I think this was one of the more consistent nights. The judges continue to be useless.

    Best: Casey….Middle: James….Worst: Haley/Jacob/Paul

  7. Christina says:

    Why is Will i Am still here. Why?

    • Irishize says:

      I guess because it’s not who you know it’s who you….well, you get it.
      It was a lot better when they had different mentors, those two don’t know everything, they proved that tonight.

    • adamfan says:

      Doesn’t it feel like when you have to type that stupid name Will I Am, a little bit of your soul dies quietly? It does for me.

    • Pam says:

      I wondered that myself, but I have to say that he actually had some good insight as a mentor. Certainly better than Jimmy anyway! So that’s the question I pose instead: Why is Jimmy still here?

      • Christina says:

        Why are either of them still here? Jimmy got owned tonight!

      • Mike M says:

        Did anyone notice that Jimmy was the only producer shown with the contestants tonight? Has he taken over for the rest of the show?

      • lesse says:

        Jimmy needs to go back to kindergarten and get some manners. A great coach/mentor doesn’t repackage people into the flavor-of-the-month; they see the greatness in each person, and bring that out in new and exciting ways. And they do it with deep respect! I vote we keep the contestants and VOTE OUT JIMMY. “Steal Pia’s votes” — how totally classless.

  8. Kevin C. says:

    This was the first Haley performance in three weeks that I actually liked, which made me rather surprised by the judges’ criticism. Also great tonight were James and even Stefano.

    Paul I just didn’t get at all.

  9. Sharon says:

    Michael, if your survey results are any indication of what voters are thinking some really talented ppl will be voted off very soon. How could anyone think James performance was good? He only sang a a few notes & rest was all loud guitar playing drowning out when James sang. The whole thing was pitiful. Jacob’s performance was best but ppl on here are voting as worst. What’s wrong with these ppl are they tone deaf or are they just kids who don’t have the slightest idea what real talent consists of. AI better fix their voting system and judges better start doing their job or this show will be history.

    • Cheryl says:

      It’s about the PERFORMANCE, Dude! Can’t stand Jacob but would watch a whole night of James. Jacob is beginning to depress me. Does a song always have to have a message????

      • agrimesy says:

        Jacob has been super somber the last two episodes. I think he peaked Motown week. He doesn’t even look like he wants to be there. I keep remembering his silly dance when he made the top 24. He has no vibe left now. He’s not going to make it much longer.

        • Anne says:

          I agree agrimesy. Jacob was fun to watch and his voice highlighted the fun he was having on the show. He has been criticized and beaten down for being “happy about singing”. Jacob is a different person, but James has been encouraged to scream like a banshee on every performance.

          I like both Jacob and James. So really people should lighten up on their double standards.

      • P.U. says:

        Why does every song sound like Jacob is gargling with Listerine.

    • Karrie says:

      I’m definitely not a kid and I think James was awesome! Jacob was horrendous as he was definitely ‘pitchy’ all through his song and so boring! At least James’ performances are exciting to watch, I certainly can’t say that about Jacob. To each their own! Even Stefano & Paul were both better than Jacob.

      I miss Pia!

    • Joel says:

      Sharon, leave Bizarro World much?

    • evs says:

      Jacob is a menace. James took a misstep (off a cliff with that wifebeater).. He rapes every goddamn song with those over-the-top attempts… This is getting too frustrating. The ones who annoy the beejezus outta me are still here, the ones I like are underperforming. Oh and there’s Lauren. where’s Simon when you need him

  10. Leigha says:

    The judges are now completely irrelevant. I don’t know if I even want to hear Bridge over Troubled Waters again. It might conjure up images of Jacob singing it. Nightmare.

    • Bonnie A says:

      Best post so far! How they could call Jacob’s performance “perfect” is beyond me!? And why, oh why, did they only give constructive criticism to Haley who has been such a favorite of mine the last two weeks? Judges don’t even need to show up anymore as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Adam Leonard says:

    I have asked it before and I will ask it again until someone can explain to me why is on this show week after week.

    • SybilT says:

      He’s changed his name to Will.I.Wont.Go.Home.

    • Christina says:

      I’m trying to think of the positive contribution has made to the music industry to deserve a mentorship spot on this show, but I just can’t seem to find one.

      • takakupo says:

        Will I Am has actually been a very valid producer for his own group (Black Eyed Peas) and Fergie. I’m not too privy to their latest and last 2 albums but both Monkey Business and Elephunk were brilliant records and Fergie’s “The Dutchess” was a masterpiece for Fergie as it translated all of her personality and talent and story into a record.

        Other than that, I don’t know why Will I Am keeps popping up on talent shows (Looking at you X-factor UK) except for the fact that he knows so many famous singers and producers.

    • JOHN says:

      …William (I refuse to type that school-girl spelling) is still ‘here’….because Nigel has been quoted as saying he believes the dude is FANTASTIC….so good in fact, that Nigel wants to develop a tv program for him……WOW, that’s close to insane!!!!!

  12. Michael says:

    Oh how I miss Kara and Ellen. Seriously. Steven Tyler’s drawn face and wishy-washy, non-sensical commentary make me want to puke. Randy should be dumped into the middle of the Atlantic.

    Lauren A was overly praised. She failed to change a very boring song and was mediocre at best. Singing better than M. Cyrus is like being the smartest kid on the shortbus.

    Scotty could not possibly bore me any more than he did tonight. I’m stick of the country and I’m sick of the schtick.

