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Super Scoop! TV's New Wonder Woman Has a Third Look In Her Closet, NBC Boss Reveals

If you were one of the many (many!) who saw the costume Adrianne Palicki dons for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot and tittered, “No… seriously?” you were probably gratified when a seemingly revamped get-up was unveiled. “The producers listened!” you might have cheered. “Amazing!”

Only, it turns out, they didn’t change anything — and they didn’t have to, because according to NBC president Robert Greenblatt, the particular outfit sported by the superheroine in the Hollywood Boulevard set photos spied last month was always in Diana Prince’s closet. In fact, in addition to that and the “shiny” look unveiled in the original publicity still, there’s a third version that has yet to leak — and it should make fans of the original series very happy.

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants — you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts [worn by Lynda Carter in the original TV series],” Greenblatt concedes to TVLine.com. “But the shorts were always planned. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

“We haven’t made any changes from what was planned,” the NBC boss reiterates. “But it’s always good to hear the feedback. I’d rather have people really passionately engaged in conversation, even if they hate something, than be kind of bored.”

There’s no chance of that. Even if fans tire of wardrobe policing WW’s attire, they can always go back to overanalyzing an early draft of David E. Kelley’s pilot script that was leaked in February. “There’s always critiques of everything,” Greenblatt sighs. “If we listen to all of that, we would probably never be able to get the job done. David’s a great writer… and I actually think he’ll bring an intelligence to [the show] that other … writers might not. I think it’s going to be interesting to see it cut together.”

While it would seem like a safe bet that not just he, but all of us, will get to see it cut together and on the Peacock’s schedule come fall, Greenblatt counters, “I’ve been doing this long enough to know that nothing is a safe bet. Even with the best of intentions and the best people, you just don’t know until you see it finished —  and we’re a few weeks away from that. But it’s been getting a lot of attention. A lot.”

What do you think? Can TV’s new Wonder Woman realize its potential and live up to (play down?) the hype? Sound off below as if we’d roped you with a golden lasso of truth! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mark says:

    If that’s true, and this is some sort of “evolution of the uniform” type deal, like Iron Man? Then I’m a little more optimistic.

    But the script… and David E Kelly… I dunno, man.

    If this episode actually ends with her crying over Steve Trevor, I’m out.

    • John Berggren says:

      Actually, David E Kelley is the only reason I remain optimistic about this.

      • elzbtchb says:

        Why? What does Kelly, the over rated master of legal dramas, have that makes you think he could do justice to Wonder Woman?

        The only one I ever trusted with her is Joss Whedon, he’s proven consistently to be able to handle female heroines intelligently and thoughtfully. Maybe Rob Tapert of Xena, as well.

        • Summer says:

          Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame, as well.

        • MrCead says:

          You hit the nail on the head! Joss Whedon turned a size 00 into a fearsome fighting force every man woman and child had to respect (until season 6 & 7). Rob Tapert with Raimi would have been a good choice as well. People should go with what works – and who is familiar with comic book lore, not with who their “peeps” are. Look what happened to Superman Returns, eww!

    • Hey! Spoilers! She beats Veronica Cale? YOU’VE RUINED THE WHOLE MOVIE FOR ME!!

      (Who the hell is Veronica Cale?)

    • Darna Best says:


    • Damian Terrata says:

      When the initial Wonder Woman promo shots came out I was more than surprised that they took a character so strongly entrenched in Greek Mythology and made her “LA”…bad move. As a lifelong fan and reader of WW there are those of us that understand that her origin IS her story. It IS the reason why she is a WARRIOR of PEACE. The contradiction of speaking and teaching peace and also valuing all life but then snapping your neck if need be is exactly what a soldier must do and I see that as the conflict of the character. I’ll give that can be a very hard sell but the majority of the public that is not a WW fan can only go based on what they may have grown up with…the Super-Friends and the WW show with the ever perfect Lynda Carter…2 VERY watered down versions of the character but I was in front of the tv whenever she was on. Again, keep in mind…if it weren’t for WW there would never have been a Xena, Buffy, Ripley, or Lara Croft. People have used the words ‘corny’, ‘cheesy’ and I believe it was Megan Fox herself who called Wonder Woman ‘lame’. People forget that Batman (during his 60′s tv show) was so beyond campy (even moreso than the WW 70′s show) but generations since then have been introduced to the brooding Dark Knight. Same can be said of Superman as well. He’s a much more complex character than an alien that simply fights for ‘truth, justice, and the American way’. She simply hasn’t had the mass exposure to let the public know who the character REALLY is. Why is WB making this more difficult than it has to be?? In my opinion the essential WW viewing is the animated Justice League program or the animated WW movie from ’09. The writer’s of those incarnations made her a princess, woman, goddess, warrior, friend, jaded/loving/big sister/every little boy’s crush/and more importantly, the symbol of what she is…a figure that girls aspire to be…a compassionate, take charge woman living in a new world dominated by men. They brought out her peaceful, naive nature as a woman living as a fish out of water in a world she was exiled from to the true warrior she is. Also keep in mind the rich territory of conflict with the Greek Gods and mythological characters that are prominent in her comic series gives her such a ample amount of antagonists. Interesting (and very sad) thing about NBC’s WW is that they have NO IDEA who they are dealing with. WW has a built in audience. She is known the world over. You don’t need to ‘revamp’ a character who’s survived 70 years. 70!!! There’s a reason why we all know who she is. Simple word. Icon. Keeping true to the roots is giving the fans what we want. Clever casting (an UNKNOWN for the role…remember, WW IS the star) and, dare I say, a script that not only keeps the fans happy but allows for the growth of new admirers is what will help this character become an even bigger franchise. As far as her appearance, I truly see a no brainer. She wears armor (described so in the JL show and the comic itself) NOT a costume. The comics have delved into many different variations of her signature look and I can guarantee that the true fans want to see elements of that. Look at how many times Batman’s ‘costume’ has changed. It has become much more formidable over the decades. As for the look of WW I see elements of Troy, Xena, Clash Of The Titans with the ‘old red, white, and blue’ in there and you’ve got it. Why is this so difficult??? I am very anxious to see WW back on the screen, but not unless it’s done correctly. She is considered one of ‘The Big 3′ in the DC Comics Universe and can stand toe to toe with Superman and Batman (both of whom WW has fought and kicked their asses throughout the years). She deserves better treatment WB…pull your head’s out of your butts and look at what Marvel did with their own hero steeped in mythology…there’s a reason why Thor is number 1 at the boxoffice. I feel very confident that both women (for the female empowerment message) and men (let’s face it, a powerful woman kickin’ butt is always hot (and I’m gay will respond positively. I’d definitely be interested to see the viewpoints of others out there

  2. John Berggren says:

    I can’t fathom any scene where the Wonder Woman halloween hooker outfit would be appropriate.

  3. Troy says:

    Still sucks bad, this whole thing is a major fail.

  4. Mandy says:

    Wait, you mean Wonder Woman is going to beat the bad guy at the end of the first episode? They give everything away! I was quite worried she’d be beat.

  5. Yamil Ahmed says:

    I’m still not convinced with the costume… In my opinion they can still tone it down a bit. I am still not convinced with her as WW. I guess I had such high hopes of seeing Bridget Regan in this role that I pretty much decided that no one else could do it. But honestly, I hope she does well.

  6. Chmarin says:

    Since it’s David E Kelley, I can only imagine that by episode three (if NBC orders the show), Wonder Woman will be suing the tobacco companies. Or the fast food restaurants.

    • John Berggren says:

      There are plenty of causes that Wonder Woman has taken on in the comics that will occupy that space in David’s heart.

