Preview: The Chicago Code Heats Up - Literally

The Chicago Code resumes its freshman run tonight (Fox, 9/8c) with one of the cop drama’s literally hottest hours to date.

Yes, the cases and political wheelings and dealings are as volatile as ever, but more to the point the episode is set during a very nasty heat wave. And that doesn’t help any in keeping hot-tempered people cool.

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“When the heat comes out, all the crazies come out of the woodwork — that’s what the police say,” shares Matt Lauria, who plays rookie detective Caleb Evers. “Crime rates go up, and so does just the general activity on the streets. There’s a lot of chaos, and that presents a lot of opportunities for our cops to be the badasses they are.”

But cops can also have soft spots, as evidenced when Evers, working a case with seasoned partner Detective Jarek Wysocki (played by Jason Clarke), investigates a a fatal shooting witnessed by the victim’s son.

Being so new to the beat, Evers “gets invested emotionally in the case in a way that could be dangerous and is definitely not encouraged by the department,” says Lauria. “He kind of oversteps a boundary.”

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While playing a sympathetic cop may come easy to the portrayer of Friday Night Lights’ big-hearted Luke Cafferty, shooting this “heated” episode of Chicago Code, on location in Chicago, required Lauria to pull from a different acting skillset.

“It was freezing for part of the time, because we had to do reshoots,” he reports, “so we were out there having to pretend to be hot!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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