    • SybilT says:

      Scotty could have had a Moment by singing the Harry Nilsson song. Instead he decided to “stay true to himself” and sing the same song he’s sung for the entire competition, and the judges were fine with that. Last week Pia still got the “you’ve got to jazz it up” critique even after busting out a Tina Turner song.

      I agree that singing a Miley Cyrus song better than Miley is to damn with faint praise, but although I’ve never been a Lauren fan, I’m rooting for her now. She lacks a male sex organ, you see. As for Haley, this wasn’t her best performance either, but she’s got my vote.

      • agrimesy says:

        If Scotty had sung this song —–> I’d have given up my girls ONLY pledge and given him my votes. It would have been perfect! Geez, Scotty even looks like Harry Nilsson in this video. Too bad . . . moment lost . . . Scotty went safe and predictable . . . boring.

        • @galaga6846 says:

          When Scotty started singing Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin'”, I could feel my heart palpitate (in a good way). I love that song, and I thought he could have another moment, not unlike the week before when he rocked that Elvis song! He would have gotten my vote. I’m disappointed that he took the “safe” route. I find it rather ironic that the two contestants that went against the advice of the experts were the two that got the most accolades from not only myself, but Michael Slezak, and lots of the folks on Twitter last night. I think that the taste of a lot of Idol viewers is much more sophisticated than the producers, or even us (the viewers) give us credit for being. Blame the teenage girls all you want, but I don’t know of many teenage girls who like American Idol. It’s mostly people like us- snarky adults who waste our time commenting on intelligent Idol recaps like this one.

    • Sharon says:

      Michael I agree with your comments. I miss Simon and Kara most because they told the truth. Randy thinks every performance is the best EVER. So sick of the pimping of all the contestants. All the judges should be replaced as soon as possible or this show is history.

      • adamfan says:

        Agree, I have watched every season, every show and loved it!! Tonight was the first time ever that I felt nothing. This is NO LONGER A COMPETITION, THIS IS A SILLY PERFORMANCE SHOW. My kid gets better feedback on his nursery school drawings than these pseudo contestants. I would have such respect for Nigel & Co, if he got on tomorrow and said that he realized that this was just not working and gave us a completely new set of judges.

    • deborah says:

      Someone said they had to close their eyes when wathing Jacob. With Scotty, I sit open-eyed in disbelief that I have to watch a kid who has obviously spent hours and hours singing in front of a mirror flirting with himself, mimicking country singers twice his age and more. A one trick pony here with a good voice but no versatility. What gives with the obvious manipulation and lack of wonder. Alfred E. is more fun than this “wanna be.”

    • Elle says:

      Amen! I’m sooooooooo tired of “THIS is American Country Idol!” In seasons past part of the excitement was hearing the contestants sing something out of their comfort zone – and doing it well. Scotty just won’t be budged. So, someone please ship if off to Nashville and be done with him.

    • Spring says:

      I almost fell asleep listening to Lauren and Scotty…what the hell is wrong with the judges?! Tonight wasn’t Haley’s best, I guess bad song choice but she wasn’t the worst. I don’t see how the guys could get positive comments when some of them suck and just bore me to death.

    • Joe says:

      My wife turned to me and said, “Miley outsung Lauren on that song and I hate Miley”. They are trying to manipulate this into a Lauren/Scotty finale and that’s what we’re going to get regardless of votes. Scotty’s song bored me to tears. Paul was a joke. James, Jacob, Stefano and Casey were the best of the night.

      • Tarc says:

        Sorry, but I’ve seen Cyrus three times now (been forced), and the girl CANNOT sing a note live. Three concerts and she never hit the right one the entire time. It was excruciating. Lauren makes Cyrus look like a musical genus by comparison (and I’m not really a Lauren fan at all).

  13. CAFan says:

    Casey was amazing. He might not win but he’s going to be a superstar. America doesn’t get his mad talent.

    • Brittany says:

      Agreed. I was glad J-Lo jumped in to say what she said about him because people who don’t appreciate his style would probably be like WTF about that performance. I’m glad she mentioned that he is different, and focused on what was positive about him, and that it’s a good thing for him to be true to himself even if it’s not mainstream idol. Also, good for him for standing up to the producers.

      • B.Rich says:

        The fact that he put that performance together and delivered in a minute and a half was astounding.

      • Joel says:

        Name one positive thing about Casey that isn’t a synonym for “original” or “interesting” or “bass”. Crickets… Strawberry-iced donuts are interesting, but that means I want to eat one.

        Casey is going to be a superstar? Casey? There is zero charisma — I think people are merely identifying with his outstanding (in this group) mediocrity.

        Point is: there is no style. He’s just different than the others. But he’s got no real signing voice, thinks nerdy growling is pleasant, and thanks to the judges has a bloated opinion of himself and his hair. So WTF is about right. WTF?

        When this show lost Simon, it didn’t just jump the shark, it cleared the edge of the meaningful world.

    • takakupo says:

      I don’t understand. How is it exactly that Casey will be a superstar AND America doesn’t “get” his “mad talent”? I think you just formed some kind of great wormhole there.

    • BAP says:

      Sadly,you’re probably right…all the remaining contestants are talented or they wouldn’t be here…BUT for me, Casey would be the only one I would walk across the street to see…or buy his music.

  14. Liz says:

    i agree that Haley probably didn’t deserve to be criticized as much, but it wasn’t her best performance. I think that they should have geared most of the criticism to Jacob! I mean come on! he didn’t even look like he wanted to be there. Did anyone else see his face at the end of his video montage? I see Jacob FINALLY going home!