    • Ambaryerno says:

      Considering it’s on NBC, by Episode 3 it will have fallen to around a 1.3 in the 18-49 Demo and be yanked from the schedule.

  7. Richard says:

    I hope that the network doesn’t think that its a hit because many people watch the movie/pilot. Alot of people may watch it to give it a chance and then hate it. Its like a movie might be #1, but that just means people went to it. Doesn’t mean they liked it.

    • John Berggren says:

      Pilots with huge sampling that fall off in successive weeks are judged especially harshly. I don’t know why you’d think this one would be any different. It’ll be about where the viewership plateaus.

  8. Zoe says:

    I actually like the pants. They’re better than the shorts. I’m upset that she’s still showing off half her boobs and she hasn’t been updated to be more modern and less “LOOK. I’M A LADY. LOOK AT MY LADY BODY.”

    • Davi says:

      Agreed! I like the pants instead of the shorts now that they’re no longer stripper pants of doom, but I don’t think that Wonder Woman’s secret power is keeping the tatas from popping out of her bustier. I have no problem with sexy, but no woman fights crime in a miracle bra.

      Make the top as serviceable as the new pants, and she’ll still be sexy without the Hollywood Hooker vibe.

      • MDEP says:

        That was my main thought about both costumes too. “Does she have a super power to keep that top up?”

      • Best Darna says:

        SUPERHERO.. FANTASY.. duhhh!!! and its WONDER WOMAN. why not get angry with batman wearing a bat suit just to fight for crime..

      • Chazz says:

        Well if the top is as serviceable as the spray on…
        I mean the new pants, she’ll likely rip her entire costume to pieces the first time she fights against a villain.
        No woman fights crime in paper thin elastic pants that would shred apart being rubbed against concrete either.

  9. HGN says:

    This is an Amazon blessed with APhrodite’s beauty, she should absolutely be saying LOOK I’M A LADY and at my body… but she still is hot and powerful and alluring. It is what her creator William Marston was going for. She is a Diana (A girl) with all the strength of the strongest of men (Hercules) and beyond and faster than Mercury and all that jazz and she is supposed to be smoking hot… Let’s keep an open mind. This looks pretty darned good. I am curious to see how the show unfolds.

    • Tess says:

      Beauty, yes, but also confidence. Wonder Woman doesn’t need to flaunt her body; she’s not looking for validation or attention. She can wear whatever she likes in her off-hours, but you’d think she’d have something at least a little more practical for crime-fighting. That’s the problem with the boots as well; high heels are a hindrance and good for nothing except catering to vanity, so what halfway-intelligent hero would choose to wear them?

  10. Michael Sacal says:

    Re: The pic

    Don’t make Wonder Woman angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

    Wonder Woman Smash!!!!

  11. Bob says:

    Get an acting coach to work on her “mean face” look. The “furrowed brows and pursed lips” thing just doesn’t cut it. This show will tank quickly if she’s not up to the task. People are expecting A LOT, so you should deliver.

  12. Michael says:

    I hope the third version is the original costume.

  13. jdn says:

    Wow! Some people are never happy.

    I’m sure a multitude of anonymous internet posters will rip on this news just like they ripped on everything else leaked about the show.

    Here’s a suggestion, why don’t we wait until we see the final product before declaring it a “fail” or a “disaster”? I know, that’s probably too much too ask for some people…

  14. Amy says:

    The script info bothered me more than any of the costumes ever have. And it wasn’t the kind of thing where you go, “Hey, they’ll tweak the script, that’s not final!” It was the sort of thing where you go, “David Kelley has NO idea what this character ought to be like, so he’s sticking spandex on Ally McBeal.” And I *liked* Ally McBeal. So I wish NBC were worrying half as much about the words as they are about the outfits.

