Ratings: Chuck Spies All-Time Low, LOLA Drops

Well Chuck a duck – NBC’s spy dramedy returned to action this Monday with barely 4 million total viewers and dropped 13 percent to a new all-time low demo rating of 1.3. Your mission moving forward, series boss Josh Schwartz saysvia Twitter: “[There are] 4 more episodes left. You all watch ’em = good things happen. You don’t and… Well, you all will.”

The night’s other headline belongs to NBC’s Law & Order: LA, which returned revamped and with a pair of new episodes. The double bill averaged 6 million total viewers and a 1.5 demo rating, improving upon The Event‘s most recent performance during the 9 o’clock hour but falling shy of Harry’s Law‘s typical viewership come 10 pm (the time slot LOLA will call home starting next Monday).

LOLA was down some 30 percent from its original incarnation’s final Wednesday airing, in December.

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Elsewhere this Monday:

8/7c | Dancing With the Stars dipped a few points to 20.5 million total viewers and a 4.3 rating. House slipped to 9 million viewers/3.2 (possibly a series-low demo rating, muses TVByTheNumbers), while CBS’ How I Met Your Mother (6.8 mil/2.7) and Mad Love (5.4 mil/1.9) both hit season lows.

Dancing With the Stars Recap: A History of Violins

9/8c | Fox’s The Chicago Code held steady with 6 million viewers and a 1.8 rating, besting LOLA on both counts and placing third behind DWTS and CBS’ sitcombo of a fresh Mike & Molly (7.9 mil/a series-low 2.5)/Two and a Half Men repeat (7.3 mil/2.0).

Castle Scoop: The Grim Reaper Is Paying a Visit – But to Whom?

10/9c | Castle dominated the hour with 12.65 million viewers and a 3.1 rating, gaining 7 percent from last week’s NCAA basketball-impaired outing. With 9.1 million viewers and a series-low 2.4 rating, Hawaii Five-0 was down 7 and 17 percent, respectively.

What was playing on your TV this Monday night? (And just how worried are you now for ol’ Chuck?)

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  1. TheOtherYvonne says:

    Maybe NBC is trying to kill it off by throwing in all these repeats, thereby making people not know when there is a new episode, and thereby driving down the ratings. I’m being pessimistic about that, but I still hold out hope that NBC will see the light and still renew the Awesomeness that is CHUCK!

    • Angel says:

      I am in total agreement. They want to be able to say, “We aired it, but no one came”. Then they can replace it with rehashed stuff that will bomb much worse. NBC needs a total makeover and it’s clear they have no intention of doing so. Sad.

    • I dunno. They’re so close to the magic number for syndication that I feel like it’s in their best interest to keep it alive. I mean, at this point they’ve invested so much money into it that it would hardly make sense to let it die without doing something that would turn it into a profit machine. They could always run one more season and then cancel it if they really want it gone.

      • Mikos says:

        The old 100 episodes thing is really no longer an issue for syndication purposes. Whatever channel that thinks its viewers will watch Chuck reruns will happily grab the 88 or whatever episodes there will be and air them.

      • Joe Jackson says:

        NBC does not get any money from Chuck’s syndication, so why would they care about getting it to 100 episodes

    • Heather says:

      I had no clue Chuck was new last night! If I would have known, I would have watched. It sounds like no one was watching tv last night. Just about all the shows were down, even Dancing with the Stars. Thank god I have comcast and can on demand it when i get home from work.

      • Joe Jackson says:

        Wonderful new invention, it is called a TVguide. If you do not want to buy one you can still new TV listings for free on many sites. That said, unless you have a Nielsen box it does not mater what you watch

    • Kelly says:

      I tried to watch Chuck last night, but my local station put on a “local interest piece” in Chuck’s regular time slot and didn’t air Chuck until after midnight. That was the case for the whole greater Detroit area. How is that fair for the calculation of last night’s ratings? Seems like deliberate sabotage.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree!!! I think they should do what Smallville does and put all the reruns together, and then advertise the crap out of the new episodes! They haven’t been doing a good job of that! I don’t understand! Chuck is amazing!!! Why don’t people watch it?! This makes me sad! :(

    • darclyte says:

      I’m not sure what the local Detroit NBC affiliate was airing at 8pm, but it wasn’t Chuck. They didn’t air it until 1:35am. Luckily, my DVR got it, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Shenanigans?