    • dp says:

      jacob was definitely trying to backtrack and do damage control(for the mirror comment last week) in his little package before the performance however, it is too little, too late.
      ^ I guess that means he’s safe tomorrow night because my predictions never come true :(

  15. Mishmc says:

    How can Jimmy and will.what.ever not have called out Paul for being corny? Ugh. And how could thye let Haley sing Call Me? Double ugh. Someone needs to give these singers better advice. I happened to like James even though nor a fan of heavy metal (or Heavy Metal for that matter). Least I wasn’t bored. Also not boring- Casey. Lauren showed about as much depth as a Disney Channel commercial, but she sounded great. Jacob is redeemed from last week’s tragedy. Stephano-please go home. Boyz II Men is calling, but not to congratulate you. You killed it in a not good way.

  16. Lee says:

    I agree–ALL of the judges have to go. It’s amazing that they didn’t learn anything from last week. Yes, judges, because we the viewers are not hearing the singers live, we depend on you to provide us with guidance and insightful critiques and the rest we can figure out by ourselves. DO YOUR JOB! And don’t go crying if one of your favorites gets voted off BECAUSE IT WAS YOUR FAULT.

  17. Irishize says:

    What I didn’t get was the reaction to Casey tonight. Unless there was some glitch that made the transition from live performance to my tv, then he was sooooooo off key for most of that song, and yes, I know it’s jazz, but nooooooo, it was not even good, much less great. Wth were they all hearing that I didn’t. I’ll be curious what others thought about that.

    • Lee says:

      This is exactly why the judges need to provide guidance and insightful critiques because we can’t hear everything that they do.

    • CAFan says:

      clearly you don’t know jazz. Casey was spot on. Most talent idol has ever seen but he’s not a diva or a screamer or a teen heartthrob so mainstream America doesn’t get him. Without a doubt the most talent .

      • davey says:

        I do know jazz and I’ve listened to it for years and there was a moment that Casey looked like he was possessed by the devil or something. Then he went off key for a few minutes and his scatting was pathetic. This seemed like a jazz performance done by a high school kid.

      • GSOgymrat says:

        YOU don’t know jazz. Casey was terrible, even for an amateur.

      • David says:

        I am sorry, I just don’t think jazz=off key. I love Casey, even loved his performance last week…but he absolutely sucked this week…it was worse than the Nirvana performance. He was weird and I was truly expecting the judges to blast his ass for wasting the save…and they gave him a standing O. To me Casey’s performance tonight was equal to Christy Lee Cook singing 8 days a week.

    • Mike M says:

      I understand why the judges like Casey. I like him, too. And, I understand what he was trying to do tonight but….I just thought he did not do it well at all.

    • McFudge says:

      A stopped clock is right twice a day and that’s about how often Casey was on key. I get what he’s trying to do, but he was not doing it well tonight. At all.

    • julie says:

      What you say about glitch in transition is interesting. Casey sounded perfectly ON key to me tonight, but contestants often sound off, when the judges don’t say anything, and I’ve often wondered whether it happens in transmission. Tonight PAUL sounded completely OFF KEY to me from the start. He got sort of back on half-way through. Casey seems to me to have a pretty good ear but some vocal control issues here and there — but never flat all the way through. Oh yes, Jacob often went sharp — poor pitch articulation generally, and that goes for most of them.

    • Sharon says:

      Casey was not off key. If you knew music that song had a lot of minor chords and he aced them. It was jazz baby, and it took a lot of guts to
      tackle that song. Thats why he got a lot of praise from the judges, they know the music. I love Casey and thought he shined, but then again, I know music basics. In my opinion Paul is terrible and should go home next. I think Scotty is a one trick pony who has a great voice for country but I can’t watch him because of that practiced smirk.

  18. Christina says:

    Looks like we will keep the streak of females going home because Haley stumbled tonight. The only hope is if people forgot about Paul. If not she’s gone.

  19. RTW says:

    Casey gave the most memorable performance and good for him for sticking to his guts! Phil Collins would have had me thinking of The Hangover…close call. Paul, WTF? Why are you dressing like you belong in the circus? I think it was his worst performance…no wonder he’s on “Vote for the Worst”. But the biggest loser by far was Iovine, and the panel gets a D on judging.

  20. This was the most obnoxious 90 minutes of idol I have endured in a while. INCLUDING results shows! From the unwarranted standing Os to Casey sobbing backstage, to JLo’s mysterious dress pouf, to Haley’s disappointing song choice, I was so annoyed. SO. ANNOYED. But I am currently power-voting for Haley because we. must. save. the. girls. To be forced to watch the next 7 weeks with this group of boys would make me claw my eyes out.

  21. Tekkie says:

    Wow…a mixed bag tonight. I loved Scotty on George Strait, but he needs to stop forcing the twang and let it come naturally. I like Stefano and thought he did B2M justice, but I just can’t get past the Tony Danza squinting and the gum chewing type weirdness. Lauren finally picked an appropriate song and nailed it for the most part.
    The middle of the pack was Hayley, she had fun with the song but it wasn’t the best choice for the night. She wasn’t the only one who needed criticism but was the only one to get it…WHY? Makes no sense. Casey also had a middle of the road performance and while I agree In the Air didn’t sit in his pocket, I would rather have heard Harry Connick or John Legend from him.
    Back of the packers: James isn’t singing, he’s wailing and jumping around like Russel Brand on meth. The guitarist was the star of that performance and where do you get Sammy Hagar and heavy metal? Paul just ruins a great song…it’s like it goes through a vocal cheese grater. Maybe he’ll be okay with his own stuff, but please leave Seger alone! Jacob is my least favorite and thank you Jimmy for putting him in his place. His vocal was wobbly, screechy and all over the place. Don’t like it at all!