    • Hoping4Awonder says:

      I find the leaked script AND released photos of these Wonder Woman outfits equally hideous. All smells like dog waste to me. And if it looks like it, and smells like it then it is. Diana should only be Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. Not Diana T, and for heavens sakes not making Wonder Woman dolls in a company. Diana should not be crying over Steve Trevor or having ice cream sleep overs dancing to Katy Perry music. And then there’s the outfits seen that were the final OUTRAGE!!! In the photo above Adrianne looks like a double stuffed Oreo with two eyes and a mouth trying to scream “HELP”! Maybe she needs the toilet? Take a look at Lynda Carter running as Wonder Woman and her features are still soft yet powerful. Nobody will ever look better then Lynda Carter but this actress should at least be expected to look like Wonder Woman and not a bad drag queen in a crappy Halloween USA Wonder Woman knock off coustume. Only thing I see in the above photo is a Saturday Night Live parody skit. Bozo wouldn’t be caught dead in that clown outfit. Sorry but any version other then the TRUE costume version will always SUCK!!! It’s like putting Batman in a Blade costume or something,it wouldn’t be Batman. Wonder Woman should get the same respect as Batman and Superman yet she doesn’t. Then when this garbage takes a nose dive people will blame Wonder Woman for failure and NOT the IDIOTS destroying her like WB, NBC, DC Comics and Kelley.

  15. Jamesb3 says:

    I completely agree that David E. Kelley is a great writer, but I am very concerned that the tone of the show will be political. Kelley seems unable to write anything without using it as a soapbox for his political beliefs, and it gets very tiresome. It was one thing when he did that with characters and stories he wholly created, but now he will be using a popular and established comic book character as his canvas. When I sit down to watch this show, I don’t want a weekly lecture on the virtues of libralism and the evils of conservatism – I just want to see a Wonder Woman story.

  16. TJCrinc says:

    You used the photo that looks like shes constipated. Makes me laugh. I needed that.

  17. MisiftsTamara says:

    My concern is, based on elements that have been leaked and just the basic plot description they’ve been using over and over, that Kelley doesn’t actually get Wonder Woman as a character. That whole bit about her talking about how it hurts her feelings to have busty action figures? It’s utter crap. WW wouldn’t give a crap what people think of her bust. Why does Kelley think that insecurity automatically equals relatability? It’s maddening. I’m going to stop now.

  18. juan_perezh@hotmail.com says:

    Good, now if they only could find the right actress to play Wonder Woman…no, seriously I like Greenblatt attitude to hear and follow some advice even though you really don’t needed it after checking the costume and how fits on the actress. Let’s hope the pilot will be good and a series will follow.

  19. Michelle says:

    Why the bloody hell does she need THREE costumes in the first place?!

  20. Marcus Vitchell says:

    Joss Wheedon didn’t have a single idea for Diana, and he said as much when he distanced himself from the project two years ago.

    Lynda Carter had at least 3 varities of the Wonder Woman outfit (some GASP! Non-canon) that I could think of, she just didn’t have an audience who whined and cried when something deviated from the comic book NOBODY buys.

    The bar is set low for the show for me personally, but I’ll wait for a sample of the show before I rip it to shreads or demands my viewing time back.

  21. Kira J says:

    I don’t understand why she can’t wear a full-body suit like oh, EVERY OTHER MALE SUPERHERO EVER! I’m not a crazy feminist, but it’s kind of hard to fight crime when you’re worried about yours breasts popping out. I love Adrienne Palicki, but it’s terrible that they never updated and modernized the costume. It’s hideous, shorts or not.

    • Bob says:

      Because Hollywood believes that 95+% of comic book readers (and related shows/movies) are male. The only costume along the lines of what you describe (full body) that worked was Seven of Nine’s on Star Trek: Voyager. Sorry, but that’s just how it roles in Hollywoodland.