    • Joe Jackson says:

      They wanted to have episodes left for May sweeps, after last night that might be a bad idea

    • cb says:

      They need to get their scheduling right. According to eztv it wasn’t meant to be back on until next week. The only reason I knew it was on is because I have the chuck page on fb and nbc put the trailer up so I thought it must be back on. I later saw eztv had updated their info to show it airing that day

      Absolutely disgraceful, chuck is a good show and it probably only dropped because of this stuff up. It better not cost us a fifth season

  2. jen says:

    i agree with all these repeats latley you never know when a new one is actually airing. NBC doesnt do that great in promoting thier shows, especially chuck. its such a great show. why its not the #1 most watch show on monday nights is beyond me.

    • Lee Harvey says:

      I watched “Chuck.” It’s going to suffer, though, after repeats and now being up against DWTS. It also didn’t help that last night’s episode wasn’t very good. They even wasted Dalton’s return.

  3. Susie says:

    Let’s see NBC step up and really promote the upcoming CHUCK episodes. CHUCK is pure entertainment and my family loves It!

    • postsalot says:

      The problem is NBC would have to buy air time on ABC or Fox to get someone to see their promos for Chuck. Low watched network, fewer people to see what few promos they air.

  4. CeeCee says:

    Okay, I have to rally for Chuck. Love the show…But the repeats and the lags between new episodes is killing it! Come on NBC, please renew it!

  5. Jasin says:

    Hopefully with the failure of LOLA, that will help secure a renewal for Harry’s Law. That atleast gets 2+Million more viewers then LOLA.

  6. Michelle says:

    NBC doesn’t promote it enough.

  7. Rjmoons says:

    I didnt know it was a new episode until yesterday. NBC isnt give Chuck much support as usual. Its obvious from all the online polls & voting that the fans love the show. I hope we get to see it next season!

    • Jasin says:

      Your right that the fans love the show but there is not enough fans to keep it afloat. I love Chuck but with these ratings I don’t think NBC can keep it. They’d be better off tring something new.

    • chuck says:

      NBC needs to promote chuck more and have a Promotion with Subway to watch the show.Please Nbc renew chuck for season 5.

  8. Liz says:

    You’re not going to mention HOUSE ONLY GOT 8 MILLION. No one cares about 13 or the direction of the show, doesn’t that deserve to be talked about? The show is in crisis.

    • jrs says:

      Hmm, that’s funny. I thought last night’s episode was best in weeks…especially after the last couple of new episodes. I like 13 and am very interested in watching to see what happens next. I’d take her anyday over that annoying Amber Tamblyn.

      • XK says:

        Ditto. But… shhhhhhh. Don’t you know, we’re supposed to let 13-haters speak as if they’re the entirety of the show’s viewership?

        • catbean says:

          XK – I agree. People that don’t like something are more apt to comment but I’ve misses 13 and many others have as well. I thought the ep was really good and entertaining. If House was just like it was 4 years ago people would be complaining that it’s ‘formumatic” and “boring”. I like that they mix it up.

          • catbean says:

            And since I know this is coming…I apologize for my spelling issues. It’s hard typing on this little keyboard. ;)

  9. Karen says:

    pretty sure 3.2 is close to a series low for house.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, the gents at TVByTheNumbers are checking into that possibility as we speak. I’ll update if needed.

  10. Jess says:

    I agree, I didn’t even know a new episode aired last night until now. Guess I will have to watch it online. NBC needs to promote their shows better!

  11. Darin says:

    I really love this show. Its the one show a week that I really look foward to (& gLee). Hopefully if NBC decides not to renew, WB will pick it up. I’ve heard that this season finale is supposed to be the cliffhanger of cliffhangers. This show needs at least 1 more season to leave me satisfied. NBC sucks. This show is the only thing keeping me tied to them in any way.

  12. Susie says:

    We are die-hard CHUCK fans, in our family, and really enjoyed last night’s episode. It doesn’t surprise me that the ratings are falling, because NBC doesn’t promote the show very well, and never has. You don’t know if a repeat is airing, or the network will put on one of their “specials”,instead of CHUCK. C’mon NBC, step up and really promote the future episodes~

  13. Elizabeth says:

    This was the first new episode in what, a month? Jacking up the schedule doesn’t do any show any good.

    Its a good thing I don’t have a life and I checked the TV listings or I wouldn’t have known a new one was on.

  14. JT says:

    NBC needs to transfer it to USA. At least they’ll stop playing games with the viewers! You guys air some, then take a break, then air a couple, then some reruns. If you’d just commit and let it run the full season consistently, then the fan base would be higher and consistent! Get off your A$$es already!

    • Trina says:

      This is pretty SOP for most networks these days. FOX has done it with all of their shows, even the ratings sharks Glee and Raising Hope. They do a better job of letting people know that episodes are new though, which NBC totally sucks at.