  22. Kathy says:

    I think Jimmy Iovine got voted off tonight! I voted for Casey, Scotty, and James for integrity alone.

    • Christina says:

      Jimmie definitely got voted off!

      • Brittany says:

        Totally! CAN YOU SAY EGO, MUCH? (“I’ve heard someone hum a song and knew it was a hit… do you think my getting here was a mistake?!?!” or something to that affect… geez). Maybe he was trying to out-do Jacob’s egotistical remark so it doesn’t look as bad in comparison… if so, #win.

    • I thought Jimmy was the only one on his game tonight, actually telling it like it is. He could replace any one of them at the judges table, as far as I’m concerned.

      • B.Rich says:

        Jimmy was awesome with Jacob and (unfortunately) probably bought him another week.

        Encouraging Casey to sing that Phil Collins nonsense was so ridiculous it almost seemed staged. I was so happy he came out and did his thing.

  23. Michelle R. says:

    I was pretty incredulous over most of the night’s happenings, but nothing knocked me back more than their torpedoing Haley.

    Next week Lauren can sing something from Snow White since — including Ryan — she’ll be one girl surrounded by 7 men.

  24. Elena says:

    Is anyone else growing tired of seeing Jimmy Iovine and every single week? I mean, seriously? Iovine gets more air time than some of the contestants.

    And why is it that Haley gets the only real criticism when Paul is still spinning in circles sounding like Rod Stewart on helium?

    I’m glad Casey stuck to his guns even though I’m afraid that performance may have been too sleepy for some. I thought several were pretty good but I didn’t really love any of them. James was fun to watch even though I felt he was overshadowed by Zakk Wylde.

    My bottom three: Paul, Casey and Haley (with hopefully, Paul going home tomorrow).

  25. agrimesy says:

    It’s laughable at this point. No, Haley wasn’t good tonight, but you don’t have to be good to get the judges’ to praise you as a PERFECT, GENIUS ARTIST!! Just . . . wow.

    Paul got praise for his outfit and style . . . not ONE word about his singing.

    Stefano got praise for doin’ his thang . . . which is closing his eyes during a muddy ballad.

    Scotty got praise for not fixing what isn’t broken . . . (wish they had considered that comment for Pia).

    Casey got at least . . . what? 20 minutes of praise trying to convince the audience he was good enough to keep on. NOBODY else got that kind of time from the judges. Methinks they protest the criticism for saving him too much!

    Jacob got praise for giving JLo UNWANTED goosebumps. WTAF? Steven Tyler’s comments were some kind of Idolspeak that Google can’t even translate.

    James got praise for singing metal the way it should be . . . which is badly.

    Haley got criticized. Lauren got an okey dokey nod.

    I was ready to throw a shoe at my TV if ANYONE mentioned one . more . time how JLo is the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s sickening the EGOs on the judges’ table. Truly disgusting.

    • Ronnie says:

      I agree completely! The producers also placed Lauren 2nd … they are hoping to get Haley and Lauren both in the bottom 3. It will be great press for them. At this point I’d love a panel of Ellen, Kara and Paula!
      – the producers also seem fine with Steven degrading Haley with that weird comment about her dress … no different than their happy acceptance of exploiting Lauren with Steven earlier this season.
      – sadly becoming bitter :(

    • Spring says:

      That’s what I thought too. Really disgusting.

  26. Michael says:

    I thought Paul and Casey were both horrendous. I am in awe that Casey’s performance was winning the vote for favorite so far. I think he could just get up there, play the bass and make random sounds and get praised…oh wait…that was tonight. I was hoping that last week’s elimination would make the judges be more critical, but that hope quickly died.

  27. Merrilyn says:

    It’s interesting to me that the stand-out performances of the night were the ones where they went directly counter to Jimmy and’s advice. While I’m not a huge fan of heavy metal, I thought James was electric! And Casey was just awe-inspiring. Wow. No words. Exactly what he should have done tonight.

    On the negative side, I’d like to thank Jacob for slaughtering one of my favorite songs of all time with his horrific vibrato. And Stefano could hardly be heard over the band and the back-up singers. And he didn’t seem to have any sort of melodic line. Not good. Time for one (or both) of you boys to go home.

  28. Christina says:

    Bad, bad, bad night for Jimmie Iovine. Casey, and James stuck it to him!

  29. flyaway says:

    Bleh! Not a great performance in the bunch. Haley, Paul, Casey and James were entertaining but just not good from any of them vocally. Scotty and Lauren were super boring, Stefano was forgettable and my least favorite, Jacob, could have gone home tonite if Jimmy had let him sing Impossible Dream.

    Dissapointed in everyone. Would like the bottom 3 to be Scotty, Lauren and James just so everyone left is even and Nigel can stop telling us he knows who the frontrunners are.

  30. RalphThompson says:

    “Yes, Idoloonies, that was pretty much the take-home message you’d have gotten had you chosen to fast-forward through all of the evening’s musical performances, and listen only to the overpriced feedback of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson.”