  22. jen says:

    ummm… were they actually listening to the criticism? everything i heard was about how overall stupid it looked, not that there were “pants instead of shorts.” And frankly, the entire idea that these outfits are different at all is stupid. there was no difference between #1 and 2 except for the shade of blue pants and the boot color. there was no “improvement” – they were the same thing!

    so unless their future improvements include a sports bra so that her wonder jugs aren’t bouncing out of her top while she’s trying to stop crime, it’s not gonna be something i watch.

  23. Ren says:

    YES PLEASE!! CANT WAIT! Please hurry!! I cant wait to see this!

  24. Hoping4Awonder says:

    I’ll be content if they have Adrianne in some original version of the ICONIC Wonder Woman costume. I guess alternate costumes are ok but if the third version or forth of her costumes pertain to the original as not being her main Wonder Woman costume I’m not on board with this show. I read early on that the original costume that EVERYBODY knows Wonder Woman by is hanging in her closet. Well, that isn’t good enough. Leave the current one in these stupid long pants in the closet since they look terrible anyway. Warner Bros. and DC Comics have messed this character up in both her comic book and attempting in this TV show. I really want this to be good but I don’t want a Wonder Woman in name only. I want her to be true to the basics with power level, mythos, amazons,and everything else great about Wonder Woman and this includes the right costume. The latex blue pants & boots was wrong and the change to the strecth like pajama’s in slipper sock boots type costume wasn’t much of an improvement. Now bring the shorts with white stars back and we are talking. The white stripes on the boots would be nice too. Stay with whats real!

    • Beat Darna says:

      AGREE!! they have no idea that they are returning to the faulty CATHY LEE CROSBY’S WONDER WOMAN TV SHOW…..

      • forrest says:

        That’s EXACTLY the actress that came to mind wnile reading the above post. The ‘modern’ Wonder Woman by Cathy Lee Crosby was actually the most forgetable and really worked on the smallest of budgets. And it showed.

  25. DotDotDot says:

    I’ll be surprised if this lasts a whole season. Any network other than NBC, I’d give it 3 episodes before it tanks badly. It sounds just terrible.

  26. William says:

    Smells like cancellation before it even started…. Come on, so many popular action heroes and other concepts available…..who is going to fire these execs? Bionic Woman, The Cape…. Helllooooooooooo!!

  27. sgreco says:

    The second costume is the same as the first, except the pants arent shiny and the boots are now red. Big deal. The entire costume is a trainwreck. lastic eagle, belt and tiara, shiny and ever-wrinkling elephant skin of a bodice, long pants, hastily made boots all contribute to a look right out of Spirit Halloween stores. Couple it with her streetwalker makeup and you’ve got a recipe for a flop. Is the producer so arrogant he can’t see how many of the fans despise this? Is he hoping no one will watch? Maybe he’s got big money bet on the show failing, I dunno. I don’t think this will even make it a season.

  28. Belen PK Antot says:

    guys, guys! they’re re-doing the ww version of cathy lee crosby, y’know? the one that sucked big time. so, adrianne palecki’s costume is par for the course. really just right. yes, right you are, ma’m. it’s equally hideous!!! i’m pretty sure the nbc show would be as cringe-inducing as well. (lol)

  29. Dan says:

    I am a fan of Adrian Palecki, she actually showed some decent acting chops in Friday Night Lights, but the more I see and hear about from this show, the less I like. The costume is stupid looking, and she doesn’t fit the part, I still think it should have been Evangeline Lilly from Lost, but apprently she retired from acting or something. But back to the costume, I think what is lost on us here is that there is no way any version of the Wonder Woman costume that we have seen in either comics, tv or film would work in today’s time, especially if they are going for a “more realistic, grittier” version of the character.

