How I Met Your Mother Baby Talk: Is a Little Lily (Or Marshall!) Finally On the Way?

If the end of Monday’s How I Met Your Mother is any indication, Marshall may finally be making his way back to his typically happy-go-lucky self, following the tragic loss of his father. Does that mean his and Lily’s dream baby — which she tearfully mentioned again this week — is back on the drawing board? Or is another heartbreaking obstacle ahead?

Unfortunately for the CBS hit’s at times harried marrieds, Jason Segel says it appears to be the latter.

“Marshall will get back to his happy place, once we get through this moment in his life,” the actor tells TVLine. “And Lily (played by Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall start talking again about having a family.”

But wait, that all sounds like good stuff. What exactly is the prenatal problem? Bad stuff, it would seem. Noting that “it’s not always easy to get pregnant, even once you decide to try,” Segel reveals that HIMYM plans to “explore whether or not Marshall’s ‘stuff’ is even viable.”

But now that Mother has two more seasons to capitalize on any Marshall/Lily baby fun, Segel hopes that they finally elect to do so. “That will be a neat new area to go to,” he ponders, playfully. “It also would significantly reduce my hours, because you can’t work a baby that long!

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“Really though, it’d be fantastic,” Segel adds. “This is a married couple, and starting a family seems like the natural thing to do.”

Catch CBS’ How I Met Your Mother Mondays at 8/7c.

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  1. Hilary says:

    Why does he seem to dislike his job so much?

  2. Janae says:

    Wasn’t she pregnant in a flash forward type scene?

    • Steven says:

      You’re right! When Barney and Lily get into a fight she was pregnant.

      • JenH says:

        That flash-forward scene was 15 years into the future. I can’t imagine we (the audience) would have to wait and basically miss them getting pregnant. Or at least that could have been a 2nd or 3rd child. We know they will have a few. I would really like Lily and Marshall to be pregnant before the series ends. They have to years to give that to me. Plus, does anyone remember the episode where they fast-forwarded one year later after promising to meet there in one year to enjoy a lovely glass of scotch together? Lily wouldn’t drink that scotch, which for most people indicated that she was pregnant. That never came to fruition.

        • Steven says:

          That was 15 years? i didn’t remember that part.

        • Sara says:

          That was not 15 years… it was just a flash forward. I don’t think they gave a time frame

        • abc123 says:

          No time frame has been given. Future Ted merely said “I’m literally in the wrong year.” I’m guessing Lily will actually get pregnant either at the end of this season or at the end of season 7, in order to be that far along by December (the episode in question aired in December 2010, and Lily looked at least 7 months pregnant). The baby will be born during Feb sweeps and we’ll get to see Marshall and Lily attempt to handle parenthood. :D Hopefully for more than just three months.

  3. Chris says:

    I thought “Last Words” proved that Marshall’s “stuff” was fine?

  4. Corinne says:

    I think they’ll have them get pregnant right before the show ends. I read an article not too long ago where the creator said they didn’t want them to have the baby cause then they couldn’t have the bar scenes anymore.

  5. Matthew Thomas says:

    This is just getting tiring. Either let Lily get pregnant or just abandon the storyline but it’s getting painful when they keep going over the same drill over and over when there’s no actual movement in the storyline.

  6. Amanda says:

    We do know they will have a son. There was a flashfoward years ago to when Marshall, Lily, and Ted went to their college reunion and Ted’s v/o mentioned that they did have a grown son while Ted still has teens. Plus, like the comment mentioned above, that flashforward with Barney and Lily fighting she was pregnant. It will happen, just not sure when.

  7. Pepper says:

    Yeah, they’re gonna have a boy. At the end of Last Cigarette Ever, Ted says the last time Lily smoked a cig was when she started trying to get pregnant, and Marshall when his son was born.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Oh, dear. The “couple who wants to have a baby but is having trouble” trope has gotten a bit overused. Monica and Chandler. Kitty & the Senator. Meredith and Derek. (And I know I’m forgetting somebody). Now Marshmallow and Lilypad? I’d rather they just decide that for financial reasons, they should wait two more years….