    I do the exact opposite because I don’t need judges to tell me who is good. I have ears, and I pick the person who’s voice I (me, me, me) like the best. When the singers sing I listen, when the judges talk I mute the t.v. Then I vote for the person I like the best. :)

  31. Barbara S says:

    The judges comments on Haley’s performance was valid. It wasn’t that great. The vocals were weak, the attitude was awkward and she was just swallowed up by the stage as she wriggled around. I’m not going to fault them for saying something about that. She doesn’t get a free pass because she’s one of 2 girls left. Sure, they could have and should have said a few more constructive things about the others but I won’t fault the judges for giving Haley an honest critique. She knew that her performance is going to tell the real story anyway.

    • Kevin C. says:

      In isolation, the comments may have been valid. The problem was the comparison with the way the judges approached the other contestants. It’s more fair for them to lavish false praise on everybody than to lavish false praise on everybody…except Haley.

    • agrimesy says:

      But, I do fault them. They got it right 1 out of 8 times. That isn’t honest criticism by any definition!

  32. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I was completely underwhelmed by all the performances. The fact that we know that Pia was going to sing “Somewhere” from West Side Story makes yearn to hear her because tonight was not great. Oh how I wished for a Kris Allen “Falling Slowly” moment from any of them. At least we got to see some of the old Casey.

    • Kai says:

      Sorry, I was not yearning to hear Pia sing that song.
      Or any other song.

      I’m not saying she should have been gone when she was booted, but I’m not going to lie and say I miss her.

      I couldn’t take one more ballad. Or one more song where she just stood there and belted one big note in the middle of a boring song.

      If we could vote anyone off the show tonight it should be the judges. I’m disappointed in Randy. We should also vote off JL and sidekick.

      • dp says:

        well I would much prefer a Pia ballad over stefano (why has nobody called him out on doing ballads every week? oh right, only women get judged for these things). I felt bad for him last week when everyone was upset that he was sticking around over Pia and I thought he might have done something upbeat this week, shake it up, to ensure his survival. guess not. Jacob should go, stefano will go.

      • Sally says:

        Agree, the last thing Pia needed was to sing Somewhere. What this group needs is for someone to break out of the box and have a wow moment, which hasn’t happen. Some have come close. I think Stefano has the most energy and puts the most into a song — and you can tell Jimmy likes him.

        Still waiting for that Wow moment — Stef on two occasions and Naima on one occasion came close.

  33. Robyn says:

    the best part of tonight’s episode was jimmy called out jacob on his bull**** from last week about looking in the mirror or whatever! go jimmy!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Totally agree. “Preaching without having a record out there” or along those lines was absolutely awesome.

    • Christina says:

      The only smart thing Jimmy did tonight!

    • adamfan says:

      I think that he was told to say that to Jacob to make us feel sorry for him and vote. Jacob, too little too late. some f#@k ups just can’t be fixed.

    • Sally says:

      Jimmy is the best thing about this show. Honestly, he’s an industry vet and he’s giving such good advice….even chosing the songs for the singers.

      • claudia says:

        So why didn’t he choose a better song for Haley instead of rubber stamping her choice? He obviously doesn’t like her so he gives her bad advice. IMO she was far from the worst tonight. That honor goes to Paul who can’t sing & can’t move. He looks like a spastic buffoon.

        Then there is Casey who has musical chops but just doesn’t have a good enough voice to do what he wants with it. Scotty, who like Pia stands in one spot & never does anything out of his comfort zone, but never gets called on it. To me, he was the most kareoke of the night. He was boring & amateurish. So was Jacob, who looks like he’s straining to do a really big poop every time he sings. My B3 is Paul, Casey, & Jacob.

  34. James says:

    I dont know who was worse tonight…the judges or Casey Abrams horrible HORRIBLE singing…if you can even call it that!

    stef – haley – casey

    stef goes home

    • B.Rich says:

      Stefano going home would be ideal, but Haley, Casey, and to some extent James are the only contestants that bring a little unpredictability every week and actually have the potential to deliver a unique performance.

      • Sally says:

        For me, Stef and Haley give off a lot of energy and I like that Haley looks like she’s having FUN>>>>>FUN! I liked what Casey did, but it was forgettable.

  35. hooch says:

    Haley was not great tonight but if she goes home I may stop watching, I really dont want to watch 6 guys and Lauren.
    I wanted Jacob out last week but i thought he was fantastic tonight. Oh what a huge helping of humble pie will do…
    James only “sang” 30% of his song, what the hell was that??
    Something was up with Lauren’s voice, she sounded ill or something. She should have killed that song but it sounded like she was really struggling to me.
    my bottom 3 would be Paul, Stefano, and James with hopefully Stefano going home. I’m totally bored by him.

  36. Corey says:

    If I were Jimmy iovine I’d quit. They brought him on to be coach and the judges with their “I’m so glad u stuck with u” have taught the contestants to ignore Jimmy.and throw away his advice. Also, what’s with all the judges always aggreeimg? They just all reiterate exactly what the first one says… They need to all start giving the contestants constructive criticism. How can they do better when all they hear is they’re perfect and amazing????? I now understand what Simon was trying to do…somewhere he is crying.

  37. JVC says:

    Adam Leonard you are right. Why is still there? Isn’t supposed to be w/ the Black-Eyed Peas or something?