      I really wish networks would realize that with people starting to get used to having access to fresh, new content on demand we don’t need to stick to traditional “seasons”. There’s no reason they couldn’t rotate shows all year, running new episodes all the way thru rather than breaking them up with blocks of repeats.

  15. Isabel says:

    I really wanted to like Chuck mostly because of Adam Baldwin, but i never got into it. it just didn’t take…Yay, Castle!!!! (oh, another Firefly actor…odd)….

  16. emily says:

    chuck was pre-empted for some FORD presentation in detroit. they aired the episode at 2 am. i had to dvr it.

  17. Moke says:

    Chuck was not on in Detroit last night either. Some Ford special.

  18. Stacey says:

    It seems to me that NBC doesn’t even advertise for Chuck anymore. It feels like they want this show to fail.

  19. Sarah says:

    I love Chuck but I have to agree with everyone else that the lack of new episodes has sucked. You never know when they are going to show a new Chuck. Luckily, I check all my spoiler websites to know when a new episode is going to air. I don’t know why this show can’t get more viewers and I hope they don’t cancel it but if they do it will go down like Arrested Development did. For some reason good shows always get cancelled. It’s a shame but it’s true.

  20. lil jo says:

    Don’t any of you have a DVR? Who watches shows live anymore?

    • Trina says:

      I agree with you, but unfortunately networks only really care about live viewings ratings when push comes to shove. The fact that a great portion of Chuck’s viewers are watching online or via DVR doesn’t hold a lot of weight with them since they know we’re also not watching commercials. As long as they remain tied to advertising money as their source of profit situations like this will continue to play out.

  21. Jean says:

    Hmm, my DVR (in Canada) didn’t record any new Chuck episodes… Something went wrong somewhere. I never even look at the actual schedule, I just trust that new episodes will be automatically recorded.

  22. andrew says:

    Honestly i am a HUGE Chuck fan, have been since day 1
    but man this season has truly been awful, everything is convoluted and a mess
    i think its time to end this thing

  23. Linda says:

    I know in the Metro Detroit viewing area, Chuck got pre-empted for a local special and wasn’t on till 1:30 a.m. I saw last night where another market (Kansas City? can’t remember) didn’t get it either. So that couldn’t have helped.

  24. Emily says:

    Totally agree with the other posters about the repeat situation. NBC, ABC, CBS, et al have gone atleast a month and a half with little to no new episodes (except of the crappy shows they don’t even want) so I don’t even know when new eps. of Chuck, Modern Family, HIMYM, Community, Parks and Rec or others will be on anymore. It sucks in my opinion.

  25. margita says:

    despite all the hype and advertising, particularly during the super bowl, i don;t think chicago code is doing that well! it is not growing its audience and i don;t know if fox will renew it for another year. and house is just a pale shadow of the show it used to be. what a shame!

    • sash fan says:

      I love CHICAGO CODE! i believe the audience is growing & I do think they’ll renew it. It’s the most clever show I’ve seen in awhile.

      Too bad for Chuck — there’s still a lot of material there — hope the network doesn’t pull the plug.

  26. Rachel says:

    I didn’t even realize it was a new episode till now. I thought new ones started next week. Man that sucks. I will catch all the next new Chucks

  27. Mikaylah says:

    I love Hawaii Five-0 and kind of assumed it would be renewed, but nothing has been announced yet? Any idea on the likelihood it will come back?

  28. vjw says:

    Sounds like things were down across the board last night. I wonder if The Powers That Be take those things under consideration?

    I was glad to see CHUCK back on my TV screen. I never understood why NBC chose to air reruns or something else in its place for the past 2 weeks. Oh well. Guess that’s why they make the big bucks.

  29. Akiyama says:

    As much as I love ‘Chuck’.. there is zero chance it gets renewed now. 1.3 is pretty much a death sentence for any series. Yeah, it could be argued ‘well what about the Detroit market?’ or ‘what about the other series and their season lows?’ .. well ‘Chuck’ can’t use those excuses every airing of a new episode. =[

    I’ll miss ya, Chuck.

  30. Danielle says:

    I had no idea that it was back – this totally sucks! They should count their hulu numbers, because I know that’s where many of us are going to watch this episode!

  31. Lisa says:

    Alternating new episodes every few weeks with older episodes is ridiculously confusing and completely damages the ratings for Chuck and other shows. NBC, you are effing up big time!

  32. DN says:

    Is NBC against “Chuck”? That conspiracy theory does hold some weight when considering the choice of a repeat episode the network aired last week. Brandon Routh was awful and that became common knowledge, so why air an episode featuring him?

