The Good Wife Exclusive First Look: America Ferrera Bids Farewell to Eli

Tonight’s The Good Wife is so action-packed you’d be forgiven for mistaking the episode for a season finale. Not only is it D-Day for Peter’s campaign, but the cataclysmic Kalinda-Peter bombshell gets dropped on poor Alicia.

Lost amid all the hype is the fact that the can’t-miss hour also marks the conclusion of America Ferrera’s compelling, poignant arc as illegal nanny-turned-object of Eli’s affection Natalie Flores.

Good Wife Season Finale Spoilers!

Well, TVLine is here to remedy that with an exclusive first look at the alternately heartbreaking and humorous Eli-Natalie scene that sets the stage for the Emmy winner’s departure.

“Her boyfriend’s back from Canada, and although Eli got her a job at [Lockhart Gardner], shes got to get her citizenship…,” previews Alan Cumming. “It’s kind of the end of our story, our little ‘romance.'”

Maybe… maybe not. Because if you read between the lines and longing glances as we did, Ferrera’s Season 3 return seems inevitable. Fingers crossed.

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