    Anyways, I voted none stop for Lauren and Haley. And it’s to spite the judges, whom I’ve almost lost all respect for (except for Lopez who at least shouted out no girls go home). Seriously, why has Paul been getting a free pass most of the time. Haley has done way better than him, Stefano, and Jacob (w/ the exception of this week). Speaking of stefano, interesting how he’s be just as ballad heavy as pia has, and yet the judges have never called him out on it. But they beat that stick to death w/ Pia? Geez no wonder a girl can’t win anymore on Idol.

  38. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I realized one thing tonight: American Idol has AMAZING editors because before the top 13 the judges looked like they had it going on. I LOVED Steven Tyler. Now it’s almost as if Ellen gave birth to triplets this year in the way of Randy “In it to win it” Jackson, J “Amazing” Lo and Steven “That was beautiful” Tyler. I say fire the whole panel and start completely new. I still want Ben Fold from “The Sing Off”. At least he can hear wonky notes and pitch problems.

    • AKL says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I loved these judges initially. That has just made their performance in these past weeks all the more dispiriting. I’m particularly disappointed in Steven. He’s got a winning personality, but he’s a terrible, terrible judge. J-Lo tried to be constructive for a couple of weeks there. Not so much now.

    • Sally says:

      I believe both judges, Jlo and Steven, signed a 1 year contract. That’s what I read, so they may not be back next year. However, if anyone is leaving, it’s Steven. Jlo is a client of Simon Fuller, and he’s keeping her on!

      I would like to see that Australian guy, Ian, from The Next Great Band take Steven’s place. I think he would be perfect!

  39. Mike says:

    Let’s face it. After what looked like a promising start, last week’s results show was the final nail in the coffin for this show. It has lost ALL of its credibility. You can see it in the posts here and the articles here and EW. TiVo’d it tonight, maybe watched 15 minutes, of that was mostly the intro, Haley (liked watching her in those skimpy dresses) and James (disappointment, although a good life story). Will do the same week to week until those two are gone and hope for a credible singing competition to watch in the fall.

  40. Brittany says:

    I must have been watching a different TV because I thought Paul was terrible and cheesy, especially with the tambourine/sax part (and I like Paul and can admit this). He didn’t sound BAD, but he didn’t do anything with it either. His zone is singing something light and pretty with the guitar only. When he tries to belt out songs he just shows that he doesn’t have the power/range that the other contestants do, and he just pales in comparison. He doesn’t have to have the power vocals because that’s what makes him different as an artist and it works for him. He has a different style, and he needs to do things that show off his talent instead of just seeming like a karaoke dude up there and showcasing his obvious flaws. I’m glad to see he is having fun, but I think we have maxed out on his potential whereas other contestants still have room for growth. His lack of consistency will be his downfall.

    • Brittany says:

      Also, I thought Stefano was terrible and I didn’t recognize the song until the chorus… the first half of Casey’s performance was not good and he was making the weird faces during a quieter/gentler part of the song, but he ended well though despite the very unflattering camera angle of only half his face for a few seconds. The first part of Scotty’s song was also not good vocally and forced, but the end was good. Lauren smiled the whole way through a song that supposedly “touched” her, and I was hoping she would finally show some maturity and connect with the song and the audience… nope. Although, I’m glad she was singing something age appropriate. Also, anyone can sing better than Miley so Jimmy’s compliment wasn’t that big of a deal.

  41. LadyBug979 says:

    Ok I hate admitting this, but WE are childish, shallow, vicious people. I happen to agree with the judges tonight. And it is so hypocritical of us. Last year we couldn’t shut up about how much the judges were dragging the contestants confidence down. There is no pleasing us. And listen to us on these boards……. VICIOUS!!!!! Grow up people their not that bad!!!! And I’m speaking to me first!!!I believe last years contestants could have been as good as this years if they hadn’t been drug down by not only the judges but us as well!!!! I believe this years group are doing better because they aren’t being beat into the ground by the judges.

    • Mike says:

      Okay… You’re SO wrong here. This group had a ton of potential, but needed guidance. The judges didn’t give them that guidance because they felt the need to hype this group after last year’s disappointment. What made Idol Idol is gone (not Simon himself, but “keeping it real” in Randy’s words).

      Look at Kris Allen, David Cook, Clay Aiken, Jordin Sparks, I’ll even throw in Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai and Brooke White… None of them were out of the box stars. They improved from week to week based on being told what was and wasn’t working. You had a ton of potential in this group – one of the deepest groups ever it seemed. Not one will reach their potential on this show because the judges didn’t help them and help the fans see who was and wasn’t good.

      Last year was the same story for different reasons. You had a lead judge who had checked out and a comedian who knew nothing about music. That, and there was a total of one contestant with enough talent to reach the top 5 in Season 7 or 8 (Crystal). Maybe Katie Stevens or Casey James could’ve been better with proper guidance. Amazingly, both Pia and Haley weren’t considered good enough to be in that group.

      • LadyBug979 says:

        I agree that Katie Stevens and Casey James could have done a lot better with constructive rather than destructive criticism. Mostly I’m getting tired of shallow criticisms looks, the way they stand, or that they just stand. (Pia) silly shallow nonsense but I do see improvement in them this year. Oh and Haley isn’t out of the running yet although she isn’t one of my favorites. I like that the judges aren’t being too hard on them because it leaves us free to form our own opinions without too much influence from the judges. I thought they all did good tonight except Haley. Everyone complained that Lauren was singing songs too old for her and then she sings an age appropriate song and gets ripped apart for it. Again I say there’s no pleasing us.