    While the show struggles against the moronic, voyeuristic, tabloid loved ‘dancing with people you may have heard of’, move “Chuck” to another night or to USA network and see it do quite well.

    WB owns the show, so maybe we’ll see it replace the exiting “Smallville” on the CW. This is the only show I have ever taken the energy to support online.

  33. sash fan says:

    I watched the Chicago Code last night. Awesome episode! Love that show. I DVR’d Chuck and will watch it tonight.

  34. Hobbits says:

    Keep Chuck for season 5!

    Chuck is in one of the most difficult timeslots in television. It is a young person’s show that includes a lot of viewers like myself that either use TiVo or stream it later. The point is, I never miss a new episode, I just might not watch it at 8:00 pm. I think I speak for many when I say that we are loyal watchers, we just use technology to adjust our viewing habits.

    The other point about Chuck is that we are loyal and many of us support the product sponsors (I drive a new Toyota and Subway is my home-away-from-home kitchen.

    Chuck is worth another season with an injection of a bit more comedy, less Jester, and a bit more Hart to Hart spy drama.

  35. Rob J. says:

    I think it’s worth noting that *everything* — except Castle — was down, across-the-board, last night. Which strongly indicates that the problem isn’t Chuck, it’s the changing habits of the viewership of all shows on Monday nights.
    If NBC is threatening to cancel Chuck because of the combination of last night’s ratings and the ongoing changes of executives in the primetime programming department at NBC — historically, on all networks, if a given show was developed by a previous primetime scheduling head, the current head of primetime scheduling has a tendency to kill the given show if s/he doesn’t like it — then the scheduling exec’s boss should overrule him/her and renew the show.
    OTOH, March and April aren’t exactly the most strenuously competitive months because 1) they aren’t sweeps months, 2) March Madness means that all the networks try to refrain from putting new episodes of any series up against Madness games and 3) rolling Spring Breaks (and Easter) across April means that young adults are spending a lot of time outside at night. Moreover, it’s highly likely that 3) Spring Break is the most likely reason for the decline in ratings given that everything but Castle was trending downward. Add to that not just the repeats but the pre-emptions — I can’t believe that NBC is taking the ratings of any of its shows in March and April as key indicators for whether they should cancel the given show or not.
    Seemingly paradoxically but really conversely, I think it’s better to simply keep in mind Josh Schwarz’s reminder to be sure to watch this last batch of episodes for this season. **Because** the ratings for March and April don’t count. If the show’s ratings show any sign of recovery in the target demos — the ratings *don’t* have to skyrocket, they just have to show more than marginally increased promise in the target demos (and even then, DVR/iTunes/streaming will also help to some as-yet-undisclosed extent), then it’ll be back.
    Moreover, not to minimize the need to watch Chuck’s new batch of episodes live but to instead minimize the need to totally freak out and stress out about them, it’s worthwhile to remember that a) Chuck will finish this season with a total of 76 episodes, thanks to its increase to 24 episodes this season, which puts it just one exact 24-episode season to b) hit the 100 episode mark target for syndication money and that c) it’s an inexpensive buy for NBC because it’s quite low-budget for a broadcast network show and d) NBC and Warner Studio have historically been very friendly partners, with ER and Friends being just two of the network’s biggest Warner-produced hits.
    Of all of those factors, it’s Chuck’s relatively inexpensive budget, one of the least expensive on the broadcast networks, that strengthens the pull of the other factors. One of the greatest fears of Chuck fans over the past four seasons has been that NBC would dump Chuck into the Death Slot of 8pm Fridays — where all of the networks send shows, especially newer shows, especially newer SF/F shows, to die (Fringe’s semi-success on the night at Fox notwithstanding).
    However, expectations for that timeslot for all shows has always been lower than for any other night of the week that the nets still program. With all four of the factors listed above about Chuck working in Chuck’s favor — plus the strong promise in the current season for at the very least one more season of strong episodes (IMO, it has yet to peak creatively) — those lower expectations in and of themselves make a strong argument for moving the show to Friday nights at 8pm next season. Smallville’s departure in May opens that timeslot up for grabs by all of the networks if they want to go for the SF/F genre audience. Maybe the CW will move Supernatural to 8pm, maybe it’ll move Nikita there — it still makes the timeslot open to competition among shows for the target SF/F demo that haven’t aired regularly in that timeslot before. If Chuck’s ratings show notable — not necessarily spectacular, but notable — improvement/stability in ratings in the target demo through to the season finale, that would indicate that Chuck’s audience would likely follow it to Fridays, providing NBC with a predictable quantity and type of viewers to sell to the advertisers, especially to Subway. Remember, the show and Subway are the almost mythical perfect match of show, target audience and advertiser.
    So, in short, this is the time that we start saying to NBC in a Chuck-like nervous ramble, “Uh, *of course* we’d rather the show stay on Mondays, but Fridays? We’ll take it. We’re more than okay with Fridays. Really, we are. Yep, uh-huh. Fridays. Must . . . resist . . . urge to sing . . . that annoying song.”