    I think that hollywood execs need to rethink this idea of bringing god like comic book heroes to the small screen. The only one it can possibly work for is superman, and Tom Welling still hasn’t put on the suit…

  30. TheReviewer says:

    Good! Because Wonder Woman is not the same without star-spangled panties. #justsaying

  31. Christopher DC says:

    The news that Adrianne Palicki may be wearing the “real” Wonder Woman costume doesn’t excite me as much as it should, seeing as how she’ll only make a single appearance in it, and then only in the last few minutes of the pilot. While I accept the costume needed to be updated for the modern sophisticate, the changes made by the current production team don’t really turn the trick–but then again, this “new, improved” Wonder Woman doesn’t bear much resemblence to the one we all grew up with, and it certainly isn’t the one William Marston created back in December 1941. Even assuming the pilot leads to a full series, I seriously doubt Wonder Woman will ever wear the original costume after the first episode, which is something of a pity as I think Adrianne Palicki would have done it justice and then some! My real concern has never been with Adrianne or the costume, but the atrocious script written by David Kelley, who either doesn’t know about Wonder Woman’s storied history or simply doesn’t care. History has shown that the best live-action adaptations of comic books have come when the production teams sticks fairly close to the original source material (such as SPIDER-MAN 1 and 2, and BATMAN BEGINS); this is clearly not happening with Wonder Woman, and that gives long-time fans like me genuine cause for alarm. Robert Greenblatt is wrong–angry, screaming fans are no substitute for earnest, loyal fans who care about the character enough to want to see her story told right. The reason we get so bent out of shape about the costume issue isn’t because we’re sexist pigs or sticklers for detail, it’s because we’ve waited a very long time to see Wonder Woman make it back to live-action and we’d like to see her shown some degree of respect. Up to now, we’ve seen very little to make us believe she’s getting that respect.

  32. Gary says:

    They really need to get a lady who’s beautiful. Palicki’s not drop-dead ugly but she doesn’t have the right look for the role. I wish they would ask the producer why he handed this particular actress the role without even seeing any one else audition. They’re changing all of these costumes but if you had a very, very, very beautiful lady in any one of those costumes then the public would hardly even notice what she was wearing. Look at Lynda Carter back in the day – the public would have went ape-sh** if she was just a plain-jane wearing what she wore. Heads up production!

  33. Pariah says:

    We always intended to use the original costume…no really…we just spent time and money on these other costumes because…uhm…Wonder Woman is a chick…uhm a modern woman…who likes to have different outfits for different occassions.

    What? The costume was armor made by the blacksmith of the gods for her mother? Oh we didn’t bother referring to that silly little funny book that they have been printing for over 50 years. Nope, we just need the name, like they did for Catwoman.

    Say it with me…Cancelled in 6 episodes.

  34. MC says:

    So is Lucy Lawless(Xena) going to play her mommy???

  35. calvin smith says:

    Here’s the thing guys…For the longest of time we have known Wonder Woman by the outfit that she wears.Who cares if she runs around in a swimsuit for a costume.That is what true Wonder Woman fans grew up watching Lynda Carter wearing and what we seen in the Comic Books.Here’s a question…You guys go to Hooters and you know what the females wear there.What would happen if you went to Hooters one day and they were no longer wearing the outfits that they’ve been wearing ever since Hooters became Hooters?What would you do?To me they bombed big time by putting the X-Men in leather and killing off Professor X.And by what they did to SuperMan returns.

  36. Bobbie Blair says:

    Wonder Woman is a “wonder woman” she should look it.She is an Amazon and all that entails, she should hide her bosom why? Because people can’t keep their minds out of the gutter? Batman wears a cod piece and Superman isn’t hiding any thing ether.I am excited to see her back again, loved Linda Carter and can’t wait to see the new Wonder Woman.I just hope NBC doesn’t get us hooked and then leave us hanging…again

  37. wwmarkwwm says:

    I wonder if they will use the ‘spin’ when Diana transforms into Wonder Woman? Also,an updated version of the original theme song will be cool’Wonder Woman,Wonder Woman’. An animated opening ( as in S1 and part of S2)like the original series would be cool.I don’t particularly care for the new style tiara,bracelets or boots of this costume.

  38. dfafa says:

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