        • LadyBug979 says:

          Oh and I meant to say I think Iovine (I hope I spelled his name right) is doing a good job of mentoring them. this year is about building confidence not destroying it for the judges. But I will admit Iovine seems to be the one to take most of the credit for that with Stefano tonight.

        • Mike says:

          I’m a little surprised when you say you see improvement. I’ve seen virtually none. Casey to me is as unwatchable as he was on day one, but somehow he’s “sexy” (beyond me). The guy can’t sing. Scat and growl, maybe. No one wants to expose that fact. Jacob and James have the same problem in different genres: they can’t harness their voices, prance around like their s* don’t stink and no one calls them out on it! Simon wouldn’t tolerate that. Lauren drifts from great to a little girl trying to play with the big boys. I wouldn’t say Haley, Paul or Scotty has done better. Stefano has gotten worse!

          Do yourself a favor… watch someone like Kris go from week one to the finals and see how he improved. Do the same with Jordin or Eliot Yamin or even go back to Carrie’s performance of “Piece of My Heart” to see the judges’ feedback. Compare that to what you’ve seen this year and ask yourself if the show has the same viability.

          • LadyBug979 says:

            I did watch Kris’s season and from week 5 till the end he got all my votes. I wasn’t watching yet for Eliot or Carrie’s seasons. But I was refering to the unfair remarks about things that shouldn’t make a difference like weight, how they stand etc. that’s cruel and vicious. I understand your point and agree and it was a big help for Kris. As I’ve said before there’s a difference between constructive criticism and destructive and childish criticism. If we had based our record purchases and concert attendances on shallow stupid stuff like that in the 70’s and prior a whole lot of phenonimal music wouldn’t be out there right now. I’m just asking people to get real and grow up about this thing. You can’t see how they stand on a cd anyway so what do you care how they stand or even if that’s all they do. but if that’s how someone feels about it just don’t go to their concerts. But don’t crush these kids spirits and possibly deprive us of quite possibly more phenominal music in the future. Again I agree they need critiqued but about the things that matter not silly stuff. There were many artists I couldn’t stand to watch way back when so when they were on tv I just closed my eyes and kept listening. Problem solved.

          • LadyBug979 says:

            And I stand behind my statement I do see improvement. They’re not “there” yet granted but there has been immprovement. Jacob has toned it down considerably. Although I hate metal I thought James did a good job with his song. Less growling from Haley now I can see what she can do without her crutch. Okay maybe she wasn’t a good example because I really didn’t enjoy her performance last night. But these kids are learning and growing. Maybe not as fast as we’d like but I believe those given enough time will get there. And although I wasn’t happy with Lauren’s performance at least she’s learned to sing age appropriate songs. And I thought a good one for her too. I thought Casey did well with his song too. But I still say all of them improved in some way or other this week. Except Haley. They can’t figure it all out at once but they’ll get there. And yes Kris’s starting and finishing points were very impressive. I only go as far back as David Cooks season. but from the seasons I have seen Kris’s season was the one I have enjoyed the most.I didn’t enjoy only 2 from that season out of the top 12. But I also have enjoyed this season. There’s only been a couple I haven’t enjoyed.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Ladybug979, I totally recognize where you’re coming from and on some level, I agree with you, as I’ve posted comments nearly identical to yours; however, this season the judges are providing no guidance whatsoever. Everyone is “beautiful”, “amazing”, and “genius”. The judges can call out bad notes and bad phrasing without being mean or snarky.
        I’ve watched “Dancing with the Stars” a few times with my stepmom and those judges routinely tell the contestants what was wrong in a matter-of-fact fashion without sounding mean. They’re very analytical in their comments.

        • Ladybug979 says:

          I agree “Dancing with the Stars” does a much better job of judging. But I still feel last year’s judges were way too tough on them and destroyed their confidence and helped along their bad performances a lot. So this year has been a refresing change. But yes this year’s judges could do better at finding that fine line between beating them into the ground and constructive critiques. I just get so frustrated with the unfair insults from everyone. Example: Lauren was repeatedly put down for singing songs too old for her. So this week she sings an age appropraite song and still gets put down for her song choice. I thought it was perfect for her. That’s exactly what the judges in the past seasons did to the contestants. There just doesn’t seem to be any way to please us. Having raised 3 children I realize you have to walk that fine line. So if the producers are going to continue to insist on keeping the age limit where it is we must especially keep that in mind. Crush the childs spirit….crush the child. My husband doesn’t watch this show with me. So last night I was telling him about the age limit. He observed “Well if that’s the way it is then they shouldn’t call it American Idol but Teen Idol.” I replied “Absolutely right” I can’t imagine at any age getting up there and singing for millions of people. It has to be particularly hard for kids to do it without getting their spirits crushed. I’m just asking for a little senstitvity. But then again after Jacob’s egotistical moment again I understand your point. Too much fluff is not good for them either.

      • Crystal Fan says:

        I agree with everything you said, Mike. Well done.

    • Rusty says:

      We’re not happy because Idol cannot seem to find a proper balance between vicious and unnecessary criticisms, and meaningless over-hyped platitudes. Is it too much to expect for judges to provide proper constructive criticism? We want feedback from them that points out how the contestants can improve without tearing them down and publicly humiliating them. Jennifer Lopez has done this from time to time, but not anywhere near enough. Idol has drastically flipped from one nasty, negative extreme to the nauseatingly sugar coated opposite extreme. There is a vast middle ground that has not been expressed. These judges get paid millions of dollars–they should be able to do their jobs with some measure of competency and honesty.