    • Elizabeth says:

      Then they place “Chuck” opposite of “Fringe” on Fox… bite your tongue (or fingers as this was typed), Rob.

      • Rob J. says:

        Your point is interesting in theory, but doesn’t make much sense when looking at the situation pragmatically. Chuck is clearly an 8pm show and Fringe is clearly a 9pm show, so I don’t see Fox messing with a halfway decent thing by moving Fringe to 8pm and I don’t see NBC cutting off the younger members of the Chuck audience from that show.

  36. beast says:

    It just seemed like a slow night for tv.

  37. Halpert says:

    Chuck had hit a low point, story wise this season, that I’ll concede, but see, it’s coming right back up to it’s former glory! And it’s honestly one of the few shows I’ll support up until it’s last moment!

    The Chicago Code is also consistently great. Why more people don’t watch that is beyond me.

  38. Patty says:

    Chuck has been uberly boring the past few episodes. Then they go to repeats when DWTS kicks in? Very stupid. I’m sure studies would show when the BUY MORE is not shown on Chuck, ratings, laughter, happiness all goes down. Especially if there is no JEFFSTER. Morgan was in ONE scene and it was a throw away scene…and Casey’s daughter and Mama Bartowski ate up so much silly time. I’m not knocking the actors, just their characters. This season was cursed with all the guest stars and barely there plot lines.

  39. Karen says:

    I missed Harry’s Law last night!

  40. Kate says:

    Go CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. John Berggren says:

    If NBC wanted to keep L&O running, they probably ought to have shifted casting on the original rather than launching a new series.

  42. Bob says:

    Chuck up against DWTS (ugghhh) and House (combined 30 million viewers) just isn’t ever going to work. Move it to Tuesday night, where I look at the schedule as a vast wasteland (until 10:00, when The Good Wife is on).

  43. Jake says:

    I agree with Patty’s post…CANCEL IT…BORING and predictible.

    • SpyTV says:

      Boring and predictable compared to what? Chuck always moves the story forward, and is consistently funny. Unfortunately, lots of viewers seem to like boring and predictable. Look at the success of Dancing with the stars, or House, or CSIs, nor NCISs. House hasn’t veered from formula for 7 seasons!

  44. Ryan says:

    I have to say if NBC would actually just air new episodes week after week the ratings might stay up. I mean when they air a couple, take a few weeks off, air a couple, take a few weeks off, etc… I think it’s safe to say ratings will drop.

    This is something that has always annoyed me, ok I get if you need to do a midseason break…fine. But when that break is over there should be NO MORE BREAKS.

    If Chuck gets cancelled I put 98% of the blame on NBC for mishandling the show.

  45. Lee says:

    It wasn’t even on in the Detroit area, lost a lot of viewers here.

  46. Kath says:

    When are they going to update the ratings system, to one that deals with the way people watch their TV shows now. Yes I know they take DVR into account, Nobody realy watches TV live much anymore. Unless they are not repeated like the Dancing with the z list, or AI. Scripted shows are mostly seen days later on DVR, or internet, even shows like House are rerun on USA later in the week. Ratings are totally unreliable. Networks too should be getting with the times, and stop relining on ad money to dictate if shows stay or go. This is not the 1950s anymore when shows where brought to you by so and so!

  47. amanda says:

    We love chuck too but its been the same old stuff just a different episode. But then again most shows are. Not only that NBC doesn’t really push Chuck enough. My daughter loves it, infact we are having a chuck-spy birthday party this year, we invited the whole class- and guess what? No many know who chuck or what chuck is! :(

  48. anthony says:

    Chuck is a great show. You barely see it advertised, and never know when new episodes are on. I hope it at least comes back for one more season. All these other shows like DWTS are crap. Why do I want to watch stars who either I’ve never heard of, or were stars 20 years ago? Hopefully NBC comes to their senses and puts this show on properly and brings it back for another season.

  49. Jenna says:

    I don’t know how fans of a show can have “no clue” that a new episode is going to be on. Most fans of a show are aware of stuff like this – they are at least rudimentarily tapped into an online fan network that knows. You can’t blame NBC for everything.

  50. CC says:

    SO Happy for Castle. Wonderful show. Wonderful Cast. Well deserved success!