    • Sally says:

      I’m with you Ladybug: It was a good show. It’s “free” entertainment and people are taking it too serious….seriously folks. Last year people complained about this and that….Simon didn’t care….Ellen…Kara, everybody was wrong…and it hasn’t changed. Just different judges.

  42. Mel31602 says:

    Im shocked everyone loved Casey- I thought he was horrible. I started liking him when he toned it down a bit for Elton John week but I hated what he did tonight. Then again I didn’t like him when he did Georgia On My Mind similarly in Hollywood . Haley was only okay and deserved the criticism she got. I agree it looks bad that she’s the only one getting negative comments but other than Casey- who I’m clearly in the minority opinion on- no one else really deserved any because they were all good to great. I even liked Paul and Jacob, who I never like. Lauren and Scotty were safe but they are consistent. Stefano was as good as he’s been since the eildcard round. James didn’t sing much and the song wasnt great but what he did sing was excellent.

  43. Georgei Q says:

    Yesyyesyesyesyesyes couldn’t agree more

  44. stacy says:

    WHAT’S UP WITH THE HORRIBLE EDIT THAT THE PRODUCERS GAVE JIMMIE, this must still be made at him for trying to sign Pia to interscope!!

    Bottom Three:
    Haley (she deserves a second chance)

    Power vote for Haley guys, she needs us,and she deserves a second chane. I have three of songs (downloaded from itunes) on my DROID, and I play them alllll the time. She’s such an AMAZING talent. She ddeserves to stay. Paul of Jacob should leave…Immediately. It’s time for a guy to go…but,not Stephano he was great tonight.

  45. darcy's evil twin says:

    Since it’s “songs from the movies” week…to the tune of “Love Story” (and not the Taylor Swift version.)
    With apologies to Andy Williams…

    Where do I begin?
    To tell the story of how bad a show can be?
    The judges thought that everyone sang perfectly…
    Where do I start?

    Paul was somewhat weak.
    And Lauren’s phrasing isn’t pleasing to the ear.
    Stefano’s WASN’T the performance of the year.
    Scotty crossed his heart…

    He crossed his heart, the vocals were a shame.
    And Nat King Cole is spinning in his grave.
    Then Haley sang…what was that “clang”?
    Oh ****! was that a “GONG” from Randy Jackson?
    Then J-Lo spoke of satisfaction.
    She’s doesn’t want…the girls sent home!

    How long will this last?
    That Lusky guy just screeched a great Paul Simon tune.
    I hope he gets sent to those freakin’ stools of doom.
    To top it off I think James was the best this week…
    With Heavy Metal!

  46. Scott says:

    Paul was a lousy way to start the show, and James was a lousy way to finish it. Those two were horrible. They both do the same thing: Run around the stage and sing a couple notes that are near to the melody. The girls’ song choices? SUCK. The Climb? Call Me? Ugh. I thought Stefano was great, but his rubber face and jumping eyebrows at the start were really really distracting. Jacob was really really good tonight — total agreement with the Judges about his last notes. Excellent finish. I don’t get Casey at all.

  47. Jake says:

    Wow, do I miss Pia!

    I thought Lauren was best, Casey wasn’t far behind, James was better than he has been lately, Scotty was boring to me, Haley was solid but not great, Jacob was atrocious.

    Not a single negative comment for anyone except Haley? Seriously? And Jacob is amazing because he hit THREE NOTES??? Jacob was terrible other than the absolute end. I just cannot understand how he gets a pass week after week while very talented women like Pia and Haley get the lion’s share of criticism. Baffling…

    • Sally says:

      IMO, Lauren didn’t do anything different than Miley did…and I didn’t like Jimmy telling her she was better than Miley….true, but why tell her that?
      It was a serviceable vocal. Nothing to knock you out.

  48. stacy says:

    I have been trying to vote for Stephano all night…I just keep getting the busy signal.

  49. JVC says:

    Just one more comment out of me:

    Granted, I do get that they can’t give Haley a free pass on tonight just cause there are only 2 girls left. I just wish they gave her more guidance. They should have said: “Haley this performance wasn’t good, you don’t need to use that growl of yours all the time. We know it worked w/ Benny and the Jets, but over use of it will hurt you in the end. Next week you would benefit if you would just sing the song. But bottom line, you deserve to stay in this competition, you haven’t had a BAD BAD performance at all throughout the finals. We don’t want to see another girl go home especially since we lost Pia.” And it seems quite clear how much respect they had for Pia, w/ the lopez “most beautiful woman” scene and all.

  50. as says:

    All 8 performances were mediocre.
    All 8 contestants are lacking star power.
    Nigel has failed in his attempt at Teen Idol, but Country Idol is a shoe-in for the win with Country Scottie. Not interested in that myself.
    I can’t stand another minute of Jimmy Iovine and the judges all have to go starting with “I’m the most beautiful woman in the world”. See me…hear me…look at me….I’m beautiful damn it. It’s all about me.

    • Sally says:

      Good for you, this means you won’t be watching next week and you won’t post a message; right?

    • LadyBug979 says:

      It’s all aout the ratings. I like the fact that there are several genres represented this year. I’m not a country fan or metal, classical, or jazz. But these kids are so good they make me enjoy their songs and their singing anyway. That’s talent beyond mediocre. Although I agree about the teen idol thing. Wish they would up the age limit. Again the ratings, if I were in their place I would have used JLO’s “most beautiful woman” win too. It’s just good business sense.